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sauces; also forbid use of coffee, but some

Sexual Weakness and Neurasthenia. times allow use of weak tea.

Editor MEDICAL WORLD :-Having been If ye Editor deems this worthy of publi- an interested reader of THE WORLD for cation, I may in future give my experi- some months, I thought I would "chip ence in treatment of old chronic gonor- in " a few words this month on the above rhea.

C. L. NEY. subject, as I notice that a number of the Baltimore, Md.

WORLD family” seem to be having [Come again, Doctor. -Ed.]

trouble with that line of cases. The first

thing to do is to get the confidence of Varicose Ulcers.-Syphilis.-Gonorrhea. your patient. Don't grab for that bottle

Editor MEDICAL WORLD :-I would like of nux, phos. aud damiana pills, saw palto report a case of varicose ulcers. Male, metto, salix nigra, etc., but have a little aged 25, family history good. Came to “ heart to heart" talk with your patient. my office in August, 1901, and askt me to Disabuse his mind of the fears engendered treat him for two ulcers on the lower third by quack literature on the subject; get of his right leg that had resisted treatment his mind on healthy subjects, and teach for ten years and had been treated by him that the sole object in life is not the eight physicians at different times. There performance of the sexual act; that the was no swelling of the limb. The sores earth does not revolve around his sexual were about the size of a silver half dollar, organs, and will not cease to revolve if his edges indurated, and the surrounding emissions are not checkt at once. Let skin a deep purple color. My treatment him realize that there are others" in was as follows: Washt the wounds with worse shape than himself, and that his a strong solution of creolin, mopt them cure is only a matter of time and patience out with pure peroxid of hydrogen, dried and faithful following of adyice. The them and applied a 20 per cent solution of patient should refrain from sexual internitrate of silver; then strapt the limb from course entirely for a time, in order to get toes to knee with an unbleached homespun his mind away from such subjects, for the bandage. I removed the dressing three mere thought of the sexual act will often times a week and used the same remedies,

cause an emission, especially in highly and discharged him as cured in eight nervous subjects. The quicker the patient weeks. He is now, and has been since I realizes that there is something higher than stopt treatment, wearing an elastic stock- the sexual act in this life, the quicker will ing.

improvement commence. I heard from him yesterday, eleven Having treated the mind, the next thing months since the last ulcer healed, and he

is to examin the genitals and orifices caresays he is still perfectly well. (He prom- fully; remove all mechanical sources of ises to bring some money next week !)

irritation; an adherent or long prepuce I have been “ap to it in the woods” in or urethral stricture is often the exciting treating syphilis and gonorrhea, and find cause of the whole trouble, which will the following treatments very satisfactory: quickly disappear under surgical treat

Syphilis : Mixt treatment: iodid of ment; tight sphincters should be thoroly potash and bichlorid of mercury; local

dilated and old hemorrhoids removed surapplications of 20 per cent solution of gically. “Orificial” irritation, as a cause nitrate of silver to mucous patches, ero

of disease, is too often overlookt by the sions, etc.

busy “brothers" in the profession. Gonorrhea: Injections with a 1 per cent Now, a few words in regard to medical solution of protargol, first making the treatment: In the August WORLD Dr. patient clean out the urethral canal with Chapman, in speaking of fushes of the injections of warm water before using the menopause, says to “ treat the patient, above solution; comp. methylene-blue cap

not the flushes." I fully agree with him sules by the mouth.

on that point; and incidentally, that stateBoth of the above have been used suc- ment applies also to all diseases at any cessfully by me a good many times.

time and anywhere. Boykin, s. C. J. T. HAY, M.D.

Nux Vomica.—This remedy is adapted to

persons of a quick, excitable temperament; Remember that pain, tenderness and atrophy disposed to be quarrelsome, and given to of the testicle are indications for operating high living and the use of much coffee, varicocele.

alcoholic stimulants, highly seasoned foods.

the patient.

The nux patient is nearly always troubled patient is very absentminded ; very dull with acid dyspeptic symptoms, constipa- of comprehension. Gleet discharge from tion and hemorrhoids. He is very sleepy very relaxt parts, which stains the linen early in the evening, hours before bed- yellow. Premature old age in young per. time; awakes about 3 a.m., falls into a sons who have abused the sexual powers. dreamy sleep finally, and gets up feeling Selenium.-Impotence, but with desire ; tired and weak; backache is very markt; the patient has lewd thoughts, but is must sit up to turn over in bed ; frequent physically incapable. Partial erections, desire to stool, passing small quantitieswith involuntary dribbling of semen and with a feeling as if not done.

prostatic fluid. The selenium patient is Phosphorus.--Adapted to tall, slender nearly always constipated, the stool so subjects of sanguin temperament, who are hard it often requires mechanical aid for very sensitiv to both physical and mental removal. There is a longing for spiritu. impressions. The phos. patient is very ous liquors. There are many other remeapt to have a tuberculous or hemorrhagic dies indicated in this condition, among diathesis; he complains of a burning, hot which cinchona, saw palmetto, salix nigra, spot on the spine and is exceedingly sensitiv digitalis and gelsemium stand high. A to touch on the spine. Unlike nux, the careful study of the symptoms of the paphos. patient is usually troubled with tient will indicate the proper remedy in chronic looseness of the bowels and each individual case. In conclusion, to always seems worse in every way when “sum up”in brief: (1) Get the confidence lying on the left side.

of your patient. (2) Remove the obstaPicric Acid. —This remedy is suited to cles to recovery. (3) Adapt the remedy to those who are "a picture of nervous pros

F. M. EVANS, M.D. tration.'' It is as near a specific for this Bellaire, Ohio. condition as anything known in medicin, [It will be noticed that the therapeutics but here again I agree with Dr. Chapman, are given homeopathically.-ED.] that it is not a specific, as it is not always indicated by the symptoms of the patient.

That Red Nose. It is useful for wasted and wornout stu- Editor MEDICAL WORLD :- Referring to dents and overworkt business men, with

Dr. Smurl's communication in the Septembrain fag. Priapism ; violent and long- ber WORLD, page 377, regarding the “Red lasting erection, with very frequent and Nose," I would ask the Doctor, if he profuse emissions. There is much head.

thinks the disease is not of the acne kind, ache in the occipito cervical region, and why then does he prescribe sulfur and burning and sensitivness along the spine ether, as they are certainly contraindi. (as in phospborus, but less in degree). cated' in purely erythematous conditions ? Picric acid is a very valuable remedy in

In acne rosacea, or rosacea erythematosa, these conditions and very litle used.

there is only one mode of procedure, and Phosphoric Acid. - Persons in whom the

that is the electric needle or knife. For debility and weakness was brought on by the burning and itching, which is often great grief or disappointment. The men- associated with the malady, an ointment tal condition is one of the strongest indi- of amylum and oxid of zinc, equal parts,and cations for phos. acid, the patient being unguentum aquae rosae twice the amount, listless, apathetic; perfectly indifferent to will prove very soothing. In acne vul. his business and all things formerly most garis, or even rosacea, Lassar's “ peeling interested in; the face is pale, eyes sunken, salve" is very serviceable : with blue rings around them. The urin is

☆ Beta naphthloli......

.10.0 milky or there is profuse urination of clear, Sulfuris praecip......

50.0 watery urin at night, which forms a white Vaselin, saponis viridis.... ..äā 20.0 cloud at once. Onanism—the patient is This ointment is applied once a day for mentally distrest by the act. Inclined to three or four days in succession, and left looseness of the bowels.

on the affected part about one hour and Agnus Castus.—This is the remedy for then wiped off with a soft cloth. The face "old sinners" with impotence and gleet; should not be washt during the time of there is complete impotence; no sexual treatment, but powdered with talcum. desire with relaxt, cold, genital organs Often these patients have dyspepsia, (just the opposit of the intense desire and and internal medication will be necessary. violent erections of picric acid). The Akron, O.


A Leukocyte's Narrativ.

the jungle of connectiv tissue and fixt Editor MEDICAL WORLD:—The circum- cells, which was rendered more difficult by stances surrounding my birth are some- dead blood plates and red cells which had what obscure, but my earliest recollections been crowded thru the capillary walls by found me in the spleen, while war with all high pressure. its horrors was raging around the appen- Thus far I have not sighted the enemy, dix vermiformis.

but the depressing effect of the loathsome The blood-forming organs had received toxins instinctivly apprised me of the leukocytogenesis orders, and the ranks of streptococcus. the standing army of leukocytes was I am averse to criticising my superiors, swelled to quadruple its normal numbers but I have often thought that the nerves by volunteers, who were moving toward were thrown into a panic that day, and in the scene of action.

their temporary excitement were sending Our division reacht the appendix by reinforcements so fast that their presence way of the ileo-colic branch of the superior was an actual hindrance in our limited mesenteric artery. The temperature was field for action. warm, but on nearing our destination it A circumstance occurred at this time was simply hot.

which I think contributed to our victory. The regulars arriving first had thrown The doctor arrived and applied an ice bag. themselves with self-sacrificing delibera. Oh, what a delicious sensation to our tion in a solid phalanx upon the enemy parched and thirsty protoplasm! We with telling effect in checking inva- paused to watch the result, when the sion.

vessels contracted as tho to compress the The blood vessels, our natural channels minute, mural thrombi that were beginof communication, were crowded; and the ning to form, and then they relaxt, and red cells, which we consider civilians or the blood pressure rose and swept them the industrial class, by their agility had away. appropriated the middle of the stream, The effect was like magic. The fixt compelling us to move along the walls tissue cells, which were rapidly undergoin the slower current. Our progress was ing dissolution, but too far from the lesion further impeded by thousands of blood to be of any use in tissue proliferation, plates, which being unable to resist the took on new life. The columns moved up demoralizing effects of the heat and toxins, rapidly, and at last I was in the line of had clung to the rough projections from battle, and my spirit of patriotism rose at the walls and died.

the sights of personal bravery and heroism Pressing on, we found the smaller which I saw around me. vessels dilated to double their usual I saw my comrads rush in, grab up a diameter to accommodate us,

but our

few links of cocci, fold them into their numbere, dead and living, had almost nuclei, some to win in the hand-to-hand occluded them, making that route imprac- conflict only to die later from the toxins ticable.

of their vanquished foe. Others were The rush in our rear increast, and the overcome and their bodies were used to disintegrating blood plates were render conceal the victorious germs as they ing things sticky and disagreeable, when eluded our vigilance and drifted along in we sought a way around by the inter-vas- the lymph channels. cular spaces. In this we were favored by Our battlements of cells piled thick and the enlarged inter-cellular spaces in the high, cemented with a mortar of fibrin, smaller vessel walls. I protruded a film surrounded the invaders, who were strong and thrust it thru an opening, but my in their entrenchments but no longer agresbody would not follow; so I threw out a siv, and we felt that the victory was ours. broad protrusion from behind, which We had only to maintain the siege and narrowed my body so it could get thru. our enemies would starve and die in their The broad projection was elongated and filth. easily followed. I found that I had Our wall was growing stronger, but one emerged from an aperture less than one- great peristaltic wave might sweep it fourth


actual diameter. I found that away and liberate a million poisonous many of my comrads had preceded me in demons. Our doctor, however, forestalled like inanner.

that. The stomach was empty and the We then began the tedious march thru colon was evacuated, after which total



abstinence was rigidly enforced, so that dence do you want? I have known men there was little occasion for peristalsis. affected with syphilis who were treated

He debated the advisability of an early with mercury till pronounced cured, who and immediate operation, and we shud- then married and raised children, who dered at the thought of the results of never manifested any sign of that disease, another conflict, should our enemies be or any that could be attributed to syphilis scattered thruout the peritoneum, while with reason. One such child, now yet in the height of their virulence. twenty-six years old, was to

The operation was temporarily post- recently, and as I have had her under poned, and as the smoke of battle raised, observation all her life, I feel reasonably the red cells began the work of clearing justified in calling her father's case an away the debris and repairing the dam- absolute cure. It is rarely possible to use age.

the words “never," and "always," in I should like to live to see the final science. Nature deals in generalities, in victory and complete this narrative, but groupings, and separates her groups by my once round and shapely nucleus has imperceptible shadings rather than by undergone segmentation, and granulation sharp lines. must soon follow. Modesty forbids any Let me express my hearty appreciation reference to my own personal achieve- of Dr. Rimmer's report on page 421. The ments, but premature death awaits the time to “rest on one's oars" is after the results of my country's service. It may doctor has done his duty and got back to seem strange that I should have observed his bed. If ever the doctor earns his all these details, but I have heard that the crown of glory, it is when he has skilfully perceptiv faculties are the keenest, that and successfully used his chloroform and impressions are the most vivid and last- forceps, and saved mother and child. ing, and that deductions and conclusions Then his heart may well warm at the are reacht with the greatest accuracy and thought that he is a member of our noble celerity, amidst the fiercest conflict. profession. Florence, Colo. W. V. WATSON. Senile gangrene! I have just had a

report from a patient whom I have been Notes and Comments.

treating for Raynaud's disease, by magEditor MEDICAL WORLD:-The remarks sage and atropin, to favor the circulation. in THE WORLD for October on “ Develop- The pains that threatened gangrene gave ment of the Bust,” lead me to remark way to the massage, and the atropin that it may not always be safe to develop opened the vessels and let in more blood, this part of the body. I have in mind a 80 that the danger has been tided over lady, slender in build, who used one of the every time it threatened, and that is over developers that act by atmospheric ex- a year now. Would not this be the best haustion—the cupping glass principle. thing imaginable to ward off senile ganThe drawing of the blood into the mam- grene ? Keep the feet warm. mary gland may be accomplisht, and it is We may cure gangrene all right, but a well-recognized principle that where here is something that is not so easy. Seatthere is a fluxion of blood there will be worms! Ordinarily they give way to increased growth. But where does the quassia injections, but sometimes they blood come from? And can the organs resist this and every other remedy I have thus deprived of blood get along as well as yet tried. Two cases have left me in without it? The lady did not succeed in the thirty-odd years of my practise, for increasing the size of her breasts, but her whom I failed to find any relief. I have langs fell into a consumption; and I have used enemas of limewater, iron, glycerin, always wondered whether there were not asafetida, and many others. a connection between the two.


The pain of burns is relieved by any skinny women, who have not the layer of smooth oleaginous application, the best subcutaneous fat that gives roundness and being carron oil; but the real problem is soft outlines to the female form, will to prevent sepsis, and there are better hardly succeed in increasing the size of agents than this.

agents than this. I have painted the the breasts, unless they at the same time burned surface with campho-phenique, restore this fat layer to the body in gen- with excellent results; and recently the eral,

recommendation has been quite general to Can syphilis be cured? Well, what evi. apply pure carbolic acid, neutralizing in one minute with pure alcohol. This is success in the treatment of common goiter, good if you have them handy, for the best but probably the most valuable remedies remedy is the one that will most quickly we have are phytolacca decandra, iris cover the surface and exclude the bacteria. versicolor, and kali iodid, internally and White lead is very good. We all recollect externally. Specific phytolacca is one of the man who fell in a vat of boiling soap, the first remedies ; it exerts a specific inand the doctor, thinking him hopeless, let fluence in all inflammatory or enlarged him alone; whereupon he recovered the conditions of the glandular structures, essoap being aseptic in this case, and not a pecially in various affections of the lymcertain "germicide soap” once marketed, phatics, with hardness and swelling. that proved phenomenally swarming with Specific iris ver. is an important alterativ, microbic life. My boy was burned and is certainly the remedy for the comseverely by an explosion of giant caps in mon goiter, but its superior value is not his hand. They are supposed to contain fully appreciated by many physicians. fulminate. I applied solution of sodium Specific iris is indicated in enlargements of bicarbonate, which relieved the pain as the glandular system, especially the en. long as he kept the burned surface larged thyroid and lymphatics; it acts by immerst; but when it was withdrawn the increasing waste and improving nutrition. burning returned, even when pure petro- The curativ action of iris is believed to latum, or carron oil, was applied. The be due to its power to directly stimulate soda probably relieved the chemnical burn the glandular system, lymphatics and as well as the fire burn.

skin. Kali iodid is another of the greatWILLIAM F. WAUGH, M.D. est gland alterativs. I most frequently Chicago, Ill.

substitute it for specific stillingia with the [If the reader will refer again to our specific phytolacca and iris for internal editorial on page 414, October World, on use. Kali iodid assists in the removal of "Development of the Bust,” he will see worn-out tissue, and acts thru the glanduthat we did not advise the vacuum lar system by producing slight chemical method. That the methods there recom- changes upon the tissues, thereby being mended are “always safe,” can scarcely absorbed into the circulation and thrown be doubted. -Ed.]

off by the different secretory organs.

A simple compound may be formed of Goiter.

the above remedies and given internally Editor MEDICAL WORLD:-A copy of with other remedies that may be indicated THE WORLD for October, 1901 (Vol. xix, in the disease at different times. ExterNo. 10), came to my desk recently, and nally I employ a local application of in perusing its contents my attention was specific phytolacca and stillingia comdrawn to an article upon the treatment of pound with massage manipulation twice a goiter, by D. A. Johnson, M.D., of Dundee, day instead of applying iodin or the N. Y. (page 425), wherein he highly rec- “common adhesiv plaster" advocated by ommends an " alterativ" treatment and Dr. Johnson.

F. E. HILL, M.D. the " external application of common ad- Bainbridge, N. Y. hesiv plaster over the enlargement." The favorit medicins the Doctor recommends

Remedy for Poison Oak. are “phytolacca, stillingia and iodid of Editor MEDICAL WORLD :- Answering potassa." By this efficient treatment, the R. L. Mathews, regarding treatment for Doctor no doubt has relieved many un- poison oak, I would say that this is a fortunate patients in his extensiv practise. clear case of "the hair of the dog curing My experience during many years of med- the bite." A decoction of the leaves of ical practise in treating the various variety the plant, say about half a dozen leaves at of this dreaded disease (the writer one of a dose (or they may be simply chewed and its victims), leads me to believe that this the juice swallowed), will cause an erupchronic enlargement of the thyroid gland tion of blebs, or water blisters, which con. arises from some hyperplastic material in tain an antitoxin that neutralizes the the blood and an altered circulation, and poison in the blood, when the serum from in some cases, impaired innervation.

them is reabsorbed. One or two doses is Our materia medica affords a very ex- usually sufficient. I have known a copi. tensiv list of remedies, alterativ in action, ous eruption to follow swallowing the which have been employed with great juice of a dozen well formed leaves. The

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