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mentous or nervous tissue, may be accompanied is a distinctiv feature of osteopathy. The subby hyperesthesia of the adjacent cutaneous ject of osseous subluxations, which has been a areas, and must not be confounded with dis- source of so much amusement to those who eases of the vertebra. (4) That the cord itself prefer ridicule to investigation, will be conmay be and frequently is hyperesthetic at such sidered in our next article. points. (5) That various systemic disturbances

Peoria, Ili. W. A. HINCKLE, M.D. -eccentric symptoms result from or are asso

(To be continued.) ciated with these areas of spinal tenderness, and that by far the most important and noticeable symptoms of spinal irritation are to be

From an Osteopath. found in distant parts of the body. (6) That Editor MEDICAL WORLD :- In regard to Dr. these eccentric symptoms bear a distinct an

U. G. lles' article in the March WORLD, page atomical and physiological relation to these 115, would say it plainly shows rank prejudice areas of spinal tenderness. (7) That these and ignorance towards osteopathy. The idea sensitiv areas may develop quickly-often in of speaking of Dr. Still as the rankest of quacks a few hours. (8) That they may result from is too absurd to even notice. Just as soon as traumatic, sexual, emotional, mental, hygienic, the medical profession can show better results or dietetic causes, or may develop from acute than the osteopaths, then they can call us and infectious diseases. (9) By appropriate osteopaths what they wish. I ask any M.D. to treatment, chief of which is counter-irritation name one case where osteopathy failed and over the spine, these sensitiv areas may be

medicin cured. The osteopath can give you removed and with them the associated eccentric five cases to the opposit condition and have symptoms.

plenty left. From the causativ factors ascribed to this In regard to Dr. Taylor's article, would say condition by Dr. Hammond, we see that these I read the article in full, and investigated fully areas of spinal tenderness may be primary to and find that the two students he spoke of as the eccentric symptoms as when due to trauma; graduating from the Kirksville School never or they may be secondary, as when resulting even entered the school. I will quote you part from sexual, emotional, mental or dietetic of Dr. Taylor's article which appeared in the causes.

New York Medical Journal, of January 16, As previously stated, reflex muscular con- 1904. tractures are often more sustained than those " It is a constant surprise and disappointproduced by direct stimulation. The same is ment to me, having given much attention to true of other reflex activities. Thus abnormal manual treatment, to note how pitifully ignorimpulses, as from an irritating substance in the ant are the leaders of medical thought, not alimentary tract, cause reflex secondary lesions only of the whole subject, but of its gravity, its along the spinal areas in reflex nervous con- resources and its enormous possibilities. It is nection therewith. These secondary lesions doubtful whether, if a hundred of the accepted being of reflex origin may outlast the exciting leaders in any community in America) were cause, in which case they would reflexly affect called upon to express opinions on the subject, again the tissues primarily at fault. By so it would be possible to find above two or three doing the secondary lesions become an ex- who could formulate such based upon either citing cause, and may prolong or aggravate the knowledge, experience or appreciation of already abnormal condition of those structures fundamental principles. Yet, any man with which were the original centers of disturbance. an M.D. to his name will give you off-hand a This fact explains, at least in part, why disease definition of osteopathy, and it is usually far often lingers or becomes chronic after the from flattering.

from flattering. Still these osteopaths' have original cause has been removed. Thus we see forced themselves upon the attention of the that Hilton, Hammond, and others, showed public, and thence upon that of the profession, wisdom in treating such spinal lesions, whether more upon the sheer merit of their methods they are primary or secondary to the eccentric than by the boldness of their assumptions. It disorders complained of.

cannot be denied, it can certainly not be disWhile these and other eminent observers proved, that these methods are not highly have recognized the existence and significance efficacious." of these sensitiv areas along the spine, they These words, coming from one who has have failed to recognize the equally important partially investigated osteopathy, are worthy of lesions of muscles and ligaments when asso- repetition. All the osteopaths ask is a fair ciated with soreness and pain ; nor have they investigation from a non-prejudiced mind, observed the very frequent subluxations of which is, you must admit, hard to find in the bony'tissue and their relation to disease. The medical profession. I presume this article as a recognition and consideration of these lesions whole isn't worth publishing in your magazine,

He says:

but if you see fit to publish Dr. Taylor's views, ready to go off on its own account. I cannot I would be very grateful. F. E. GAMBLE. recall having seen him with such a thing as a Fremont, Nebraska.

collar or tie on, and if my memory serves On his letter head, the writer of the above me right, his acquaintance with the dirt-removannounces himself as follows:

ing properties of H,O was very limited. The F. E. GAMBLE,

worthy doctor would bundle up some herbs and

simples in an old handkerchief, and, witin a OSTEOPATHIC PHYSICIAN,

stick in his hand, travel all over the surroundGRADUATE OF A. S. O.,

ing country disposing of his wares. He, as Kirksville, Mo.

Dr. Iles says, laid claims to supernatural

powers, and as such imposed upon the ignorant Osteopathy as I View It.

and credulous. At that time Kirksville was a Editor MEDICAL WORLD:-Anent this sub- local option town, and a large share of his work ject of osteopathy, there seems to be an effort was in writing prescriptions to a corner drug made upon the part of the decent profession to store for liquor. If, at that time, he had any cope with this monster that has shown its head grey matter underneath his hat, he managed to above the medical horizon. Is not the profes- keep that fact a profound secret from those sion busily engaged in battling a man of straw? who were his everyday companions. I do not It seems so to me. I am forcibly reminded of feel that I am drawing the picture at all too a hundred and one crazes that have taken strong. I should not mention these things at possession of the public mind since the great all, but I feel that it is necessary, in order to one of the Salem witchcraft. Perhaps the first show the regular profession that they are was the famous metallic tractors that set Europe directing their arrows of attack against an and the eastern part of the United States wild object who is more an object of scorn than a along about the beginning of the last century. foeman worthy of their steel. Poor old Still Now, you can hardly find one of these famous will soon totter into his grave, and as soon as instruments outside of a museum. Then, the fake loses its head, it will totter along the within the memory of a great many, came the

same road. blue glass craze, then the sweating craze, and My observation has been that the graduates quite recently the Brown-Sequard elixir of life of osteopathy may be roughly divided into two craze; all with their multitudes of followers. classes : Those who are ignorant and those Where are they and their devotees now? who are dishonest. Candor compels me to Why, gone into the oblivion of all untruth. further add that the first class contains by far Within the last few weeks we have witnest the the greater number. I was in Kirksville durbursting of one famous curativ bubble. May we ing the winter of 1898, and took particular not expect the craze of osteopathy to soon go pains to size up the personnel of Mr. Still's glimmering in a like manner? Tons of white classes. By far the greater number of them paper and gallons of good printers' ink have were men and women who had come directly been wasted in fighting this thing, and the from the farms and workshops, lured thither result has been to give advertising to its pro- by the glittering prospect of an easy living: moters. This is the first time that I have It was very easy to sit in the lecture room and been tempted to grab my typewriter and rush pick out those who had a college education, into print on this subject, and I should not do and almost to a man those who had, had upon so now only I see my favorit journal being too their faces the stamp of insincerity. Nor could much taken up ith a subject that cannot do it be otherwise. To sit for one hour and listen me nor the busy doctor any good.

to the inane rot ladled out to those students as We were told two thousand years ago by a scientific teaching was certainly enuf to turn philosopher from Galilee that “an evil tree the stomach of a healthy buzzard. could not bring forth good fruit." That is a I have met many of the graduates of osteoptruism just as much here in your Uncle's terri. athy in activ life, and have always tried to get tory as it was under the territory of Cæsar. at the depth of their knowledge of the fundaIt chanced that I knew the now famous (?) Dr. mental principles of the one subject that they A. T. Still. In fact, the early part of my life must, perforce, be familiar with in order to was spent in his home town. My home was carry out the tenets of their profession, namely, within fifty yards of his office, if office it could anatomy, and without a single exception I find be called. He had no standing among the them densely ignorant upon even the primary profession at that time, nor did he ever have. principles of the science. A skilful cross-exHis credentials consisted in a long, lank per- aminer, with a knowledge of his subject, can sonality garbed in an old, snuff-colored suit of prove this for himself in five minutes' talk with butternut jeans, surmounted by an overcoat the best informed graduate of the fake if he that always had the appearance of just being cares to do so.


Now, for Heaven's sake, let's let this thing these conditions existed and It appealed to a Common die quietly and in peace. The good old World sence of Reasoning. so I left My Wife in this Osteo

pathic Physicians Care, and in three weeks she began has a mission to perform, and that mission is to change for the Better and in Six Months she gained not doing the Twentieth Century St. George

and looked So Much better that some of her Friends act. It is not necessary to slay any dragons ;

hardly Knew her She gained about 18 pounds and

could walk a couple of Miles and not be fatigued that they will die soon enuf. Remember that Lin- is six years ago and She is able to do all her own coln said, “you can't fool all the people all

house work for eight or ten person. And I can't hire

her to take one drop of the Simplest kind of medthe time.The public is a great big sheep; icines. it goes off after some bell wether with a little

This illustrates what kind of work the ostelouder bell than another, but it always gets opaths seem to be doing-getting close to back in time. CHARLES S. MOODY, M.D.

nature. The same thing is being done in Sand Point, Idaho.

numerous sanitariums all over the country, [That's right; let us have frankness and can

conducted by regular physicians, but natural dor. But it should be extended to both sides.

methods are largely neglected by the bulk of There will be no harm in allowing an M.D. who

the profession in private practise. However, believes there is something in osteopathy to give if the above poor woman continues to do “all us a peep into it, so we can judge, each for him- her own house work for eight or ten persons,' self. Dr. S. Weir Mitchell could not get his she will break down again, and have to again rest cure to “work” until he combined mas

go to the “ repair shop." sage with it.

He wanted to build up the wreck by forced feeding and conservation of the nerve force. The forced feeding de

The “ Christian Hospital ” Again. manded exercise to keep up the digestiv and DEAR DR. TAYLOR:-I enclose herewith a other functions, but the exercise dissipated the “ bait” that just reacht me thru the mail. nerve force. Here was a dilemma. He hap- Who are these people? My confidence in pened to think of massage (passiv exercise), your ability to show them up prompts me to which would keep the physiological functions send the papers to you. Long may you live in normal activity and at the same time con- to battle for the rights of the clean medical serve the vital energy, allowing the nerve force

C. H. TEASDALE, M.D. to accumulate. This was the way out of the Ruleville, Miss. dilemma, and it led to a now celebrated and [This is the “Christian Hospital," of well-establisht method of treatment. I men- Chicago, which seems to be again raising its tion this merely to illustrate the importance

head to the surface. It was thoroly exposed of one of the applications of manipulation- in World for July, 1903, pages 294 to 296, massage. Most physicians habitually neglect which see. All the various kinds of “ bait the importance of and possibilities in manipu- there exposed are contained with the above lation. Osteopathy is a method of manipula- letter, the only change which I recognize betion elaborately workt out. Yes, it is “a man ing a bad attempt to blot out the name of Dr. of straw" as to any claim of it being a won- J. B. Murphy on the sample certificate. The derful discovery, for manipulation is one of policy of frauds is, when exposed, to “lay the oldest things in the healing art; but in low'' awhile, and then, after they think the exthese days of the microscope, modern chem- posé has been forgotten, "bob up serenely" as istry, etc., it has been shamefully neglected. tho nothing had happened. They think that In subacute and chronic conditions it has wide no one will be as vigilant concerning the inapplication and great possibilities for good. terests of the profession as the frauds are perLet us, of the regular profession, give to the sistent in the pursuit of money; and that is people these possibilities, and thus no longer generally true. No one likes to hash up the leave this gap open to be occupied by in- same fraud time after time. Doctors should truders.-ED.]

note exposures and remember them. How

ever, we are always glad to be informed when In an ungrammatical and rather illiterate an old fraud resumes business either at the old article not worth space, from a man who puts

stand or elsewhere, so we can announce the “ Dr.” before his name, occurs the following fact, and refer to the original exposure, as we which we present exactly as written:

do above. Only a few years ago My Wife was an Invilid,

Later: Another set of these circulars has Medicine of Any Kind done he no earthly good After

just been received from Dr. Ira C. Ballard, of consulting with several of the best Physicians and Leesburg, Ala., they having been sent to him Surgeons, after several years of these conditions a friend advised My Wife to try Osteopathy they be.

from Lincoln Park Sta., Chicago. Are these lieved it would help her so like the drownding people trying to work our southern friends ? Man I grabed at the last straw. I took My loved one

Do they think that southern doctors can be to one of the Graduates of Dr. Stills School of practice he Diagnosed her case giving Me the reason why

“ roped in" more easily than those in other sections? We venture that they will be disap- accompanied by the cash, to one doctor, in pointed. The World has a large circulation order to make a sort of decoy duck out of him in the South, and World readers have their to refer other doctors to ? Of course the decoy eyes open.—ED.]

would have no knowledge that he was being

used in that way, unless he would think strange Speculation, with Examples.

that doctors are always referred to him. And Editor MEDICAL World:-While renewing wouldn't it be a cute thing to use The MEDICAL my subscription, cannot help saying that World as a decoy, thru this doctor who has The World is the best medical journal I ever made nearly 200 percent on his money in a read, and I have read them all, the Brief not comparativly short time? If that is the scheme, excepted. If all others were to take the stand it won't work. The doctor is doubtless per“Ye Editor” does against fakes and frauds, it fectly innocent, but there may be a “fine would be a boon to humanity. Previous to my Italian hand” behind him. Speculators are taking The MEDICAL WORLD, about every cunning. They know how to use an innocent hundred dollars I could get together I put into figure head. Doctors, stick to your money. “get rich quick” schemes. (Well yes, some- And you, whose letter is quoted from above, body profited by it, but not I.) The good but whose name need not be publisht here, advice given to doctors by The WORLD has look out; better stop now, while you are ahead; resulted in benefiting me hundreds of dollars, if you continue you are likely to lose all you and many others I doubt not.

have gained and more too.-ED.) Doctors, I am not buying any more gold bricks. And for all future time I will buy only Don't Trust Confidential “. Tips." what wheat I need for four for family use. Many New York physicians and doctors in other cities mourn Every week brings mail from concerns urging

the sad ending yesterday of Dr. Lorenzo J. Kohnstamm. Until

two years ago he had an office on Madison avenue, and had a the buying of corn. Well, yes; but only to practise that was worth $12,000 a year. Two years ago he had feed my team - thanks to THE MEDICAL

noticed symptoms of paresis, and without informing anyone he

began a study of his case. When he had confirmed his suspicions WORLD. W. S. L. KNEPPER.

he relinquishi his practise, sold his art collection, and then, as the

fight became hopeless, settled his affairs, and came to Bellevue Conklin, Mich.

Hospital, where he died of a general paralysis, ending in insanity.

Dr. Kohnstamm was educated in this country and Europe, and [In this connection I will tell about a very was a member of the Medical Societies of Paris, Vienna, Brussels, unusual occurrence. About the middle of

and Berlin. It is said that in trusting "tips" given by his patients

Dr. Kohnstamm had, in recent years, before he went to the hosMarch a doctor wrote asking me the standing pital, lost more than $80,000 in Wall street.-hila. Ledger, of a certain firm of cotton speculators. I

April 20. replied stating that I did not know the firm,

Formula for Antiseptic Paste. and that it was out of my line to investigate

R and give commercial reports; referred to the


dr. jss course The World has taken concerning 01. gaultheria

. m. xvj

Kaolin (or good clay) speculation, and further said that if he was

Glycerin, determined to speculate, to please let me know Water .

} enuf of each to make a paste the results. He replied April 10 (being ample Misce, et ft. ung. Signa :-For local application.

Lawson, Colo.

F. AMMON, M.D. time for communicating with the firm in the meantime), inclosing a full statement of his dealings with the firm, which showed that he

Death Probably from Internal Hemorrhage. had been speculating with them since August

Editor MEDICAL WORLD:-You ask the ques8, 1901, showing great profits. Why did he tion on page 169, April WoRLD, “ was the last ask me so late as the middle of March, 1904, bowel movement black, showing presence of concerning the firm's standing, when he had blood ?” No; the blood was bright and fresh been speculating with them (very successfully, looking following the stools, but her urin the according to the detailed account, and his last day was scanty and lookt suspicious of letter) since August 8, 1901? The plan seems blood; yet it was passed without pain. Did to be indicated by the following: He says in not complain of pain over the region of kidhis letter that he has “ had numerous letters of neys or bladder. I was suspicious of internal inquiry about the

Co. from doctors, hemorrhage, but there was no sudden lowering and have always answered them by citing my of temperature. Had passed a fair quantity of own dealings with them, and a statement of my urin in morning just before consultation. account” etc. And he further says:

“ You On page 170, replying to T. M. Lippitt, you may save me considerable correspondence if say:

say: “ Barberry. Myrica Cerifera. The wax you will publish statement and such of my and bark are used.” This is the first time I letter as you see fit." The above are the parts ever knew that the barberry had a wax, and I of the letter that I “see fit” to publish ; also thought it was known as Berberis Vulgaris. this comment: Do you not see how a com- The uses of the barberry you give are correct, pany could render very satisfactory accounts,

but the fruit of the barberry, which is plenty

lb. j



here in Connecticut, is a red, very sour berry,

Should Doctors Charge Clergymen ? made into jellies or preserved whole by ladies Editor MEDICAL WORLD :-On page 143, for sauce.

The jam or preserved berries are April WORLD, I see a communication from added to water for a cooling tart drink in “Jim," of Texas, entitled “Should Clergyfevers. The bayberry, or myrica ceri has a men and Their Families be Treated Free of wax berry, which I gathered when a boy, boil- Charge?"In the winter of 1863 and 1864, ing them, skimming

off the bayberry tallow and “ Father Allen ” (Professor J. Adams Allen, pouring it into molds, making cakes, which I of Rush), in a general lecture to us boys one sold to druggists to make into ointments and · day,

day, said: “Gentlemen, when you attend any salves; and it was also made into a preparation one, rich or poor, charge when you are thru ; for a waterproof dressing for shoes. The

get your money, if you can.

If they are poor, Thompsonians used the powdered bark. take half, take what you can get ; if they are Madison, Conn. A. D. AYER, M.D. very poor, take a note ; it don't cost anything,

and they may some day be better off than you The Preparation of Starch Bandages.

Make one exception, and that one is

clergymen. I never charged one yet, and I Editor MEDICAL WORLD:-I have received

would advise you not to. I suppose you want some letters of inquiry relativ to my article in

to know why. I will tell you. They have sins the January WORLD on “ The Starch Bandage,”

enuf to answer for without answering for a inquiring how to prepare the bandage. It is

medical bill." so simple I did not think it necessary to take

I told that to a big fat clergyman that knew up space for that purpose. None of the

" Father Allen ;" he laught very heartily, works on surgery say anything about it. All

and told it three times before he went two there is to it is to make a pan of hot starch,

blocks, and laught just as heartily every time middling thick, and dip your bandage in the

as he did the first. starch, getting all the starch into it you can. I have attended clergymen of all denominaAfter getting it all starcht, commence and roll

tions, and never charged them. A little over it into a roll. Prepare three or four, and while

two years ago my wife died. I had a clergyyou are putting these on, assistants or ladies

He came and read a prayer and made a can be preparing others. Where you tear up few remarks. We went a few miles on the cars. a strip of muslin to make bandages, put the

At the grave he read another prayer. I paid whole strip in the starch and then roll into a

for his trip, his dinner, and his cigars, and roll. The trick to get all the starch you can

he charged me fifteen dollars. into the bandage. The cookt starch is prefer

Brothers, do you think we ought to give able to cold starch. In cutting out the strip them our services for nothing ? FRANK after the bandage is placed, I use a sharp pen- South Dakota. knife in preference to the plaster shears. It takes a little longer, but it does a more satisfac

Editor MEDICAL WORLD :-Should clergytory job. Cut from above down; the cotton

men and their families be treated free of enveloping the leg saves the leg from being cut.

charge? This question is askt by a physician Common sense and mechanical skill is all you of Texas signing his name “Jim, in the need in this part of the job. I am sure those

April World. This is a question that should who are skilful in getting their bandages on be settled, and rightly settled, for all time to right will like them and be loath to use any

In 1894 we heard the learned Baptist thing else.

W. H. MARTIN, M.D. divine, Dr. Whitsitt, state to the graduating Gate, Okla.

class of medical students and the people in

general who attended the commencement exerIn the Age of Asepsis.

cises of the Kentucky School of Medicin, An aseptic doctor, for aseptic mon(ey),

Louisville, Ky., that he had never paid a To an aseptic mother brought an aseptic son. doctor's bill in all his life. We naturally And an aseptic nurse, with aseptic hands, Gave an aseptic bath, put on aseptic bands. started out with this statement in mind. Coming From aseptic bottles, with aseptic nips,

from a man who stood so high among the clergyBabe suckt aseptic milk with aseptic lips. But the aseptic milk, in aseptic haste,

men, and a recognized authority in Baptist Made the aseptic babe an aseptic waste.

circles, we never questioned the matter further. Soon the aseptic waste, in an aseptic shroud, So we started out to treat all preachers and Took an aseptic box and left an aseptic crowd.

JULIAN WYLIE SLOAN. their families without fees—and without thanks; Class 1904, Medical College of Virginia.

for as a rule they are not only a thankless set

of men, but will suggest patent medicins to your Drop doses, hourly, of tincture of cantharides are of patients while you are treating them. When it markt and prompt benefit in the cystitis and vesical

comes to “ the honor” the physician will have tenesmus of aged women. It may be combined with demulcents or mild diuretics.

by attending the pastor's family, if the other


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