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by the gagging and retching. It was finally other troubles, I concluded that it would do removed with a curved forcep, and proved to to grease my corns, and it felt so good I tried be the sting of a bee. The patient felt relief it for several nights. It completely and pain. in a short time. Solution of adrenalin chlorid lessly cookt my corns so that the warm foot was then applied to aid in reduction of swel- bath and the point of my knife completed the ling. He was quite comfortable in about an job.

B. K. Wood. hour, and seven or eight hours later the tume- Anadarko, Okla. faction had almost vanisht. St. Cloud, Wis. C. W. LEONARD, M. D.

Removal of Corns.

Editor MEDICAL WORLD:-In recent issues My Experience with the Automobile.

of your valuable journal I have noticed several

items on the “cure of corns." I would say Editor MEDICAL WORLD :-I purchast an

there is no cure for corns. Corns should not automobile last May. Having four horses I

be considered a disease, but a condition. placed two in the pasture and kept two to

They may be removed or prevented. Corns drive in muddy traveling. I had the "auto"

are but the thickening and hardening of the hauled home once, on account of the five con- cuticle, which is begun in self defense in trynection pins breaking. I was stuck in a muddy ing to protect the more tender tissues beroad once, and was pulled out by a team.

neath. They occur from two causes : Ill One man fell from his carriage and broke three shaped feet that no shoes will fit; or, from ill ribs, by his horse taking fright and running fitting shoes. The patient may not be to blame while passing, but we were at a “stand still."

for the former, but he could mitigate the latter. I have a good man to run my machine, who

What I believe to be one of the greatest causes also takes care of it. On account of bad roads

of corns is the wearing of shoes with toe-caps, it is idle this winter, but I will use it next

or box toes, where the hard unyielding seam season. O. W. BURNS, M.D.

comes directly across the toes. Such shoes Winneconne, Wis.

Dartmouth, 1876.

never ought to be worn, altho fashion decrees

that they are the proper thing for the present Questions.

season. 1. When a man calls upon a doctor and

Many remedies have been devised for the says, “ I wish you to attend my wife in about the problem 'of removal is far more simple

cure of corns, or for their removal. To me a month, when she will be confined,” should the doctor, if not specially requested, call to

than the prevention. For soft corns, which

occur between the toes, the application of a see this prospectiv patient prior to the ex

tuft of absorbent cotton saturated with salpected time of confinement ? 2. Should the physician engaged for such a

icylic acid will soon give relief. If the cotton case (no retaining fee being paid), in the

does not readily stay in place, then tie it there event that he is not called when the child is should never be cut. That method is always

with a bit of white woolen yarn. Hard corns born, send a bill ? 3. Could such a bill be legally collected? impervious surface. Many of the caustic rem

a source of danger, besides leaving a hard, the doctor being able to show that he had postponed a trip away in order to be ready a condition more painful than the corn. The

edies used affect the tissues too deeply, causing in the event of this call. C. E. BOYNTON, M.D.

true and most philosophical treatment is to

remove them with a piece of medium sandSmithfield, Utah.

paper. This is on the same principle of the

fine file of the Chinese chiropodists, which Corn Remedy.

leaves the surface soft, pliable and pervious to Editor MEDICAL WORLD:-I wish to report

the secretions of the tissues beneath. The a corn cure that I accidently blundered on.

same treatment is applicable to all calluses of I have several soft corns between the toes and

the feet or hands. It never hurts nor does have tried every corn cure I could run across,

harm, yet all hard corns may be perfectly rebut none was of much benefit. They would

moved in this manner with careful and proper return, and the cure in some instances was as


D. D. Rose, M.D. bad as the disease. One night on retiring my

Valparaiso, Ind. corns hurt so much I concluded to anoint them with vaseline as had been my custom, to

In children prone to enlargement of the cervical Rheumatism, the Bane of the Human Race. diarrhea. Cannabis indica has the triple effect - How to Successfully Treat and Cure it.

glands, it is not well to wait too long after constisoften them a little, but as I was undrest for tutional and local measures have failed. Abcesses bed and just before me was a small tin box of

make cicatrices more unsightly than incisions, and you

invite extension of infection by delay. Incise and Lloyd's thuja ointment I had been using for enucleate under chlorid of ethyl anesthesia.

of mitigating pain, quieting nervous irritation, Editor Medical World:-Malarial poison and it acts as a fine diuretic, helping the and a bad condition of the liver and stomach are juniper. I often largely increase the dose of the contributing causes of this disease. To my cannabis to produce these effects. Living as I mind, from a long experience, the first essen- have for over half a century as a practician in tial of cure is the rectification of a torpid liver, a malarious district, I find in diagnosing the a careful attention to the digestiv tract, and origin and predisposing cause of all diseases the elimination of the uric acid which has incident to this locality that malarial poison formed in the system. How to bring about these should not escape notice to insure successful desideratums is as follows: Give ten grains treatment.

E. B. SILVERS. of blue mass at night, following it with phos- Rahway City, N. J. phate of soda, the effervescing kind, early in the morning, continuing the phosphate for a number of mornings, early. If the patient is a

Alkaloids in Chronic Troubles. dyspeptic, then use the non-effervescing phos- Editor MEDICAL WORLD :--A great many phate in as hot water as can be swallowed. physicians who employ the alkaloidal remedies This will keep up a continued action on the in acute troubles either seem to forget them or liver and help digestion.

to doubt their value in the treatment of The human stomach is made a sort of a slop chronic diseases. My practise consists almost jar of the body, and from our earliest years it wholly of this class of cases. It is very selis so used. I take it that in most of the dis- dom that I have a case that has lasted for less eases to which flesh is heir, we should defer- than two years ; many of them are troubles of entially take off our hats to this much abused twenty years' standing; most of them have run organ.

the gamut of treatment and have survived the After the above named medication has been attacks of several schools of practise, and carried out to create a healthful action of the

most of the patent medicins with which the stomach and liver, we can specifically attempt market is flooded. The various alkaloidal to eliminate the poison from the blood. My preparations, as indicated, give me excellent plan, very successfully used, is to give four results, much better than I have ever been times a day one of the following capsules: able to secure with any other line of treatR

ment. Powd. ext. poke root

The diseases which are most common in my Powd. ext. Cannabis ind.

gr. 4 practise are rheumatism, neuralgias of various Powd. ext. juniper Powd. ext. jaborandi

sorts, consumption, neurasthenia, chronic Pulv. bisulf. quinin

genito-urinary troubles, pelvic troubles in Salicylic acid aa.

women, especially neuroses, sexual weakness If the quinin and saliyclic acid produce the in both sexes, digestiv troubles, asthma, terconstitutional symptoms of tinnitus aurium and tiary syphilis, and locomotor 'ataxia. In the your patient needs further rheumatic medica- treatment of these cases I use the alkaloidal tion, substitute salicylate of soda for the two granules almost altogether, and prefer those above named medicaments. If a particularly made by the Abbott Co. The advantages of obstinate case, I use an alkaline bath or a bath the granules are accuracy, reliability and conof soluble sulfur viz., sulfuret of potassa, after

venience. With the single exception of biowhich wrap up any very painful joints in an oint- plasm, a remedy which has given me very ment spread moderately thick on the fleecy great satisfaction, I almost never make use of side of canton flannel over which a layer of oil any other internal remedies. silk is placed, respreading when the ointment Perhaps a few notes in regard to my treatbecomes dry:

ment of such cases may be of interest to your

readers. R

As you probably know, the first Solid ext. belladonna

principle of alkalometry is to clean out the Powd. gum camphor kā

alimentary canal and keep it clean. In my Oil wintergreen

3ij practise at least ninety-nine patients out of a Ungt. resinæ flavae .


hundred have chronic constipation. I am I believe that the most obstinate rheumatic almost ready to assert that this is the beginning case will yield promptly under the above of all diseases. One thing is certain : it is named treatment without colchicum or iodid of useless to try to cure any chronic disease unless potassa, so long called sheet anchors in the treat- this principle is carried out. Epsom salts will ment of this tenacious disease—the irritation do the work if the patient will take it, which which these two medicaments often produce, isn't often. I use the saline laxativ, an efferdisorders the stomach and causes distressing vescent preparation of the salts. This is the be

gr. j


gr. j


gr. 12

gr. iiss



ginning of all treatment in all cases, and part sions, premature ejaculation, etc. Arbutin of it in most of them.

and lithium benzoate I use frequently in bladThe next point is “dose enuf”; that is, der troubles, chronic cystitis, and the like. having chosen your remedy, saturate your pa- Boldin acts well in torpid liver, also useful in tient. Get the physiological effect you are case of gall-stones. Atropin and ergotin, after, then increase the time between doses so alone or in combination, in cases of menoras to maintain the effect. The best way to rhagia, metrorrhagia and all forms of hemorsaturate the system is by small doses frequently rhage. Cannabin and atropin to replace repeated. If this rule is followed you need morphin. Cicutin as a spinal sedativ, to renever get any over action if you watch the

lax spasm, priapism, etc. Colchicum in rheueffects properly. In regard to particular dis- matism is almost a specific. Hyoscyamin as eases, no routine treatment can be followed. an antispasmodic, or occasionally as a hypThis is particularly true in the use of the notic, is excellent. Sanguinarin nitrate is an alkaloids. They have often been called “arms excellent sexual stimulant, especially for frigid of precision," and must therefore be aimed at women. The combination granule of helonin, definit symptoms or conditions. As no two caulophyllin, macrotin and hyoscyamin comes cases, even when the diseases are called by last but not least. It gives me better satisfacthe sime name, are exactly alike, so, too, the tion than any combination granule I have ever treatment of each must vary according to the used. It is of service in almost every form of conditions to be met.

uterin trouble, whether functional or organic. All doctors have their favorit remedies. It gives more or less relief even in those cases This is true of the alkaloidal convert, but I where some form of operation is the only hope think most physicians who use these remedies of cure. This granule, or pill, is known as use a larger number of drugs than those who uterin tonic (Buckley), and it deserves its use the more bulky forms of medicin. One

It surprises me nearly every time I use reason is that a much larger supply can be

it. carried in the same space, and the remedies I might say much more, but I fear I have being at hand, they are used. Every hospital used more than my share of space already. interne discovers when he goes into practise

E. F. ROBINSON, M.D. that the lack of a well stockt laboratory Boston, Mass. causes him to forget the use of many remedies he deemed absolutely necessary while in the

For Toothache. hospital.

Here is a fine toothache formula, which I Just a few words then in regard to my

have used with great success: favorit remedies. Perhaps I ought to give

R first place to bioplasm ; at any rate I use more F1. ext. aconiti. of it than of any other drug except saline lax- Ol. caryophy! ativ. Saline, as I said before, is part of the

Chloroformi, ka treatment in every case I handle, at least at

M. Sig:-Saturate a small pledget of cotton with the

drops and place in the cavity. Also rub some on the the start. It is right to “speak well of the

affected gum. bridge that carries you safely over." Bio

Lawson, Col.

F. AMMON, M.D. plasm stopt the course of a well developt case of lateral sclerosis (my own), and has restored

Peruna. me to very nearly a normal condition-and

Editor MEDICAL WORLD:-I noticed the keeps me there.

question about peruna in your last issue. In Nuclein (Aulde) is very similar to bioplasm,

a drug-store where I fixt up a laboratory, an or vice versa as you prefer. In some cases it

imitation of peruna was manufactured and sold. seems to give me fully as good results. I use

This imitation was composed of: it particularly in combination with the arse

Comp. fl. ext. of gentian

90 nates of iron, quinin, and strychnin. This

Fl. ex, of taraxacum

cong. j 52 tablet is particularly useful in cases of sexual Acid phos. dil.

75 debility,“night losses," premature senility

Tr. cardamon comp. and cases of this class.

Syrup simplex

cong. ij


Glycerin In intestinal indigestion I have used the in

cong. vij Z iv Sherry wine

cong. ix Z 108 testinal antiseptic tablet (W-A) with good


Z iv success. This is composed of the sulfo-carbo

3 ij'gr. 120 lates of lime, zinc and soda. It does exactly This imitation appeared to me to be a very what its name indicates. I use it frequently clever one ; if anything, it seems to be an imand it seldom disappoints me.

provement on peruna, so far at least as sherry Ammonium, combined frequently with cypri- wine is preferable to whiskey. I. LADOFF. pedium, serves me well in cases of seminal emis- Schenectady, N. Y.


dr. ss

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Trit. {Cascarin

Quantity of Triturate or Menstruum in 30x.

Editor MEDICAL WORLD :-Dr. Spain's contention that "it would require five globes the size of our earth to contain the 30x trituration of a drug" is approximately correct, notwithstanding the fact that Dr. Édgar can make the 30x “in thirty little 2.drachm vials." The fact of the business is that Dr. Edgar forgets that he discards nine-tenths of his solution at each dilution, and that is what keeps the quantity down. If he does not believe Dr. Spain's statement, let him undertake to make the 30x dilution of salt and use all of it. If he discards no part of it he will have at the tenth dilution something like 20,000,oco gallons of solution, and the quantity will be multiplied by ten at each subsequent dilution. What, therefore, would be the quantity of salt in a barrel of the 30x? I'll tell you doctor that 40,000,000 such particles of salt could play hide-and seek on the toe nail of a ptomain for ten thousand years and never find one another.

Shubert, Neb. J. F. STONG, M.D.

Homeopathic Treatment of Elongated Pre

puce. Editor MEDICAL WORLD:~I wish to say a few words in reply to the paper entitled “Homeopathic Substitute for Circumcision." The paper in question is calculated to prejudice the most liberal among the dominant school. Homeopathic therapeutics were never intended to teach such unreasonable ideas. The writer, if he holds such opinions, would better keep them to himself. I studied in the homeopathic school and have never had reason to regret it; but I have failed to find such a remedy-one with the power to amputate foreskins and fingers cosmetically. I have recently circumcised several children, who were brought to me for worms and other supposed nervous troubles, and have succeeded in relieving them. How any sane man can believe, much less expose, such ideas, I fail to understand. The failure to recognize the necessity for circumcision, and to neglect to perform the operation, would be evidence of gross incompetence. The average homeopathic doctor is familiar with the current literature, and is able to consult with regular physicians, or write prescriptions for all the pharmaceutical preparations. Physicians are getting nearer together. my part, I am practising medicin honestly and conscientiously.

D. 0. McCRORY.
Mobile, Ala.

Homeopathic Replies. Editor MEDICAL WORLD :- Page 532. My comment on your editorial, “therapeutic cowardice,' would be for such persons to use alkaloids, from a reliable house, as safer than Galenic pharmaceuticals. “Bowel troubles in typhoid.” The Editor is correct: That nature means something when causing discharges, and it is hardly correct to fill the patient up with drugs, upon a theory of antisepsis, when the patient's life force is already, much deprest. That patient getting up and about is not all the proof. There is where treatment by a law of cure can aid nature restore itself, and these loose discharges, subsultus, etc., are our guides in selecting the remedy to cure, instead of forcing drug action upon any theory.

Page 537. “Spina bifida." I compliment Dr. Workman on his successful operation. If it shows symptoms of returning, or Pott's disease shows up, I ask him to consider the tissue remedy lacking, and my suggestions, for I have cured such cases with the homeopathic remedy when other practicians prognosed as did his colleague.

Page 538. Erysipelas." I suggest to Dr. Eads that his cases may have been caused by the home use of tinct. of arnica. It is frequently the cause thru drug store prescribing and the family not knowing how to use this useful remedy correctly. Never use it to an open wound.

Page 539. Dr. Black's treatment of septicemia. “Put yourself in his or her place," is the title of a book by Chas. Reade.

Page 543. "Routine use of douche after parturition." I second and quadruple his comment that "it is unjustifiable.”

Page 544. Dr. Giltner takes steam to not learn. The Editor put the heading. The truths I gave were for the profession to learn, and is not literally a “substitute for circumcision," but to cure the patient, whose abnormal condition is keeping back proper development. We give the remedy to absorb only what is abnormal to the proper development, and on the same principle is that of proper subinvolution restoring the uterus of the new mother to near its virgin size. Dr. G. has viewed my suggestions of proven remedies, verified, and has cured, thru his forcing drug action ideas. ' I thank him for his compliments on what I know, also for his attack on the jaborandi forcing, for in that rut he is more versed. But during gestation, we have remedies to help nature restore the mammary gland to its natural duty, guided by its previous failure and the concomitants of the woman otherwise, to help us select the remedy, commencing to give it at the third or fourth month of gestation. Many cases in multiparas have been caused by the forcing drug treatments previously, as ergot, camphor, etc.

Page 547. Dr. Boynton makes some good points in his suggestions about changing locations. They are worth thinking about.

Page 549. Dr. Lum's points about R writing are correct. The sooner the profession do their own dispensing, the better for both physician and the people. Having been in the drug business myself, I know something about it. We had one family who averaged at my store $150 per year for patent medicins, and maybe some more from other stores. I, as a physician, would have gladly taken charge of that family at $150 or $100 per year and furnisht the medicin.

Page 559. “Capricious vomiting." I suggest to Dr. Hoyt to dilate the cervix uteri and leave a sponge tent therein for 36 or 40 hours, if possible, before withdrawing it. Add calc. sulfid, smallest dose, but repeat frequently and for some weeks. Don't saturate! Tobo tastes bad enuf if water is used. Get the joto from Clapp & Sons. Omit all drugs and local means except cervix dilatation.

Page 560. Capitis, or terebintha poisoning: Give phosphorous odoo to antidote the poisoning, then follow with psoric jox in disks two each two hours to cure. Can be procured from B. & T., Chicago.

Page 560. Progressiv paralysis.” Electricity I think is harmful; but conium 6x, and nux vomica '6x, three doses of each per day, have helpt others. You

Dr. A. J. Hall, of Jemison, Ala., reports good results in erysipelas from sulfid of calcium internally, and sulfocarbonate of zinc in strong solution applied locally.

surprised me, and then I said to him, “Suppose one of those horses should get the colic during the night ; who would find it out?” The stable was 100 yards away from the nearest house. He replied, “We have no colic." Then I askt him how he prevented it. He replied, “I will take you into the stable again and show you.

We entered and he showed me a barrel full of Glauber salts. He further stated, “We keep that on hand all the time, and put a handful into the feed of each horse twice a week.” When I returned home I bought a barrel, ordered it to be used as above mentioned, and I am pleased to state that we have not had a case since. This beats all the cures.

BALTIMORE. [This is not a veterinary journal, but as nearly every doctor has one or more horses, the above will doubt. less be of value to our readers.-ED.]

might try the alkaloids conin and strychnin, and proscribe coffee absolutely.

Page 560. “Chronic pharyngitis” needs bichromate of potash in a weak solution, frequently repeated. If you use the atomizer as a placebo,'' use the bich. potass. in it. This is to cure catarrh and all. Try it.

Page 562. “Facial eczema.' With what symptoms given, try weak solution of ammon. carb., internally and locally. This is to cure, not to palliate or drive in.

Page 562. Rectal prolapse in boy" is absolutely curable by the remedy given internally. I suggest podophyllin zox if light-colored stools; plumbum 30x if constipated and the sphincter tends to violent constriction at times; merc. vivus 30x if rectum of dark color and bleeds easily and the prolapse is after the fecal discharge; ignat. 3ox if worm indications, and prolapse even with soft discharges. Dr. Hines can procure i oz. of disks of one or more of the above remedies from B. & T., Baltimore, and give two disks night and morning. Use no local applications except pure water.


Is This the Truth? It is a mighty easy matter now to become an M.D. For $25 you can get a four years' course and a diploma which says, “ Labor conquers all things." and the labor part has conquered when you get the $25. For an additional $10, you can get a four or five years' hospital experience (this is regulated by your age) and a certificate with a big seal and blue ribbons will herald it to the suffering public. The signatures at the bottom of one of these certificates would make a Chinese laundry check look like 38 cents.

It's too late now for some of us to take advantage of this grand clearing sale of medical learning, but to the young man starting in life this is certainly a golden opportunity.

It would be well for any one desiring to take up this course to follow the advice of one who went the long

The first and most important thing is the $25, which can be sent by money order or N. Y. draft.

A silk hat will give you the practise of medicin as well as you need know it.

A diamond ring (imitation will do) will make any man an accoucheur.

A Prince Albert coat, to the laity will mean a knowledge of surgery.

Diagnosis is easy, for nine out of ten will know exactly what is the matter with them.

Patent leather shoes will build you up a reputation as a gynecologist.

As to prescribing, just get a lot of tablets; the directions on the bottle will tell you what they are for, dosage, etc.

Get your picture in the paper and advertise to cure all things. A certain percent of your cases will get well in spite of your treatment.

Don't pay any attention to ethics; antagonize every old style physician in the country; make your fees high and collect in advance.

Now, young man, I am satisfied that this will work, for I have seen it tried in several different localities. The people are tired of the old school man and are anxious for a change. If you will follow my instructions, and above all things be brazen, you will be able to stay in most any community for a year.

You understand that the regular physician hasn't any way of letting the public know that you are a fakir and a grafter, and if he did have, his misunderstanding of ethics would prevent him from exposing you.

True, they have societies everywhere, but their time is taken up in professional research instead of mutual assistance.

Go forth young man, for “the harvest is plenty and the laborers are few."

D. L. BLEVINS, M.D. St. Anthony, Idaho.

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Page 562. “Chronic diarrhea in female.” Needs tinct. cinchona first. Make a solution of yobo in water and alcohol, and give 20 drops each three hours. This will build her up at once. You may have to follow with small doses of rheum or nux moschata afterwards. These suggestions, Doctor, are for curativ remedies, not to force a drug action, hoping to abort.

Page 563 “Traumatic epilepsy" in 13-year-old girl. Needs arnica 3ox first. Send to Munson & Co., St. Louis, and get 13 of disks and give three three times a day. Also procure hypericum 30x and give the same way alternate weeks. It will take fine remedies to cure this case, and crude drugs will not only not cure, but will set the case like soap does an ink stain.

Page 563. “Ravages of venereal diseases," quoted from Medical Standard. Why, then, not learn how to cure such diseases according to an absolute law of cure? and not suppress them by local and crude practises.

JOHN F. EDGAR. El Paso, Texas.

Cure for Colic in Horses. Editor MEDICAL WORLD :-In reply to Dr. Gibson's query, page 563, December World, I beg to submit the following:

Twenty years ago I started in business. I knew nothing of business, and considerably less of horses. In the first four years of my experience I lost thirteen horses with colic. They cost me over $2,000. This prompted me to make inquiry in every direction. Finally, I askt a coal agent. It so happened that a relativ of his was a veterinary. He then made it a point to ask the veterinary for a remedy. Later on he brought me the following prescription from M. E. Conrad, V.M.D., West Grove, Pa.: R Cannabis indica, fl. ext. .

6 ounces. Give two tablespoonfuls every half hour until pain subsides, or until three doses are given.

I am pleased to state that since then I have not lost another horse. The proper way to give it is to get a syringe to hold one ounce, fill it with the medicin and squirt it in the horse's mouth. Keep away from him so as not to excite him. If given early, one dose will do the business.

I gave the above recipe to a horse doctor of this city some time ago. He uses can. ind. and linseed oil, equal parts. He claims that this is better, because it will not irritate the stomach. Last year he had 229 cases and lost only two. He is, without exception, the most intelligent veterinary I ever knew. He has a tremendous practise. He was educated at the University of Pennsylvania. He uses two ounces of can. ind. and lin, oil, equal parts, mixt, as a dose.

Now, as to a preventativ: About five years ago I was at York, Pa., to buy a horse from a contractor. there late in the evening. After we had been at his stable to look at the horse, we came out and he lockt up the stable. He had about 75 horses in there, with no one to look after them during the night. This

I got

In injecting whiskey or ether for surgical shock, or in suspension of respiration during anesthesia, always inject" deeply into muscular tissue to guard against slufing of the skin, and avoid the larger nerve trunks, as such injections have been followed by neuritis and paralysis.

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