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during the summer of 1899 began to complain manage so as to get it. For instance, I was at of being tired, of having no energy or ambi- Oracle, Arizona, in March, 1903 There were tion to do anything. Then came a hemor- a number of invalids at that pleasant but out of rhage, and as soon as he recovered from it I the way place. They had parties that kept sent him to the West. He wintered at Albu- them up until late at night, all being crowded querque, New Mexico. The summer of 1900 into one room, windows and doors closed, and he spent in Denver, Colo., living in a tent, the time consumed would be several hours. and carried out faithfully the practise of cold I have seen the poor invalids in Arizona, bathing and wearing a cold pack at night. Texas, New Mexico and Colorado, all with the The winter of 1900 and 1901 was very cold in same longing for home and something fit to Denver, so he went to the Colorado Sanitarium eat. The poor “lunger" is the butt of a at Boulder. The following spring, with a great many jokes among those we term the companion, he started on a trip in a wagon, "nativs.'' It is useless to repeat them here or camping out at night, cooking his own meals, even to allude to the acts of selfishness and disin fact relying on himself entirely. His trip honesty practised by the professional boarding extended from Denver north into Wyoming, house lady. There are coarse natures everysouth again into Rouette county, Colorado, where. But there is a bright side, and I where he and his companion hunted and fished should feel ungrateful if I did not state my the whole summer. Returning to Denver by belief that the people of the West are, as a class, the way of Glenwood Springs in the fall, they as kindly and as sympathetic as their eastern drove to Albuquerque, where they sold their neighbors. Many acts of kindness and words outfit and remained during the following of sympathy helpt to relieve the tedium of my winter, improved in every way. He is now in children's exile; and there are those living at New Mexico, and is able to care for himself. Tucson and other places in the West, strangers

In the spring of 1901, my daughter Abbie to me, who will ever hold a warm place in my came home from Chicago presenting typical

heart for the kindness extended to my weary, signs of consumption. I immediately took home-sick children. her to Denver, with another sister as a nurse I am in no condition to advise. I have tried and companion. I told them how they should the West and have failed. During my chillive in order to avoid contagion, and that the dren's absence they were under the care of main thing was to rest and eat. The talk of good physicians I am convinced that if one is the ripper crimes prevented them from follow- to receive any benefit from living in the West, ing my advice. They slept in separate rooms, it must come from living the outdoor life. but with doors and windows closed and lockt. Sheffield, nii.

T. SPRAGUE, M.D. The winter of 1901 and 1902 was partially spent [l'he Doctor's painfully sad story shows that at the sanitarium at Boulder; the summer of 1902

it is more how those who are afflicted with in Denver; but not caring to brave ano her win- tuberculosis live, than where they live. It also ter in Denver, they went to Oracle, Arizona, causes those of us who are free from this awful near Tucson. Not receiving any benefit from her scourge, in our persons and our families, to stay in the West, and longing for home, she realize how fortunate we are.-ED.] returned in July, 1903, weak, emaciated, and but a shadow of her former self, and died in

Seeking Health in the West. February of this year.

Editor MEDICAL WORLD :-In the May My daughter whom I mentioned as acting as World, page 192, Dr. Erskine tells some nurse and companion for her sick sister, plain truths about seeking health in the Southreturned with her; and on her return I noticed west. There are lessons in this short article she had a cough and temperature.

She is now for physicians East and West. In the first in New Mexico, and will I feel, soon follow place, the hot, dry, dusty, half-civilized her sister. While I feel assured that such is regions of the Southwest are not the places to the case, and that it was my duty to keep her send consumptivs. I am aware that New here, I would have done so rather than to have Mexico and Arizona are the fads among her go among strangers, but when she lookt up eastern physicians just now, even as a few in my

face and with tears in her eyes said, years ago Florida was the fad, and other places “Oh, Pa, I am getting so weak here; I want previous to that. But the use of a little reason to go out to George,” I could not refuse her will show the folly of sending patients to those

I have made a number of trips to the West, territories. Consumptiv patients do not do and have noted the status of the invalids there. their best in the heat of summer. Any physiI have seen how they care for themselves when cian with any considerable amount of phthisis left to their own devices, and have come to the among his clientele may soon learn that in any conclusion that if there is any benefit to be country, in any climate, during the hot derived from the pure air of that country, few weather of summer these patients lose strength paper

and flesh. It is during the cool, bracing Boulder, and at prices very little higher than weather of fall and early winter that they do in the East. their best. It is true that they usually lose Our water cannot be surpassed. Distilled by ground during the latter part of winter, but nature herself, it comes straight from the this is more the result of methods of living glaciers and snowbanks of the continental dithan of the cold weather. If tuberculous vide. patients will keep away from crowded assem- As to competent medical attendance: There bly-rooms, theaters, churches, etc., and will are no better physicians in the United States keep the windows of their homes open, their than may be found in the towns and cities of rooms well ventilated, it will be seen that they Colorado. There are quacks here—as where go thru the winter in much better shape than are there not? But many, very many, of our the heat of summer. This being so, it follows medical men have given up lucrativ practises that the cool, bracing weather of the middle and high positions in the medical colleges of West is more suitable as to temperature than is the East, and have located in Colorado for the the Southwest.

sake of their health, or of that of some member Again, Dr. Erskine is right in objecting to of their family. Tho capable men in the East, the dust of the Southwest. A dusty, sand- they have not deteriorated in coming to filled atmosphere is not-it cannot be-a good Colorado. They are men who appreciate the air for a diseased lung. While living in the folly and assininity of advising patients weakEast I learned that tuberculous patients some- ened by disease to "ride thirty five or forty times would change from loss to gain simply miles a day, and to climb mountains and by moving their room from a dusty location inflate that consolidated lung.Patients who to a place where the air was dust free and follow such advice will not do well North, clean. In the mountain region of Colorado, South, East or West. But of the care of paUtah, and Wyoming we have a dust free atmos- tients after coming West, I will write later if the phere. Of course, in any town there may

and Editor of THE MEDICAL WORLD will accept will be dust arising from streets that are not the


This is written to call attensprinkled. Patients should seek rooms on the tion to the fact, that not all of the West is as west side of streets and in localities where this the part described by Dr. Erskine. dust is least.

Boulder, Col. L. P. BARBOUR, M.D. By the mountain region I do not mean to [Yes, Doctor, let us have your proposed advocate extremely high altitudes except for paper. But how about the complaint that we few cases or short periods. But rather the sometimes hear, that Colorado Springs, being towns adjoining the mountains, and in the located in a notch-at the base of Pike's Peak larger valleys. Boulder, Colorado Springs, receives sunshine only a few hours a day? Is Canon City, Grand Junction, Colorado, and this true of any of the other places mentioned ? towns of like situations in other states, offer - Ed.] the best advantages in the world to the all-the

The Blessed Brief. year-around seeker after health. These towns have all the comforts and luxuries that towns

In a private letter, dated May 5, from Dr. of the same size in the East can offer. There W. F. Waugh, he says, significantly: are no exorbitant prices. Most things cost a "By the way-is it a coincidence ?-there is a radical

change in the Brief. Where are the laudations of its little more in Colorado than in the East, but

specialties? Hardly one in the eds., none in the not more than is explained by increast leaders, and a few in the answers to queries.freight. I can assure Dr. Erskine that in No, Dr. Waugh, it is not a coincidence. Boulder he will not be skinned by our trades- THE WORLD seems to have the ear and the men. The butcher, the baker, and the candle- attention of the profession as no other medical stick maker will charge the tourist and health- publication has. When it speaks out on any seeker the same prices exactly that they charge subject, its voice is heard and heeded. The the resident citizen. And the health-seeker doctors of this country cannot be enticed into may pitch his tent in town if he wishes to do wild speculations and unfair contracts with so. There are many in Boulder all the time. collection agencies like they could before THE Or he may go up in some of our canons and WORLD showed up the facts. And now the pitch his tent under the trees and by cooling prosession will demand that almanac medical streams, and yet be within easy reach of the journalism must stop. WORLD readers will see town markets.

that it does stop, or that it shall not prosper, Here in Boulder county the health-seeker which means that it must fir ally stop. may find everything that Dr. Erskine com- My Brief didn't come this month (cut off plains he cannot get in the Southwest. Our from their exchange list, I guess), so I borrowed markets are very good. The very best of all one. Let us examin it. Those who have rekinds of foods may be obtained in the city of ceived "sample copies" please take up the May Brief, and we will examin it together. der; then, a little further along, Fellow's The elaborate reproduction of letters on pages syrup; after thus paving the way, he comes 337 to 345 does not concern us. The edito- right out with a strong boost for Seng, and rials begin on page 346, and all thru that de- that is all of the Lawrence list for this timepartment the editor shows that he is in quite a very modest indeed, considering that “Old state of mind." The most vigorous Brief Doc's" purpose is to push the Lawrence propuffing occurs here and there, and equally prietaries. Did you ever see one of “Old vigorous proprietary puffing on general princi- Doc's" articles that didn't do so? I never ples, without mentioning specifically his own did. preparations. Instead, in one of his editorials, Then follows a section, consisting of nearly he takes Dr. Price's flavoring extract of vanilla half of the reading matter, filled with articles as an example for his argument. Then follows mostly by medical college professors, some of an editorial on “Lies. He seems to think them quite long, and many of them on subthat somebody has lied about him. His course jects not of every-day importance, as “Leukoin the Brief has been open to every one, and plakia," "The Stump in Appendectomy, only the blind could fail to see. Can facts “Sex in Heaven," etc., and over nine of these that are open to everybody be called lies? pages are devoted to eye diseases. These Then comes an editorial entitled “ Therapeutic articles are free from puffs of the Lawrence Ignorance," but it is devoted mostly to “eth- proprietaries, but where are the every day pharmacal proprietaries;" then an editorial articles, on every-day subjects, by every-day opposing municipal laboratories; then more doctors, that once made the Brief famous, and Brief puffing; then an editorial intended to that make The World what it is today? encourage doctors to stand alone, individually, These articles, from college professors and instead of with the profession; then an edito- foreigners, make this part of the Brief about rial entitled “Science,” in which these two like the average medical journal, but judging short sentences occur: “Follow no one. Ac- from the widely publisht price the editor paid cept nothing.” Next is an editorial on “Sug- for a short article in the February Brief, the gestion,” which winds up with an argument above mentioned articles must have cost-well for “ethpharmacal proprietary medicins." he can afford it; but is it fair to make money This is what the editor seems imbued with off the humbler doctor who can be induced to constantly. It is his alpha and his omega. Do use his proprietaries, and pay it to high-class not Brief readers get tired of it? Can't they doctors who seldom or never use such things? see the motiv for it? He has not, this time, But these articles are needed to give an air of specifically mentioned Seng, Chionia, Neurilla, respectability, and help to carry the almanac and the rest of the Lawrence list. It would features for which the Brief is publisht. not do after the showing up in the April Next we have a few pages of " Brief Talks," WORLD. Last summer, after the discussion of a rather practical department, but the articles this matter in our “ Monthly Talks, a great are not classified at all, and the department is improvement took place in this respect, but in not free from proprietary boosting. a few months he went back to the same boost- After that we have a few pages of unobjecing of his proprietaries in his editorials and tionable - indeed very acceptable — matter, other reading columns. That being the pur

That being the pur- which is followed by a strong Papine, Ecthol, pose for which the Brief is run, it is expensiv Bromidia article, and that by a strong Santo run it and not have it fulfil its purpose. metto article (on page 416 Sanmetto is menWe have noted some improvement in May tioned eight times, if I didn't miss any), and Brief (following the April WORLD); we pre- that by a strong Peacock's Bromides article, dict that there will be a still further improve- in which that preparation is mentioned eleven ment in the June Brief (following the May times. Here are over five pages given to the WORLD); and if we continue throwing on the most vigorous boosting of preparations in light, the Brief may become comparativly free which Dr. Lawrence (it has been evident for from commercial features—for a few months; years) has a financial interest. Then a long then it will go back to its old policy again, article by Dr. Jackson, of Omaha, on the only cautiously, if Dr. Lawrence thinks that the subject upon which he writes (he is a medical present showing up has blown over.

anarchist), a sample of which we gave in May But to return to the May Brief: After the WORLD, in fine print. editorials, “Old Doc” (of course you know In a few more pages we come to the Inquiry who he is), gives his characteristic Remin- Department, which, after receiving Dr. iscent Chats." I thought, after reading April Waugh's letter, I expected to find quite free WORLD, he would “chat” this time without from almanac features; but I don't see much dragging proprietaries in ; after a little while improvement. Perhaps there will be more he ventures to mention Mennen's toilet pow. improvement next month.


Beg pardon for space occupied, but isn't it stated that she would obtain twenty-five dollars for worth while to watch the course of a journal

any short article that I would furnish, and that it was

her way of earning a living. It gave busy men an that claims “the largest paid circulation of any opportunity to say some things that would otherwise medical journal publisht anywhere?” Does remain unpublisht. The articles were to be publisht the “pay” come from the doctors ? or from

in “various medical journals." I dictated half a

dozen articles, and did not ask where they were dividends from the various companies ex- going. The first two appeared in a New York journal. ploited ?

The other four turned up in the Brief. I presume that they reacht a large circle of readers. The particular objection, so far as my feelings go, lay in the

fact of the publication of my photograph. I had reMY DEAR Doctor TAYLOR :-While I am glad to fused to give Miss Dunn my photograph for publicahave had my position made public in the May WORLD, tion in any journal whatsoever, on the ground that in page 191, owing to the misconstructions placed upon it New York it was considered to be in bad taste, and I feel that it is due all concerned to more fully define

consequently harmful. It was fair enuf for her to dismy stand.

pose of the articles to any journal after I had given Í am opposed to trade journals only when such mas- them to her without asking questions or making any querade as ethical publications.

stipulation. Yours truly, ROBERT T. MORRIS. My idea of an independent journal is one that is not 616 Madison avenue, New York. the organ of any college, publishing house or manufacturing firm; in other words, a journal supported by

Here is a peculiar psychology. The doctor subscription and ethical advertisements. I believe that objected to his photograph being publisht at no remedy should be advertised which cannot be recommended from personal knowledge. I only hope I

all; yet his articles, above his own name, may become convinced of the complete independence might be publisht anywhere, and by a lay of other journals than yours. Of course I am sufficiently eclectic to use any earning a living," she would place them

woman. Naturally, as that " was her way of preparation that is truly beneficial.

As to Dr. Lawrence, he seems in the May Brief to where she could get the most money for them. have cleared away some of the clouds which surrounded the real issueThat of editorially advertis: Suppose she could have gotten a higher price for ing preparations in which he is presumed to have a

the articles from the Police Gazette than from money interest. I admire his medical heterodoxy and any other publication; would the great and good philosophic mind and liberality, but feel that he should positivly declare himself in regard to his alleged pro

Doctor have cared ? Judging from his letter, prietorship of certain remedies he recommends. If he it would seem not. Or, suppose the woman does not own the remedies and boosts them because

could have gotten more money for inserting he believes in their efficacy, why that is a matter of choice; but I can conceive of nothing more baneful

the articles in the Peruna almanac, or Jayne's than the editorial foisting of certain preparations upon almanac, in order to give these publications a an unsuspecting medical public. So far the evidence

professional character and standing; what to my mind is circumstantial, and I am forever opposed to judging by circumstantial evidence alone, for such then ? What would Dr. Morris say to that? is never conclusiv. Justice is the paramount virtue, Yet practically the same thing was done. The and I am sure you will accord that to all. My relationships with Dr. Lawrence in the past have

wealthy Dr. Lawrence bought the articles in been very agreeable. I believe with Dr. Cooper that order to endeavor to give a professional char“ heresy is the hope of the world;" but heterodoxy

acter and standing to his Brief almanac; and and hypocrisy are not good bedmates ; so I hope Dr. Lawrence can clear his ethical skirts as much as I the strange thing about it is that Dr. Morris hope you will clean up the ethical atmosphere of med- doesn't seem to care. A woman working for ical journalism.


her living can make a strong appeal to a man; Doctor, you seem to think there is some

and we all honor the man who responds to doubt about it. It has been common knowl

such an appeal; but even so, a man who holds edge for years, that Dr. Lawrence owns the

a high position in the medical profession does Rio Chemical Co.; and it is also common

a very imprudent thing when he places his knowledge that he owns or controls the Odd

contributions, with his name, entirely beyond Chemical Co., the Sultan Drug Co., the Dad

his control, in the hands of a lay person, to be Chemical Co., etc., etc. Things are known bargained for and given to the highest bidder. in trade circles that distant physicians don't Editor MEDICAL World:—The squib you exploded come in contact with ; but the evidences are by your question “is there anywhere a bona fide subright in the Brief itself, if you will only see it.

scriber to the Brief," seems to have created a furore.

I am a paid up subscriber to the Brief; it came about Notice the advertising pages, also, and com- in this way: Having always declined to subscribe, for pare the articles receiving large space there

reasons stated in your articles, altho receiving sample with those boosted in the reading pages. But

copies regularly, one evening on looking thru my mail

I found a letter containing a check for $5 from J. J. the advertising pages are all right. That is Lawrence, stating that he noticed I wrote good articles the place to present the claims of various for medical journals, and would like to have a short

article for Brief Talks, he inclosing the $5 check to pay preparations.

for the same. Of course, seeing nothing wrong in the

proposition, I sent the article which was publisht in Editor of The MEDICAL WORLD :-Dear Doctor: the March issue, I think. When inclosing my paper, Sometime ago I received a markt copy of THE of course I sent $1 of the $5 for a year's subscription. MEDICAL WORLD, with a question mark after the In view of the above facts, am I a bona fide subscriber? matter of certain men appearing in the Brief with No, not in the sense in which I subscribe for The scientific papers. Last year a Miss Dunn came to MEDICAL WORLD. Since August, 1899, I have been a my office and stated that she could take dictation of continuous subscriber for the latter, eagerly and unsomedical articles directly upon the typewriter. She licited. Why? Because I recognized a clean and

like your

fearless medical journal, for all that the title stands for. great deal of, but I think it is following in the footsteps Apropos of all this, may not B. M. J. and his ilk, who of the Brief.' I have taken both of these journals for at were so loud in May issue, be the same kind of bona least twelve years or more. It is quite irritating to me fide subscribers to the Brief that I am, and in like to see a little medical literature scattered thru a whole manner. In conclusion let me say I admire your lot of advertisements. I like the clean and manly way pluck and nerve, Doctor ; not many editors have it. I in which you go after the proprietary almanacs. I recognize your only motiv to be to better serve the

Monthly Talks," yet I do not agree with great mass of the profession. Rest assured, Doctor, all you say, but I may be at fault. you have the heartfelt thanks of your humble servant. Millersport, Ohio. T. W. LECRONE, M.D. Schultz, W. Va.

S. J. Ross. P.S. Last but not least, please find check for $3 for Editor Medical WORLD :-The May WORLD has “The Story of New Zealand.”

just arrived, and I have been very much interested in I guess he can well afford it. He deals out

the articles on the Medical Brief, and especially in the

letter written you by Dr. Stong, on page 190. Dr. proprietaries with one hand, so with the other Stong says that the proprietaries which Dr. Lawrence he can afford to deal out checks to the doctors boosts in the Brief are good ones," and that he to help run his almanac, which pushes his pro

'buys and pays for medical articles that tell some

thing. Now that would be all right if the articles are prietaries. His wealth came from the profes- always reports of genuin cases ; but are we certain sion; so a little of it should go back to the

that they are such? and not very often imaginary', profession.

written up for the purpose of boosting certain proprietaries, the writers having no actual clinical experience

whatever. To illustrate what I mean, let me give you DEAR DR. TAYLOR:-I am with you in your fight an incident that came to my attention about seven against the Brief and all journals of that class, and years ago. A druggist from a small town of this state among them I have no hesitancy in including the told me that a young man who had graduated from Alkaloidal Clinic. I took and read both of the above- one of our medical colleges a short time previously named journals until I became disgusted with the had returned home, and while looking up a location, commercialism that runs so constantly all the way employed himself by writing up, imaginary cases, thru them, and quit them. Still there are suckers that treating them with some one or other of those much take and read that kind of literature, and yap, yap, advertised proprietaries, and securing prompt relief yap about their being the very best journals publisht, and cure in every case. He told this druggist that he and do not appear to know that they are being worki received from ten to twenty-five dollars for every all the time for all they are worth.

article he sent in. Is that not an imposition on the proWadsworth, Nev.

S. E. MORSE, M.D. fession? When I know of such instances I look askThe Alk. Clinic would be all right if it

ance on all reports lauding such specialties. Hoping would confine itself to its legitimate field,

you will go on with the good work you have been doing,

Í remain, Yours very respectfully alkaloidal medication, a very large, growing Wrightsville, Pa.

J. K. BLANCK, M.D. and useful field, in which the Clinic has

Editor MEDICAL World:-Inclosed find draft for already done heroic service. As I have already $3. for which please send the MEDICAL WORLD to my said, anybody can make and sell alkaloidal address four years from expiration of my previous granules; they are not secret nor coyprighted;

subscription. I must say I am highly pleased with

the determined stand you take against quackery, and and if readers of the Clinic wish to purchase hope you will continue the fight. All honorable physigranules from Dr. Abbott, it is a perfectly

cians should join you and hold up your hands. Give

it to the Brief harder and harder.It deserves all, and legitimate and proper transaction. But the

possibly more, than has yet been said. I am with you. booming of secret proprietaries, with fanciful Glasgow, Ky.

S. T. BOTTS. copyrighted names, is entirely a different

Dear Doctor TAYLOR:-I am much pleased with matter.

the manly stand you have taken regarding the Medical

Briel, the acetanilid mixtures, etc. Keep up the good Dear Doctor TAYLOR :—The fight you are making work. I inclose $3 for four years. on proprietary medicin boosters, and the journals Joplin, Mo.

Geo. M. MILLER. that place commercialism above all else, is very much to my taste. Some years ago you publisht an article Editor MEDICAL WORLD :-I inclose check for $3 from me in which I handled commercialism without for 1904 subscription and six binders. I like THE gloves. You should have seen the letters I got from World very much, especially your fight against the some of the concerns I hit. One layout in Conn. got Brief family of blood-suckers. I never use their me mad; they accused me of being a blackmailer ! preparations.

K. P. SUTTON. I got a lot of nice letters from doctors all over the Lewisburg, Ky. land, approving my article.

I took the Brief years ago, but I quit it. Too much Editor MEDICAL World :-Such letters as B. M. for me, and I told them so. I am very much afraid that

J.'s should go to the waste basket without comment. the Alkaloidal Clinic is also falling from grace. Sorry

Barham, La.

R. L. SELF. to see it, as they have a good, honest and legitimate field to do good work in. It seems strange to me that

True ; but it's worth while sometimes to such a high value is placed upon the almighty dollar, waste a little time and space to show up cerDo these men expect to take it with them when they die ?

tain things in their true light. B. M. J. is a Doctor, I have taken The World since your second typical Brief defender; in order to see him as year, 1884, and have not missed a copy. indorse

he is, it was necessary to give some of his your pluck in the fight you are making. Bellingham, Wash. L. R. MARKLEY, M.D.

vaporings. I got another letter from him

very promptly after he received May WORLD, Editor MEDICAL WORLD:-Picking up THE WORLD

in which he says “Why did you not publish this morning I noticed “Medical Brief Defended” and turned to page 186 and read the whole business thru. the whole letter ?" (See extracts from the I think you are giving the editor of the Brief just what letter he refers to, on page 188.) So you see, he deserves. The chief advice given by said journal is to use chionia, sanmetto, seng, neurilla, respiton,

after the liberal space I have given him, he is etc. The Alkaloidal Clinic is a journal that I think a not satisfied. Besides all that I printed for

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