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New books as they appear, are sent to our Assistant Editor, Dr. A. L. Russell, of Midway, Washington Co., Pa., for review As the Doctor thus has all the late books for refer. ence, and is made familiar with them by reviewing each one carefully as it reaches him, he is unusually equipp for answering queries. Therefore it has been our custom for a long time to send queries to him for reply. In fact, the Doctor made a special request that this be done, as he enjoys this work. It now occurs to us that time will be saved if you will send directly to Dr. Russell matter intended for the Quiz Department, which has grown so much under his vigorous" treatment Please notice that our query department is not used to "boost" proprietary remedies, almanac fashion. The MEDICAL WORLD has no interests other than to give to the medical profession the greatest amount of honest service possible. It has absolutely no interests in any proprietary preparation nor any medical supply house. Other medical editors have become, and are becoming, wealthy, by using their pages to increase the sale of preparations that they are interested in; but we prefer to render service to our subscribers that is above suspicion of personal pecuniary interest. How can a man interested in the sale of certain preparations render the best service? He is always trying to push one of his preparations in. That is commercial journalism. We prefer ethical journalism-and so does the profession, for THE MEDICAL World is growing in popularity faster than ever before-and our subscribers are paying ones. 1 hey must be, for we have no medicins to "boost, nothing to sell, nothing to depend on but pure journalism ; but doctors that want honest, straight journalism are willing to pay for it—they are glad of the opportunity.

Only such queries will be publisht as are likely to interest and instruct many others as well as the one asking help. No charge has ever been made, nor will any charge be made, for this service to our subscribers. However, those who wish an immediate and personal reply hy mail may obtain the same by inclosing two dollars to Dr. Russell. This is really a consultation in the interest of the patient, and should be charged to the patient-two dollars being a very moderate consultation fee. The Doctor agrees to give full careful and immediate attention to such consultations. We reserve the right to publish in this department any such consultations that may be interesting and helpful to our readers. Name and address will be withheld if requested. Come freely for help, but read up as fully as you can before coming to us.

Womb Support Became Fixt. Editor MEDICAL WORLD :-Here is an odd case. I was called recently to see a lady aged 78 years, who told me that she had suffered from prolapsus uteri for years, so that she wore a tight T bandage for its support. Three hours before calling me she had taken a hard rubber fenestrated vaginal tip belonging to her fountain syringe outfit and used it to raise the uterus; introducing it nearly its entire length, she supported it upon her T bandage. All went well till she tried to sit down, when she felt uncomfortable; then she tried to remove it, but it firmly resisted all her efforts at removal. I placed her in a good light, and it seemed as if she was firmly held by a six shankt fish hook. The tissues of the cervical canal had crept thru the slots, and aided by swelling, had firmly packt the interior of this umbrella frame like affair, so that it taxt our patience and ingenuity to unlock the combination. CHAS. L. LANG, M.D. Weedsport, N. Y.

For Scabies. If skin is not broken-Sig.: Three tablespoonsfuls of formaldehyde to a quart of water, and apply with a sponge. If skin is broken, creolin in the same proportions will do the work but takes a little longer. Randall, Iowa. WM. H. WILLSON, M.D.

Osteopaths. An old subscriber writes as follows: Our friend, Dr. D. A. Stevens (page 540, December WORLD), need have no fears; if it is as he tells your readers, " osteopathic treatment is a power for good in healing,” the system will live; if not, it will go the way of all systems that promise too much. The dangers are many; too many are going into it who are not qualified, who are too old to continue in present profession and take it up because there is “money in it;" also men who were good professional nurses. I see a danger in the trend of that school to take up the treatment of internal diseases ; if they do, that will be the rock upon which their ship will be wreckt. A friend was under treatment for deafness following scarlet fever; her osteopathic doctor, " and one of the very best," promist a cure by fooling with the end of her spine for six weeks; she was the same, and he the richer by big fees. Another friend under treatment for rheumatism for five weeks; the doctor fooled with "a nerve at the end of his spine;" no result-the doctor (?) richer by $125.00. Not the same doctorone in eastern New York, the other middle-but both are shining lights” in that school. Both these men have no medical training, and they are

“making money;” have “done some good work in bone and joint work,” so runs the report.

It is reported that a Pennsylvania doctor burnt up, as worthless, $42,000 in accounts. What other business man would allow that amount to stand in accounts until they were no good?" Moral : Collect closely; if you can't get cash, take a pig, a cow, or a horse, or a load of wood or of corn-something that you can selí or use. If you can't do that, put your accounts in the form of notes-notes draw interest, and they are a better form of obligation than accounts. Accounts may be disputed; and that is the more likely, the older the account is. And while collecting obligations from others, don't forget your obligations to others.

Rectal Feeding. Editor MEDICAL WORLD :-Can you or any of the WORLD readers advise me where I can find a thoro discussion of rectal feeding ? Ashton, Neb.

Louis I. BOGEN. [Any of the special books treating on diseases of the stomach, intestins, or rectum, will give you a certain amount of information along the line mentioned. It is not a matter of sutticient importance to justify the publication of a special book on the subject. Diseases of the Stomach, Hemmeter, publisht by P. Blakiston's Son & Co., has about ten pages; Diseases of the Stomach, Van Valsah-Nisbet, publisht by W. B. Saunders & Co., has six pages on the subject, besides mentioning it in connection with various diseases; and there are a number of books publisht on diet in health and disease which discuss the subject. For fuller information, write any of these publishers.--ED.]

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Weeping Eczema of Face. Editor MEDICAL WORLD:-Am troubled with what I diagnose acute inflammatory eczema of the weeping variety. It affects my face, principally the upper eyelids, cheeks, chin and lobes of the ears. Have never been troubled until I started to practise medicin in the country. It comes on when cold weather sets in and when I have to get out and make my drives into the country. This is the second year of my practise, and it is the second time it has come out on me. The eruption persists thruout the winter, is aggravated by exposure, and disappears in the spring. I feel perfectly well in every other particular; am 29 years of age and have never been sick a day in my life. The malady comes on after a drive out in the cold. There is first a

burning and itching of the skin, then swelling of the I gave him chloral, gr. x and bromid potash, gr. xv parts, followed by papular eruption, which later forms every three hours, but he did not rest much. Novenvesicles that burst and discharge a serous fluid, which ber i at 8.30 a.m., pulse and temperature about the upon drying forms crusts. The amount of fluid dis- same; still complained of pain in stomach and jaws charged is sometimes enormous, and the more I rub when opening his mouth; stomach felt as hard as a it the worse it seems to get. Have tried various med- board ; slight spasms and tongue very much coated. icaments but all of no avail. The most emollient prep- Gave calomel gr. x, ext. col. comp. gr. iij, soda gr. arations, such as zinc oxid ointment, Lassar's paste, viij at one dose, followed in five hours with ten drops etc., are beneficial in as much as they soothe the parts. of turpentine and two tablespoonfuls of castor oil. At Water aggravates it. Will you or some of the World 5 p.m. all symptoms worse; bowels had not acted ; family suggest something that will ameliorate the ordered enema of warm soapsuds, which acted two or atiection, or perhaps cure it? Have any of the three times. Gave him morphin and atropin hypoderbrethren suffered with such a malady? If so, will they matically, which relaxt the system some, and he slept speak up and say what benefited 'them? I will be three hours. Increast the chloral to twelve and a half very grateful to them for any help they may bestow. grains every two hours and mustard to spine. Silver Lake, Minn. T. W. HOVORKA, M.D. November 12, 6 a.m., pulse rio, temperature 993, [It is possible that the skin of your face may

respiration 40; spasms every few minutes, with

increast stiffness of limbs; 5 p.m., no better. Novembe so se nsitiv by nature that it will not tolerate

ber 13, 8 a.m., all symptoms worse. Respiration exposure to cold and wet; some skins are so increast to 52 per minute.

Gave him bromid every constituted, and in such no medicin will

two hours, with six drops tinct. digitalis every

three hours; 5. p.m., no improvement and treatdo any permanent good. The indications are

ment continued. About midnight he called all the plain that the face should be protected in so

family to his bedside, kissed them and told them good

bye. Was taken with a severe spasm which lasted far as possible. Large goggles similar to those

until death relieved him at 4 a.m. on November 14. worn by automobilists might do good service in His mind was clear all the time. He could open his protecting the skin about the eyes. We should

mouth just wide enuf to get a spoon between his teeth.

If it was a case of tetanus, was it caused from the think you could fashion a mask from chamois wound? or a case of idiopathic tetanus? If not tetaskin, donning it when entering the buggy, and nus, what was it ? · W. S. ROBERTSON, JR., M. D. removing it before entering the house, which

Mount Cross, Va. would allow the face to heal. Once all the

[Your case was one of true tetanus. Tetanus erupticn and erythema have disappeared, we

is never idiopathic, but is always a result of would endeavor to toughen the skin by apply; bacillus of tetanus into the system thru a

the infection following the entrance of the ing an aqueous solution of formaldehyde, a dram to the quart of water, at night before re

wound.' Merely because in some cases no extiring. This will toughen the skin, but must

ternal lesion could be found, some practicians not be used when there is any of the eczematous

have concluded that no lesion existed ; but eruption present, and in its use care must be

the view is undoubtedly erroneous. The case taken that it is not allowed to enter the eyes.

presents some features a little unusual, but We have seen benefit follow the frequent ap

there is no doubt as to the diagnosis, and it is plication of pure imported bay rum in similar equally certain that the infection came from cases. A long course of lithia might remove

the wourd.—ED.] the trouble. The irritation induced by the

Editor MEDICAL WORLD :-Please give answer to application of water may be avoided by bath

question on page 565 MEDICAL WORLD: "Is a physiing the face with a cloth or sponge dipt in cian obliged to attend a patient who sends for him?" warm glycerin; this will cleanse the face o [The question is the first in list of questions that the use of water may be dispenst with for

on medical jurisprudence, about middle of long intervals, and the glycerin itself will cure second column of above mentioned page. many cases of eczema. An occasional skin

The general answer to this question is, no. will not tolerate glycerin, however, and if you However, as the laws of the different states are find its constant use unsuited to you, it would different, this answer may not apply to all, but better be discontinued immediately. For other

we think it does. However, if attendance is treatment of eczema, see any good modern begun, reasonable attention may be exacted text-book. Your diagnosis is correct, but we until formal notice of withdrawal from case fear your therapy will be more difficult.--Ed.] has been given, with reasonable opportunity

for securing other medical services, and if such Tetanus.

notice or opportunity be not given, responsiEditor MEDICAL World:-J. W., white, age eight bility for consequences is incurred.—Ed.] years and five months, on the 26th of October received a slight wound on right thumb by letting a white flint rock fall on it, cutting a gash about a half inch long,

An Old Man's Infirmities. bleeding freely. It was drest with a pad of red pepper Editor MEDICAL World:-Man aged 72. Seems to to stop bleeding, and tied up with a common piece of have had some stomach trouble for years, at times; white cloth. I saw him for the first time on November other times it does not bother him. Constipated more 10 at i p.m.; pulse 100, temperature 99o, respiration or less at all times unless aided by laxativs. History 30, tongue clean, bowels had acted from pills given the shows some liver trouble 30 years ago, lasting several night before ; complained of pain in pit of stomach and months ; was pronounced ulceration of liver at that jaws, with some stiffness of limbs, but no pain in time. Used to drink considerable. Passes urin 5 or 6 thumb. The wound had nearly healed ; there was times at night for last six months. Examination fails still a small scab on it.

to show any abnormalities in urin. Total amount Co., says

passed, about 3 quarts in 24 hours. At present and for Hirst, in "A Text-book of Obstetrics," past year he has been sore all over, especially along spinal column and radiating to the front. Weak in the

publisht by W. B. Saunders & Co., says: legs. Short of breath on exertion. A heart murmur.

The appropriate treatment of after-pains is sugRests fairly at night, but can scarcely turn over in bed

gested plainly by their cause and nature. It is the for the intense soreness. Patient' very much dis

administration of ergot to stimulate the vigorous concouraged, and so am I. He spent lots of money traction and firm retraction of the uterin muscle, and in trying to get better, but keeps about the same all the

of opium to diminish the pain of its contraction. A time. I trust you may be able, from the symptoms

mixture of fluid extract of ergot and paregoric is a given, to suggest something in the way of treatment useful prescription, tho, in cases of extreme pain, that will help him.

ergot by the mouth and morphin hypodermically give Winslow, ill.


a better and quicker result. [Your description of the case is not complete

“ The Practise of Obstetrics by American enuf to admit of any positiv diagnosis. Have Authors,” Jewett, publisht by Lea Brothers & you made repeated examinations of the urin ? Often grave alterations escape detection at a single examination. The fact of his voiding

In primipara the after-pains are rarely severe enuf

to demand interference, in multipara they may be very “three quarts” of urin strongly indicates some annoying and may seriously discommode the patient, error in kidney function; certain cases of ne

interfering, with sleep and rendering her miserable.

Under such circumstances some treatment must be phritis originate in this way. The heart murmur

instituted. The physician should never consider any would not cause either the extreme weakness discomfort of the patient as tco trivial for his serious nor the muscular soreness. We suggest a short

attention, and tho at times he may not think it wise to

have recourse to drugs for her relief, he will not hesitepid bath, followed by thoro inunction with tate to employ them whenever the situation demands any bland oil such as oliv, just before retiring.

ic. Opium, or its alkaloid, morphin, relieves pains At his age, a careful examination of the pros

more effectually than any other drug in the Pharma

copeia, but it is not always well tolerated. Chloral, tate would be good practise. His case may be alone, even in comparativly large doses of 15 or 30 one of simple diabetes insipidus, and the symp

grains, is not very efficacious in relieving pain, altho

its effect is quieting. Some such combination as the toms would be most simply explained on this following generally acts very well: Morphin sulfate, hypothesis. See any book on treatment for % to % grain; chloral hydrate, 10 to 20 grains. Bromthe therapy of this affection.-ED.]

ids are practically worthless against acute pain; they act slowly and very feebly. Antipyrin, antifebrin,

acetanilid, and phenacetin have considerable analgesic After-pains.

action and are occasionally of service. Their use,

should, however, in no case be prolonged, as they are Editor MEDICAL WORLD :-Will some one please all depressants and are said to interfere with involugive a specific for after-pains, if there is such a tion. Should opium be given, it is necessary to keep thing as a specific for them? Something that will its constipating action in mind and be governed acnot lower the vitality of the patient nor cause other cordingly. detrimental disturbances. Come along with your old and tried known remedy and no guess work; from any Opium is generally required in only small medical man whether regular, homeopath, eclectic or doses, and if some of the milder forms be emwhat, I am very anxious to find some good remedy, but do not say opium in any form, as it is not a desir

ployed, the constipating effect is practically able one.

F. M. SHIRK, M.D. nil. See also our Editorial on Early InvoluLost Springs, Kansas.

tion and After-pains in this issue.-ED.] [Doctor why are you so positiv in your statements regarding the undesirability of the

Liquor Habit Cure. opium preparations in treatment of after pains?

Editor MEDICAL WORLD:--About three months ago We have used the various preparations with agent for the Willis Liquor Habit Cure of perfect satisfaction. Only a very moderate Indianapolis came to our town giving free samples dose is required. The theoretical objections knowledge eight men here who claim

that it has

and taking orders. There are today to my own of checking peristalsis, etc., do not hold valid

cured them. It failed on one, but did him no harmi. in practise. We quote you Edgar, “Practise He says he didn't care for the liquor, but merely of Obstetrics," Blakiston's, just out:

drank it to see if he could. I secured a few sample

five day treatment powders and inclose two of After-pains are caused by irregular and painful

them. Kindly let us know thru The Medical WORLD uterin contractions, and are often due to clots in the

the composition of these so we may all have a chance

to benefit our patients. uterus. The use of the fluid extract of ergot, in dram

FRANK POLLARD, M.D. doses, every three hours, is usually beneficial in cases

Albion, Cal. of retained blood clot; or, should the sleep be much [We are not able to tell exactly what the disturbed,

codein in moderate doses, one quarter grain powders contain, but they are probably ccmevery two hours, for two or three doses, may be used as less likely to produce unpleasant after effects than posed of bitter tonics, as gentian, columbo, other preparations of opium. Depressants should be crude nux vomica, etc., and some saline elimavoided. When pain is moderate, and not due to blood clots, phenacetin, five grains every three hours

inant, or possibly a bromid. We are reasonfor two or three doses, will be found useful. I have ably certain that those eight men could have found antipyrin, five grains, with a teaspoonful of abandoned their bibulous habits without the aromatic spirits of ammonia every hour for two or three doses, efficient. When the pain is severe and not due

powders. The benefits derived from such to retained clots, the following will answer well: Tinc- nostrums as this are due largely to the power of ture opium deodorized, I dram; chloral hydrate, 40

suggestion, plus the will power of the man. grains; elixir aromatic, enufto make an ounce. Direct teaspoonful in water not oftener than every four hours." All such preparations are “fakes,” yet we


. 1 ounce

. 2 ounces

would not dissuade any victim who thinks they practicians get good fees out of simple fracture might cure him, from trying them. They cases by charging $5 to $15 for reducing the must be harmless, for the proprietors could not fracture, and enuf at subsequent dressings to afford to run the risk of including any dele- make a fair amount in the end; where, had terious drugs in dangerous quantities, lest some they named the total amount at the first dressinebriated mortal might take too much of the ing, it would have certainly been disputed. “cure.”—ED.]

We should say any country practician who properly attends his fractures, and who has his

patients come to him instead of taking up his Editor MEDICAL WORLD:-Will you kindly favor me with the formula of

time by going to them-such cases as are Chamberlain's colic, cholera, and diarrhea remedy?” C. W. MARTIN, M.D.

going about, we mean--could easily get the Payson, Okla.

following fees: Clavicle, $10 to $20; humerus, [We do not know the formula of the nostrum $15 to $25 ; Colle's, $15 to $25; femur, $35 askt for, but we know you can compound a to $75; Pott's, $20 to $30. This includes better one yourself, if you put a little thought reducing and subsequent dressings. Some and study on the matter. The following is a doctors, you know, dress a Colle's fracture better one, and doubtless you may be able to and never see it again till the splint is reimprove on it:

moved; such treatment is not worth as much to R

the patient, even if results are equally as good, Fluid extract catechu compound . 1 ounce

as if the doctor redresses it every three or four Listerine

days. It all depends on how you do it. Let Oil myristica.

I dram us have discussion on this subject. Possibly Tincture opium, camphorated

some may think the above too moderate. Bismuth subnitrate.


Remember, we have the average rural comMix, and direct a teaspoonful for an adult, every two or three hours.

munity in mind. In some rural communities, The bismuth may be increast or diminisht, as

ready money is usually scarce, and $5 or $10

seems a large amount; other rural communities may any of the other ingredients, according to the effect desired. This prescription promptly

are very prosperous, in which $50 or $100 would acts in relieving pain and checking discharge.

not seem more than $5 or $10 in the former.

We are sorry to say, however, that these com--ED.]

munities are exceptional. The practician

must use his judgment. We, in these pages, Surgical Fees.

can only suggest extremes and approximate Editor MEDICAL WORLD:-I think it would be useful averages. Some years ago we publisht schedto many readers of THE WORLD who have patients ules of fees from various parts of the country. that think they are charging exorbitant fees, and to young physicians in establishing prices, if you would Perhaps it is time to do this again. If your publish in THE MEDICAL WORLD the average, or a local society has adopted a schedule of fees, reasonable fee for country doctors to charge people in moderate circumstances for full attendance on an ordi

including fees for medical and obstetrical nary average case of fracture, such as clavicle, humerus, attendance, as well as surgical, please send it Colle's, femur, or Pott's.

C. A. BUTTON. in, and we will publish samples of such schedHolland, N. Y.

ules from different parts of the country for [It is not possible to give any schedule of comparison. This request is extended to all fees which will suit all sections of the country. our readers—and that means that this request There is a growing tendency thruout many will reach every part of this great country, sections to gradually raise the ridiculously low including Canada.-ED.] fees so prevalent in many country districts. This tendency is manifested by both veterans and by young practicians, and certainly when

Myelitis. the old men are willing, the young ones should Editor MEDICAL WORLD :-I am just a little late for not be bashful. A community values a physi- sketch, as I'am very anxious to receive help on the fol

this month, but hope you will make space for this cian's services in accordance with the value he lowing case : puts upon such services. Therefore, it is well Three months ago I was called to see a patient liv.

ing in Georgia, who had been sick from November to charge fairly good fees from the start. We

1902. The history of the case was such as to lead me have known young men build up a practise in to believe he was suffering from myelitis. He had had a community where the older men had ac

all the characteristic symptoms of that disease : Chill,

fever, and general malaise ; hands swollen and a pecul. cepted shamefully low fees all their lives, iar tingling sensation, etc. He was treated for his mainly by charging what some term “ fancy liver by two other physicians before I saw him. At

the time I saw him he was much better, having passed prices." Do not be exorbitant or unreason

thru the initial stage of the disease, tho complaining of able, but consider what it has cost you to learn pain in the back, with a band or constriction around how to do it, and what it is worth to the the body. Percussion developt soreness of the spine

and muscular soreness of the limbs, tingling, formicapatient, before you name your price. Many

Many tion, and left leg swollen to the knee'; the pupils some

what contracted ; threatened at times with slight dysp- course. We think his belief in the rheumatic nea; pulse frequent and irregular, heart's action weak ; constipation. Also there was perfect anesthesia origin of the trouble well founded, and the of the soles of the feet, and a disagreeable sensation or markt improvement following diuretic medicafeeling of “ fidgets.” At this stage he was only taking liquid phosphate of sodium in teaspoonful doses three

tion indicates that such might have been the times a day for his liver. I let him continue the same case. We suggest following these lines for a as he exprest himself pleased with its effect, but considerable period. Certain forms of uric advised him to take a dose or two of blue mass every second week, which he says relieves his peculiar feel

acid diathesis produce much these outlines of ings about the bowels. I then ordered mercury bichlo symptomatology. We would pay special rid one grain, potassium iodid 150 grains, comp. syr. attention to the digestion and the condition sarsaparilla 12 f. drams, water to make four ounces. Teaspoonful, increast to dessertspoonful after meals,

of the bowels, and would decidedly favor in water.

incorporating an efficient tonic in the treatWhile I knew no syphilitic trouble existed, I believed

ment. the iodid of potassium to be a good eliminator of effete matter. I ordered glyco-heroin four ounces, tinct. Has the family anything further to offer the digitalis two drams to control dyspnea and heart's Doctor?-ED.] action. Teaspoonful every two or four hours when symptoms occurred. I ordered strychnin sulfate one grain, arsenious acid one grain, dried iron sulfate forty grains, euquinin forty grains, made into forty pills.

Ptyalism. One after meals. This was prescribed as a general Editor MEDICAL World :-Will you please explain tonic, but was never filled, not being able to get it at salivation? Do fruits, such as oranges, lemons, etc., his drug store.

play any part in salivation, if eaten when a patient has His kidneys were not acting well, altho urin seemed taken calomel? If so, how do they act? Please give to be normal in amount, etc., and had previously been best treatment for salivation. C. E. CALHOUN, M.D. examined and found in good condition by other doc- Talihina, I. T. tors. I ordered lithiated hydrangea (Lambert's) eight ounces, bromid of potassium one ounce, tincture of [Ptyalism is a better term than salivation. It hyoscyamus two drams. Teaspoonful three times a refers to a well known symptom of mercury day.

I saw no more of him till yesterday, when he came poisoning. Mercury is eliminated from the up to see me. I found him much better, and he tells body in the form of albuminate of mercury, me when he takes a dose of the hydrangea preparation and all the secretions contain it-tears, sweat, the numbness, tingling and plantar anesthesia, and coldness (in spots about over the top of thighs, etc.) urin, feces, milk, and saliva.

urin, feces, milk, and saliva. After a single are relieved, and it warms him up in a few minutes. dose the elimination begins within two hours

I might add that his appetite remains good, but digestion somewhat sluggish. The pulse is a little below

and is completed within twenty-four hours, normal and has a double beat. The mind is clear, and but when repeated doses are given it accumuwhile cold tingling sensations are mostly confined to

lates faster than the body can eliminate it, certain spots, the tingling sensations are felt all over the body. He is continually rubbing his hands, arms, and hence poisoning occurs if the doses have legs, feet, and face, and even his head, nose, etc., and been excessiv, or if they have been too smacks his mouth frequently as if trying to taste something

long continued. The juice of fruits have no I hope I have made this case plain, but if anything influence in producing ptyalism after ingestion else is lacking, would be pleased to explain more fully. I might add that he is 60 years of age, and has been

of mercury in any of its forms. Ordinary a very activ, energetic man. Has been merchandizing

cases are amenable to frequent rinsing of the ever since 1866, and believes his disease to have started mouth with a saturated solution of chlorate of from a rheumatic background. I would like the Editor to tell me what to do, and

potassium ; severer cases may require painting the brotherhood by letter and thru THE WORLD.

with a saturated solution of iodoform in ether. What do you think of giving iodid of potassium in full The excessiv secretion of saliva may be checkt doses ? Am I right in my diagnosis ? The tingling sensation now is the most annoying symptom to deal with;

by sto grain of atropin given once or twice a the pains have all ceast, but the soreness in the muscles day. Morphin may be required to relieve pain is felt to some extent. The swelling and pitting in the and secure sleep.-ED.] legs are about relieved, while the palms of the hands and soles of the feet have a hot sensation, and the toes at times pain considerably. When he attempts to walk there is a feeling as if a cushion were placed

Rectal Ulcer. between the feet and floor, but this has been greatly relieved, but a considerable feeling yet exists. He is

Editor MEDICAL WORLD :-I very much admire able to be up now about half his time. Some days he your concise and practical answers to queries in THE feels very well, and other days much worse.


WORLD. I am troubled with a rectal ulcer of four secretions are good, tongue clean, eyes normal, and years' duration. Rather extensiv, but superficial. I the peculiar feeling of sensation is more of a numbness am 34 years old, and spend a good portion of my time than tingling at present. He describes it being more in the saddle doing a country practise. I have treated like being shockt by a battery than any thing else. it by rectal irrigation and ointments, used in pile pipe, Chattanooga, Tenn.

L. CASE, M.D. but perhaps have not been thoro enuf. If you will

kindly give me a few suggestions as to best method of [You were late for last month. Every query

treating it, also name and publisher of reliable work must be in before the 12th, to get a reply in

on rectal trouble of 200 to 300 pages, I will be under

many obligations. Is the trouble likely to be difficult the issue dated the month following.

to cure ?

H. S. W. We think you were right in your diagnosis.

Alabama. We believe we would have given larger doses [You will not be able to effect a cure by inof potassium iodid, as he became accustomed jections or by ointments used thru a pile pipe. to the drug, stopping short of iodism, of Rectal ulcers are difficult to cure with the very

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