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gr. 14 gr. ito

and my horse was approaching a fatal issue, trict or State society (whichever comes first) when I gave him a hypodermic of seven of have a petition ready for each member, asking the following tablets into the neck.

candidates for Congress and senators to give R

their voice and vote in support of CongressMorph. sulf

man Webb's bill. Let the doctor head the Atrop. sulf.

list. Take the petition to your office and secure In ten minutes he was better, and five more

the names of every man that comes in for one tablets after an hour made him comfortable, month. Go out and see some leading men and I was driving him again next day.

and get their signatures, and then when this Kinmount, Ont.


work is completed, have a meeting, appoint a

good strong committee to take the petition to Ovarian Cyst Complicating Pregnancy.

your candidate for Congress, and talk some Editor MEDICAL WORLD :-Dr. John Russell business to him. He will not ignore you. Smith's case in the July WORLD was managed Muncie, Ind.

W. A. SPURGEON. 0. K. All I write for now is to draw the attention of the profession to a remark of Dr.

Test for Formaldehyde in Milk. Lussier in the June number of the Brief; that the left ovary furnishes male ova, and the right

Editor MEDICAL WORLD:- If “Arizona," female.

page 218, will take a little sulfate of soda ard This case of Dr. Smith's would seem to refute place in the bottom of a test tube and cover Dr. Lussier's theory; for the left ovary was so

this over with a suspected milk, and then pour diseased that it could furnish no ova, conse

a little sulfuric acid on it, if there is any forquently the right ovary furnisht the ovum, and maldehyde in the milk he will see a purple line. the product was a male, when, according to

H. B. BLYSTONE, M.D. Dr. Lussier's theory, it should have been a

Columbus, Ohio. female. I would urge that all physicians in similar cases would note the sex of the offspring

Examination Questions. that they might prove or disprove the truth of Editor MEDICAL WORLD:-I am a reader of the aforesaid theory.

your excellent journal and have read carefully Silas HUBBARD, M.D. the examination questions of the different East Aurora, N. Y.

states publisht by you, and the Vermont ex

amination is by far the most rational that I Exterminate Vile Nostrums.

have ever read. Most examinations gotten up Editor MEDICAL WORLD :-I note with satis- by the different boards I will bet ten to one faction the interest taken, and excellent work they could not pass themselves. Plain practiyou are doing in an effort to suppress fraudu- cal questions are the only sensible ones for any lent advertisement and sale of bad whiskey and board to present to aspirants. We want plain dangerous narcotic poisons as patent and pro- practical ‘men in the field of medicin, not prietary medicins. When the infamous busi- theorists with technicalities sticking out of ness can secure the aid of leading newspapers their ears, who could not diagnose a case to and religious (?) journals, when preachers will save their lives. There is no harm in knowallow their pictures and signatures to go out ing all that is possible to know, but there is to the general public recommending “ rot gut just so much that you can utilize, and the rest, whiskey and other vile and dangerous poisons, if you try to retain it, will impede your it is time the medical profession were doing progress in becoming useful in your profession. something to protect the afflicted. It is well Then why not get down to such questions that known by these vampires that the sick will pay will help the young brother on his very dangerany price and take any thing that the news- ous and difficult road? I have been on that papers and preachers recommend. To coun- road 32 years and often I had to say to theory, teract this godless infamy is the work of the “ stand aside;" “common sense, walk in and common school, the medical press and medi- help me out or I am a goner.” And often he cal profession, and we can do it. Now as to could not get in; no room; my brain pan was plan; here it is: Let the medical men in full of such as I see poked at the man that is every congressional district in each State take up for examination nowadays, and I had to the matter up with their congressman and live those ideas down before I could think United States senators. Five to ten thousand scientifically. Some older brother would com physicians in each State, resolutely demanding along and straighten me out. I would say, a thing so confessedly right and so unmistak- “ the book and the professor said so and so ;' ably in the interest of the common people, he would reply, “ that is correct, but Doctor will not be turned down. Let us get right at do not confine yourself too close to theory; it. At the next meeting of your county, dis- you have plain practical common sense ; use it.” Many of the questions askt at examina

carb. is the queen.

To me it is an invaluable tions are not brought into requisition in a life medicin. Dr. Hughes says the swelling of the time of practise. Life is too short for such thyroid is so intimately connected with scrofula worthless things, and especially the doctor can- that its former name, struma, has been applied not afford to waste his valuable time in conning to the diathesis. He gives three cases of the over these perplexing questions that are of no disease, all simple hypertrophies, cured by this practical value to him. J. W. WYATT. wonder-working drug. Shinnston, W. Va.

Spongia Tosta. 3x.-Roasted sponge. I do not know why, but I find that when iodium is

seemingly tardy in its action I can, as it were, The Curability of Goiter, or Derbyshire

whip it into line by the alternation of this Neck, with Mild Medicins.

remedy ; in fact, Vogt, a modern therapeutist, Editor MEDICAL World :-With the etio- declares it (spongia) will often cure when logy, morbid anatomy, pathology and diag- Iodium fails. Dr. P. Jousset of France recomnosis of goiter and exopthalmic goiter I take it mends the giving of Iodium and Spongia tosta for granted that every reader of the MEDICAL in alternation-one month of each. If ameliorWorld is familiar. The disease is certainly ation follows the use of one of these drugs, use it very common. “ Indiana," on page 262 of singly. the June WORLD, confesses to having pre- Fluoric Acid 6x.—In the Lancet for 1881 scribed iodid of potassium internally, oxid of (1,497) Dr. Woakes relates twenty cases of mercury and ichthyol externally, and also thy- goitre treated by him with this acid of which roid extract with but little if any benefit to his 17 were cured. He explains his use of it by patients. He is only one of the many. Here pointing to the analogy of fluorin with iodin in Jersey City I see and treat successfully many and bromin, both of

which have proved anticases of goiter and exophthalmic goiter. I do goitrous remedies; so that he was induced to it slowly but surely. My patients are pleased try this near relativ and with the above sucand pay me and I am satisfied. What I am cess. As the Editor of THE WORLD says in doing here any physician can do anywhere on his advice to “Indiana," you must learn to the face of the globe. I find, on referring to treat the case symptomatically, and I would my books, that the remedies I use principally add, you must learn the science of the powers in the treatment and cure of goiter are : I. and effects of these wonder-working medicins Iodium, 30.

2. Spongia tosta, 3x. 3. Fluoric that you would call to your aid in the treatment acid, 6x. 4. Calcarea carb., 3x. That's all. of goiter or any other disease. Seldom do I have to have recourse to the use

Bailie Brown, A.B., M.D., of digitalis and belladonna, 6.

104 Hancock Ave., Jersey City, N. J. Iodium.-Many of my cases of simple goiter respond nicely to iodium 30, a 4 gr. powder

Case of Goiter Cured. night and morning when the moon filled and

Editor MEDICAL WORLD:-I admire your was waning. How simple! Laugh if you will-doubt if you have a mind to—but if you

attitude toward the Brief, etc.; also the collecare an earnest investigator and seeker after

tion agencies, and your willingness to print

antikamnia formula, etc. I use a formula in truth try it for yourself and be convinced.

Potter's Materia Medica : Now then, note that the goiter sufferer is of a

Acetanilid.. scrofulous diathesis and iodium may be called

70 percent Caffein cit.

10 percent the king of anti-scrofulous remedies. It acts Soda bicarb.

20 percent like a charm in the cure of simple, recent, and Dispense in powder or capsules. soft goiter which depends on unabsorbed secre- For benefit of “Indiana," June WORLD, tions. Only occasionally I am called upon to page 262, and others, will say I have treated a treat a case of cystic goiter, when I use as an number of cases of goiter, always successfully, adjuvant a salve composed of 2 drams of with drugs, mostly internally; one, a very proiodin to 2 oz. of some good base applied lo- nounced case of exophthalmos, I will report : cally at the same time. But on the whole I Mrs. E. B., aged 20, called March, 1901. agree with Nash and others that the local ap- Gave her capsules of pot. iodid, digitalin, and plication for glandular enlargement is foolish, ergotin, which she used awhile. Then she dangerous, and unnecessary.

went to a doctor ten miles away. He gave Calcarea Carbonica 3x.-Not the chalk or electrical treatments once a week and medicin. marble of the corner drug store, but the soft The exacerbations or attacks of fever, diarrhea white substance found between the outer and and extreme weakness I was called to treat at inner hard layers of the oyster-shell. It is a bedside. These occurred about once in three wonder-worker. If iodium is the king of the weeks, then more often till in course of a year, anti-scrofulous remedies, then surely Calc. weekly. I usually gave her soda salicylate,


veratrum viride and digitalis, using Merrill's saved $36. by reading THE WORLD; but of normal tinctures.

course, this company may be all right. She grew worse, was too weak to mount Sutton, Nebr. H. H. Schultz, M.D. steps unaided, weight seventy-one pounds, [Always read the contract, as this doctor very nervous and excitable, eyes protruding, did, and if the terms don't suit you, don't hair faded, monthlies ceast.

sign it. Is this the Comstock concern in a new This was in May, 1902.

I told her she must place, or under a new name? or is it a branch either

go and let her other physician treat her of the Comstock, but under another name? or or let me do so; that the exertion and excite- has another company been organized to work ment of going ten miles hurt her more than the doctors along the same line? Perhaps they treatment benefited. I told her husband if get many of them—those who do not read The they would allow me full charge of the case I WORLD. Suppose we save you $36., as we could do as much good as any sanitarium, as saved to Dr. Schultz, in the above instance ; she would be better satisfied at home. They how long would that pay for THE WORLD? It agreed to do as I said, she to take the “ worst is $3. for 4 years, and there are 12 threes in medicin I could make. I put her on follow- 36; so $36. would pay for THE WORLD 12 ing:

times 4 years=48 years. Few doctors live to R

practice that long. You can thus see what a Ex, nux vom.

f. 3j

good investment The World is along just this Tr. digitalis.


line alone. Those who haven't done so, please Tr. ferri chloridi

send in $3. for the first installment of 4 years. Hayden's viburnum comp.


-Ed.] Sp. menth. pip. ..

git. XV Sp. vini rect., q. s. ad.


Editor MEDICAL WORLD:-Your exposé of ComM. Sig.-Teaspoonful in one-half teacup of water stock Collection Agency was worth $20. to me. They four times a day.

got me for that amount for breaking their contract When the spells of fever, vomiting, purging,

and collecting. I wrote to the Fourth Assistant Post

master-General, and in a week there was $20. for me etc., came on, I discontinued this and gave at the express office.

E. H. BRANDT. her soda salicylate, veratrum viride and digi- Cappeln, Mo. talis. Then, as soon as fever left and she could eat, back on No. 1.

A Sore Victim Consoled. I left out the digitalis some weeks and added DR. TAYLOR:-I am one of the victims of a Fowler's solution 3j instead ; then I used both collection agency (the C. C. A.). Today a or all.

friend of mine, The MEDICAL WORLD, arrived The fever spells came less often and less at my office and as we were engaged in a severe, and she gained in weight till by Octo friendly chat, a man entered the room and ber, 1902, she weighed one hundred and five announced himself as Agent for the Interpounds. She took medicin another month national Collection Agency of etc., etc. I and has been well ever since, strong and

said: “ Here is a medical journal, The MEDplump, eyes bright, and hair color all as be- ICAL WORLD, printed in Philadelphia. Ever fore; no symptoms of goiter or exophthalmos.

read it ? 'Tis a favorit with thousands of M. I used no electricity or external applications,

D's. The next doctor you visit, ask him if he tho I had a good table plate and treatment

takes The WORLD; and if he does, work him outfit; galvanic and faradic.

with a clear conscience (if you have one), for W. R. SHORTRIDGE, M.D.

he knows better than to negotiate any business Greenville, la. Keokuk Medical College, 1898

with you. And now, my friend, you may understand why the space you occupy in this

office is more welcome to me than your presAlways Read the Contract.

ence.And he went, and THE WORLD seemed Editor MEDICAL WORLD :--Do you know to nod approval.

O. C. HAMMOND. any thing of the “International Credit Heuvelton, N. Y. Union," McCague Building, Omaha, Neb.? [The doctor writes, “If you see fit to print A representativ of theirs called on me solicit- this, I hope it may console some other sore ing old accounts for collection-and the con- brother as the incident consoled me. Yes, tract he wanted me to sign was suspiciously it is a consolation to get our eyes open, and be like that of the Comstock outfit which I had able to prove it by actually resisting temptaread in The WORLD. I refused to do business tion. It is not a pleasant job to spoil the with him. He would not permit me to retain pretty games of others, but it is a pleasant job a blank contract for future reference, saying to serve the interests of the medical profession. he had none to spare. The wording is very The calling of the true medical man is so far similar, even to the $36. to be paid in default removed from the “slick” commercialismo of sending 30 accounts. I may have been the age that the doctor becomes an easy victim to those who get at him with their schemes ;

Drug Store and Colorado Talk. hence it seems to pay to send agents—"slick Editor MEDICAL WORLD :-I find the laity ones—around to see doctors personally. We have been educated unconsciously by the hope that this does not pay now as well as it physicians to regard the man who compounds formerly did. We have been doing all we the medicin with as much or greater respect could to put the doctor on his guard; and if than the physician himself. The patient who he does not subscribe for and read THE MED- receives a bottle of proprietary stuff, covered ICAL World it is not our fault. — Ed.]

with labels and other reading matter for a pre

scription thinks he ought to have got it without My Dear DR. TAYLOR :-Inclosed find $1.00 for your a prescription, which he finds he can do at any worthy journal, which I gladly pay. The June num- subsequent time he or his friends call for it, ber lies before me, and I notice it is getting rather warm for the Medical Brief and “ Christian Hospital."

and Othello, or in this case the doctor, finds I was a subscriber for the Brief only one year; quit it his occupation gone and wonders thereat. on account of its almanac feature. As to the "Chris

A few evenings ago a young man came into tian Hospital," I received their literature while I lived in Nebraska-a couple of years ago, offering me

a drug store and askt for Q. X. & Co.'s antimembership and diploma for $25. I took it as an septic tablets. They are “ethpharmacal" insult and threw the offensiv mass into the waste- and only to be dispenst on a prescription, basket. It will probably be interesting to you to hear that

but he got them just the same, and his case one of the "faculty of the "Christian Hospital” has should have required a $10. interview with a been operating in this part of the country. Not in the form of a hospital, however, but a bank. Seven miles

doctor. He simply bought 25 cents worth on from here is a little town by the name of Dayton,

the recommendation of the remedy by a friend, which is represented by every business except a bank. to begin treatment upon himself. One day last winter a man by the name of Arthur Probert came to that town and offered to start a bank,

Opium and camphor are good for afterclaiming to have $25,000 capital. He got a number of pains. I have a work written 130 years ago wealthy merchants and farmers interested in it and which advocates those remedies, but I find appointed them as directors, and the bank was organized. However, he failed to produce his $25,000 and

equal parts of black haw, cramp bark and the people became suspicious. Finally the directors helonias diocia, if the pains are crampy, “ just received warning letters from the East stating that Mr. Probert was a fraud; that he had been connected with

as good.” If the pain is steady and severe I a St. Lukes Hospital in Michigan, and also with the use 3 grain acetanilid tablets upon which I "Christian Hospital” in Chicago; and that he had have put 4 drops each of one x nux vomica to served two years in the Waupun penitentiary. All these charges, when brought before him, he admitted,

hold up the heart. My patients are not bothbut he said he came out here to live his record down. ered much with after-pains, and I have never Soon after these charges Mr. Probert disappeared, used ergot and never carry it. I use A. C. E. taking with him all the monies that were deposited in said bank. That this was the same man I concluded

mixture as an anesthetic and don't worry over by reading a letter from Dr. Murphy to you which the heart. Nine-tenths of the surgical shock was publisht in the July World, 1903. I thought perhaps it might help you to show the

cases are simply chloroform narcosis. profession of what kind of men their staff” consists. If Dr. T. M. Lippitt will write to B. Keith Trusting your good work will go on, I am yours truly. & Co., chemists, New York City and send McMinnville, Ore.

J. H. JESSEN, M. D. [One of the reduced sample certificates of the

$1.25 for a copy of Grover Coe's concentrated “Christian Hospital" is now before me. Probert's medicins, he will learn about myrica cerifera name, with M. D., D. D. S., Ph. D., LL.D. following it,

and many other remedies which certain old is given among the faculty," and he is also announced as vice-president.-ED.)

time hide-bound regulars are just beginning to Later: I wrote to the postmaster at Dayton, Ore.,

know about. The first edition was in 1842, asking him to refer me to parties who knew the partic- and it is not a long time ago when many of the ulars of this matter, and I received the following:

remedies mentioned therein were strangers to DAYTON, OREGON, July 7, 1904. all but eclectics. C. F. TAYLOR, Philadelphia, Pa. Dear Sir :-Yours of June 30th to our postmaster has been handed me

The doctor in Salt Lake who likes to build for answer, and in reply will say: A man by the name up a practise, I should suppose was in the right of Arthur C. Probert came to our town last winter and started a bank, and made statements to the effect that

place to keep at it. Cities in the mountains he had $25,000 in cash. He surely left suddenly and

have a constantly shifting population. Twenty mysteriously, and a few dollars of our money went of my best customers went to the beet fields along. If I can be of any further service to you let me know.

last spring (1903) and others to the mountains. Respectfully yours,

This year there is another exodus, and as I am J. E. MELLINGER.

near a parochial church, the places of Ameri

cans are filled by Italians and their patronage Hair Tonic.

is very light. The doctor on the next corner Spirits ammonia

Giv Tincture cantharides


gives them a squirt of morphin once in a while, Oil nutmeg,

and no one knows who takes care of the obOil lavender,

stetric cases. Oil rosemary, àā. Alcohol q. s. ad.


A. D. Ayer, M.D., Conn.: In Eclectic M.-Apply on scalp.


Medical Journal, 1876, August or September

m 120

[ocr errors][merged small][merged small][merged small]

issue, Professor John M. Scudder said “char- The Hygienic Management of Phthisical coal and water injected into the rectum will stop

Patients at Health Resorts. hemorrhage of the bowels. Why it stops it I Editor MEDICAL WORLD :-The phthisical don't know, but that it does stop it I do know.” patient going west for climatic treatment should While the remedy will not help in the case he be definitly advised as to where to go. Unless mentioned, it may help him or some one else in an advanced stage, the plateau region of the in the future.

middle Rockies, in Colorado, Utah or WyomDr. Sprague complains of Colorado and the ing, is the best place for him. The individual mountain region generally for consumptivs. must be considered in deciding upon the parThe fact must be recognized that their chances ticular town or locality. Most people will be of recovery are almost nil in the East, while here more comfortable and will do better in the the altitude compels them to breathe deeply larger towns or possibly even in the cities, tho of the dry air; consequently, a large percent cities with factories and smelters should be get well. The one who comes here to make avoided because of the smoke and dust. The a business of getting well, who feels that he is larger towns are preferable because here can be an “exile," mixes with other lungers, takes found the best boarding houses and hotels. his own temperature several times per day, Some people from farms, and others heretofore eats nonnutritious food, “can't eat this, living in cities but of a mental make-up that don't like that,” takes cold plunges and cold will not become discontented and fretful at packs to absorb what little vitality he has, must the want of a few accustomed comforts, may be expect to die. There is no specific for the sent to small towns or even to country life on disease, but ordinary donkey.sense regarding a ranch. Wherever they go, they should have food and surroundings and medicin to suit good food, well cookt. Before leaving home each individual case, to act as tonics and they should be carefully instructed as to what ameliorate the cough will do wonders. I have constitutes good food; and no patient should watcht the disease in all its phases in Colorado : stay in a boarding-house where he cannot get 1878-1884, 1888-1890, 1898 to present time, proper diet. This point should be emphasized. and find the one who works, stops worrying, and No one with tuberculosis should stay where the does not feel exiled, will get well if there is a table is not good. And this is the objection ghost of a show.

to most ranches. The diet that is suitable for Denver stands between the calks of an im- the ranch hands is not suitable for one in a mense mountain horseshoe, formed by Long's tuberculous condition. Peak north seventy-five miles, Pike's Peak south Along with the diet, the water should be seventy-five miles, the continental range—the considered, and the conditicn of the atmostoe of the shoe-west ninety miles. This large phere. Good food, good water and good air mountain ellipse breaks up the well-defined are the trio that make for good health. The storm centers coming from the northwest, and patient with diseased lungs should not stay in we seldom have long periods of bad or cold a dust-laden atmosphere, nor where good water weather. The foot-hills are fourteen miles cannot be obtained. west of Denver, so we do not get as much Having emphasized the need of finding these cold, snow, or fog as west of the Hog- three in a pure, abundant supply, the physician back, which extends from Long's Peak south should carefully instruct the patient as to how .to Pike's Peak almost straight line. The prox- to use them. imity of Pike's Peak to Colorado Springs cuts Even the medical profession will take up off some of the sunshine, while the altitude fads and be swayed by popular breezes. A causes deeper inspirations, which are beneficial. stuffing diet has been one of the recent popular Pueblo, which is forty-five miles from foot of fads, and tubercular patients without number Pike's Peak and one thousand feet lower than have tried to take each day “a dozen raw Denver, also one hundred and nineteen miles eggs, one-half gallon of milk, besides plenty of south, is subject to sudden changes of tempera- well-cookt vegetables, some bread, lots of ture; a fall of twenty degrees in forty minutes fruit and a good piece of steak or roast with sometimes occurs during May and June. The each meal. The plan is to take three good water is alkalin, and this, coupled with the meals each day and to use the dozen eggs and great heat when it is warm, makes it undesir- two or three quarts of milk in addition. Few sirable for lungers.

people can endure such a stuffing process. If Denver, Col. SHERMAN D. LUM, M.D. the tuberculous subject undertakes it at all, it

should be only under the daily careful superMethylene blue is a nerve sedativ, especially val

vision of a physician who will administer diuable in insanity. It begins to act three or four hours gestivs, correctivs and laxativs, or stop the after ingestion and continues its effects for fifteen or twenty hours. It does not produce depression after

whole stuffing process, as indicated. It is not wards.

a simple harmless process, that of cramming

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