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Pineapple Wine.

of their pages on this subject, and do not say Editor MEDICAL WORLD:-1 suppose that this is half enuf. You may get any symptom known out of your line, but I have a good many pineapples; could you give me a recipe or formula for making

to human kind in the menopause. We are not pineapple wine that will keep without fermenting? scolding, but want to do you good. Get some Georgiana, Fla.

T. H. CHAMBERS. good modern text book on gynecology and [Both out of our “ line" and out of our lati- study it well. Read every article you can get tude, Doctor. Surely some of the southern on the menopause in the various medical jourmembers of the family are acquainted with nals. Only in this way can you prepare yoursuch formulas. Will they not write to the self to meet contingencies. But remember that Doctor direct? and after the Doctor has tried we are always ready for help if your specific the receipts, we will be glad to publish a satis- wants are given.-Ed.] factory formula.-ED.)

Rheumatic Cure.- Whiskey Cure.

Editor MEDICAL WORLD:-Is there any external Editor MEDICAL WORLD:--I write to ask you if you application that will be beneficial, applied to "conknow of anything better than the salicylates for rheu

tractured” cords of the neck ? S. J. SMITH, M. D. matism? There is a doctor in Laramie City that gives Pickrell, Neb. his rheumatics a pink powder; the color, of course, is [You should have stated whether the affecnothing, but I can't locate what it is; but it cures rheumatism

tion is chronic or acute. We presume the Also, do you know what the “Gatlin Whiskey Cure” latter. The next question is: Is it congenital consists of? Their institutes, one in Denver and one in Omaha are doing a large business, with fair results.

or acquired? We will presume that you have Walden, Col.

W. L. SNAIR, M. D. a case of chronic acquired torticollis, inasmuch [The salicylates, salicylic acid, colchicum,

as you do not specify any variety. and the various alkalies are the standard and

Certain cases have yielded to a greater or only treatments of rheumatism. Any of these

less extent to application of super-heated air, could be combined in a powder and colored electricity, massage, etc., provided the treat

ment pink. Much of the success of nostrums along

been instituted early enuf. In infants such lines lies in the massiv doses advised

so affected, massage should be instituted as doses which the regular practician would hesi

soon as a diagnosis is establisht. Later in tate to give, and which frequently injure the childhood, the head may be carried to the stomach; yet the victim does not recognize proper angle by felt collars moulded over a the fact and likely would not hesitate if he did.

plaster cast of the neck taken with the head We do not know what the “Gatlin Whiskey

held in the proper position, or Glisson's sling Remedy" is, but this subject has been so

may be used.

See our remarks on this subject

in World for last month (July), page 309. thoroly discust in The World that any practician can formulate for himself a much better

You would better get some modern work on system of “ cure” than those used successfully

surgery and read up on the subject. We sugby the various semi-quack institutions scattered gest Vol. 2 of the System of Practical Surgery, thruout the country. The whole thing summed by E. von Bergmann, edited by W. T. Bull

, up in a few words is suggestion, apomorphin and sold by Lea Brothers & Co., Philadelphia, in whiskey allowed, and strong cinchonin and

Pa., at $6.00.—ED.] strychnin tonics. -ED.)

Climate for Rheumatism.
The Menopause.

Editor MEDICAL WORLD:-. Will you ask, thru

the columns of The World, what benefit, if any, is Editor MEDICAL WORLD:-Will you please publish the climate of Idaho for rheumatism? in detail in your next issue the symptoms and treat- Galion, O.

G. R. WISEMAN, M. D. ment of the sickness in women at the menopause ? I am young in the profession and don't find anything [Any dry equable climate with little precipvery explicit on the subject in the books. I have a itation and devoid of extremes of temperature patient, my first of the kind, of which I am most sure this is her trouble. I admire the position you take in

will be favorable for rheumatism. There is behalf of the medical profession. J. C. JONES, M. D. nothing in the climate of Idaho different from Austin, Tex.

other western sections in this regard. Colorado, [Doctor, see Editorial on “ The Ills of the Arizona, New Mexico, Montana, etc., all have Menopause," in this issue. You do not even sections which would be favorable for a rheudescribe your case. If you want help on any matic patient. Select the section you think given symptom, write to the Quiz Column most favorably of, and then write your nearest Editor, and he will gladly give you help thru United States Weather Bureau for the addresses his column. But to "publish in detail in next of weather observers in the section you purissue the symptoms and treatment of the sick- pose visiting. To the latter gentlemen state ness in women at the menopause" is impossi- your complaint, and ask any reasonable quesble; it would occupy the entire issues of many tions regarding the climate, and you will get a months. The large text books take up many prompt and courteous reply. You appreciate the fact that climate in any section varies with fractured vertebra, in a condition of anesevery hundred miles or less of territory, and thesia—at least so we are taught. Drowning is that it would be impossible for us to give you painless, or is a death under a condition of any definit information regarding so large a anesthesia, actual death occurring only after territory as Idaho, since there is a very wide the victim has become unconscious, his sensi. range of variation within her confines.-Ed.] bilities having been obtunded by lack of oxy

gen. Enuf whiskey will act as an anesthetic, Electric Apparatus.

the imprudent imbiber losing all consciousEditor MEDICAL WORLD:-I have read your edi.

ness of pain. The word merely means “ withtorial in the May World, “Electrical Equipment for the out feeling," or sensation, and any drug, General Practician.” I am just a country doctor and

method, or agent which will produce absence have no electrical apparatus at all, and am not able to buy a static machine but want some kind of appa

of sensation is an anesthetic. It is merely ratus for therapeutical purposes. We have an electric a matter of our usage of the word that light plant here, and I could utilize that current if I had a suitable outfit. What can I get and for what

has allowed us to feel that it is wrongly amount (least possible) to be ethicient? Can I have both applied except when referring to such drugs galvanic and faradic electricity? What book would I as chloroform or ether. A club or a sandbetter buy for a beginner-the "A B C's, of electrotherapeutics? I have “Electro-Therapeutical Prac

bag, applied as the highwayman is accustice,'' by Neiswanger.

W. E. ATKINS. tomed to use it, will produce anesthesia; Pilot Point, Tex.

and the anesthesia is no less anesthesia because [There are so many varieties of currents produced by or accompanied by unconsciousand such great difference in voltage that it ness due to traumatism. When you speak of would not be possible for us to advise you. It “nature recognizing the difference," do you is not every current used for electric lighting think struggling humanity sees any difference that can be utilized in medicin. Manufacturers as it passes into the deep shadows of oblivionic of electrical equipment make controlers that portals of anesthesia, whether the agent be will admit of connection with faradic batteries chloroform, drowning, or nitrous oxid gas? and which yield in this manner a very But of all the methods of producing anesthesia smooth current ; much superior, indeed, to that we have felt or seen, we prefer nitrous cells. We advise you to get full particulars oxid gas for promptness and agreeableness. regarding the kind of current you have, and Criticisms are always welcome, Doctor, and then write some of the manufacturers and state so are good contributions. Could you favor your needs. They will be glad to give you us with something ?-ED1 prices on whatever equipment you can afford, and will tell you all about whether or not it is

Intravenous Therapy. practicable for you to attempt using your cur. rent for therapeutical purposes.

Editor MEDICAL WORLD:-What do you know of

the intravenous infusion method for the treatment of The book you mention will be an aid to you, tuberculosis? It is claimed to have been originated would Electricity in Medicin and Surgery,

and introduced by Wilfred G. Fralick, M. D., of New

York, and is put up and sold by the Intravenous King, publisht by Boericke & Runyon Com

Therapy Company, of New York. pany, New York, N. Y., at $3.50.-Ed.]

I received the story of New Zealand and like it very much.


Hanford, Cal.
Nitrous Oxid Anesthesia.

[We do not know anything of it; it has no Editor MEDICAL WORLD:-On page 216, first col. umn, May number, you say “nitrous oxid gas is the

place in the last “year books” of various safest general anesthetic." "Is it an anesthetic at all? publishers. Intravenous injection of any Lots of persons have among their ancestors those medicament is lookt upon as a rather dangerwho died with their boots on and a rope round their necks, of anesthesia, if your statement is correct. Per

ous procedure. The intravenous injection of haps you can point out to your readers the difference formaldehyde solution has been proposed, but between suffocation and the results of nitrous oxid

we do not know of its having been practist. gas. The looks of the subject indicate that nature does not recognize the difference.

- ED.) Boston.

WM. B. HIDDEN. [Yes, Doctor, nitrous oxid gas is an anes

Editor MEDICAL WORLD:- Is there any antidote for

coal-oil poison ? If so, what is it? Please give the thetic. It is no less an anesthetic because it formula of Mother's Friend," and Micajah's uterin produces anesthesia by deprivation of oxygen.

TEXAS. There is no difference between suffocation and [There could be no true antidote for coalthe results of nitrous oxid gas, for it is by oil, since the oil would act until expelled. The suffocation that nitrous oxid gas acts as an proper treatment of poisoning would be to anesthetic. Those luckless “ancestors," who evacuate the stomach by stomach pump or “died with their boots on, and a rope round emetics, and then treat the case as one of an their necks,” died, if their spinal column was irritant poison, i. e., by demulcents, stimunot injured by the impact of fragments of a lants, etc. There have been numerous cases of poisoning by this oil, yet in most cases the water); when at boiling point, add a pint of oil itself induces emesis sufficiently free water for each quart of juice, and boil for five empty the stomach.


minutes; then strain, and bottle and seal while We do not know the formula of “ Mother's hot. Our good wife makes “lots” of it nearly Friend."

every fall for family and social use; but she is We do not know the exact formula for Mi

away now, so we get the above directions from cajah's uterin wafers, but we have frequently our druggist who makes an excellent quality given formulas for uterin wafers. Have you and sells it in our neighborhood. If you get ever tried any of them ?—ED.]

your wife started making it she will be sure to

make more and more every autumn. It is so Abnormal Appetite for Tobacco.

nice, not only in sickness, but for "refreshEditor MEDICAL WORLD:-Will you or some of the ments" when entertaining company. It is family please tell me if there is anything that will cure

very cheap. Your wife could sell some to your the appetite for tobacco ? A young man has had a craving for the weed since youth. He does not use

less enterprising patients when needed in sickmuch, but he would if he satisfied his appetite. He ness, at a handsome profit, and thus add a little has taken no-to-bac to no perceptible good. Is there anything that will cure this man?

A. D. M.

perquisit to her private purse. Mark this for Wash.

reference in grape time. - ED.] [Strychnin, pusht to physiological limits, will curb and destroy the taste for tobacco in Hemorrhoids.-Webbed Fingers and Toes, most individuals, but is not a specific by any

Editor MEDICAL WORLD:-Can any of the WORLD means in all cases. It appears to us if the

brethren suggest treatment for hemorrhoids where young man has to curb his appetite constantly, there is a daily loss of blood with each movement of and is never satisfied with tobacco, that he is

the bowels? The case is that of a man over fifty who

wishes no operation. Do any of the World's readundergoing more torture than he would if he

ers know of “Leonhardt's Hemorrhoid Tablets," or abandoned the use of the weed entirely. There of the composition of such tablets when with each box is nothing in the use of tobacco but the satis

a guarantee of cure is given ?

Can any explanation be given for following peculifying of an acquired taste, and if this taste is arity? Was present a week ago when a male child unsatisfied by moderate amounts, he is only

was born, whose middle and ring fingers of each hand

are united up to the tip; the same peculiarity is prolonging the agony. Let him simply quit,

present in third and fourth toes of each foot. and the way to quit is to quit. Put him on Would it be wise to separate the fingers by an oper

ation ?

Ontario. 1-40 grain strychnin phosfate four times a day, and gradually increase to the 1-16 or 1-12 un

[A suppository made up with cocoa butter less symptoms are induced before such doses and containing the following ingredients may are reacht; let him use tobacco meanwhile,

be used : and he will soon find that tobacco nauseates

Tannic acid

5 grains

Gallic acid. him. Then is the time to quit, and after a

2 grains Extract krameria

i grain few days' uneasiness he will be freed from the habit. -ED.]

Direct one inserted after every bowel mo

tion. Editor MEDICAL WORLD :-Can you give me the

Another very good formula is : formula of Congreve's Balsamic Elixir ?"

Extract stramonium.

14 grain Lakewood, N.J.

Tannic acid

% grain

Carbonate of lead [We do not know the formula, and it is not

i grain Liquor subacetate of lead.

2 minims given in any of our books of reference. If any Creosote

12 minim of the WORLD family are familiar with this These may be used in the same manner. preparation, will they kindly write the Doctor The injection of linseed (flaxseed) oil, an ounce direct.-ED.]

after each defecation, is palliativ. It is not

likely that your patient will recover permaGrape Juice.

nently without an operation. Editor MEDICAL WORLD:-Can you or some of your We do not know anything of “ Leonhardt's readers tell how to preserve the juice of grapes for winter use? I mean to keep it in its natural state

Hemorrhoidal Tablets with a guarantee of cure prevent fermentation. I believe grape juice is a with every box," but merely to read such a remedy of great value ; but the price of those prepa- title and claim is to convince any thinking man rations on the market is almost prohibitiv. As we have plenty of grapes of our own in this part of the

that neither the “guarantee” nor the tablets country, a knowledge of how to keep their juice in are of any account. natural state would be valuable.

D. H. S.

Webbed fingers and toes are not rare. They [Yes, grape juice equal to any on the market are frequently observed in members of certain can be made easily and economically. First families. There is no way of assigning any pick the grapes carefully, then weigh them, cause with any certainty of arriving at a correct and for each two pounds of grapes add 34 lb. conclusion. In the case of the fingers being of white sugar; put together and boil (no webbed, provided there is no osseous deformity, you should separate them and dress antiseptically until healed. It is a simple operation and devoid of danger.-ED.]

lisht by W. B. Saunders & Co., Philadelphia,
at $3.-ED.]

Liquozone. Editor MEDICAL WORLD:-Will you kindly give the formula for “Liquozone" if it is known ? It is evi. dently another one of those "cure-all” fakes, recommended for all diseases or complaints to which flesh is heir, and is put up by The Liquid Ozone Company of Chicago,

Your crusade against corrupt practises of all kinds in the medical profession is very much to my taste, and I greatly admire the fearless, impartial manner in which you handle all things which smack of quackery. Let the good work continue. Newport, Ark.

0. E. Jones.

Vanderbilt, 1902. [It may be made by discharging powerful charges of electricity in water, sea water preferably, as electrozone is made, or it may be a dilute H202 (peroxid of hydrogen). Can any one give additional information ?—ED.]

[Later: We have, since writing the above, seen and examined a bottle of “ Liquozone with the accompanying literature. We are convinced that it is essentially or entirely sulfurous acid (a gas made by burning sulfur) dissolved in water. Read up on sulfurous acid and its uses. It is a good antiseptic, used perhaps less than it deserves, and very cheap when made in quantity.—Ed.]

Editor MEDICAL WORLD :--Many of your patrons
would be pleased if you would again publish the
formula for the Seven Sutherland Sisters' hair restorer
as it appeared in THE WORLD a year or two ago.
Walker, Mo.


“An elegant hair dressing. A sure hair promoter.
Will permanently stop hair from falling out. A prep-
aration free from irritating matter. For preserving
and beautifying the hair, and rendering it soft and
glossy, it is the best.” Prepared only by the Seven
Sutherland Sisters, Lockport, N. Y..

The container is a square panel bottle, with name
blown into the glass, and holds 3* fluid ounces of a
nearly colorless liquid, having markt odor of bay
rum and distilled extract of witch-hazel. Examina-
tion shows that the following formula makes a prep.
aration substantially identical with the secret" hair
Stearns' bay rum

7 fl. oz.
Dist. ext. of witch-hazel

9 fl. oz.
Common salt
Hydrochloric acid (5 percent) . I drop

. sufficient.
Mix the bay rum and distilled extract of witch-hazel
and shake with a little magnesia; filter and in the fil-
trate dissolve the salt and add the hydrochloric acid.
The agitation with magnesia causes the preparation to
assume a yellow color, but by rendering it very slightly
acid, with one drop of 5 percent hydrochloric acid this
color all disappears.- New Idea.

i dr.

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Specific Gravity of Urin.

Pruritus Vulvae. Editor MEDICAL WORLD :-Some years since I ex

Editor MEDICAL WORLD :-Next to the Bible I place amined the urin of a man and found the specific grav

THE MEDICAL WORLD; and I hope so long as I shall ity to be 1,045.

practise medicin it may be like the poor, ever present One case l examined on three different occasions, at

with me. Long may it flourish to combat fraud and intervals of one month, and each time found it 1,030. promulgate truth, giving to saint and sinner his porRecently I have found it 1,030 in three cases. In all

tion in due season, and especially the sinner. I have five of these cases there was not the slightest indica

under my care a lady, 49 years of age, well nourisht, tion of sugar, and yet we are told by the books to look

150 pounds weight, mother of five children, who has for sugar if the specific gravity is 1,030. All of these

in past five years apparently passed thru all the stages 1,030 cases were in their usual health. Please give us

of the menopause. Last summer she developt at belight on this subject. What is supposed to be the

ginning of hot weather a violent pruritus vulvae, unpathological condition, the cause, the remedies, the

bearable at times, subsiding to entire absence as cold tests, etc.?


weather came on, to return again this summer. No

symptoms of diabetes. Had acute Bright's disease [There was some functional disorder of the ten years ago; no return; clear smooth skin, no kidneys, or else you examined the urin of a

eczema. Have almost exhausted the materia medica in

treatment: Formaldehyde, alum, carbolic acid, boric single micturition, and thus failed to get the acid solutions, oxid of zinc salve, &c., &c., with only actual specific gravity of the urin which the

slight relief. Tried Fowler's sol. arsenic for two

months, five drop doses four times a day. Can you in patient passed in the twenty-four hours. Always your next give me light-more light on the subject ? mix the entire twenty-four hours' urin, and Midway, Mo.

H. F. PHILLIPS, M.D. from this take a specimen and make your ex- [Pruritus vulvae, occurring after the menoamination from it; only in this way can the pause, is always an obstinate affection, but is true specific gravity be ascertained.

often remedied by simple measures. You Your questions cover the entire domain of appear to have treated the case well, but have urinary examination and of functional and or- been unlucky in “hitting" on the right thing ganic kidney affections.

We carried a series of for this particular case-and that is just what it articles on examination of the urin in the amounts to in combating this affection. If it WORLD for Nov., 1902, page 404; April, 1903, be due to the presence of an acrid discharge, it page 148; May, 1903, page 196; June, 1903, will be cured by vaginal injections of bichlorid page 244, and July, 1903, page 292, which see of mercury, in strength of about 1 to 3,000, for fuller information than we can give space or i to 4,000, employed night and morning. here. Or, better, if you can afford it, order In other cases due to like cause it is more Clinical Examination of the Urin, Ogden, pub- satisfactory to employ an agent which will dis


tend the canal and remain in contact with the tissues for a longer period; this is where the vaginal suppository finds its greatest usefulness; being made of boroglyceride, any agent may be incorporated with them, and in your case we would suggest the trial of hydrastin, or of pinus canadensis, or of ichthyol. Internally, about the most reliable of drugs are the bromids and cannabis indica. In the way of washes and lotions, drugs innumerable have been heralded as specifics. Among them may be mentioned the following: Menthol and acetate of lead, in ointment; dilute hydrocyanic acid, two drops in ounce of water; equal parts of tinctures of opium, iodin, and aconite; a dram of chloroform to the ounce of glycerin; milk strongly impregnated with carbolic acid ; equal parts of alcohol and water; corrosiv sublimate, one dram to the ounce of emulsion of bitter almonds, etc. We hope that you will be able to select one of these suggestions with happy results; but while local treatment will be insisted upon, the practician must never cease to suspect vulvar pruritus of being either a symptom of some actual disease or of being a neurosis.-ED.]

Actual and Apparent Death from Drowning:

Modes of Resuscitation. (The following is taken from Gould & Pyle's Cyclopedia of Medicin and Surgery, publisht by P. Blakiston's Son & Co., Philadelphia, and is of great importance at this time of year. It is so terse, complete, plain, and practical that we quote it entire.)

Death due directly to drowning is caused by obstruction to respiration from submersion in a liquid, but death from shock, syncope, apoplexy, etc., may have occurred at the very instant of falling into the water. The evidence of death from drowning is cumulativ. Externally, the face is pale or slightly livid, and the body is bloated if it has been for some time in water. Froth at the mouth or nose, the presence of abrasions or excoriations of the skin, retraction of the penis, the tongue swollen and congested and closely applied to, or clencht between the teeth, and the muscles of the hair bulbs rigidly contracted, causing the “cutis anserina” or “goose-skin,” are usual symptoms. Internally the trachea, bronchi, and smaller air tubes are congested and filled with a mucous froth more or less tinged with blood. The lungs are edematous and pit on pressure, and pressure causes exudation of a sanguinous fluid. Sand, mud, or small weeds may be drawn deep into the air passages. Water is often found in the pleural cavity and in the stomach. The right side of the heart gives the symptoms of asphyxia, and the brain is usually congested. Complete submersion for two minutes is often sufficieni to cause death.

The treatment of an apparently drowned person consists in removal from the water, freeing the mouth of froth, water and foreign bodies, loosening of clothing that binds the neck, chest or waist, squeezing the water out of the lungs with the body partly inverted, and clearing the base of the tongue from the larynx, either by pressing forward the angles of the jaw or by drawing the tongue forward out of the mouth. The body may then be laid out flat on the back, with a shawl, folded blanket, coat, or block of wood bigh under the shoulders so as to cause the front of the neck to be put on the stretch. Artificial respiration may now be tried, and warm blankets, hot water bottles or bricks, and necessary medicin sent for in the meantime. The simplest way to perform artificial respiration is for the operator to place himself on his knees above the head, seize the arms near the elbows, and sweep them around horizontally away from the body and over the head until they meet above it, when a steady strong pull may be made upon them, for, say three seconds. The arms may then be returned to their positions alongside the chest, and strong pressure now made against the ribs (with the elbows) for several seconds. These movements should be made at the rate of about sixteen times a minute, should be maintained for three-quarters of an hour, and abandoned only when the heart has ceast to beat. Deep pressure just below the end of the breast bone may reveal pulsations in the aorta when they cannot be found elsewhere. As natural respiration begins the artificial respiration should be timed to it. Ammonia or smelling salts may stimulate it, or hot water may be dashed on the chest. Continued rubbing of the limbs toward the heart will aid the circulation and produce warmth. Hot water, bricks, stones, or even boards will aid in giving warmth to the body. Twenty to thirty minims of ether may be given hypodermically. As soon as it can be swallowed, teaspoonful doses of brandy or whiskey in a tablespoonful of hot water may be given every minute till danger is passed. Weak tea or coffee, or beef tea should be given after consciousness has returned. The reflex sobbing will, little by little, be replaced by the natural breathing, and must be watcht for some time. Removal requires great care, the head being kept low and the respiration carefully watcht.

Skin on Palms of Hands Peels Off. Editor MediCAL WORLD :- Male, 25 years of age; general health and physical condition excellent. For three years the skin on palms of both hands has constantly peeled off. The involved area is rather red, making a pronounced line of demarkation. Right palm always worse than left; has always been limited to palms of hands; worse in winter and damp weather, when painful fissures sometimes develop. Skin always harsh and dry; no itching ; no burning. New skin presents a shiny, glazed appearance. ARKANSAS.

[The case is one of palmar eczema, of an aggravated type. Probably one of the most serviceable applications is salicylic acid, 20 to 80 grains to the ounce, the base being equal parts of benzoinated lard and vaselin. It should be well rubbed in, and then applied spread upon an oiled cloth or paper. tain cases the addition of 10 to 20 percent of lanolin is advantageous. Strong ointments of calomel and white precipitate are also serviceable. Another plan is highly commended : The affected parts are first softened with borated starch poultices, applied every five or six hours, drying with a rough towel after every application so that the softened epidermis is rubbed off), and in a few days the parts have become soft, smooth, and pliable. Applications are then made of an ointment of oxidized pyrogallol, 5 to 30 grains, 2 drams each of almond oil and distilled water, and half an ounce of lanolin ; this is well rubbed in, in small quantities, frequently repeated.

If the x-rays are available, your patient will probably be benefited by them.-Ed.]

In cer

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