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6 oz.

Dizziness.-Itching of Scar.

salve is applied. What is it? and the cause and treat

ment? Editor MEDICAL WORLD:-1. Male, aged 58 years, miner, workt in coal mines nearly fifty years; a stout

Where can I secure a book entitled Psychopathia and well-built man who has always enjoyed good

Sexualis? I have seen one, and am informed they are health. Now he complains of “ dizziness.” Sometimes

not permitted to go thru thé mail. the vertigo interferes with his work. Bowels acting ;

What is the composition of Kidder & Co.'s Asthmatic Pastilles ?

INDIANA. appetite good.

2. What is the best application for itching, at night, [The trouble is probably nervous in origin, of large scar following a severe gas burn ? Strawn, Tex.

and will likely disappear under liberal use of PHIL. R. SIMMONS.

valerian and the bromids. Do you think you [Examin the eyes to see if there is any error of refraction requiring adjustment. If he wears

got enuf absorption of the cocain thru the skin

to have such an effect? Is it not likely that glasses, possibly they need changing. Get the

the salve without the cocain would have done digestiv functions to the best possible tone.

fully as well ? Examin the ears to make certain that there is no impacted cerumen. Often the following tablet

You can purchase Psychopathia Sexualis taken every fifteen minutes for four or five doses

from W.T. Keener & Co., 52 Randolph Street, will banish vertigo when no assignable cause

Chicago, Ill. Mention The WORLD when can be discovered :

writing to them.

We are not able to give you the composition Cerium oxalate, Bismuth subnitrate, kā

2 gr.

of the nostrum you mention, but you can make Cocain hydrochlorate .

12 gr.

pastilles of your own that will do fully as well, You will probably have to rely upon internal

or perhaps better, after the following formula remedies in the case of dermal pruritus, since it equal parts of pulverized lobelia, stramonium, is difficult to get sufficient absorption thru the

potassium nitrate, and black tea. This is used skin of any of the ordinary drugs to affect the by igniting about half a dram of the mixture itching. One of the best internal remedies is and inhaling the fumes as they arise. It could chlorid of calcium given after the following probably be made into pastilles with any mass method :

that would not prevent free burning, but we Calcium chlorid

think the powdered form much more conve

2 3 Tincture orange flowers

6 3

nient and preferable in every way.-ED.] Chloroform water, enuf to make Mix and direct one or two tablespoonfuls three times daily about half hour after meals.

A Strange Epidemic. Irritability of the stomach, when the maxi

Editor MEDICAL WORLD :-During the past six mum dose is employed, may require reduction weeks our town has been visited by an epidemic, of to smaller doses, yet one should attempt giving

which, owing to a few. peculiarities, I would like to

have some assistance in making a positiv diagnosis. sufficient at first to produce results. The pa- The disease is markedly contagious, as it sweeps tient may be warned that the medicin will pro

thru entire families, respecting neither old nor young, duce a considerable thirst, and that water may

and new-comers are affected after a few hours' ex

posure. be taken as freely as desired. Occasionally In a typical case the patient gives a history of a suddermal pruritus is due to a tendency to uric

den seizure with most agonizing pain in both right acid diathesis, and in such instances the ordi

and left hypochondriac regions, the pains radiating

upward thru the chest to both shoulders, both antenary diuretics and alkalies, combined with free riorly and posteriorly. The respirations are shallow, ingestion of water, will produce satisfactory

weak, frequent and painful, running about forty per

minute; pulse ranging from 100 to 120, and temperaresults. In the way of local applications, ture 100° to 103° F. He complains of headache, vernothing can be recommended which will give tigo, slight cough and dyspnea. The tongue is heavily

coated, face flusht and breath very foul, and the urin satisfaction in all cases, and it is a matter of

is scanty and highly colored. Every case gives a histrying one antipruritic after another until one tory of constipation during the first twenty-four hours. is found which will control the itching. Prob

On physical examination, the liver is found to be ably one of the most serviceable in the majority

enlarged; the stomach markedly distended with

gas, in a few cases so much so that the heart is enof cases is the following prescription :

croacht upon and pronounced palpitation results with

lance-like precordial pains. The pulmonary, and Corrosiv sublimate

cardiac signs and symptoms are all negativ with the Dilute hydrocyanic acid.


exception of those already enumerated. Water of bitter almonds.

.6 oz.

In the treatment of the trouble, the symptoms readMix, and apply with a rag to itching surfaces.-Ed.] ily respond to rest, proper diet, and free purgation

with calomel and salines. Along with the above I

control the pains with turpentine stupes, mustard, Editor MEDICAL WORLD :- have a very peculiar etc., and administer anodynes, as chlorodyne and case in a man 60 years old; blind for ten years; in ap- liquid opii compound, until the acuter symptoms parent good health; is of a cancerous family. The abate, while the febril symptoms are very easily held affection I wish information on is a peculiar sensation in subjection by small doses of aconite when the fever located on the nose; he describes it as if ten thousand is 193° or more, and when lower by quinin grs, ij to iv fies were continually crawling on his nose. There is each three hours. no outer manifestation; no sore, no dryness of the At the end of eight hours the patient is invariably skin; skin looks healthy. This has continued for a improved, especially after a free passage from the month or two, with no improvement only when cocain bowels. The extreme tympany has disappeared, the

16 gr.

pulse and temperature are both normal, and the pains chitis, pleurodynia, tonsillitis, laryngitis, headhave ceast. Decided tenderness still exists on palpation of the

ache (applied to nape of neck), chilblains liver; the patient cannot take a step or a quick turn (when skin is not broken), etc.; in fact, it will without severe pain. The skin and conjunctiva are relieve pain in almost any location where no jaundiced, while decided muscular exhaustion is most prominent.

contra-indication exists. Capsicum should not Now if the patient remains quiet he is comparativly be employed to the extreme stage on those who easy; but if he attempts much exercise the symptoms are again soon felt. His relief is but transient tho.

are very nervous. After a period of from 12 to 24 hours of comparativ ease

Jeffersonia diphylla, otherwise known as the symptoms in many cases return with a fever twin-leaf and rheumatism-root, is an American usually higher than that of the initial attack, ranging from 103° to 105° F. A new feature now presents

berberidaceous herb, useful in rheumatism, itself : the tonsils and pharynx are, in a majority of and a good substitute for senega. It is alteracases, covered with exudates, but a few present only tiv, diuretic, antispasmodic, a stimulating diaa catarrhal inflammation. The patient is always surprised when I tell him his throat is affected, as in a phoretic, an expectorant; and in large doses, series of between 400 and 500 cases but one has com- an emetic. It is used in rheumatism, secondplained of the throat. My treatment during this secondary attack is simi.

ary syphilis, nervous disorders, bronchitis, lar to that of the initial symptoms with the addition of dropsy, spasmodic affections, coic, and as a an antiseptic throat wash, and at the end of four or

gargle in throat diseases. The dose of the five hours all symptoms abate, and the strength is rapidly recovered.

fluid extract is 20 to 60 minims.

Very few of Some few cases are, however, prolonged, and the the writers upon materia medica deign to mentenderness, pain and some slight fever return with a tion it, despite its virtue.-ED.) markt periodicity every other day, like a tertian paroxysm of malaria. For these cases I frequently prescribe quinin and acid nitro muriatic dilute, with pepsin and strychnin, and in the course of a week they

Laxativ for Infants Wanted. have regained their former health.

Editor MEDICAL WORLD :-Will you kindly give me During the epidemic six cases have presented a a formula for a good laxativ for infants ? I get good simple orchitis as a sequel, this occurring about one results with castor oil or small doses of calomel and week after the relapse. I think you will concur with sodium bicarbonate when a brisk purge is needed, but me that the disease is somewhat out of the ordinary. for a laxativ to combat the constipation of nursing inEach and every one of my five hundred patients pre- fants have found no efficient remedy. Cascara does sented symptoms exactly similar except as to severity, not give me good results, as it does in older children and while many have been terribly prostrated with it, or adults. The common household remedy for this I am pleased to say I have not met with a single fatal. condition is "castoria.” Can you give me the compo ity. Now I ask the WORLD readers for a diagnosis. sition of this preparation ? W. 7. FOLSOM, M.D. East Greenville, O. J. F. CAMPBELL, M.D.

Markesan, Wis. [You have given a very full and complete de- [We think that you will be pleased with the scription of the disease, and we only criticize alkalin elixir of the National Formulary, otheryou in that you did not give your own diagno wise known as elixir rhubarb crmpound. It is sis. You would not treat 500 such cases with- not intended as a purge, but it will regulate the out having a very definit opinion as to what bowels nicely if given for a considerable you thought the disease to be, even if you period. Cascara could be combined with it to treated all cases on a more or less symptomatic increase the laxativ effect. Have you ever basis. Let us know how you labelled it. Do

Do tried cocoa butter suppositories, injections of any of the family wish to make a diagnosis for glycerin, glycerin suppositories, etc., in nursthe Doctor?

ing infants? Many practicians prefer them to You should have endeavored to give us any form of medication by the mouth. The something regarding the area of territory in- glycerin suppository is quick, efficient, and volved, the nature of the water supply, the em- more agreeable to use than the injection ; aliho ployment of the mass of your people, and other with the soft rubber bulb ear syringe, holding minor details.-ED.]

about an ounce, quick and satisfactory results

are obtained, without danger of deranging the Capsicum Plasters.Jeffersonia Diphylla.

digestion by purgativ drugs. You can easily Editor MEDICAL WORLD:-In what diseased condi

compound a satisfactory elixir or other comtions are capsicum plasters useful? Give directions

bination of laxativ drugs to suit your purpose for their use in each condition.

from the ordinary drugs in common use by What are the physiological effect, therapeutic uses, indications and doses of jeffersonia diphylla.

adults. Pauline, Ark.

J. A. BURNETT, M.D. We do not know the formula of castoria. [It would not be possible to give a very ex- The formula given the government at the time tensiv reply to the first outside of the general it was entered will not produce a combination statement that capsicum plaster is a rubefacient, resembling in any degree the virtues or appear: which excites redness and burning, and if the ance of the original. With a little study and contact be prolonged, a certain degree of vesi- experimentation you will be able to make up cation. The indications are sufficiently plain for yourself a preparation which will give as to any practician. A few may be cited: good satisfaction as castoria. All the manuSprains, wry neck, muscular rheumatism, bron- facturing drug houses prepare a compound closely simulating castoria in appearance and diarrhea of constipation. We would deplete effect, and any of the traveling men will be the uterus by means of boroglycerid supposiglad to submit samples and prices to you, if tories, one every other night, and have her you ask them for a substitute for castoria, in assume the knee-chest posture (opening the event you do not care to figure it out for your- vagina while in that position so that it will be self.- ED.)

completely distended with air) and then sink

gently into the accustomed position for sleep, Says She Has Stomach Trouble. every night. This will allow the uterus to fall Lady of medium height, weight 150 pounds, flesh into its natural position. She has been absorbloose and flabby, 37 years old, family history good as ing toxins from her vicious habit of indigestion far as she knows; has been troubled for fifteen years ; has been treated by several doctors and none of them

for so long a period that she suffers from autocalled it the same; one or two called it obesity of toxemia, and it will take a considerable time to stomach. Pain principally on right side, goes from umbilicus

get her in good condition again; but you ought to inguinal region, is of a sharp, tearing nature, in

to be able to do it. See that great care is excreast at times by taking food; burning, gnawing ercised in her diet, and that she drinks plenty sensation in back; vomits hot water of a yellowish color; ankles swell; inguinal glands enlarged and

of water between meals. She should wear painful; stools from real dark to a greenish color; ten- an abdominal supporter. A skilful physician derness on pressure over lower abdomen; eructations frequent and of acid nature; rumbling noise in abdo

can treat the most querulous patient for months men most of time. While standing, lower part of ab for such a condition without giving it a name domen projects and upper part sinks in ; part of time which they can discuss with any too inquisihas no appetite, and at other times can't eat enuf; has tiv friend.' We advise your purchasing some dizzy spells; sick headache most of the time; bad taste in mouth; always thirsty; bowels may be consti- good work on the stomach.-ED ] pated, and then all of a sudden and without any warning there is a change to the opposit. After eating cabbage or food of that kind, she bloats up until it looks

Primary Syphilis (?). like the abdomen would rupture. Has a pulse of 60, Editor MEDICAL WORLD and family:-Case 1: W; temperature normal; has very white, dead-looking P., aged 21, occupation farmer, family history and skin; has four children ; no trouble in labor; at times habits good. On May 10, 1903, had intercourse melancholia; stomach is distended with gas all the with woman, and just seven days later developt an time; uterus and left ovary low down; did not locate ulcer having all the characteristics of a true specific right one. Urin is dark with brick-dust deposit ; ulcer. Foreskin long, causing erosion of covering of does not get any rest when she goes to sleep.

glans penis, explaining rapid development of the She has spells two or three times a week, when she chancre, tho he made every effort to keep it healthy has all these troubles increast, cold sweat comes out by liberal use of soap and water and mild ointments. over the body, hands and feet get numb, finger nails Inguinal glands on side of chancre enlarged and inturn black, and chest feels as tho a heavy weight was durated. The case was so plainly one of syphilis (as laying on it. There is intense itching and burning he had not had a chance before for several months, near the coccyx.

G. F. E., Colo. as he lives in the country), I put him on quarter [Your patient suffers from gastro-intestinal

grain protiodid of mercury tablets three times a day,

5 percent oleate of mercury, size of a butter bean, indigestion. She may have hyperchlorhydria, rubbed in groins once daily, causing glands to be and possibly dilation of the stomach. She may

come normal. Dusted ulcer with bis. subnit, and it

soon healed. I continued this treatment uninterhave a weak heart, and in any event, the heart

rupted for twelve months without return of symptoms, is opprest when she takes the “spells" when except about the eighth month small mucous patches the ends of the fingers darken This is proba- appeared, when I toucht them with lunar caustic

followed with a wash of kali chlorate, phenol and bly caused by pressure on the heart from over- powdered hydrastis, with iod. pot. 5, increasing distension of the stomach with gas. In such to 15 grains three times a day, causing every sympemergencies give her four drams of chloro

tom to disappear at once, continuing to date. Is my

patient well? and how are we to know? Can THE form water every fifteen minutes till relieved, MEDICAL WORLD staff or anybody else, by the use of or four doses are taken. Let her keep it on

a microscope confirm a diagnosis or find out if cured ? hand and take it whenever she feels an attack

Kindly give us your best treatment for primary syphilis.

D. H. MCMASTERS, M.D. coming. In the intervals between attacks, ex- Pryorsburg, Ky. amin the heart carefully before and after exer- [Unquestionably you were wrong in your tion, and if there is any functional or organic diagnosis. The true chancre does not appear trouble, give it appropriate attention. Strych- in seven days after infection. It rarely is nin is indicated, unless some condition of the seen as early as nine days (questioned by heart be discovered which would forbid its use. some), and it is oftener nearly or quite three She certainly has motor insufficiency of the weeks. Your man had chancroid, aggravated stomach, and you should direct your medica- by retention of secretions by elongated foretion with that fact in view. We advise putting skin. The inguinal glands in the chancre her on moderate doses of salines for a contin- enlarge (in nearly every case) on both sides. uous period, and would also suggest the com- If the salient points have all been stated bination of iron with the strychnin. It is quite correctly, your patient is well, and would have likely that her attacks of diarrhea are due to been well sooner if he had escaped your medithe irritation induced by retention of feces cation. There is no microscopical method of during the attacks of constipation-a true diagnosing syphilis—the causativ germ has not

been isolated. Purchase a good work on potassium has been added. The fluid extract venereal diseases, and perfect yourself on the of the berry may be used in lieu of the fresh differential diagnosis between chancre, chan- infusion. Saturate the fluid extract with potascroid and herpes progenitalis. Many good sium chlorate, and use a dram to a half ounce men have gone wrong on these points. Never of water as a gargle every two hours. This is begin syphilitic medication bereafter until ap- valuable in the chronic form also, but it is diffipearance of secondary symptoms. Many men cult to induce the patient to give his trouble have had their constitutions ruined by too early proper attention.-Ed.] use of enormous doses of mercury and iodids. We have personal knowledge of cases of herpes Editor MEDICAL WORLD :-Will you kindly give having been treated for years for syphilis.—ED.] me the formula for "Dr. Miles' Anti-Pain Pills?",

Pomona, Cal. HANNAH Scott TURNER, M.D.

[We do not know. Do any of the family? Pharyngitis.

Probably they are an acetanilid mixture in pill A“Florida Subscriber" wishes the best local treat- form.-ED.] ment for pharyngitis and irritation of the post-nasal cavities.

[Such cases are best handled by daily treat- Editor MEDICAL WORLD:-Please give status of the ment with medicin applied under air pressure.

institution and treatment mentioned in inclosed ad

vertisement. [Goat Lymph Adv. in Epworth HerThe difficulty is to get the patient to attend ald.). This is askt in the hope that the opinion of one regularly. We have found it necessary to

high in authority as the editor of The World may provide the patient with a good atomizer,

deter an invalid from throwing hard-earned dollars into such concerns.

EMMA MILLIKIN, M.D. and insist upon its use three or four times Ontario, 0. daily. We presume from the meager statement [There has been a strong effort made by ingiven that the trouble is chronic in nature. If terested physicians to induce the profession to so, in addition to the cleansing and protectiv take up this treatment, but it has not met with applications, it will be necessary to apply stim- any very enthusiastic response. The results ulating medicin locally. Assuming that your of treatment have not been as encouraging as case is a chronic one, we would suggest that the promoters would have the invalid believe. you have the patient obtain two atomizers (we We would advise unfortunate sufferers from have found those put out by McKesson & Rob- incurable disease to save their time and money. bins to be cheap and satisfactory). One atom- W. T. Keener & Co., of Chicago, have a new izer is used for the cleansing Auid, and the book just off press in serum therapy, entitled other for the medication. In atomizer No 1, Serums, Vaccines and Toxins in Diagnosis," place Dobell's or Seiler's solution. In atomizer by Bosanquet-$2. This may be of interest in No. 2, use liquid petrolatum (Merrill's has the above connection.- ED.] workt best in our hands), with any indicated medicament. Spray the nose and throat thoroly Editor MEDICAL WORLD:—Please give formula for with No. 1, and follow with No. 2, imme- a petroleum emulsion.

ARKANSAS. diately. The lozenge put out by all tablet [You may make an emulsion of petroleum manufacturers containing chlorate of potas

with hypophosphites after the following sium, 272 grains ; borax, 2/2 grains ; cocain,

method: D grain, will prove palliativ. Aristol, men- Liquid petrolatum

4 fl. oz. Oil sweet almond.

2 fl. oz. thol, iodoform, etc., will be valuable in the

Powdered acacia

1% oz. second solution. Forbid tobacco and liquor. Glycerin

1% fi. oz. Stop any habit of hawking and scraping the

Sodium hypophosphite
Calcium hypophosphite .

. 128 gr. throat in endeavoring to get imaginary mucus Lime water.

8 A, oz. out. Have the patient guard against mouth

Mix the oils and incorporate well with the breathing. See that the air of his sleeping

acacia in a mortar; add three ounces of lime room is kept at about 70° F., and is made suit

water at once and stir briskly till an emulsion ably moist by turpentine vapor generated over a is formed. Dissolve the hypophosphites in lamp by an ordinary tincup half filled with

three ounces of lime water and then add to the water, in which has been placed a half ounce of

first liquid ; now add the glycerin and remainturpentine. See that the nasal chambers are

der of lime water; then finish by adding any free of disease. If astringent applications seem desired flavor.- ED.] indicated, nitrate of silver, 5 to 10 percent, sulfate of zinc or tannic acid, 10 to 20 percent, Go 'way Mistuh Skeeter! Don't you sing dat song to me! may be used with benefit. It is well to tone I's buyhd about yoh doin's; you'se es tut as you kin be.

You's been aroun'a-lunchin' on malaria an' things up the system with iron, arsenic, quinin, or Till you's jes' about as danj'us as a rattlesnake wif wings.

I didn't use to min' you when you come a-browsin' 'roun', strychnin. In the acute form of pharyngitis,

Ca’se I knowed a slap'ud send you tumblin' senseless to de ground. nothing has served us better than a saturated But since I huyhd dem white folks I's as skaht as I can be.

Go 'way, Misruh Skeeler! Don't you sing dat song to me. solution of sumac berries to which chlorate of

-Washington Star.

128 gr.

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Obstetric Questions from One who has been In hyperacidity : a Subscriber for Eighteen Years.

Sodium bicarbonate

2 drams Editor MEDICAL World:-I inclose P. O. order for

Sodium salicylate.

40 grains three dollars for four years' subscription to your valua

Sodium biborate

30 grains ble journal, which I have read with pleasure and profit

Mix, label No. 1, and dissolve in a quart of carbon

ated water. each year since receiving my first copy of The World in March, 1886. and I became a regular subscriber in

Sodium bicarbonate

2 drams October, 1886, as you may see by referring to your

Sodium salicylate .

30 grains books. Your“

Sodium biborate
Monthly Talks" alone are worth to

15 grains me more than the cost of subscription, and I hope they

Mix, label No. 2, and dissolve in quart of carbon

ated water. are similarly valued by all who read them. I would like very much if you would call for replies,

Direct half a tumblerful of the No. I solution to be by country physicians only, to the following questions:

taken in the morning on an empty stomach, and 1. Antiseptic precautions in examination (vaginal).

or k tumblerful of the No. 2 solution after each meal. 2. Is antiseptic cleansing of the genitals by the phy.

These solutions are markedly efficacious if the sician the rule?

hyperacidity is associated with the uric acid diath3. Is the Kelly rubber pad used, or not?

esis.-(Hemmeter.) 4. When forceps are used, or when turning child, do you trust the ordinary nurse or attendant to administer

Diet List for Chronic Diarrhea. the chloroform ? These points would help a great many young physi

Morning : cians and some older ones.

Acorn cocoa, one egg.

Forenoon : New Milford, Conn. H. B. GRISWOLD, M.D.

Soup, one egg.

Roast chicken, masht potatoes
Almanacoid Medical Journals.

4 o'clock: Editor MEDICAL WORLD :-Nearly every third

Acorn cocoa. Canadian M.D., judging from your report of sub

8 o'clock : scribers, is a subscriber to THE WORLD; and it is

Soup, one egg, sweetbread. about time that, with your exposition of the Brief,

10 o'clock : Canadian and U. S. M.D.'s had their eyes opened.

Kefyr. Journals that exist for the purpose of recommending patent or proprietary medicins should be termed

War, Politics, and Medicin. Almanacoid; and should have such name in good, How many and how intimate are the relations of large type, and with red ink, placed across the title medical science to the world! When one thinks of page.

the war in the East there are probably called up only Only 15 medical colleges in Chicago, Ills.! If there images of wounded soldiers, hospitals, attendant were only five, or even less, would it not be better for nurses, etc. But other aspects are in reality more the fair and honored name of medicin ? However, it vital and far reaching. At least so think the Russian is hoped that Osler's prophecy that in less than ten physicians. At the recent ninth Congress of Physiyears there will be one medical college where there cians and Surgeons, four of the principal sections now are ten, will come true. It is time joint stock adopted the following resolutions : medical colleges were closed ; state universities alone should confer medical degrees.

A systematic and rational struggle with infant mortality, alco

holism, tuberculosis, syphilis, and other widespread diseases, JAMES S. SPRAGUE, M.D., C.M. which form in Russia a public evil of enormous extent, is possible Sterling, Ontario, Canada.

only under conditions enabling a broad dissemination of enlightenment concerning the true causes of their development and the

methods of combating them, the necessary conditions being comCURRENT MEDICAL THOUGHT plete freedom of the individual, of speech, of the press,

and of

assembly. Two ~ Good and Cheap” Antiseptics.

Three other sections adopted this one :

Believing that the extraordinarily high infant mortality of Russia Water impregnated with oil of cinnamon, a is due mainly to the poverty and ignorance of her population, the few drops of the oil to a quart of water, was

congress expresses the profound conviction that a successful

struggle with this evil is possible only by way of broad social highly lauded as a cheap and efficient liquid

reforms. antiseptic by one of our readers a few years

Another section of the congress resolved that “corago. Dr. G. H. Chandler brings it forward

poral punishment should not exist in Russia, and the

assistance of a physician, in the capacity of witness or again in the Alkaloidal Clinic. As a post-partum expert, in the administration of such punishment, is douche, add 2 to 5 drops to two quarts of

inadmissible." These resolutions were naturally dis

tasteful to the reigning bureaucracy, and at the instance water. Increase the strength for other pur- of the St. Petersburg municipal authorities the preposes—a wet surgical dressing, for example. siding officer of the congress refused to read thema Another inexpensiv and efficient antiseptic profession will undoubtedly extend to their Russian dressing, particularly for leg ulcers, is pure oil colleagues every evidence of sympathy and encourof turpentine. While looking for the best, agement in their humane struggle.-Amer Med. don't overlook the simplest, most convenient and cheapest.

“ War,” “ Graft," and Medicin.

The following incident of Russian administration, if Stomach Prescriptions.

true, as seems probable, shows the valuation put upon

the soldier's life by the Russian official class : In gastralgia :

A number of royal personages. relativs of the Czarina, had Silver nitrate

· 3 grains combined to equip a hospital train at St. Petersburg with every Distilled water

3 ounces

requisit for the comfort of the sick and wounded, the box compartMix, and direct two teaspoonfuls in a wineglass of

ments being carefully secured with Imperial seals. After the train water half an hour before each meal.

left St Petersburg the Czarina telegrapht, commanding a careful

inspection of the contents of the train. Under this authority the In bulimia (excessiv appetite):

seals, which were apparently undisturbed, were broken, and the Paregoric

3 ounces

contents were found to be useless blocks of wood. Nothing of any Tincture belladonna

40 drops

value was found. Simple elixir enuf to make

6 ounces

In contrast with this is the purity of Japanese adMix, and direct a teaspoonful three times a day. ministrators, the reception of American nurses, and

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