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the cases recovered on your treatment in much stage, and when there is a good deal of less than twenty-four days? Then they were bronchial irritation, I give such remedies as not typhoid, for typhoid untreated, which your amm. carb., or spr. amm. aromat., syr. ipecac management practically is, or with the old and squills or fl. ext. white pine, with the fashioned expectant treatment, runs a course of addition of a little codein. When there is no twenty-eight days. Some doctors call every appetite, which there seldom is, I give a bitter fever, "typhoid”; and every acute chest tonic, such as nux vom., gentian, cinchona, trouble, “ pneumonia.” With lax methods of etc., and a little good whiskey before or during diagnosis, it is easy to report wonderful results. meals. I never recommend stimulation until It is all right for you to advocate better nour- late in the disease. As a general tonic, which ishment in typhoid, but we can't accept your I use in a good many cases, especially where statistics until you give us very convincing there are bronchial symptoms, is syr. hypo. proof as to your diagnosis.-Ed.]

phosphites comp. (Fellows). In some cases

there is a good deal of mental depression durInfluenza.

ing convalescence; here I prescribe valerianaie Editor MEDICAL WORLD:-I wish that you of zinc or valerianate of iron, as the case may or some of THE WORLD subscribers would write indicate, in conjunction with a bitter tonie. a good paper on the treatment of influenza. There seems to be a disagreeable sensitivness to This disease appears to have come to stay, and cold in this disease long after the patient conI think a good paper and some discussion on siders himself well, and relapses are frequently this subject would be in season. For the pur- due to that cause ; therefore I always recompose of starting the subject, I write the follow. mend a good deal of precaution in going out ing: I give an outline of my mode of treat after being sick. ·ment of influenza, not because I think it It is in the cases of digestiv and mental superior to other methods, for while it has depression that I have met most defeats. It served me well in most cases, I am sorry to say is mostly in cases past middle life, tho it is not that it has failed in many. The treatment of always so. Last winter I had a case who after influenza has in my hands been unsatisfactory apparently a common attack of “la grippe " in a large number of cases; whether it is due lost all appetite ; when he forced himself to to my method of treatment, or to the treach- eat a little he would either vomit or get severe erous nature of the disease, you will probably pains in stomach and bowels. Bowels were be able to judge.

either costiv or relaxt. Two experienced In the first three or four days, when the fever physicians saw the case with me, but we could runs high and there are considerable rheumatic find nothing the matter with him with the expains, I have found nothing better than a good ception of the above symptoms. Many things sweat. To this end I give Dover's powder to- were tried, both in the way of medicin and gether with plenty of hot lemonade. The foods, but to no avail. He died in eight Dover's powder ameliorates the muscular pains, weeks apparently of starvation, after he got and together with the lemonade, starts a pro- over the first stage of influenza. Another fuse perspiration and an increased flow of committed suicide, due to melancholic insanity urin. At the same time I usually give the following “ la grippe.” Another case, that of U. S. P. cathartic comp., or small doses of a young man 20 years old, became partly calomel, enuf to give one or two stools during insane during the first stage of the disease, but 24 hours, but not any more, as purging will finally recovered in six weeks. What can I do only weaken the patient and not accomplish to prevent or overcome the great mental and any good. Depression of all the vital functions physical depression, which is nearly always seems to be more markt in this disease than in associated with this treacherous disease ? any other; and for this reason I never give any Mr. Editor, I hope I have not tired you o:1t of the coal tar products in this disease except in completely with this long letter; but if I have, a few cases, and then always in combination I can only say that you can congratulate yourwith quinin and strychnin or caffein. A self that I have not sent you the other three favorit capsule with me is acetanilid gr. 3, articles I have written for THE WORLD during quinin sulf. gr. 12, and strych. sulf. gr. to. the last year, but consigned them to the waste In mentioning the coal tar remedies, I think basket myself.

C. P. HORN, M.D. that I have noticed a more markt and longer West Denmark, Wis. continued mental depression where these drugs [We compliment the Doctor on taking our have been given freely during the early stage advice given in these columns a year ago, and of the disease. When there is great weakness writing for the waste basket at home, instead of from the beginning, I give quinin sulf. gr. 2 the waste basket here. How many others have and strych. sulf. gr to every 6 hours, together. done the same? Still there are some who are with the Dover's powder. After the febril offended if their articles do not happen to ap


Sixty Years Ago Compared with the Present


pear. Sometimes really superior articles can- Sixty Years Ago Compared with the Present. not be accomodated, for various reasons ; as Editor MEDICAL WORLD:-Please find in they may not be timely, or we may have had this, one dollar to renew my subscription for too much of that particular subject. Some 1904. The writer has seen many changes in articles that come are not worth printing, even the theory and practise of medicin in the sixty tho the subject be timely and desirable. It is years he has been a medical observer. He the writers of these that are always the most thinks he gets a dollar's worth of rather sad sensitiv about their non-appearance. They amusement—to say nothing of what else he write demanding their return long after they may get-in looking over the pages of THE have disappeared. The way to avoid disap- WORLD, in learning what a heterogeneous pointment is to request return at time of send- mass of ideas are still entertained by the rank ing, inclosing postage for same, if not accept- and file of the profession in regard to the able.-ED.]

treatment of disease, notwithstanding the great

increase of claimed positiv knowledge as to its Persistent Sneezing.

cause and nature, and the recent introduction Editor MEDICAL WORLD:-A well developt this connection we should remember that the

of many new and valuable remedies. Yet in girl of 15 years, a domestic, was engaged in judicious physician does not prescribe for hanging out a washing of clothes late one evening in the latter part of last March, and

names, but for conditions.

With due appreciation of the triumphs of all at once was seized with a violent sneezing, surgery, of the antitoxins, of the gland exwhich she kept up to the hour of midnight, tracts, and sanitation, as life saving agencies, when I was called to see her. When I arrived,

we question whether the acute diseases of the I found her having paroxysms at short intervals.

three great cavities, the head, chest and abdoThe family informed me that it had been a

men, are as successfully treated to-day as they great deal worse before I got there. Upon examination I found pulse, temperature and

were fifty years ago. Take pneumonia for

example, with its fearful mortality, under its respiration normal, or nearly so; I also examined the nasal passages and throat, the best

present treatment; any change in treatment, I could under the circumstances, being eight

or no treatment, could hardly make matters

worse. Formerly many pneumonic patients miles from my office without a very great sup

were bled-perhaps too often and too freely, ply of instruments. However, I administered

now possibly not enuf. a hypodermic of morphin and atropin and re

Blood letting has

come down to us from more than a thousand mained with patient till morning. She rested

years of believed experience of its utility. fairly well thru the latter part of the night, and said upon awaking that she felt better, but

Were all these generations deceived as to its

doing mischief, rather than good? or has disoccasionally would sneeze. After giving some

ease changed in its type and character, so that instructions and leaving some medicin for

blood letting is no longer useful? Judging patient I returned to my office, hoping that the

from several recent well considered journal paroxysms of sneezing were from some local articles, we would seem to be slowly drifting cause, and that the patient would come all

back to the use of the lancet or leeches in the right; but it was not so ; four or five weeks afterward I was called to see patient again, gested lungs and over-distended right heart

treatment of pneumonia, to unload the conwith a similar attack to the first. I adminis: (where heart failure begins, the left heart betered an anodyne, made another partial exami; coming secondarily affected). The abstracnation without any success as to cause, and

tion of blood lightens the load and relieves prescribed for further treatment, blindly, for

the over distended right heart. It is a quesyet I could not tell what was the matter, and I

tion whether it is not better to lighten the would be very glad if some of The WORLD's

load first, at least before resorting to the whip family would give me their views on the sub- and spur with digitalis and strychnin. ject. Patient kept up the sneezing for a month

When I was a medical student in the forties or more, at intervals, after my last visit, and

of the last century, my worthy preceptor in a died a raving maniac. A number of other

country village often used the lancet, and as physicians saw her, but none could tell what was the trouble.


my memory serves me, judiciously, from its

favorable influence over disease. In my early Bryantsville, Ky.

practise I used the lancet as I thought, and

think now, to the benefit of my patients, and Editor Medical World:-Find enclosed $1.00, which pays for have continued to use it as I have thought your valuable journal the coming year (1904). This is the third year that I have read your journal. I may drop The WORLD

advisable from that time up to date. Quite when I drop the practise of medicin, but not before. Hurrah for recently I bled a hospital patient in the pres

R. A. Brown, M.D. Bellemont, 0. T., Dec. 8, 1903.

ence of several members of the staff, not one

ye Editor and The WORLD!

The paper

of whom had ever performed phlebotomy or the treatment of anemia to-day. We knew had ever seen it performed.

nothing of the micro-organism of malarial During the first ten to fifteen years of my fever, but we could diagnose the disease from professional life, when blood letting was popu- the recurring chills, fever and sweats, and we lar with the public and the profession, at the killed the parasites then, as now, with quinin, earnest request of patients I now and then and during my teens our country village docused the lancet against my judgment as to its tor prescribed fresh air for his consumptiv usefulness, but from this effusion of blood I patients.

ALFRED MERSER, M.D. never saw any evil results. During the fifties Syracuse, N. Y. and early sixties of the last century, for some reason—it is difficult to say what reason

Sphygmographic Tracings. blood letting became unfashionable with the profession and the public, and with the pro

Editor MEDICAL WORLD :-As to preserving fession I largely drifted from the use of the sphygmographic tracings, dip them into a thin lancet.

solution of shellac in alcohol, Canada balsam It is scarcely forty years since the clinical

in chloroform, or gum dammar in benzol-say thermometer came into general use, and yet

one to six-kept in a long wide-mouth (172 James Currie, M.D., of Edinburgh, wrote and

inches wide), then layon a piece of publisht under the date of January 1, 1790,

blotting paper, smoked side up, and in a the following account of a patient: "Sixteen

few minutes they will be dry. hours after the first attack her heat at the

should be i x 6 inches, and smoked over a axilla was 103 deg. of Fahrenheit, her pulse small piece of burning camphor, not in the 112 in the minute and strong, her thirst great, flame, as this would leave small pieces of soot her tongue furred, and her skin dry. Five

on the paper, which would stop the movement gallons of salt water of the temperature of 44

of the tracing needle. In my opinion, the deg. were poured over her naked body, at five

“Dudgeon sphygmograph " is the best, beo'clock in the afternoon, and after being to apply, the least likely to get out of order,

cause the simplest in mechanism, the easiest hastily dried with towels, she was replaced in bed. When the agitation and sobbing had

and the cheapest. subsided, her pulse was found to be at the rate

CHARLES H. COCKEY, M.D. of 96 strokes in the minute, and in half an

Baltimore, Md. hour afterwards it had fallen to 80. The heat was reduced to 98 deg. by the affusion."

Answers. the clinical thermometer was in use more than Editor MEDICAL WORLD :-It is so very a century ago. After having been once in- seldom that I ever attempt to write anything troduced it is most surprising that so useful for publication that I am a bit awkward at an instrument should have dropt out of use composition. However, I have just finisht and out of the literature and text books of the reading the January number of your excellent profession for more than half a century. journal, and I must say that it is brimful of

The writer practised medicin for twenty interesting matter to the busy practician; and years or more without a clinical thermometer. as I see some help is wanted for various troubles Then the profession cultivated the sense of by the brethren, I venture to offer a few sugtouch as to temperature to a high degree of gestions for some of them, the remedies having perfection, as the blind and the deaf and been very successful in my hands. Dr. Shirk, dumb cultivate thei her senses. With the page 29, try the following for after pains : thermometer, the microscope and laboratory R as aids to diagnosis, it is a question whether Sulf. quinin

Acetanilid comp. the profession has not fallen off to its disad.

Salol. vantage from its former critical study and Sulf. codein analysis of bedside symptoms of disease.

M. et ft. caps. No. 12. Sig.-One every two hours word in regard to the vaunted present in the

as needed. treatment of disease compared with that of

W. Va., page 36, try the following in confifty years ago. We could not measure the

nection with proper tonics for nocturnal emis

sions : temperature in typhoid fever with a thermometer, but we knew the patient was morbidly

R hot, and we cooled him then as now, with

Cupri sulf. ammoniated
Liq. ammonia

. gtt. x baths. We could not count the leukocytes Aqua dest., q. s.

oz. j and blood corpuscles, but we could diagnose

M. Sig.-Five drops night and morning. anemia by the wan cheek and pale lip, and H. S., page 32, I would suggest that you prescribe iron, arsenic and other remedies wash out your bladder three or four times a with the same indifferent success that attends week with a quart of warm water, to which has


gr. xxiv gr. xxiv gr. xij gr. ij

gr. vj

been added from one to two ounces of glyco- a dose or two has not failed me in a practise of thymoline.

14 years. I usually give a dram dose of fl. ext. H. S. W., touching your rectal ulcer with a of ergot at the end of the third stage of labor. solution of nitrate silver, twenty grains to one Also leave as a routine 4 to 10 grs. of calomel ounce, three or four times a week, will, in to give at bedtime following labor, and as a addition to the cleansing and iodoform oint result have very rarely any call for combating ment, be of benefit to you.

septic fevers. Have patient take helonias I find I have better success in treating pneu- cordial, t. i. d., thru lying-in period. monia with a fly blister than without it.

Pilot Oak, Ky.

BERRY BOWEN. Sheffield, Ala.


Editor MEDICAL WORLD :-Gastro-intestinal For After-Pains.

trouble, page 33, January World, signed Editor MEDICAL WORLD :-I see in January " Medicin. Tell the Doctor to use sol. acetoWORLD an article from Dr. F. M. Shirk, of zone, P. D. & Co., grains vijss to pint of Lost Springs, Kansas, asking for a specific for water. Prepare as directed for typhoid fever. after-pains. I will give him a formula that I prescribe one pint daily in divided doses in will help him a great deal. It is as near a similar cases of fermentiv, and in acute or specific as anything I have ever used; of course chronic diarrheas. The other treatment about it will fail sometimes, but not often :

as you have indicated. I formerly used listerR

ine and hydrogen dioxid, but find the acetoTr. viburnum opulus

zone much the best. Tr. viburnum prunifolium, āā Giij

Hutchinson, Kan.

S. M. C. Tr, macrotys:

gtts. xx Tr. Jamaica dogwood.

3j. Water q.s.


Nocturnal Emissions. M. Sig. - Teaspoonful every hour until relieved, then every three hours for twenty-four hours.

Editor MEDICAL WORLD :-In reply to the I think if he will try, that he will find it will

brother from W. Va., relativ to castration for help his patients very much. I use Lloyd's nocturnal emissions (page 36), will say no; specific tinctures.

B. C. Hodges. but cure him by giving him i to 3 gr. of sanHigh Springs, Florida.

tonin, say at 9 a. m., 3 p. m., and one hour

before bedtime. Give him 3gr. hydrobromEditor MEDICAL WORLD:-Tell Dr. S.,

ate of hyoscin, preferably the hypo. tabs., for

the morphinism. I don't think you'll be dis(page 29 of January World) that there is sure


W. A. R. relief for after-pains in specific tincture of mac

Mo. rotys (Lloyd Bros. of Cincinnati, Mfrs.). In all cases it is the whole thing. Of course

Cold Feet, Consultations, Etc. when there is great or persistent relaxation of Editor MEDICAL WORLD :-For “cold feet” the uterus, ergot must be employed. But mac- of anybody any time; greasing them with camrotys is indicated for every case, because it phorated oil is a splendid preventiv. tranquilizes, palliates soreness and pain, and I have practised medicin twenty years and procures rest. Dosage is practically unlimited.

never have askt or permitted help from a conA teaspoonful to a goblet of water, of which sultant that benefited the patient or promoted solution a teaspoonful every half hour for a few pleasant professional relations. “Consultadoses, or every hour, answers the purpose. tion” theoretically is right, but practically it Why authors of text-books quoted ignore the does nothing but make trouble. If I can not claims of macrotys to exploit inferior claims of handle a case to suit either myself or the the opium family is inexplicable, except in the patient and his friends, I withdraw from the supposition that they are better acquainted field and let some other physician have a with said family. That is on a par with a like chance to get some glory out of it if he can. overlooking of the matchless claims of Nor- When I am called in as consultant I have as wood's tincture of veratrum viride for puer- little to do with the patient and his friends as peral convulsions. R. B. McCall, M.D. possible, and if I can give the attending physiHamersville, Ohio.

cian any hints which he can use to help the

patient, I do so in his office, or at least away Editor MEDICAL WORLD :-In reply to Dr. from the patient's knowledge. I do not treat Shirk's appeal for a sure relief of after-pains, his case. "one that does not depress” (page 29, Jan. Definit alkaloidal treatment by dispensing issue), will recommend Merrell's helonias cor- physicians is a certain feature of the near future. dial given in dram doses, two hours apart These activ principles of drugs should be disuntil relieved, then three times daily. Should penst in the form of thin soluble tablets which this not give ready relief, 10 grs. of chloral for will not roll all over the table in dispensing as with you.


“granules” do, and each vial should be defi- every summer he sends for a little of the nitly and fully labeled with directions for medicins. special use. There is no factory now in exist- For an all around application for ordinary ence which puts out satisfactory products of eczema nothing compares with a prescription this nature.

given in your valuable publication by Dr. StetOne of my homeopathic friends once told me son, of Maine, and publisht on page 327 of the that homeopathy consisted essentially in giving August, 1902, WORLD. It has proved of so a medicin which would increase the disease a lit- much value to me that I have often thought tle in order that Nature would be stimulated to you should publish the formula once a year, greater antagonizing efforts in restoring health. like you do the sulfocarbolate-bismuth-nutmeg “ You can jump farther if you go back and take summer complaint remedy which is so valua run,” as he put it.

able. “Surgical” cleanliness

cleanliness is impossible in Now, Dr. Taylor, use your blue pencil on ordinary country obstetrical work. "If a doctor this as you choose ; but I have sponged so will wash his hands thoroly with McClintock's much valuable information from THE WORLD germicidal soap and fill the spaces under the that I feel inclined to offer the few suggestions nails with this soap in place of the usual dirt above to your mighty family of readers; found there, he will have as much freedom whether or not they ever hear of them remains from septic troubles in his cases as any hospital in the land can show. A. D. HARD, M.D. I inclose a fee bill adopted by the Carroll Marshall, Minn.

County, Ill., doctors, and is, I believe, generally adhered to.

GLENN E. MERSHON, M. D. Answers.

Mt. Carroll, Ill.

Barnes, St. Louis, 1901 Editor MEDICAL WORLD:~It is surprising [The formula from August, 1902, WORLD, to me that none of the valuable text-books you above referred to, for eczema is very simple. quote in the January WORLD with reference to Here it is : the treatment of after-pains mention viburnum opulus. This remedy, the fluid extract (P. D. Hydrarg. chlor, mite & Co.), in conjunction with a little tincture gel

Plumbi acetatis pulv., äā


Adeps semium or cimicifuga (whichever indicated) has

Thoroly rub together and apply once or twice a day. always successfully combated this annoying Internally, Fowler's solution ten drops in a wine condition. Dr. Shirk can use the remedy

glass of water after each meal for adult till swelling of

the eyelids occurs--children in proportion. after acquainting himself with its therapeutic indications.

We wish to say to the Doctor, that we wish Dr. Crittenden (page 16) can warm up those

all other practical and successful doctors cold feet with tincture capsicum three drams,

would adopt his method of paying his indebtedalcohol three ounces, applied after a hot foot

ness to the fraternity. Many do, as our columns bath every night for a week. This is also

show, but many more do not. -Ed.] excellent for chilblains.

In writing of the remedies manufactured by Fee Bill of the Carroll County (Illinois) Med. the Abbott Co., Dr. Robinson did not men.

ical Society, Adopted Dec. 9, 1902. tion one of their most valuable products. At

Officers--J. Hallar, President, Lanark; F. H. Snow, Vice-Pres.

ident, Chadwick; H. S. Metcalf, Secretary and Treasurer, Mt. least, I regard it as such, namely, iodized cal

Carroll. cium. In croup it is the “real thing." Give

Physicians of Carroll County-R. C. Burton, Savanna; A. D.

Hunter, Savanna; G. W. Johnson, Savanna; J. D. Lyness, one-third of a grain in one teaspoonful of hot Savanna; L. H. Maloney, Savanna; W. W. McGrath, Savanna;

J. B. Schreiter, Savanna; S. P. Colehour, Jr., Mt. Carroll; D. M. water every ten minutes to a suffocating child, Greeley, Mt. Carroll; H. J. Hughes, Mt. Carroll; G. E. Mershon, and the effect is wonderful. Have been using

Mt. Carroll; H. S. Metcalf, Mt. Carroll: R. B. Rice, Mt. Car

roll; N. Rinedollar, Mt. Carroll; R. P. Wales, Mt. Carroll; R. it this winter with markt success in tonsillitis H. Wood, Mt Carroll; J. Haller, Lanark; T. 1. Packard, Lanalso.

ark; H. W. Wales, Lanark; A H, Wales, Lanark; W. H. Dur.

kee, Thomson ; F. E. Melugin, Thompson: W. H. Miller, ChadDr. Hovorka (page 28) might try my rem

wick; FH. Snow, Chadwick; R. C. Miller, Shannon; J. E.

Porter, Shannon; A. E. Auringer, Milledgeville; R. McPherson, edies for his weeping eczema. I have a similar Milledgeville ; J. D. Overholser, Milledgeville; J. A. Wright, case in a man who is an operator (telegraph)

Fairhaven ; C. W. McPherson, Hazelhurst. during the winter, but in the summer time is Visit in city, 6 a. m. to 9 p. m.

$1 00 a race horse trainer and rider. Just as soon

Visit in city, 9. p. m. to 6 a. m.

$1.50 to 2.00

For each additional person prescribed for as he begins this wind-splitting occupation he where more than one member of fambecomes affected precisely as Dr. H. My

ily is sick at same time.

.50 to 1.00

Rising at night and advice or prescription, 1.00 to 2.00 treatment is Donovan's solution, five drops in

Visiting contagious diseases · 2.00 to 5.00 plus mileage water after meals, and unguentine applied Visit in country (Day).

1.00 plus mileage locally, with attention to secretions. It has

Visit in country (Night) Same as day plus 50 percent
Office prescriptions

.50 to 2.00 always relieved him in a very short time, and Consultation

5.00 plus mileage

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