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The above prices apply to cases in the city. Cases in the country, the above prices with mileage in addition, per mile or fraction thereof, 50 cents.

Services not enumerated in the foregoing at corresponding rates.



Each additional visit to same patient 3.00 plus mileage Vaccination ..

.50 to 1.00 Obstetrical services in city, labor not exceeding eight hours

10.00 Each additional hour after eight hours.

-50 Delivery of placenta in town.

5.00 to 10.00 In country, add mileage. Version

15.00 to 25.00 Instrumental labor.

15.00 to 25.00 Subsequent attention extra. Use of catheter

1.00 to 5.00 Use of rectal or vaginal speculum with treatment.

1.00 to 5.00 Introduction of pessary

2.00 to 5.00 Local treatment of diseases of eye, ear, nose or throat .

.50 to 5.00 Dressing wound at office.

1.00 up Redressing same

.50 up Physical examination of chest or abdomen, with opinion ,

1.00 to 5.00 Chemical examination of the urin, with opinion

1.00 to 2.00 Microscopical examination of the urin, with opinion.

2.00 to 10.00 Microscopical examination of sputum 3.00 to 10.00 Fluoroscopic examination

2.00 to 10.00 Tapping abdomen.

. 10.00 to 25.00 Tapping for Hydrocele

2.00 to 5.00 Tapping Thorax.

25.00 to 50.00 Gonorrhea, first treatment, in advance. 2.00 up Each subsequent treatment

1.00 up Syphilis, first treatment, in advance.

5.00 Each subsequent treatment

1.00 up Electrical treatment .

1.00 to 2.00 Administering anaesthetic

2.50 to 10.00 Adjusting truss

2.00 to 10.00 Reducing hernia by taxis

5.00 to 25.00 Operation for strangulated hernia

50.00 up Circumcision

10.00 to 25.00 Operation for varicocele.

15.00 up Operation for hemorrhoids, when an anæsthetic is given .

25.00 up Operation for lacerated 'perineum (secondary).

25.00 up Operation for lacerated cervix.

25.00 up Extirpation of tumors

2.00 to 100.00 Operation for hare-lip

25.00 up Enucleation of eye

25.00 up Ligation of artery.

. 10.00 to 50.00 Treating lacerated wounds of scalp

1.00 up Reducing fracture of femur

25.00 to 100.00 of tibia or fibula 25.00 to 50.00 of humerus

25.00 to 50.00 of forearm

15.00 to 25.00 of fingers or toes 5.00 to 10.00 of clavicle

15.00 to 25.00 of scapula

15.00 to 25.00 of patella.

25.00 to 50.00 of ribs

5.00 to 10.00 of inferior maxillary . 20.00 to 50.00 of nose

5.00 to 10.00 of hip:

· 25.00 to 75.00 Each subsequent visit or treatment in cases of fracture, dislocation and amputation same as ordinary visitor

treatment. Reducing dislocation of ankle or knee. . 25.00 to 50.00

of shoulder or elbow 15.00 to 50.00 of wrist.

. 15.00 to 25.00 of fingers or toes . · 5.00 to 10.00

of inferior maxillary 10.00 to 25.00 Amputation of thigh.

50.00 to 100.00 of leg.

50.00 to 75.00 of forearm

. 25.00 to 50.00 of arm

· 50.00 to 75.00 of fingers and toes

10.00 to 15.00 Minor surgical work at office

2.00 to 5.00 Plaster paris dressing

3.00 to 10.00 Cureting

25.00 Excision of tonsils, each tonsil

5.00 up Administering antitoxin

5.00 up Bacteriological investigation

5.00 up Post mortem, by request or in legal investigation

25.00 to 100.00

Editor MEDICAL WORLD:-I send you a copy of the fee bill of the Delaware County Medical Society of Indiana :

Prescriptions, not less than .

$ .50
Surgical dressings, not less than

Minor operations, not less than .
Critical examination, not less than 3.00

City, not less than

City, night, not less than

2.00 Each additional mile.

Each additional patient in same family. .50

Labor, natural, in city, not less than
Labor, instrumental, not less than 15.00
Labor, turning, not less than .

Labor, twins, not less than .

Mileage additional.

Thigh, not less than .

Leg, not less than

25.00 Arm, not less than

15.00 Forearm, not less than

15.00 Rib, not less than

10.00 Clavicle, not less than

After treatment additional.

Hip, not less than

Knee, not less than .

25.00 Ankle, not less than

25.00 Shoulder, not less than .

25.00 Elbow, not less than

Wrist, not less than

City, not less than

Country, mileage additional.

Thigh, not less than

Leg or arm, not less than

40.00 Toe or finger, not less than .

Chloroform in latter additional.

Hernia, taxis, not less than .

Hernia, operation, not less than

50.00 Tonsils, excision of, not less than

Hydrocele, tapping for, not less than

Hydrocele, radical cure, not less than 15.00
Hydrothorax, tapping, not less than 25.00
Ascites, tapping, not less than

Fistula in ano, operation, not less than 15.00
Fistula, lachrymalis, operation, not less

Hare-lip, operation for, not less than .

25.00 Arteries, ligation of, not less than

5.00 Catheterism, not less than

Prolapsus ani, reduction, not less than

Gonorrhea, treatment of, not less than. 5.00
Chancres, treatment of, not less than . 10.00
Syphilis, treatment of, not less than 50.00

Chloroform, administration, not less than

5.00 Post mortem, for coroner, not less than . 50.00 Muncie, Ind.

H. D. FAIR, M.D..


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degrees 57.

One pint

Formula of Peruna.

Balsam of Fir for Chronic Constipation. Peruna is a combination of the activ princi- Editor MEDICAL WORLD :-On page 35, ples obtained from cedron, copaiba, cubebs, January number of The WORLD, you give buchu, calisaya, collinsonia, canadensis, cor- an elaborate treatment for chronic constidalis, formosa (each deodorized by a peculiar pation. In connection with the above I beg process) and double distilled cologne spirits, to state that, from 1872 to 1880 I suffered

from chronic constipation, and I tried every[This comes from Dr. R. A. Clopton, of thing suggested in your reply, but without Milan, Tenn., who claims that it was sent to avail. What I endured was something terhim by Dr. Hartman of the Peruna Co. The rible. Finally, I began to reason thus : above is just as received by us.-Ed.]

The retention of the feces over their proper Editor MEDICAL WORLD :-In reply to Dr.

time, and for so long a period, has caused an

irritation of the membrane of the bowel, and Holsteen's inquiry I give you the formula for anything which will travel the length of the peruna, as I got it:

bowels and retain its healing virtue, persisted R Copaiba.

in, must of necessity cure. Having previously Cubebs

healed abrasions of the skin with balsam of Calisaya bark, ground. Stoneroot (collinsonia), ground

fir, and believing that it would pass thru the Corydalis (turkey corn), ground.

bowels without losing any of its healing powAlcohol . .

ers, I decided to give it a fair trial. I then Add all the ingredients to the alcohol, let bought 200 three-grain capsules, filled them stand one week, shake the bottle frequently, with the balsam, and took five after each meal. and finally strain thru several thicknesses of For the first week, I was annoyed with belchmuslin, or filter thru filtering paper.

ing the odor from the balsam, but in four Dallas, Texas. VERE V. HUNT, M.D. weeks I was so much benefited that I became

very hopeful, and in four weeks more I was as lodized Lime.

regular as anyone. And I am pleased to say MEDICAL WORLD Family :--Now while you that I have not been troubled in that way will need it, let me recommend to you the dark since. iodid of lime, or iodized lime, in coughs and I had a daughter, now deceased, who suffered colds. Use 5 grains in glass of water. Take in the same manner for three years. Somea teaspoonful every 10 to 20 minutes to break how she couldn't make up her mind to take up a cold. You will find this also a superior the balsam, but trified with cascarets and many remedy in quinsy, 10 grains to 4 ounces of other laxativs until it became unbearable. water; a teaspoonful every 15 to 30 minutes finally she resorted to the balsam, and when in the beginning. For membranous croup she was cured she remarkt to her mother, there is nothing so good; 10 grains to 4 “ This is the greatest pleasure of my life." ounces of water; a teaspoonful every 10 to 60 I have advised numerous others to use the minutes. The breathing soon becomes easier, remedy, and all were cured. It does wonders the distress gradually disappears, the mem- in catarrh of the stomach and bowels. brane is absorbed or cought up. Yes, I have Now, Sir, please don't publish this, but seen it cought up in shreds and pieces. submit it to " Old Subscriber" and request

After trying many things in the last 28 him to give it a fair trial, and report results. years, and testing this for about 15 years, I I know that it will do the business, but I would can confidently recommend it. While I use much rather that some physician would give it other indicated remedies and measures, the to the profession, and thus benefit humanity. iodized lime is my main dependence. Breth- Baltimore, Md.

W. C. Kaiss. ren of the profession, learn this splendid rem- [It seems that Mr. Kaiss is not a physician, edy.

but I find that he is a subscriber. We do not Now will some one, or our good Editor, encourage the laity to subscribe for The please send me the formula for Miles' Nervine? World; in fact we prefer that it be kept away I do not want to use it, but would like to ex- from the laity, except doctors' wives. Howpose it as I have “Safe Kidney Cure.” The ever, we cannot limit it entirely ; but we do 5. Nervine" is used here. Please help me to not think the lines should be drawn on expose it.

intelligent and interested a member of the With a good wish to our Editor and each laity as Mr. Kaiss. As to “ Old Subscriber,'' paid subscriber, I am fraternally yours, the other members of the family are as good as

L. W. HENDERSHOTT, M.D. he, so we decide to give the above to all. Mill Shoals, Ill.

(We do not know the formula for Miles' Nervine.-ED.]

A first-class battleship costs as much as all the 94 buildings of Harvard University.




January business. February business. This year's bus,


A Method of Book-keeping for Doctors.

Editor MEDICAL WORLD :--Physicians are considered very poor book-keepers, and we are constantly being urged to buy some short form of book-keeping. I have my own method, which is short, yet complete. I wouldn't exchange it for any I ever saw. I always know exactly the amount each of my patients is due me, and the exact condition of my practise each month, and year, as compared with any previous month or year. inclose sample pages, which explain my method. If you think it of any value to the “family," kindly publish.

Paris, Texas. G. F. THORNHILL, M.D.

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Let January and February represent the twelve months. You can see how your business increases each month and each year. This ought to be as valuable to the Doctor as to the merchant.

Automobiles Not Popular. Editor MEDICAL WORLD:-Your advice,' or rather your correspondents' advice to the majority of country physicians, to let automobiles alone, is practical and true, and as long (to use the words of a judge in an automobile damage suit) as the vehicle is a luxury, a new beginner, or even a doctor in moderately good circumstances, will do well to let it alone. For, as the very same judge says, an automobile, no less than a traction engine, is not a regular business vehicle, to be driven at any time or without any precaution on public highways. An automobile is a luxury which but the smallest number of inhabitants can procure for themselves; hence must be subjected to certain rules and regulations, lest the harm which they cause should outweigh the benefit.

The claim that an automobile may save the life of a patient by the speed it can be made to make is only true in a very few instances; for cases where human life depends on 15 to 30 minutes are not common; and even if they occurred more often than they do, yet it would be difficult to prove legally that it was the speed of the doctor and his vehicle that saved the patient's life.

An automobile in a small town, which may be found at any time anywhere along the public roads, and without any restrictions, is very dangerous to the public in general. No woman or child dare drive even the gentlest horse, for fear of meeting the strange thing. Hence it makes virtually a prisoner of every woman in the neighborhood not an expert driver.

The suit is not yet ended, hence I cannot tell you the result; but this much is sure:. A doctor who, with his automobile, prevents many an old or young lady from taking her usual ride of a summer evening, or who is the cause of acci. dents, will hardly be employed by the majority of the people.

Batesville, Ind.


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JNO. Smith.



6 00

Jan. 1 Visit wife, $1.50, 2 1.50, 3 1.50, 4 1.50. $6 00

1.50, 61.50, 7 1.50, 8" 1.50.
Feb. 18 Night V. self, $3.00, Circum'd Jim, 10.00.... 13 00
Aug. 20 Delivered wife, $25.00, 30th V. Mary, 1.50.. 26 50
Sept. 1 By cash.....

$51 50 $51 50 $51 50


Let There Be Light.

generic term “physician," until the regular "Let us open ourselves to every source of light, and medical schools give instructions in the fundastrive to find the truth.” (Jan. WORLD, page 37, bot- mental principles of the different methods of tom of second column, note by the Editor.)

treating disease expression as now taught by To this I say, amen ! And when we have all socalled schools of medicin. Then the seen the light, let us acknowledge the source term physician will signify a great deal. of it.

“Let us open ourselves to every source of How many physicians know who discovered light, and strive to find the truth." And and introduced such a well known remedy as after we have found the truth, let us speak it podophyllin? This remedy is used daily by in open meeting. W. H. RUSSELL, M.D. thousands of physicians of the different so- Ipswich, Mass. called “schools, yet I doubt if many know that podophyllin was discovered and intro- The Proposed Medical Protectiv Associations. duced by Dr. John King, one of the war Editor MEDICAL WORLD:-Some of my corhorses of eclecticism, in the year 1835.

respondents, in response to my article in OctoHow many physicians give credit to our ber WORLD, page 456, have suggested the homeopathic brethren for discovering the existence of professional jealousies as therapeutic value of nitro-glycerin?

serious obstacle to the formation of the above. From whence came the idea of giving bry- I am fully aware of the existing strenuous onia in diseases of the respiratory organs? in competition and antagonisms in which our looking over works on materia medica we find code of ethics has been trampled in the dust, that bryonia is “an irritant to the gastro- but I thought I was presenting a platform intestinal mucous membranes ; a hydragog upon which all might assemble. One of the cathartic.” How came it to pass that gradu- chief objects of the M. P. A.'s would be to inates of schools which placed the above works culcate an improved method of business. No on materia medica in the hands of students, business can be successful if conducted in the are using bryonia, pulsatilla, and other rem- careless way the average doctor's is. He gives edies not mentioned by the professor of ma- credit to all sorts of people, and enters into teria medica during their course of study ? cases entailing long continued and arduous Evidently the light was reflected on them services, on the mere chance of being paid, from the eclectics and homeopaths.

and for the sake of practise. His books show I would say to Dr. Anderson, page 37, Jan- the entries of numerous small sums not worth uary WORLD, that the terms“ regular," eclec- the expense of collecting, were it possible to tic, etc., must of necessity_be used by the do so. I have at hand the card of a London different medical sects. The members of physician. After setting forth fees and mileage these sects are physicians in the same sense at the rate of $2.50 per mile out of the city, is that the members of the various and numerous the following: “All fees to be paid at the religious sects are called Christians. They time, except by arrangement." · Letters are all striving to attain the same end by dif- asking for advice should inclose fee." ferent methods; and each sect is confident We shall require the moral support of that its method is the best.

association to inaugurate this system in The eclectics haye evolved a rich and valu- this country. Many doctors would be afraid able materia medica from our indigenous plants; to refuse a prescription without a fee, fearhence they style themselves the American ing the loss of a patient; but the loss of a school. The homeopathic school rests upon prospectiv patient of the class who habitually the solid rock, “similia similibus curantur.” visit a doctor with the old story “have not The eclectic prescribes his remedies in accord- any money now" is not an unmitigated evil. ance with “specific indications,” the funda- If you credit such patients, as a speculation, mental doctrin of that school of medicin. and

or later press for payment, The homeopath finds the same indications for they take offense and go to another doctor and remedies in 1904 that were recorded 100 years abuse you. The doctor also who accepts reago by the father of homeopathy. A remedy duced fees and allows his bills to be heavily which relieved a certain condition 100 years discounted, lowers himself in the estimation of ago will, in the hands of the homeopathic the people, who generally accept us at our own prescriber, produce the same results today. valuation. If in his good nature he accepts How many remedies are used by the socalled the plea that his patient has little or no money, "regular school today in the same manner he will generally find that money can be found as they were 100 years ago? or even 20 years for indulgence in vices and pleasures, but not ago ?

for the doctor. I do not think the terms which designate Many years ago, when practising in New the different medical sects will be lost in the York, a set of pseudo-fashionable people there,



heat rays.

having exhausted the patience of the city doc- treatment of skin diseases by the Finsen systors, fastened themselves upon the doctors of tem has recently been opened, and altho sevLong Branch, who eventually formed a “ black eral lamps were in operation, I was informed

They shut the stable door after the by Prof. Sequeira that considerable time must steed was stolen.

elapse before all on the waiting list could reIt is folly for doctors to go on year after ceive treatment. year accumulating on their books, with all the In Copenhagen, Prof. Finsen was found full attendant bother, entries for fees which will of enthusiasm, and always ready to give the never be paid, thus encouraging the army of most detailed information concerning the work dead beats preying upon us and cunningly of the parent institute. Prof. Finsen has distaking advantage of the well known competi- covered how to construct an arc light prodution amongst us, when a remedy is in our own cing a maximum amount of violet rays; he has hands.

workt out the problem of condensing and Jos. Fitz MATHEW, M.D. focusing them, and screening out the light and West Sound, Wash.

The Finsen rays (violet) are a

powerful bactericide; they have a strong tonic Malignant Skin Diseases and the Finsen Ray. effect on the skin, enlarging the capillaries,

Editor MEDICAL WORLD:--The announce- accelerating metabolism, and penetrating the ment is made that lupus and cancer are being interior cavities of the body. There are no successfully treated by the liquid air treat- pain, no complications,' no danger; in a word, ment, and that the results obtained are emi- the Finsen treatment is an ideal therapeutic nently gratifying. It is to be hoped that these method, and I think in the not far distant reports will be verified by the test of time and future it will form a part of the equipment of experience. I have long been interested in the every progressiv physician. treatment of malignant skin diseases, and re- I append a brief description of the Finsen cently visited the hospitals of England and lamp as used in the various hospitals of Europe Europe to note the methods there used in com- and in the branch institute at Chicago, which bating lupus and other diseases heretofore is the only one in this country: thought incurable.

The Finsen light is a large specially conMy investigations were essentially of the structed arc lamp of 20,000 candle power, or Finsen method, for no other mode of treat- twenty times stronger than an ordinary street ment has any appreciable effect on well defined lamp, and uses from sixty to eighty amperes of cases. That lupus vulgaris can be permanent- current. This lamp burns a specially made carly cured must now be accepted as a fact by the bon, which can only be procured at Copenmedical world, for 97 percent of the cases of hagen. In the upper holder is a large carbon, the dread disease are now cured in the various while a smaller one is used in the bottom Finsen Light Institutes thruout the world. holder. When properly adjusted for arcking, Lupus is a disease thought to be rare in the a maximum number of violet and ultra violet United States, and yet the number of cases rays are produced. presented for treatment at the Finsen Light The advantage of the Finsen lamp over Institute of America in Chicago demonstrates others is in the greater number of violet rays that it is more widespread than is usually sup- produced. The Finsen lamp produces a much posed.

greater number of chemical rays than sunlight, I have personally investigated the methods as the atmosphere absorbs a large percentage of used in the various Finsen Light Institutes in

these rays.

The light is so intense that it is England and in continental Europe, as well as impossible to look at it with the naked eye ; the Chicago branch, and the results obtained it is necessary for all the attendants and paby the use of light (phototherapy) certainly tients to wear dense smoked glasses while the border on the marvelous. It is pitiful to see lamp is in operation ; an aluminum hood about the number applying at the various institutes two feet wide surrounds the lamp, which hood that cannot be treated. In Manchester at the is fringed on its lower border with a deep crimSalford Skin Hospital, Prof. Brooke informed son colored paper skirt to further aid in exme that they were unable to treat half the pa- cluding the diffused light from the patients. tients who applied, and $125,000 is being sub- The concentrated rays are carried from the scribed for a new hospital for skin diseases arc to the patients thru four telescopic tubes, where 200 can be treated daily. The Finsen known as converging tubes, suspended at an institutes are thronged with patients because angle of forty-five degrees. The tubes conthe Finsen treatment actually cures, cases of taining a series of rock and crystal lenses so forty years' standing have been benefited, and arranged that reservoirs for running water exthe average age of the cases is eleven years. ist between them. By means of the water In London an immense department for the screen and rock crystal lenses, all rays but the

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