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violet are eliminated, and these are converged phites, or sulf. arse if there is itching, and and concentrated, thus vastly increasing the most intolerable burning after scratching. healing and bactericidal effects. The heat Graphites: dryness of skin, humid tetters and from the original arc is so intense that to pre- eruptions; itching, stinging rawness of skin. vent cracking of the lenses and discomfort to Sulf.: skin cold, pale, dry, chapt, exanthe patients, a stream of cold water is kept thema, voluptuous itching, tingling after constantly circulating thru the reservoirs or scratching. Get remedies at a homeopathic water screens. To further concentrate and pharmacy. Get solution from the 6x as high cool the rays a compressor is provided which as the zoth. Sig., 40 drops in 33 glass of consists of two rock crystal lenses so arranged water, 4 teaspoonful doses daily. Forbid that a chamber. for running water exists be- patient to eat pork, or to drink any intoxicattween them. This part of the apparatus is ing drinks. Your journal is the best I have used to compress the affected area and make it ever read. It is doing more to fraternize the bloodless during the treatment, thus facilitat- brotherhood than all the other medical jouring deeper penetration. The Finsen arc light nals extant.

Jas. C. KENNEDY. has been used with markt success in curing 4833 Butler st., Pittsburg, Pa. many skin diseases, formerly thought incurable, [We suppose that “arse" means arsenic. especially lupus and rodent ulcer. During a It would be well for homeopaths, and perhaps period of six years the Finsen Medical Light eclectics, also, to write out the names of remeInstitute at Copenhagen has grown from a very dies very plainly and in full. Then there will small shed, where they were able to treat only be no danger of error.-Ed.). one patient at a time, to a magnificent institution where they are now treating 300 people

Homeopathic Replies. daily, and light institutes have been estab

Page 17. Dr. Crittenden, will get some benefit from lisht in London, England; St. Petersburg, phenacetin, in small doses, frequently repeated for Russia; Paris, France, and Chicago, Illinois; some time. Gelsemium is also good. We use silica where they are all carrying on a similar work

generally, but that curativ remedy has to be very finely

triturated to be effectiv. Hot bath to feet at bedtime, to the parent institution.

cold water to feet in morning, well rubbed. The treatment has proven efficacious in

Page 22. Dr. Boynton: The engaged physician, should

be paid, if not his fault in being present. An attorney many other skin diseases besides lupus and

will collect for himself under similar circumstances. rodent ulcer, such as acne, alopecia areata,

Page 25. Dr. McCrory and some others have not read localized eczema, chronic ulcers and nevus.

my article in November WORLD correctly. The Editor

put the heading on, and it is misleading. The suggesThe treatments are given while the patients re- tions I made are to help Nature to become normal, cline on couches. The affected area is placed not to force a drug or surgical action. I can give you about ten inches from the discal end of the

names of men who are brainy whom I have helpt to

become normal. Many physicians have written me, converging apparatus, and the treatments, or commending the article. I wrote the article to help seances as they are called, take about one hour

clear-headed men to understand, and this is my last

reply, for yours is not criticism; it is something else. daily in lupus and rodent ulcer, and in other

Page 25. Dr. Strong is straining at a gnat. I have skin diseases from ten to twenty minutes, de- been in the pharmacy and drug business for a number

of years, and I don't forget knowledge. pending upon each individual case.

Page 27. “Weeping eczema of face” may be helpt The light treatment causes no pain ; a red by calc. sulfid, if tender to touch ; but graphites, if not erythematous spot and blister appears where

tender to touch. These will cure, not suppress.

Page 28. Tetanus. Dr. R. will have success in the light is applied, and in five or six days the

future cases, if he will use hypericum (St. John's wort) scab falls off and the ulcer is healed beneath, in small doses, frequently repeated, and no chloral or

bromids. and the skin is left free from scar or cicatrix,

Page 28. "Old man's infirmities" can be helpt but red, the redness, however, after a variable with ambergris, lobo. period fades and leaves the skin white and un- Page 29. No“ specific" for after-pains; but caulo

phyllum will help you many times and no after effects. contracted, except where there has been a loss

Page 31. Rectal ulcer can be cured with tincture of of tissue from the disease before treatment. peony ; use internally and locally, and you will be The possibilities for the light treatment in the pleased and surprised.

Page 32.

H. E.” will receive help from the mollusc curing of diseases are still unknown.

murex, if he does not use it too strong.

Page 33.

Medicus.” The silver nitrate is a good suggestion, and if that fails, try phosfate of magnesia,

small doses in hot water, repeated frequently during Facial Eczema.

paroxysm. Had a similar experience with myself å Editor MEDICAL WORLD:- This is my first

few months ago. Relieved with metallic copper, attempt to write for a medical journal, and I

Page 36. Nocturnal emissions can be helpt by would not attempt such a thing, only that I digitalin, in frequently repeated doses. hope to do good and help a brother practi

El Paso, Texas.

In the December WORLD, Edgar A.
Hines asks information regarding a case of

The coal tar analgesics are preferable to morphin in

the treatment of neuralgia ; they act promptly, and facial eczema. If he will try arse alb., gra- there is no danger of the patients contracting a habit.

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for review




tion is possible in the first three months only;

it has occurred in both intra and extra-uterin New books as they appear, are sent to our Assistant Editor, pregnancies; the liquor amnii becomes muDr. A. L. Russelí, of Midway, Washington Co., Pa. cilaginous, and the fetus is wholly absorbed

As the Doctor thus has all the late books for reference, and is made familiar with them by reviewing each one care- after preliminary maceration. Putrefaction fully as it reaches him, he is unusually equipt for answering queries. Therefore it has been our custom for a long time to send

cannot occur so long as the membranes are queries to him for reply. In fact, the Doctor made a special unruptured, and when it does occur, the soft request that this be done, as he enjoys this work. It now occurs to us that time will be saved if you will send directly to Dr. Rus. parts may disintegrate and leave the bones to sell matter intended for the Quiz Department, which has grown so ulcerate their way thru the uterin wall. Saponmuch under his vigorous query department is not used to " boost” proprietary remedies, ification or adipocereation refers to a chemical than to give to the medical profession

the greatest amount of honest change in the fetal tissues whereby they asservice possible. It has absolutely no interests in any proprietary sume somewhat the characteristics of soap preparation nor any medical supply house. Other medical editors have become, and are becoming, wealthy, by using their pages to by the deposition within the fetal body of increase the sale of preparations that they are interested in ; but we prefer to render service to our subscribers that is above suspi.

margarates of cholesterin, sodium, calcium, or cion of personal pecuniary interest. How can a man interested in potassium ; the fetus is hardened and has a the sale of certain preparations render the best service? He is always trying to push one of his preparations in. That is commer- soapy feel. Calcification results in a fetus cial journalism. We prefer ethical journalism-and so does the profession, for The Medical World is growing in popularity

called a lithopedion, or “stone child," and faster than ever before--and our subscribers are paying ones.

is brought about by the deposition of salts of I hey must be, for we have no medicins to “ boost," nothing to sell, nothing to depend on but pure journalism ; but doctors that

lime within the fetal tissues. Cases of this want honest, straight journalism are willing to pay for it-they are kind have been recorded where the child has glad of the opportunity. Only such queries will be publisht as are likely to interest and

been retained within the uterus for years. instruct many others as well as the one asking help. No charge If by “law laid down upon the subject," has ever been made, nor will any charge be made, for this service to our subscribers. 'However, those who wish an immediate and you refer to legal mandate, we are not able to personal reply by mail may obtain the same by inclosing two dollars to Dr. Russell. This is really a consultation in the interest

find any reference to such in our medico-legal of the patient, and should be charged to the patient-two dollars works of reference; but we presume you refer being a very moderate consultation fee. The Doctor agrees to give full, careful and immediate attention to such consultations. We

to medical teaching by authority.--Ed.] reserve the right to publish in this department any such consulta. tions that may be interesting and helpful to our readers. and address will be withheld if requested. Come freely for help, but read up as fully as you can before coming to us.

Respiratory Distress in Bright's Disease.

Editor MEDICAL WORLD:-1 shall be very grateful How Long Can a Dead Child Remain in the to you if you will suggest some prescription which will Uterus?

relieve the distress in respiration in a case of chronic

Bright's disease. I am unable to account for the unEditor MEDICAL WORLD:-How long will a woman

usual degree of distress in this particular case, and carry a child after it dies? I know of no authority on

shall be correspondingly grateful if you can suggest that one point that I can put my hand on at once. I

any relief.

W. E. S. PRESTON, M.D. suppose there is no laid down law upon the subject, as

Limerick, Me. it varies. My observation is that within a few days the liquor begins to escape, and then labor soon begins, [The dyspnea of chronic nephritis is best but I want to know if it is probable, or even possible,

treated by relieving the primal cause; yet it is for the mother to go on for weeks carrying the dead child, and the woman keep in apparently good health. often difficult to ascertain what this is. One may Uniontown, Ky.

G. HUSTON CHAPMAN. generally get relief for the patient by empirically [Yes, under certain conditions, it is possible prescribing codein, 14 to 12 grain every for the death of the fetus to occur, and the three or four hours, nitroglycerin, grain rdo at woman continue to carry the child many like intervals, or five grains of chloral hydrate weeks and yet remain in perfect health. If every three or four hours for a few doses. The the membranes rupture, the liquor amnii es

codein and nitroglycerin can be kept up incapes, and then expulsion or complication is definitly, but the chloral must be watcht. only a matter of a few days. If the mem- Also treat your patient on general hygienic lines. branes remain intact, the woman may remain Diuretics are used less often than formerly. in perfect health, and expulsion may be in- Alcohol is generally contraindicated, but if definitly delayed. Much depends upon

essential, is best employed in the form of pure whether or not air enters the fetal sac. Any imported Holland gin. Edema is best treated of six changes may take place in a fetus re- by the hot pack or hot air bath, if the contained long after its death. It may

dition of the heart does not contraindicate macerated, then the skin falls off in places, such procedures. We have had good results the body swells, the cord is round and from the “hot corn” pack in cases sufficiently smooth, and the spiral effect is lost; the fetus robust to stand the sweating. Boil a bushel may be reddish, greenish, or brownish, and of ears of common corn in a large kettle; take there may be an offensiv odor. It may under- out singly with a fork, and wrap each with a go mummification; this occurs only in cases of single layer of flannel cloth and place close to unruptured membranes, and the fetus becomes the patient; surround him with these steaming dry, shriveled, grayish-yellow in color, and ears, and keep a cold water compress on his the amniotic fluid has been absorbed. Absorp. head; keep warmly covered with blankets; and in a very few moments you will have the empty the lower bowel thoroly if properly most profuse perspiration you ever saw. Keep administered, and it is not supposed that the fannels next the skin, and insure free ventila- contents of the small intestin can do much tion in both living and sleeping rooms. It is harm by pressure. Opium should only be used not well to insist upon an exclusiv milk diet in sufficient quantity to blunt the pain; more except during acute exacerbations, lest you in- will mask the symptoms. crease anemia and weakness. Too much meat See also the extract from Stevens' Manual of should be avoided. Only allow very weak cof- the Practise of Medicin in this issue. fee and tea. Fresh buttermilk is an excellent The Arlington Chemical Company, Yonkers, beverage, as is also Vichy, Seltzer and Appol- N. Y., some years ago, put out a superb inaris. Iron, codliver oil and nux vomica are facsimile copy of the Hippocratic oath ready the best tonics. Basham's mixture is an old for framing, free of charge to the profession. and good favorit, and meets several indica- You might write them and see if they have any tions.-Ed.]


left. We have publisht the text of the oath at

various times, but that referred to is a superb Medical Treatment of Appendicitis. work of art, and well worth having.-ED.] Editor MEDICAL WORLD:-Very recently I had a very severe case of acute appendicitis. Operation was refused and impossible. My patient had the usual

Editor MEDICAL WORLD:-Can you furnish me with type of symptoms and under such treatment as mild

formula for “Daffy's Magical Pain Extractor."

MISSISSIPPI. saline liquid diet and heat applied externally, she has now recovered. Opiates were used sparingly. At a re- [This is our first knowledge that such a cent meeting of the Windsor County Medical Society a nostrum existed, and none of our references paper on appendicitis was read. The speaker gave two treatments : First, operate as early as possible every

name it. It must be strictly local in consumpcase; second, give opium "until in some cases the tion, and possibly some of our Miss. brethren respiration number is 8 or 10 to the minute, or less."

may be able to give us the formula. However Cathartics the worst treatment possible. Now I do not agree with him, except I do believe in operating in

don't think there is anything "magical” in it. many cases, and early in them. While I was in college You can prepare a better mixture yourself I did not learn such treatment, and my library does not furnish it now. Will you please give me the latest

if you will only put your mind to it. treatment of appendicitis, operation rejected ? I have

Review the formulas for liniments, etc., in all had a number of cases of this disease and all are alive the books that you have access to, and then go today ; only one was operated on, and then after the acute attack subsided. Where can I purchase a copy

to work and prepare a "magical pain extractor' of the Hippocratic oath ?

C. H. HAZEN, M. D. of your own. After a few experiments you will E. Corinth, Vt.

eclipse “Daffy."-Ed.] [It is probable that there will always be two theories advanced by extremists as to the best

To the Editor :- Can you or some member of the method of treating appendicitis, and since WORLD "family" advise me as to the most reliable there is no possible way of determining how a

remedy for the prevention of the recurrence of small case might have turned out if it had been

canker sores in the mouth, which are extremely annoy

ing and painful at times. handled the other way, the argument bids fair

A CONSTANT READER. to be continuous. There is a certain number [The canker sore in the mouth is caused by of cases of appendicitis that do well on medic- an excessivly acid condition of the saliva, inal treatment, and never recur; there are brought about by fermentation of food particles others which will end fatally if not operated lodged about the teeth, or by the condition of upon early. The argument of the surgeon is the stomach. They are easily cured by perfect that any case of appendicitis, however mild, oral hygiene, and by getting the stomach and may rapidly become a grave menace to life; bowels in proper functional activity. Scrub and that any one having suffered from appendi- the teeth carefully after each meal and on recitis once and not having been operated upon tiring, with any good tooth powder or dentiwill be pretty certain to have it again and in frice; soap or salt are as good as any, tho not an aggravated form. They exhibit the low quite so pleasant as others. If artificial teeth mortality of cases operated upon at the proper are worn, they should be removed at night and time, and contrast it unfavorably with the placed in a glass of saturated solution of boric entire list of cases treated medicinally.

acid. Administer laxativs until the bowels are Why do you say operation was impossible in well cleansed. Pay attention to diet, avoiding your case? no primary case of appendicitis, excessivamounts of all sweets. Give digesttaken in season, can be declared inoperable. ants, if necessary; but simple attention to

Cathartics are not corded a high place by hygiene is usually all that is necessary.--Ed]. the better class of therapeutists. If constipation seems to complicate the case, the trouble

Constipation. is easily relieved by enemata; cathartics pro- Editor MEDICAL WORLD:-I am 64; have been conduce undesirable peristalsis about the site of

stipated from my youth up. The cause I believe to be

proctitis, because I have suffered from an inflammation the inflamed appendix, while the enema will of the mucous membrane of the anus and rectum from


grs. iv

my babyhood up. I have been treated by rectal spe- pint to a pint of oil in a cup; provide a rubber cialists, have had the rectum thoroly stretcht, which helpt for a short time. In consequence of the consti

tube about one-quarter inch in lumen and about pation I suffer all the horrors of dyspepsia. I do not five feet long; lie down on the right side with take cathartics. Will the Editor and the World fam

the pelvis elevated; fill the tube with oil; inily tell me of a cure ?

Would a suppository of this make cure by using one sert one end in the cup of oil and the other in at bedtime?

the rectum as far as possible; lie still till all R

has passed into the bowel (probably an hour). Carbolic acid

The cup should be about six inches higher than Boracic acid

3ss Nitrate of silver

the anus. This oil will climb the intestin by Cocoa butter.


tubal attraction until you can taste it, after Mix. ft. rec. suppos., No.


having continued its use for some time. Buy Sig.-One at bedtime. He that can cure constipation will cure the most

the Malaga oil by the gallon wholesale ; it is widespread disease of the human family.

very inexpensiv. This will cure you of both Ontario, California.


proctitis and constipation. It is some trouble [Constipation can be cured, even if of life- we admit, but hardly so much so as dyspepsia, long standing, but never by drugs alone. The proctitis, and constipation.-ED.] suppository named should help proctitis, but would, of course, have only indirect influence

Chronic Bronchitis, on the constipation. Follow the suggestions Editor MEDICAL WORLD :- I have on hand a case given below for a sufficient length of time, and

of chronic bronchitis. It started last winter. He then

had two attacks. This winter he has a spell every you will cure yourself of cor stipation.

time the weather changes. I can check the attack The fundamental principle of cure is that every time with kalium iodid and the following constipation is a habit, and not a disease; and R that the habit must be broken up and tonicity

Sp. tr. sanguinaria

3ss Sp. tr. aconite.

gtt. x restored to the tissues before a cure can be Sp. tr, lobelia .

gtt. xx hoped for. A daily motion of the bowels

Sp. tr. bryonia

gtt, x Water and glycerin, äā, q. s.

Ziv must be attained and maintained. It may be

M. Sig:--Teaspoonful every hour. This has checkt necessary, for a time, early in the treatment, to it every time so far. employ drugs, but their use should be dispenst

I have him on wine of codliver oil, Stearns'. I have

advised a change of climate, but he will not do that. with as early as possible. Begin by kneading Would a Spanish-fly blister do any good? Please the abdomen deeply, in the line of the colon, inform me what you would do to prevent these recurwith the clencht fist, for ten minutes before rising

rent attacks. I have painted the chest with tr. iodin. Homestead, Pa.

D. T. POWELSON, M.D. each morning; begin on right side and progress toward the left, going over and over again repeated fly blisters will aid in helping to

[Counter irritation by small and frequently the line of colon. Rise, dress, and go to stool.

avoid recurrence of acute attacks, and this is Do not strain, but remain on commode or

the main indication in chronic bronchitis. If closet seat for ten minutes, encouraging gently

the acute exacerbations can be avoided, the any sensation indicating a passage. Do this

chronic condition will disappear or become every morning at the same hour, absolutely re

amenable to the proper treatment. We suggardless of whether or not there is desire for stool. If desire to evacuate bowels occur at

gest that you change from Stearns' wine of any other time in the day, go at once and allow

codliver oil to the same firm's preparation of

codliver oil and hypophosfites, and give him nothing to interfere with the discharge of this

the maximum dosage. Exclude cardiac induty. Drink freely of water at all times, but especially just before retiring and on arising. digitalis in a separate prescription. Iron and

sufficiency; but if found, add strychnin and Eat plentifully of those articles of diet you

arsenic are the tonics of selection, and such know are laxativ to you ; pay no attention to the ordinary routine diet prescribed in cases

are pretty constantly indicated. Keep him

indoors, where there is perfect ventilation of constipation except in so far as you know them to be fitted to your case. Tone up the

without draft, as much as possible. Keep the

air of his room moist with a vapor containing muscular coat of the stomach and intestin with the indicated remedies, such as strychnin in

terebine, creosote, and oil of pine ; or get an

oronasal respirator and make the following full dosage, etc. Now the great factor remains: make the bowels move. This factor may be

mixture for use by direct mouth inhalation : Chloroform

dr. gained by laxativs, suppositories of glycerin,

Creosote etc., or by injections of water or oil. Which- Terebine ever method is employed, make certain that it

Oil of pine, of each . .

1% drs, is discontinued before you have saddled your.

Alcohol, enuf to make an ounce.

Mix, and direct inhalation of ten to twenty drops self with another habit as tenacious as the con- several times a day. stipation. Perhaps the best method is the in- If the sputum is heavy and purulent, the stillation of oliv oil as follows: Place a half best drugs are carbonate of guaiacol and creo

sote; if the expectoration is viscid and small

Tonsillitis.-Lumbago. in quantity, potassium iodid is indicated. Editor MEDICAL WORLD :-Kindly give treatment Codein is the best sedativ to aid in subduing

for chronic tonsillitis with hypertrophied tonsils in chil

dren, other than tonsillotomy, associated with chronic harrassing and exhausting cough. Other valu- pharyngeal catarrh. able remedies are the oil of eucalyptus, oil of Also for lumbago; salicylates, iodids, colchicum, santal, oil of copaiba, oil of tar, oil of cubeb,

cimicifuga, alkalies and other anti-rheumatic drugs had

no effect whatsoever in five cases; nor local applicaetc. The change of climate should be urged, tions nor embrocations. Also for morning vomiting of but if he will not do it, you can do much by

chronic gastric catarrh.
Brooklyn, N. Y.

E. L. HERGERT, M.D. proper clothing, avoidance of exposure, and attention to ventilation and keeping the air

[There is no satisfactory treatment other moist and impregnated with the drugs indi

than tonsillotomy, tho some cases are benefited cated.-ED.]

by prolonged treatment. The en largement

and the chronic pharyngeal catarrh are interDisplaced Uterus.

dependent, one on the other. Place the child Editor MEDICAL WORLD :-Patient, aged 39 years,

in the best hygienic surroundings; insure fresh mother of eight children, youngest two years old ;

air at all times, but without exposure to drafts. family history good. Health good till last January, Keep the stomachic and intestinal functions up when she fell from barn loft, which produced an anteflexion of uterus, with considerable pelvic inflamma

to par. Apply counter irritation over the outtion. An abscess formed in broad ligaments. Aspirated side of the throat in the form of tincture of abscess in April, thru vagina. Patient improved for a iodin, and later potassium iodid ointment conmonth or more, then a profuse menorrhagia began at the regular menstrual period, which has continued to taining a dram of ichthyol to the ounce. Give come on each twenty to twenty-four days, lasting alterativs and tonics internally. from four to eight days, which has caused patient to become very anemic. Appetite, digestion, and

Have you tried hot air on your cases of obassimilation very good, bowels kept open with lapactic stinate lumbago? In many cases it gives conpill at night. There was considerable enlargement of siderable relief. Occasionally the constant still exist, tho uterus is now but little larger

than wearing of belladonna plasters of generous normal. There is now but little cervical inflammation, size on the affected area will relieve. Diuretics nor has there been.

are always indicated, and will often cure, in Treatment: After aspirating abscess, replaced uterus to normal position, and used cotton tampons daily to time, when anti-rheumatic treatment without retain it, as patient could not bear pessaries. Úsed including them is futil. We have often recopious hot water vaginal douches, which have been kept up. Cotton soakt in borated glycerin. Cureted

lieved lumbago by the old-fashioned “ironing' uterus, but no abnormal growths. Applied tr. iodin, process : Cover the affected part with a few sub-nitrate silver, and f. ext. hydrastis to uterus thicknesses of damp flannel, and take a hot internally. Have used different kinds of uterin supporters, and quite a lot of pessaries, both hard and polishing iron and iron just as the laundress soft, but owing to soreness, she can wear them works on a shirt. The heat drives the steam only a few days at a time. Have not used one now in against the skin, and it is astonishing what the last sixty days. For past eighty days have kept her in bed, on the back as much as possible; put up

markt relief is sometimes obtained. The water uterus two to three times a week; it is easily replaced, used to moisten the flannel can be impregnated but just as easy to “Aop back” when patient laughs, with turpentine. coughs, or sneezes.

Medical treatment: Have used aletris cordial (Rio The morning vomiting of gastric catarrh is Chem. Co.), hypophosfites, iron, strychnin and ergotin, A. ext. black haw, nuclein, proto-nuclein,

best treated by half drop doses of Fowler's pepto-mangan, and a few other tonics. For men

solution hourly thruout the day, or the same orrhagia have used ergotin, A. ext. ergot, tannic drug may suit certain cases better given in acid, alum, hydrastin, oil erigeran, arom, sulfuric larger quantities, before meals. Fluid extract acid, f. ext. mistletoe, etc.; yet the menorrhagia continues to come. Now, brethren, help me to relieve

of golden seal, non-alcoholic, is another valu. this woman.

J. P. PHILLIPS, M.D. able remedy for this class of troubles.--Ed.] Yantley, Ala. [You need to curet again, and

Senile Gangrene.-Incipient Locomotor deeply. Try solution of adrenalin chlorid next

Ataxia. time the hemorrhage recurs; give 15 to 20 Editor MEDICAL WORLD :-Case I. A lady patient minim dose, and repeat in an hour, if neces- age 65, came under my care a few days ago, suffering sary. You can check the hemorrhage by

from dry gangrene of right foot involving at present the

little toe and neighboring two toes together with a tampons, and thus prevent too great loss of

great portion of both dorsum and plantar surface of blood, but upon more thoro cureting will the foot. The gangrene commenced in outer part of little cure depend. The internal and topical use of

toe, and involving it, extended to both dorsum and

plantar surfaces of foot. It commenced about one gelatin, as recommended in this column some month ago, and only this past few days has it extended months since, should also check the hemor- to the fourth and third toes. However it is spreading, rhage at any given period, but it will recur at

and I thought best to seek immediate help from head

quarters, as I am puzzled as to which is best to do: the next, unless you remove the cause.-Ed.] await for line of demarcation, or amputate below or

above knee. I have read up on it from Gould & Pyle's

Encyclopedia, Walsham and Ericksen's Surgery, but Insist upon plenty of fresh air, without drafts, for before being satisfied write you for help. Examination every case of coryza, bronchitis, and pneumonia. of urin shows it normal. Her evening temperature


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