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runs as high as 101°, and pulse 112 ; morning temper- tissue. It is necessary to get far enuf away ature 100°. She has been treated by some New York physician or physicians, who advertise largely in news

from the dead tissue to make sure that the papers, and they a month ago pronounced it all of a vessels at the site of amputation are in a healthy rheumatic origin, and assured her of a cure in one condition and that the tissues are not in. month; but instead it has developt above described, so she called me this week to take charge.

fected by organisms. By early amputation, I am keeping her at rest in bed, with foot kept warm high enuf up, you may anticipate healing by cotton batting coverings and bottles of hot water, and using vitogen as a dusting powder (Harvey & Co.,

without complication. We consider that your Mfg.), and internally strychnin, gentian, quassia and patient stands a very good chance if the above quinin for aids to appetite and heart, also whiskey for suggestions are followed. stimulation, etc., and regulating liver and bowels with the ordinary anti-constipation tablets. So will the

CASE II.-We think your diagnosis correct. Editor or any of the World family who have had We believe the patient should be kept on success in these cases kindly help me out ? as this is my

electrical treatment, even if he at this time first case of gangrene. Case II.-A man 67 years of age, a bachelor,

feels that he does not need it. Not only may came to me last March, complaining of a peculiar feel- the advance of the disease be checkt, but there ing in center of back-lumbar region. He had difficulty in getting up, but could walk fairly well when up. No

may be a certain degree of restoration of other pains in body. Patellar reflexes almost gone. I

function. Snow advises the following method feared locomotor ataxia but was not positiv. Gave in similar cases: “Place over the region him two treatments a week for a couple of weeks with the static electric machine, using only the static breeze

affected a soft metal (22 gauge) electrode two with slight sparks, as he was anxious for electricity ; inches wide, and secure it firmly by placing a and also gave him tonics of iron, strychin and arsenic; pillow against the patient's back; connect it also hypophosphites. In the main my treatment has merely been tonic. There is not the slightest history with the positiv pole of the static machine, and of venereal disease in younger days. In fact, accord- administer the wave current, employing a ing to him he never knew woman or self-abuse. He is of a rather odd or peculiar nature. At present he

spark-gap of four to six inches in length for suffers no pain, never has; his back improved and he at least fifteen minutes. Follow this with the says is all right; has gained in weight, and health is

same administration of short sparks to the good, only he has to get hold of something to get up off a chair when sitting, or he falls back; also has to have

soles of the feet after the following plan. hold of chair to sit down or he falls down on chair Place upon a metal plate in front of the patient instead of sitting down on it as other people. Occa. sionally when eating he may take a slight choking spell,

a piece of felt or several thicknesses of woolen as from bolting of food or difficulty in swallowing:

cloth upon which the patient, having removed Other than this he claims he is all right. I cannot satisiy his shoes, should place his feet. Place the myself as to there being the Argyll Robertson pupil

: shepherd's crook from the metal plate to the at present. Has full control of bladder and bowels, positiv side of the machine. The spark-gap and on examining urin on different occasions found nothing abnormal. His intellect is clear and he is

having been closed, separate it again gradually perfectly able to transact his business, only this con- until it begins to produce a sensation disadition or control of himself in sitting down and getting greeable to the patient. Continue this adup off a chair compels him to stay home. Occasion- ministration ten minutes. This procedure ally when walking he takes a tumble as he is not so sure footed as he used to be. He has not the peculiar assists materially in relieving the anesthesia in walk yet of a patient with locomotor ataxia, such as I the soles of the feet. Follow this application used to see in my college days at the hospital, probably because not so far advanced, if it is such disease.

with a general administration of friction So now from what I have here described of his case, sparks to all anesthetic areas on the body of what is your diagnosis and treatment.

the patient. Make these applications rapidly Heathcote, Ont., Can.


over the surface until the effect, at first mild, [Copy of private replies to queries of Dr. John Shultes, of Heath- becomes disagreeable to the patient. (The

cote, Ontario, Canada, original replies having been immediately sent him (the consultation fees having been inclosed).

fact that during a long course of treatment They are here reproduced, as they are likely to interest and these areas do become more sensitiv is to the help others of the “ family."]

writer inevitable proof that the corresponding CASE I. -Amputate at once, and well up centers in the cord have been releast or have in the thigh. The pulse and temperature are become more activ.] Long sparks, liberally your valid warrant for such procedure. Your applied over the region of the cord are indilocal treatment is all that could be desired, cated in all cases, for insuring relief to the but early operation is imperativ if you wish to congested conditions of the cord.” avoid re-amputation and probable ultimate Once Argyll-Robertson pupil is plainly evifailure. Your internal medication is correct ; dent, it is never benefited by any treatment. we merely suggest the addition of concentrated Treat patient before this becomes too plain. or predigested foods to the regular dietary. The abolisht reflexes are rarely, if ever, re

Success in treating senile gangrene depends stored. upon the recognition of the causativ factor- You can do much for this patient by thoro occlusion of the arteries of the leg. There- and intelligently applied electro-therapeutics fore the amputation must be thru the thigh. now; it is questionable what you can do later. Failure will follow the method of moist poul- Nothing beyond electricity and tonics and ticing and amputation close to the line of dead good hygiene will aid him in any way.-Ed.]

Editor MEDICAL WORLD :-A woman age 30, while are dull in places. She has the hectic flush, temperapregnant ten years ago had a pulse of 120 and still ture runs from 98%° to 100°, pulse irregular. Just apparently in the best of health.“ Since that time it has before that mucus passes, the lower

part of her bowels been very irregular up to the present time. No pulse commence to gripe, and when she goes to stool, perin the left arm can be detected and has not been for haps there will be nothing--only gas and a little over a year; the pulse in axilla can be detected with mucus pass, and that relieves her for a short time. difficulty. About four years ago she had a very severe Ill.

F. E. T. dull, sickening pain in the lumbar region which was diagnosed and treated by some physician as neuralgia, and others as shortening of the uterin ligaments, but

[Your wife has an enteritis, of course; but it unsuccessfully treated." Finally coming into my

is by no means plain to us that it is tubércular. hands, I gave her a full dose of morphin for the pain In fact, some things you say lead us to believe and large doses of salol, which gave permanent relief. My diagnosis was lumbago. About nine months ago

that it is simple chronic enteritis. We do not she had an attack of psoriasis over face, neck and upper

know that we can state the case better than by part of chest, and a severe vaginal pruritus lasting quoting from Hemmeter, Diseases of the Inabout two weeks. Fowler's sol. of arsenic has been given occasionally, as necessary to control the

testins, publisht by P. Blakiston's Son & psoriasis since that disease began. During the past

Co., as follows: "The differential diagnosis year gradual paralysis has affected her left arm. More

between simple catarrhal enteritis and tuberrecently she feels a slight pain at times on top and left side of head. After exertion her left arm pains for a

cular enteritis hinges upon the presence of few minutes, and sometimes goes to sleep when resting tubercle bacilli in the evacuations under conquietly in bed. I have given nitrate of strychnin and the induced current to the arm with slight benefit.

ditions where the deglutition of bacilli can be After walking she feels a girdle sensation around lower excluded.” You can easily make certain that half of chest. The last few days she fears the right no tuberculous meat or milk is being conside is also affected. History good. Urin normal. During last three years has gained twenty-five pounds

sumed by your wife, and it is easy to have in weight. I find no sensitiv points nor pain on pressure, some of the microscopical laboratories make nor atrophy of muscles in the left arm. Her heart and

the examination of the evacuations for the lungs are normal except cardiac irregularity. May I ask for help from the Editor ? Is it an obscure neuritis bacilli, if you do not have the facilities for caused by arsenic? if so, why is pulsation absent in doing this work yourself. We would do this, left radial? If arsenic cannot be given, what is best for the psoriasis ?

the first thing. We do not believe a case Roseau, Minn.

FRANS. L. NORIN, M. D. would have tuberculosis of the bowel for three [We do not think you have arsenical neu- and a half years, and present the periodical ritis in her case. You could not get a neuritis and substantial improvement she has manifrom arsenic without having had the symp- fested. The symptoms you describe are identtoms which indicate the physiological limit, ical with many presented by simple chronic such as puffiness of under lids and pain in catarrhal enteritis. If the bacilli are found, stomach. We would suggest putting her on

the hopelessness of the case from a therapeutcodliver oil and thyroids. An ointment of ical standpoint will be apparent to you ; if no salicylic acid, 20 to 40 grains to the ounce, is bacilli are present, she should recover. Assometimes of great service. Alkalin baths are suming that no bacilli are found, we suggest beneficial. Cut all meat out of her diet. An the following line of treatment: When the ointment of white precipitate, 20 to 6c grains griping pain indicates that the mucus has to the ounce, highly commended by some

collected in sufficient amount to be ready for authorities.-ED.]

expulsion, wash the lower bowel out with a

simple warm water enema to bring away the Enteritis.

mucus. Follow this by instillation of a pint Editor MEDICAL WORLD:-Inclosed find draft for of sweet oil containing five grains of iodo$3 to pay my subscription for 1903 and for three years form and two drams of bismuth subnitrate; hence. "I have been very negligent in paying, but I can't do without THE WORLD. I have a case I want such an injection may be made every alternate to ask you about, and I don't know whether I will day. It is made after the following manner : write it up so that you will understand it or not,

Have five feet of rubber tubing with an openbecause it is my wife, and I am very much alarmed about her. She is 30 years old; she has had a mucous ing about the diameter of a lead pencil ; fill discharge from the lower bowel since June, 1900, taking a pint cup with the oil; fill the tube with the suddenly with a diarrhea, lasting about thirty days. After that she gained in strength some, and a great

oil ; have her lie down with the pelvis elevadeal in flesh, but still had the discharge from the ted on a pillow; insert one end of the tube lower bowel, of a mucous character, a little blood

into the bowel and drop the other into the streaked sometimes, and she was going about most of the time until May, 1901. She then got worse and was cup of oil without allowing entrance of air ; down about half of the time that summer and the have her lie still until the entire pint of oil has following winter until April, 1902, and then she gained strength and got stouter until February, 1903; but

entered the bowel ; this may take fully an she still had that mucous discharge, and in April, 1903,

hour. If the oil stops flowing, it can be she commenced to run down, and the discharge got again started by gently withdrawing the tube worse. She has gradually grown worse since that until Saturday, when she had to give up and go to

a short distance, or by inserting it a little bed. She is very weak and emaciated, and the dis- farther. We would keep her on tonics such as charge is worse and looks now like the lining of the

strychnin and codliver oil. We would give intestin. Dr. Lamon and I have diagnosed it tuberculosis of the bowels. Her lungs hurt her some and

her full doses of non-alcoholic fluid extract of or 15. After that a similar " breaking out" would


golden seal; and of nitrate of silver, in pill

Reflexes in Myelitis. form, so coated that it will be protected until

Editor MEDICAL World:-Would like to inquire if it reaches the intestin. We would be glad to

you or any of the fraternity know of any means that know the result of the bacteriological diag.

will control the jerking reflexes of the legs and abdo

men in myelitis. I have a patient an M. D. (Bellevue), nosis, and of subsequent treatment.-ED.] formerly of Indianapolis, but of late years practising

at Phoenix, Ariz., who is afflicted with this disease ;

paralysis of lower limbs; no control over bowels or Is it Poisoning by a Vine ?

bladder. A cavity has formed at base of spine large

enuf to insert a hen's egg. Was taken down a year Editor MEDICAL WORLD:-Please prescribe for my ago last December (1902). Was in the Hospital at Los son, who was poisoned by a bush or vine several Angeles for several weeks; came here (a health resort) months ago while cutting bushes, etc., in a meadow. with the idea that I could help him, as I had relieved his I have failed to cure him, after trying everything I can wife two years ago of spinal and ovarian irritation from find advised. The trouble first appeared on and above which she suffered a long time previous to her coming wrists, but it now appears on any part of his body, and here. I am of opinion that recovery in his case is out comes and goes in a few hours. At times he seems of the question, tho he is very hopeful and insists upon well, but in a few hours, or in a day or two, the trouble it that he is going to get well. ` I called in a surgeon

The swelling is very markt; the rash is here who trims and dresses the sores on the back, but very fine-more redness than rash. He will retire at nothing we can do will control the reflexes. His age is night, some nights, apparently well, and rise next 49. He is able to get outdoors in a wheel chair. He morning with a knot over the eye, or on the jaw, sug- has been following a radical change of diet for many gesting a bee-sting. I have run ashore on the matter- months, almost the "edemic" diet; appetite precardon't know what to do.

ious. Is not his chance of recovery very remote? Allen, Md. J. I. T. LONG.

CALIFORNIA. [You should have given us fuller details, and [Certainly it is very hard to glean any ground also outlined some of the measures you have for encouragement from the data you give, found futil. If you will put him on phosfate excepting the fact that he “is very hopeful, of soda for a continued period, we think the and insists that he is going to get well.' trouble will disappear. Do not give a full Maybe he might; never allow yourself to give purgativ dose ; just sufficient to keep the hep- an absolutely hopeless prognosis. Summon all atic function acting normally.-ED.]

the psychic aid you can by agreeing with his

wishes and hopes, and cheer him all you can Dysmenorrhea.

by making him believe that you believe it. Editor MEDICAL WORLD :-Will you not in your next We would try attending to the sore on the issue give us a plain, practical treatise (for the country doctor) on the treatment of dysmenorrhea by dilation

back without the aid of a surgeon. Wash it of cervical canal and use of intra-uterin pessary? clean two or three times a day with bichlorid Points especially to be decided :. Can sea-tangle or laminaria tents be used successfully instead of the

of mercury solution of sufficient strength to metallic uterin dilators ? Are the aluminum stem pes

cause a slight smarting sensation (provided saries now advertised as good, better, or inferior to the sensation is left at the site of lesion); we have soft rubber pessary for keeping the cervical canal open?

used 1 to 1000 frequently. Then dust it well Walkersville, Md.

J. D. NICODEMUS. with oleostearate of zinc powder. [See Editorial on Treatment of Dysmenorrhea Arsenic and strychnin are indicated in many in this (or next) issue. You can dilate and curet, of these cases, and it is possible that you may and follow by wearing of the intra-uterin stem, be able to control the reflexes by the addition if you so elect. Some cases seem to be bene- of gradually ascending doses of quinin. If fited by such treatment. No special technic the reflexes in this particular case are due to is needed, and all text-books give complete failure of the inhibitory nerves, quinin will do enuf directions so that any doctor can do this the work; it will do no harm to try it. Give work. The stem, if worn, must be removed it to the point of tolerance before abandoning occasionally for purposes of cleanliness, and it as a failure.-Ed.] ample exit should be provided for secretions. Any kind of tent can be used for purposes of

A Recurrent Eruption. dilation, if strict asepsis be observed, but the Editor MEDICAL WORLD:- I come to you and the more scientific and rapid metal dilators are WORLD family for help in a case of my own, which is much to be preferred. The soft rubber stem

becoming very distressing, indeed. Am 28 years old,

and have always been perfectly healthy. When a boy pessary finds its most frequent use as a method I was poisoned regularly every summer with poison of prevention of conception; the aluminum oak (rhus toxicodendron) until I reacht the age of 14 stem with provision for the escape of discharges

appear every spring without being poisoned by the is the best of the class. Whenever a stem pes- vine, but only on my neck and back of hands. This sary is seen without such outlet provided, it is

condition continued several years, perhaps four or five,

then became more frequent, but always the same certain that it has been intended to prevent eruption, until the last few years it appears about ingress.-Ed.]

every two months, on an average. About one day preceding the attack, I have a gloomy feeling com

monly called “blues," and on following day I can feel Alkalies, such as sodium bicarbonate, or aromatic a small patch of bumps just back of each ear, and in a spirit of ammonia, with the addition of a few minims few hours it will appear all over neck, face, and backs of chloroform, taken in hot water before rising, will of hands, but never below collar nor above cuffsoften banish the intractable morning cough of chronics. always on exposed surfaces. A stinging sensation

occasionally is about all the inconvenience it gives difficulties. No tenderness along spinal tract. Hands me. It first appears as an erythematous rash under and feet like dry leather. No increased thirst. Temp. the skin, and in a few hours comes to the surface in a normal. Has taken but little treatment from a physihard nodular eruption, but never becomes sore. In cian, but has fooled with nostrums. every particular it is exactly the same as acute poison- I confess I am "up a stump;" I have no positiv ing by poison oak, and will disappear in from three to diagnosis. What do you think is the matter? And five days under local applications of tincture iodin, what shall I do for him? one part, and alcohol, four or five parts. Any help Quincy, Ohio.

N. V. Speece, M. D. from the Editor or readers of THE WORLD will be greatly appreciated.


[Your data are far from being complete enuf [Your trouble, of course, has little or no

to enable one to make a diagnosis in a case relation to your having been poisoned by rhus

which doubtless has complications. Your first toxicodendron. We often hear of such cases.

best move is to decide what the character of The problem for you to settle is, What is the

the mastoid and temporal pain is. Do not irritant that causes this periodical erythema? consider possible cerebral change or lesion We are inclined to believe that it is due to the

until after you have excluded neuralgia, rheuuric acid diathesis or to a lithemic condition

matism, auto-intoxication, and eye-strain ; if of the blood. Try the following treatment for

it is none of these, you may seek intracranial the period of time covered by two or three

origin. We think if you had made a thoro attacks and intervening intervals, and see if enuf urinary examination, and had repeated it you will not abolish the symptoms. Drink

a sufficient number of times from specimens freely of water and avoid highly seasoned and

drawn at various hours of the day, and under rich foods. Take plenty of fruits, raw and varying conditions as regards sleep and meals, cookt. Bathe the skin at least once weekly

that you would have given us completer details in hot water and good soap, and take a daily regarding it. We doubt if you can be certain sponge bath with warm water followed by cool

that you have no lithemic diathesis in the water and brisk friction in drying the body;

case; examin again carefully for the uric acid five minutes is enuf for the daily ablution, but products. The vertigo and consequent falls at least fifteen or twenty minutes are to be spent

may have occurred as a result of eye-strain or in the weekly bath; take time enuf to get all

disordered digestion, and the former stomachic the dirt and oiliness well soakt out of the pores

symptoms might indicate that, as one of the of the skin. Take enuf phosfate of soda every

features of the case. It is always indicated in day to have a slightly aperient effect on the

every case to get the digestion in the best posbowels. Also take two drams of solution of sible condition and endeavor to maintain it hypophosfites compound (without sugar) before

there, even if no symptoms referable to the each meal. If this does not cure you, add

stomach are complained of; many a case of calcium sulfid, in grain doses, with each meal

melancholia is cured by attention to the stomand at bed time, till the system is thoroly further than to place him for a time on alkalin

ach and bowels. We can not now suggest saturated with the drug. This should

end your diuretics, digestants, and saline cathartics, trouble. Alkalin diuretics may aid in rapidity together with tonics directed toward the men, of cure.-ED.)

tal condition, such as strychnin, iron, and Editor Medical WORLD :-Can you publish the for

phosforus.-ED.] mula of Neurilla ? It is manufactured by the Dad Chemical Co., of St. Louis, Mo. THE MEDICAL Is it a Revisitation of a Form of Grip? World is the champion of the rights of the medical

Editor MEDICAL WORLD:-There is a peculiar epiprofession, and is an honor to the publisher.

demic now raging in my vicinity. As yet I have been Harrisburg, Pa.

W. 0. SMITH.

unable to make a diagnosis. It presents the following [Don't know the formula desired. Ask the characteristics : The patient is seized suddenly with a Medical Brief.—ED.]

severe chill, more severe than that of any other disease we have in this vicinity. save pneumonia, and

equally as severe as the initial chill of pneumonia. Pain In Head and Dizziness.

There are no prodromes. The chill occurs suddenly

without any warning-sometimes waking the patient Editor MEDICAL WORLD:-J. S., male, aet. 55. Some out of sleep; at other times coming on during daytime. 12 or 15 months since began to have pain in head, con- He is seized with severe headache, generally frontal. fined to mastoid region and extending to temples. The muscles generally ache. Simultaneously with the Has dizzy sensations; has fallen a few times. * Six subsidence of the chill he experiences a severe pain in months since had sour stomach after midnight; has the side, generally the left side, in the region of the

Sexual appetite nil. Frowns; walking heart. In a small percent it occurs in the right side of jars head and produces severe pain at points men- chest below the right nipple. The pain is generally of tioned. Hesitates in speech; cannot relate a story a keen, cutting character, increased by breathing, consecutivly; no prickling sensations in hands or feet. Sometimes the pain radiates downward into the hypoIs melancholy; has fears for the future; is discour- chondriac and sometimes into the epigastric regions. aged. Kidneys act well; no pain in micturition ; urin The temperature rapidly rises to 102° to 103° Fahr. In normal; no jaundice; appetite good; bowels act well. no case that I have so far seen has the temperature exSquints a good deal; is irritable; yawns frequently. ceeded 103° Fahr. The patient immediately betakes Can not sleep well for the pain. Feels best when in himself to bed. There is generally nausea and vomitthe open air. Pulse rate 71 to 76; resp. 20; going up ing, which is not very intense tho sometimes persistent. stairs produces shortness of breath,

The pulse rises simultaneously with the temperature Is well to do financially; has no debts nor domestic to from 100 to 120 in the adult. There is obstinate and

none now.

persistent constipation. From the onset there is

but an army can easily wear out one man, and cough, generally with bloody expectoration, the patient sometimes coughing up mouthfuls of pure blood.

not leave him any time for his own work. This There is sometimes bleeding from the nose, which reply is general, and not specially to Dr. Seal. almost proved fatal in one of my cases. In about onethird of the cases there is no bloody expectoration, but

We will be glad to have your later reports. a free expectoration of thick, yellow, tenacious matter.

At the present time, it looks to us like a true In two or three days the skin appears jaundiced in a revival of la grippe of the gastro-intestinal and small percent of cases. Occasionally the characteristic pain seems to shift from left to right side, and in one of

catarrhal type, altho we have had no previous my cases it shifted apparently to the right hypochon

information of its presence in any section of driac region, becoming as intense and persistent as before shifting. After 3 or 4 days the morning tem

the country. We hope you are in error in perature drops to 100° to 101° and evening temperature

some of your details, but if it is the “gineto 101° to 102° Fahr. The cough and bloody expector- wine" article, we are glad that one of our ation continue for several days. The patient com. plains of intense soreness in the region of pain, which

family first reported it and caused it to be is generally located around the heart. On inspection

recorded. there is no apparent change from the normal, save that Grip is treated symptomatically, but always the lung does not fully expand during inspiration owing to the increased pain on breathing. On auscultation

with heroic dosage. It is necessary to stimuno abnormal sound can be heard. There are no rales late; and first, last, and always, the heart. at any stage of disease that I have yet detected. On The completest elimination thru all the emuncpercussion no change from the normal can be detected. There is absolutely no dulness on percussion at any

tories is essential, yet it must not be carried to stage of disease. In one of my cases the pain and the point of exhaustion of any function or orsoreness suddenly disappeared from the region of the heart. Simultaneously with its disappearance an in

gan. Absolute rest is mandatory, and the tense headache came on, frontal, which steadily in

practician does well who exercises his full power creased until the patient became wildly delirious. This while the patient is submissiv in his misery. stage of delirium lasted about 10 hours, when he gradually passed into a comatose condition and died inside

The death you record resembles those observed of another 12 hours. There is occasionally some tym- in former epidemics of grip, from exhaustion. pany of the bowels, which sometimes persists 24 or 48 See any modern work on therapeutics for dehours and subsides. The pain in the side is generally diffused over the entire mammary region. There is

tails of treatment of the symptomatology you sometimes considerable and persistent pain in shoulder have outlined.-ED.] on the affected side. The patient seems to have no preference as to which side he lies upon. There is at no time any friction sound corresponding to that of

Urticaria. pleuritis. There is, in some cases, irregular and profuse sweating. All cases are accompanied by more or

Editor MEDICAL WORLD:--Some time ago a case less diaphoresis.

was brought to me with the following history : Girl, six The disease does not seem to be contagious, but the

For the last six months she has been epidemic is rapidly spreading. Later I may be able to troubled a great deal with itching of the skin, espe. give a more complete account of the disease. The cially of the face, hands, and arms. When she duration seems to be indefinit. Patients become con- scratches it, a big white welt rises up with a red valescent in from 3 to 15 days. The temperature grad- margin. In a little while this disappears, and the skin ually returns to the normal. It seems so far to attack appears healthy and normal. She seems quite nervous, youths and the middle aged by preference, but the old and a twitching of the face, head, and hands is quite and the young are sometimes attackt. Convalesence noticeable. She is a well-nourisht child, and appetite, in some cases is slow and tedious; in others, rapid and digestion, and bowels are good. In all other ways she satisfactory.

appears all right. In the last few weeks, a little brother, Dear Editor, will you kindly furnish me with diag- two years younger than she, has become in about the nosis and treatment for said disease immediately by same condition. I have treated her according to my private letter, and also thru columns of the next issue ideas, but I can see no change whatever. Can you or of The WORLD? Truly and fraternally yours,

any of the readers of The World tell me what this is, Mitchburg, Tenn.

W. J. SEAL, M. D. or what would be a good treatment for it?

E. W. R. P. S.-The characteristic pain inside is persistent thruout the whole course of disease, being the last [The trouble is urticaria. Each attack will symptom to subside.

be promptly relieved by a brisk calomel purge [Doctor, we compliment you upon your re- and alkalin diuretics. You might have her port of the epidemic; it is well written, and mother use on child a lotion containing a much more complete than many sent us. We dram of carbolic acid and two ounces of can not give private and immediate replies ex- alcohol to a pint of saturated solution of boric cept upon terms plainly printed at head of Quiz acid. It often appears in those of nervous department. Such extra service is in the nat- tendencies, and the ordinary nervines are ure of a consultation, and the fee, which is applicable ; select the less irritating bromids, extremely moderate, should be charged to the like the strontium salt, and combine it with patient. It belongs to Dr. Russell personally, valerian. Probably a continued course of who has agreed to render this service, when alkalin diuretics, with nervines, will cure requested, at this rate. Such an arrangement both cases.-ED.] was necessary to relieve the Editor, as some, for $1 per year, would expect $100 worth of

In spasmodic croup immediate relief is often obextra, special, and personal service, and always tained by wrapping the throat with flannel wrung out “right away quick.” An occasional service of water as hot as can be borne by the patient. Codein

in y grain doses is well taken and controls the spasof this kind for a brother would be a pleasure; modic action of the larynx.

years old.

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