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be to the king, as supreme; 23 Who, when he was re

14 Or.undo governors, as viled, reviled not again ; unto them that are sent by when he suffered, he threathim for the punishment of ened not; but committed evil-doers, and for the praise himself to him that judgeth of them that do well, righteously:

15 For fo is the will of 24 Who his ownself bare God, that with well doing ye our fins in his own body on may put to filence the igno- the tree, that we being dead rance of foolish men: to fins, should live unto 16 As free, and not using righteousness : by

by whose your liberty for a cloke of stripes ye were healed. maliciousness, but as the fer- 25 ye were as sheep vants of God.

going astray: but are now 17 Honour all men, Love returned unto the Shepherd the brotherhood. Fear God, and Bishop of your souls. Honour the king.

CHAP. III. 18 Servants, be subject to your masters with all fear, not

subjection to but also to the froward. husbands; that if any obey

19 For this is thankwor- not the word, they also may thy, if a man for conscience without the word be won toward God endure grief, by the conversation of the suffering wrongfully.

20 For what glory is it, if 2 While they bėhold your when ye be buffeted for your chaste conversation coupled faults, ye shall take it pati- with fear. ently?' but if when ye do 3

3 Whose adorning, let it well

, and suffer for it, ye take not be that outward adorning it patiently, this is accepta- of plaiting the hair, and of ble with God.

wearing of gold, or of put21 For even hereunto were ting on of apparel; ye called : because Christ also 4 But let it be the hidden fuffered for us, leaving us an man of the heart, in that example, that ye Should fol- which is not corruptible, low his steps:

even the ornament of a'meek 22 Who did no fin, nei- and quiet spirit, which is in ther was guile found in his the fight of God of great mouth :


to the good and gentle

, L kwile

, ye wives

, be in

wives ;

$ For


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5 For after this manner, and his ears are open unto in the old time, the holy wow their prayers : but the face men also who trusted in God of the Lord is against them adorned themselves, being in that do evil. fubjection unto their own 13 And who, is he that husbands :

will harm you, if ye be fol6 Even as Sara obeyed lowers of that which is good? Abraham, calling him lord: 14 But and if ye fuffer for whose daughters ye are as righteousness’ fake, happy are long as ye do well, and are ye : and be not afraid of their not afraid with any amaze- terror, neither be troubled;

15 But fanctify the Lord 7 Likewise, ye husbands, God in your hearts: and be dwell with them according to ready always to give an anknowledge, giving honour swer to every man that alkunto the wife as unto the eth you a reason of the hope weaker vessel, and as being that is in you, with meekness heirs together of the grace and fear: of life; that your prayers be 16 Having a good conscinot hindered.

ence; that whereas they speak 8 Finally, be ye all of one evil of you, as of evil doers, mind, having compassion one they may be ashamed that of another, love as brethren, falsely accuse your good conbe pitiful, be courteous : versation in Christ.

9 Not rendering evil for 17 For it is better, if the evil, or railing for railing : will of God be so, that ye but contrariwise, blessing : fuffer for well doing than knowing that ye are there for evil doing. unto called, that


should 18 For Christ also hath inherit a blessing.

once suffered for fins, the just 10 For he that will love for the unjust, that he might life, and fee good days; let bring us to God, being put him refrain his tongue from to death in the flesh, but evil, and his lips that they quickened by the Spirit: speak no guile :

19 By which also he went 11 Let him eschew evil, and preached unto the spirits and do good ; let him seek in prison; peace, and enfue it.

20 Which sometime were 12 For the eyes of the disobedient, when once the Lord are over the righteous, long-suffering of God waited

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in the days of Noah, while riot, speaking evil of you : the ark was a preparing, 5 Who shall give account wherein few, that is, eight to him that is ready to judge fouls, were saved by water. the quick and the dead. 21 The like figure where

6 For for this cause was unto, even baptism, doth also the gospel preached also to now fave us (not the put- them that are dead, that they ting away of the filth of the might be judged according flesh, but the answer of a to men in the flesh, but live good conscience toward God) according to God in the by the resurrection of Jesus spirit. Christ :

7 But the end of all things 22 Who is gone into is at hand: be


therefore heaven, and is on the right fober, and watch unto prayer. hand of God, angels, and

8 And above all things. authorities, and powers, be- have fervent charity among ing made subject unto him. yourselves : for charity shall CHAP. IV.

cover the multitude of fins.

9 Use hospitality one to Orasmuch then as Christ another without grudging. hath suffered for us in

10 As every man hath rethe flesh, arm yourselves like- ceived the gift, even so miwise with the iame mind: for nifter the fame one to anhe that hath suffered in the other, as good stewards of Alesh, hath ceased from fin; the manifold grace of God.

2 That he no longer should 1 If any man speak, let live the rest of his time in the him speak as the oracles of flesh, to the lusts of men, but God: if any man minister, to the will of God.

let him do it as of the ability 3 For the time past of our which God givesh: that God life may fuffice us to have in all things may be glorified wrought the will of the Gen- through Jesus Chrift; to tiles, when we walked in whom be praise and domilasciviousness, lusts, excess of nion for ever and ever. wine, revellings, banquet- Amen. ings, and abominable idola- 12 Beloved, think it not tries :

strange concerning the fiery 4 Wherein they think it trial, which is to try you, as strange that ye run not with though some strange thing them to the same excess of happened unto you:


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13 But rejoice inasmuch

CHAP. V. as ye are partakers of Christ's sufferings; that when his

HE elders which are glory shall be revealed, ye among you I exhort, may be glad also with ex- who am also an elder, and a ceeding joy;

witness of the sufferings of 14 If ye be reproached for Christ, and also a partaker of the name of Christ, happy the glory that shall be reare ye : for the spirit of vealed ? glory and of God refteth 2 Feed the flock of God upon you. On their part which is among you, taking he is evil spoken of, but on the oversight thereof, not by your part he is glorified.

constraint, but willingly; not 15 But let none of you for filthy lucre, but of a ready suffer as a murderer, or as a mind; thief, or as an evil-doer, or 3 Neither as being lords as a busy body in other men's over God's heritage, but bematters.

ing ensamples to the flock. 16 Yet if any man suffer 4 And when the chief as a Christian, let him not Shepherd shall appear, ye be ashamed ; but let him shall receive a crown of gloglorify God on this be- ry that fadeth not away. half.

5 Likewise, ye younger, 17 For the time is come submit yourselves unto the that judgement must begin at elder. Yea, all of you be the house of God: and if it subject one to another, and be first begin at us, what shall clothed with humility. For the end be of them that obey God refifteth the proud, and not the gospel of God? giveth grace to the hum

18 And if the righteous ble. scarcely be saved, where shall 6 Humble yourselves the ungodly and the finner therefore under the mighty appear?

hand of God, that he may 19 Wherefore let them exalt you in due time : that suffer according to the 7 Casting all your care will of God, commit the upon him, for he careth for keeping of their souls to him you. in well doing, as unto a faith- 8. Be sober, be vigilant; ful Creator.

because your adversary the I 4


may devour:

devil, as a roaring lion, walk- dominion for ever and ever. eth about seeking whom he Amen.

12 By Silvanus a faithful 9

Whom resist, stedfast in brother unto you (as I supthe faith, knowing that the pofe) I have written briefly, same afflictions are accom- exhorting, and testifying, that plished in your brethren that this is the true grace of God are in the world.

wherein ye stand. 10 But the God of all 13 The church that is at grace, who hath called us Babylon, elected together unto his eternal glory by with you, saluteth you ; and Christ Jesus, after that ye yo doth Marcus my son. have suffered a while, make 14


ye one another you perfect, stablish, strength- with a kiss of charity. Peace en, settle you.

be with you all that are in 11 To him be glory and Christ Jesus. Amen.


The Second Epistle General of PETE R.

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4. Whereby are given un

to us exceeding great and IMON Peter, a fer- precious promises ; that by

vant and an apostle of these ye might be partakers Jesus Chrift, to them that of the divine nature, having have obtained like precious escaped the corruption that faith with us through the is in the world through righteousness of God and our luft. Saviour Jesus Christ:

5 And beside this, giving 2 Grace and peace be all diligence, add to your faith multiplied unto you through virtue, and to virtue knowthe knowledge of God and ledge; of Jesus our Lord,

6 And to knowledge tem3 According as his divine perance, and to temperance power hath given unto us all patience, and to patience things that pertain unto life godliness ; and godliness, through the 7 And to godliness broknowledge of him that hath therly kindness, and to brocalled us to glory and vir- therly kindness charity. tue:

8 For

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