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thou wouldest send him to more fierce, saying, He stir. my father's house:

reth up the people, teaching : 28 For I have five bre- throughout all Jewry, beginthren : that he may testify ning from Galilee to this unto them, left they also come place, into this place of torment. 6 When Pilate heard of

29 Abraham faith unto Galilee, he asked whether the him, They have Moses and man were a Galilean? the prophets : let them hear 7 And as soon as he knew

that he belonged unto He30 And he said, Nay, fa- rod's jurisdiction, he sent him ther Abraham: but if one to Herod, who himself also went unto them from the was at Jerusalem at that dead, they will repent.

time. 31 And he said unto him, 8 And when Herod saw If they hear not Moses and Jesus, he was exceeding glad; the prophets, neither will for he was desirous to see him they be persuaded though of a long season, because he one rose from the dead. had heard many things of

him; and he hoped to have CHAP. XXIII.

seen some miracle done by

him. ND the whole multi- 9 Then he questioned

tude of them arose, with him in many words: and led him unto Pilate. but he answered him no

2 And they began to ac-thing. cuse him, saying, We found 10 And the chief priests this fellow peryerting the na- and scribes stood and vehetion, and forbidding to give mently accused him. tribute to Cefar, saying, that II And Herod with his he himself is Christ a King. men of war set him at nought,

3 And Pilate alked him, and mocked him, and arrayed saying, Art thou the King of him in a gorgeous robe, and the Jews ? And he answered fent him again to Pilate. him and said, Thou sayeft it. 12 And the same day Pi

4 Then said Pilate to the late and Herod were made chief priests and to the peo- friends together : for before ple, I find no fault in this they were at enmity between

themselves. 5 And they were the 13 And Pilate, when he




had called together the chief that he might be crucified. priests and the rulers and the And the voices of them and. people,

of the chief priests prevailed. 14 Said unto them, Ye 24 And Pilate


fenhave brought this man unto tence that it should be as they me as one that perverteth the required. people: and behold, I, having 25 And he released unto examined him before you, them him that for sedition have found no fault in this and murder was cast into man touching thofe things prison, whom they had dewhereof ye accuse him : fired; but he delivered Jesus

15 No, nor yet Herod : to their will. for I sent you to him; and, 26 And as they led him lo, nothing worthy of death is away, they laid hold upon done unto him.

one Simon a Cyrenean com16 I will therefore chas-ing out of the country, and tise him and release bim. on him they laid the cross,

17 For of necessity he must that he might bear it after release one unto them at the Jefus. feast.

27 And there followed 18 And they cried out all him a great company of peoat once, saying, Away with ple, and of women, which this man, and release unto us also bewailed and lamented Barabbas :

him. 19 Who for a certain fedi- 28 But Jesus turning untion made in the city, and for to them, said, Daughters of murder was cast into prison. Jerusalem, weep not for me,

20 Pilate therefore willing but weep for yourselves, and to release Jesus, spake again for your children. to them.

29 For, behold, the days 21 But they cried, saying, are coming in the which they Crucify him, crucify him. shall fay, Blessed are the bar

22 And he said unto them ren, and the wombs that ne.. the third time, Why, what ver bare, and the paps which evil hath he done?' I have never gave suck. found no cause of death in 30 Then shall they begin him; I will therefore chaf- to say to the mountains, Fall tise him, and let him go.

on us; and to the hills, 23 And they were instant Cover us. with loud voices, requiring

31 For if they do these


D 3

things in a green tree, what ing, rebuked him, saying, fhall be done in the dry? Doft not thou fear God, see

32 And there were also ing thou art in the same con. two other malefactors led demnation ? with him to be put to death. 41 And we indeed justly:

33 And when they were for we receive the due recome to the place which is ward of our deeds; but this called Calvary, there they man hath done nothing acrucified him, and the male- miss. factors; one on the right 42 And he said unto Jesus, hand, and the other on the Lord, remember me when left.

thou comeft into thy king34 Then said Jefus, Fa- dom. ther, forgive them: for they 43 And Jesus said unto know not what they do. him, Verily I say unto thee, And they parted his raiment, to-day shalt thou be with and cast lots.

me in paradise. 35 And the people stood 44 And it was about the beholding. And the rulers fixth hour, and there was also with them, derided him, darkness over all the earth saying, He saved others; let until the ninth hour. him save himse!f, if he be 45 And the sun was darkChrist the chosen of God. ened, and the vail of the tem

36 And the soldiers also ple was rent in the midst. mocked him, coming to him, 46 And when Jesus had and offering him vinegar,

cried with a loud voice, he 37 And saying, If thou befaid, Father into thy hands I the King of the Jews, fave commend my spirit. And thyself.

having said thus, he gave up 38 And a superscription the ghost. also was written over him in 47 Now when the centuletters of Greek, and Latin, rion law what was done, he and Hebrew, THIS IS glorified God, saying, CerTHE KING OF THE tainly this was a righteous JEWS.

39 And one of the male- 48 And all the people that factors which were hanged came together to that fight, railed on him, saying, If thou beholding the things which be Chrift, fave thyself and us. were done, fmote their

40 But the other answer- breasts, and returned.


49 And all his acquaint in the morning, they came ance, and the women that unto the fepulchre, bringing followed him from Galilee the fpices whlch they had stood afar off beholding these prepared, and certain others things.

with them. 50 & And, behold, there 2 And they found the was a man named Joseph, a stone rolled away from the counsel or ; and he was a fepulchre. good man and a just:

3 And they entered in, 5. The fame had not con- and found not the body of the fented to the counsel and deed Lord Jesus. of them. He was of Arima- 4. And it came to pass, as thea a city of the Jews : who they were much perplexed also himself waited for the thereabout, behold, two men kingdom of God.

ftood by them in shining gar52 This man went unto ments : Pilate, and begged the body 5 And as they were of Jesus.

afraid, and bowed down their 53 And he took it down, fages to the earth, they said and wrapped it in linen, and unto them, Why seek


the laid it in a fepulchre that was living among the dead? hewn in stone, wherein never 6 He is not here, but is man before was laid. risen: remember how he

54 And that day was the spake unto you when he was preparation, and the fabbath yet in Galilee, drew on.

7 Saying, the Son of man 55 And the women also must be delivered into the which came with him from hands of sinful men, and be Galilee followed after, and crucified, and the third day beheld the fepulchre, and how rise again. his body was laid.

8 And they remembered 56 And they returned, his words, and prepared spices and oint- 9 And returned from the ments; and rested the fabbath- fepulchre, and told all these day according to the com- things unto the eleven, and mandment.

to all the rest.

10 It was Mary MagdaCHAP. XXIV.

lene, and Joanna, and Mary

the mother of James, and OW upon the first day other women that were with of the week, very early them, which told these things

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unto the apostles.

19 And he said unto 11 And their words seem- them, What things? And ed to them as idle tales, and they said unto him, Concernthey believed them not. ing Jesus of Nazareth, which

12 Then arose Peter, and was a prophet mighty in deed ran unto the fepulchre ; and and word before God and all stooping down, he beheld the the people : linen clothes laid by them- 20 And how the chief felves, and departed, wonder-priests and our rulers delivering in himself at that which ed him to be condemned to was come to pass.

death, and have crucified 13 4 And, behold, two of him. "them went that same day to 21 But we trusted that it a village called Emmaus, had been he which should which was from Jerusalem have redeemed Ifrael. And about threescore furlongs. beside all this, to-day is the

14 And they talked toge-third day since these things ther of all these things which were done. had happened.

22 Yea, and certain wo15 And it came to pass, men also of our company that while they communed made us astonished, which together and reasoned, Jesus, were early at the sepulchre; himself drew near, and went 23 And when they found with them.

not his body, they came, fay16 But their eyes were ing, That they had also seen holden that they should not a vision of angels, which know him.

said, That he was alive. 17 And he said unto them, 24 And certain of them What manner of communi- which were with us went to cations are these that ye have the sepulchre, and found it one to another as ye walk, even so as the women had and are sad?

faid : but him they saw 18 And the one of them, not. whose name was Cleopas, 25 Then he said unto answering, said unto him, them, O fools, and flow of Art thou only a stranger in heart, to believe all that the Jerusalem, and hast not prophets have spoken ! known the things which are 26 Ought not Christ to come to pass there in these have suffered these things, days?

and to enter into his glory? 6

27 And

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