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27 And beginning at Mo-them in breaking of bread! ses and all the prophets, he 36 And as they thus expounded unto them in all spake, Jesus himself stood in the scriptures the things con- the midst of them, and faith cerning himself.

unto them, Peace be unto 28 And they drew nigh you. unto the village whither they - 37. But they were terrified went : and he made as and affrighted, and supposed though he would have gone that they had seen a spirit. further.

38 And he said unto them, 29 But they constrained Why are ye troubled ? and him, saying, Abide with us : why do thoughts arise in for it is toward evening, and your hearts? the day is far spent. And he 39 Behold my hands and went in to tarry with them. my feet, that it is I myself.

30 And it came to pass, as Handle me, and fee: for a he sat at meat with them, he spirit hath not Aeth and took bread, and blessed it, bones, as ye see me have.. and brake, and gave to them. 40 And when he had thus

31 And their eyes were spoken, he shewed them his opened, and they knew him; hands and his feet. and he vanished out of their 41 And while they yet fight.

believed not for joy, and 32 And they said one to wondered, he said unto another, Did not our heart them, Have ye here any burn within us, while he meat ?! talked with us by the way, 42 And they gave him a and while he opened to us the piece of a broiled fish, and of scriptures ?

an honey-comb. b.ii... 33 And they rose up the 43 And he took it, and fame hour, and returned to did eat before them. Jerusalem, and found the 44 And he said unto them, eleven gathered together, and These are the words which them that were with them, I spake unto you, while I was

34 Saying, the Lord is ri- yet with you, that all things sen indeed, and hath appear- must be fulfilled which were ed to Simon.

written in the law of Mofes, 35 And they told what and in the prophets, and in things were done in the way, the psalms, concerning me.. and how he was known of 45 Then opened he their


understanding, that they the city of Jerusalem, until might underltand the scrip-ye be endued with power tures,

froin on high. 46 And said unto them, 50 q. And he led them out Thus it is written, and as far as to Bethany, and he thus it behoved Christ to lifted up his hands, and suffer, and to rise from the blessed them. dead the third day:

51. And it came to pass, 47 And that repentance, while he blessed them, lie and remiffion of sins fhculd. was parted from them, and be preached in his name a- carried up into heaven. mong all nations, beginning 52 And they worshipped at Jerufalem.

him, and returned to Jerusa48 And ye are witnesses lem with great joy: of these things.

53 And were continually 49 And, behold, I send in the temple praising and the promise of my Father blessing God. Amen. upon you: but tarry ye in

From the Gospel according to St. JOHN.

the Light, that all men N the beginning was the through him might believe.

Word, and the Word was 8 He was not that Light, with God, and the Word was but was sent to bear witness God.

of that Light. 2 The same was in the be


That was the true Light ginning with God.

which lighteth every man 3 All things were made by that cometh into the world. him; and without him was 10 He was in the world, not any thing made that was and the world was made by made.

him; and the world knew 4 In him was life; and the him not. life was the light of men. II He came unto his

own, 5 And the light shineth in and his own received him not. darkness; and the darkness 12 But as many as recomprehended it not. ceived him, to them gave he

6 There was a man sent power to become the fons of from God, whose name was God, even to them that beJohn.

lieve on his name : 7 The fame came for a 13

Which were born, not witnes, to bear witness of of blood, nor of the will of



for grace.

the fiesh, nor of the will of may give an answer to them man, but of God.

that fent us. What fayeft 14 And the word was made thou of thyself? fesh, and dwelt among us, 23 He said, I am the voice (and we beheld his glory, the of one crying in the wilderglory as of the only begotten ness, Make straight the way of the Father,) full of grace of the Lord, as said the proand truth.

phet Efaias. 15 John bare witness of

24 And they which were him, and cried, saying, This sent were of the Pharisees. was he of whom I (pake, He 25 And they asked him, that cometh after me is pre- and said unto him, Why bapferred before me : for he tizest thou then, if thou be was before me.

not that Christ, nor Elias, 16 And of his fulness have neither that prophet? all we received, and grace 26 John answered them,

saying, I baptize with wa17 For the law was given ter : but there ftandeth one by Moses, but grace and among you, whom ye know truth came by Jesus Christ. not ; 18 No man hath feen God 27 He it is, who coming

time: the only begot- after me, is preferred before ten Son, which is in the bo- me, whose ihoe's latchet I som of the Father, he hath am not worthy to unloose. declared him.

28 These things were done 19 And this is the record in Bethabara beyond Jorof John, when the Jews sent dan, where John was bappriests and Levites from Je- tizing. rusalein to ask him, Who art 29 The next day John seeth thou?

Jesus coming unto him, and 20 And he confeffed and faith, Behold the Lamb of denied not : but confessed I God, which taketh away the am not the Christ.

fin of the world. 21 And they asked him, 30 This is he of whom I What then? Art thou Elias ? faid, After me cometh a man And he faith, I am not. Art which is preferred before me: thou that prophet? And he for he was before me. answered, No.

31 And I knew him not: 22 Then said they unto but that he should be made him, Who art thou that we manifeft to Ifrael, therefore


at any

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am I come baptizing with 40 One of the two which water.

heard John 'speak, and fol32 And John bare record, lowed him, was Andrew, Sifaying, I saw the Spirit de mon Peter's brother. scending from heaven like a


He first findeth his own dove, and it abode upon him. (brother Simon, and faith

33 And I knew him not; unto him, We have found but he that sent me to bap- the Messias, which is, being tize with water, the fame interpreted, the Christ. 5 faid unto me, Upon whom 42 And he brought him to thou shalt see the Spirit de- Jefus. And when Jesus bekeending and remaining on held him, he said, Thou art him, the fame is he which Simon the fon of Jona: thou baptizeth with the Holy shalt be called Cephas, which Ghost.

is, by interpretration, a ( 34. And I saw, and bare Stone. record that this is the Son 43 The day following Jeof God.

sus would go forth into Ga*35 7 Again the next day lilee, and findeth Philip, and after John stood, and two of faith unto him, Follow me. his disciples;

44 Now Philip was of 36 And looking upon Je Bethsaida, the city of Ansus as he walked, he faith, drew and Peter. Behold the Lamb of God! 45 Philip findeth Natha3:37. And the two disciples nael, and faith unto him, We heard him speak, and they have found him of whom followed Jesus.

Moses in the law, and the 38 Then Jesus turned, and prophets, did write, Jesus of saw them following, and faith Nazareth, the son of Joseph. unto them, What seek ye? 46 And Nathanael faid They faid unto him, Rabbi unto him, Can there any (which is to say, being in- good thing came out of Naterpreted, Maiter) where zareth ? Philip faith unto dwellest thou ?

him, Come and fee. 39 He saith unto' them, 47 Jefus faw Nathanael Come and see.. They came coming to him, and faith of and faw where he dwelt, and him, Behold, an Ifraelite inabode with him that day : deed, in whom is no guile! for it was about the tenth 48 Nathanael faith unto hour.

him, Whence knewest thou




me? Jesus answered and of God, that the Son of God laid unto him, Before that might be glorified thereby. Philip called thee, when thou 5. Now Jesus loved Mars waft under the fig-tree, I law tha, and her sister, and Lathee. 49

Nathanael answered 6 When he had heard and faith unto him, Rabbi, therefore that he was. sick, thou art the Son of God; he abode two days still in thou art the King of Israel. the same place where he was. 1 50. Jesus

answered and said 7 Then after that faith he anto him, Because I said unto to his disciples, Let us go thee, I saw thee under the into Judea again. fig-tree, believest thou? thou 8 His disciples say unto shalt see greater things than him, Master, the Jews of late these.

fought to stone thee; and 51 And he faith unto him, goeft thou thither again? Verily verily I say unto yoų; 9. Jesus answereda , Are Hereafter ye shall see heaven there not twelve hours in open, and the angels, of God the day? If any man walk ascending and descending in the day, he stumbleth not, upon the Son of man. because he seeth the light of

this world. CHAP. XI.

10 But, if a man walk

in the night he stumbleth, OW a certain man was because there is no light in

sick named Lazarus, of him. Bethany, the town of Mary 11. These things said he : and her fifter Martha. and after that he faith unto

2 It was that Mary which them, Our friend Lazarus anointed the Lord with oint-sleepeth ; but I go that I ment, and wiped his feet with may awake him out of fleep. her hair, whose brother La 12 Then said his disciples, zarus was sick.

Lord, if he sleep, he fhall do 3 Therefore his fifters fent well. unto him, saying, Lord, be 13 Howbeit Jesus spake of hold, he whom thou lovest is his death: but they thought fick.

that he had spoken of taking, 4 When Jesus heard that, of rest in sleep. he said, This sickness is not 14. Then faid Jesus unto unto death, but for the glory, them plainly, Lazarus is dead.

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