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children, and layeth hold of and be not ashamed, when it them that seek her.

concerneth thy soul. 12 He that loveth her, 21 For there is a shame loveth life; and they that that bringeth fin; and there seek to her early, shall be fil- is a shame which is glory and led with joy:

grace. 13 He that holdeth her 22. Accept no person afast Thall inherit glory; and gainst thy soul, and let not wheresoever she entereth, the the reverence of any man Lord will bless.

cause thee to fall. 14 They that serve her, 23 And refrain not to shall minister to the Holy speak, when there is occasion One: and them that love her, to do good, and hide not thy the Lord doth love.

wisdom in her beauty. 15 Whofo giveth ear un- 24 For by speech' wisdom to her, shall judge the na- shall be known; and learntions : and he that attend- ing by the word of the eth unto her, shall dwell se- tongue. curely.

25 In no wise speak against 16 If a man commit him the truth; but be abashself unto her, he shall in- ed of the error of thine ignoherit her; and his genera- rance. tion shall hold her in poffef- 26 Be not ashamed to fion.

confefs thy fins; and force 17 For at the first she will not the course of the river. walk with him by crooked 27 Make not thyself an ways, and bring fear and underling to a foolish man; dread upon him, and torment neither accept the person of him with her discipline, un- the mighty. til she may trust his foul, and 28 Strive for the truth untry him by her laws. to death, and the Lord shal!

18 Then will she return fight for thee. the straight way unto him, 29 Be not hafty in thy and comfort him, and shew tongue: and in thy deeds him her secrets,

flack and remiss. 19 But if he

go wrong, she 30 Be not as a lion in thy will forsake him, and give house: nor frantick' among him over to his own ruin. thy servants.

20 Observe the oppor- 31 Let not thine hand be tunity, and beware of evil; stretched out to receive, and



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thut when thou shouldest they shall not profit thee in repay.

the day of calamity. CHAP. V.


Winnow not with every

wind, and go not into every ET not thy heart upon way: for so doth the finner

tongue. I have enough for my life. 10 Be stedfast in thy un

2 Follow not thine own derstanding, and let thy mind, and thy strength to word be the same. walk' in the ways of thy u Be swift to hear; and heart:

let thy life be fincere, and 3 And say not, Who shall with patience give answer. control me for my works? 12 If thou haft underfor the Lord will surely re- ftanding, answer thy neighvenge thy pride.

bour; if not, lay thy hand up4 Say not, I have sinned, on thy mouth. and what harm hath hap- 13 Honour and shame is pened unto me for the in talk: and the tongue of Lord is long-suffering, he man is his fall. will in no wife let thee

go: 14 Be not called a whira 5 Concerning propitia- perer, and lie not in wait tion, be not without fear to with thy tongue : for a foul add sin unto sin:

shame is upon the thief, and 6 q And say not, His mer- an evil condemnation upon cy is great; he will be paci- the double tongue. fied for the multitude of my 15 Be not ignorant of any fins : for mercy and wrath thing, in a great matter, or come from him, and his in- a small. dignation resteth upon fin

CHAP. VI. 7 Make no tarrying to Nstead of a friend, beturn to the Lord, and put come not an enemy;

for not off from day to day: for (thereby) thou shalt inherit suddenly shall the wrath of an ill name, shame and rethe Lord come forth, and in proach : even fo shall a finthy security thou shalt be de- ner that hath a double stroyed, and perish in the day tongue. of vengeance.

2 9 Extol not thyself in 8 Set not thine heart up- the counsel of thine own on goods unjustly gotten, for heart; that thy soul be


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not torn in pieces as a bull jand will hide himself from (straying alone.)

thy face. ::3 Thou shalt eat up thy 13 Separate thyself from leaves, and lose thy fruit, and thine enemies, and take heed leave thyself as a dry tree.

of thy friends. 4 A wicked soul shall de- 14 A faithful friend is a stroy him that hath it, and strong defence : and he that shall make

him to be hath found such an one, hath laughed to fcorn of his ene- found a treasure. mies,

15 Nothing doth coun5 Sweet language will tervail

faithful friend, multiply friends : and a fair and his excellency is invaspeaking tongue will increase luable. kind greetings.

16 A faithful friend is the 6 Be in peace with ma- medicine of life ; and they ny: nevertheless have but that fear the Lord shall find one counsellor of a thou-him. fand.

17 Whoso feareth the Lord 70 If thou wouldest get shall direct his friendship aa friend, prove him first, right: for as he is, so Thall and be not hasty to credit his neighbour be also. him.

18 My son, gather in8 For some man is a struction from thy youth up: friend for his own occafion, so shalt thou find wisuom till and will not abide in the day thine old age. of thy trouble.

19 Come unto her as one 9 And there is a friend, that ploweth and soweth, and who, being turned to enmity wait for her good fruits : for and strife, will discover thy thou shalt not toil much in reproach.

labouring about her, but 10 Again, some friend is thou shalt eat of her fruits a companion at the table, and right foon. will not continue in the day 20 She is very unpleasant of thy amiction.

to the unlearned: he that ii But in thy prosperity is without understanding will he will be as thyself, and not remain with her.

vill be bold over thy ser- 21 She will lie upon him, vants.

as a mighty stone of trial; 12 If thou be brought and he will caft her from hini low, he will be against thee, Jere it be long.



22 For 22 For wisdom is accord- thou shalt receive undering to her name, and she is standing: and if thou bow not manifeft unto many.

thine ear, thou shalt be wise. 23 Give ear, my son, re- 34 Stand in the multitude ceive my advice, and refuse of the elders, and cleave unnot my counsel.

to him that is wise. 24 And put thy feet into 35 Be willing to hear her fetters, and thy neck into every godly discourse, and let her chain.

not the parables of under25 Bow down thy shoulder, standing escape thee. and bear her, and be not 36 And if thou seest a man grieved with her bonds. of understanding, get thee

26 Come unto her with betimes unto him, and let thy whole heart, and keep her thy foot wear the steps of his ways with all thy power. door.

27 Search and seek, and 37 Let thy mind be upon she shall be made known un-the ordinances of the Lord, to thee: and when thou hast and meditate continually in got hold of her, let her not his commandments : he shall go.

establish thine heart, and give 28 For at the last thou thee wisdom at thine own fhalt find her reft, and that defire. shall be turned to thy joy.

CHAP. VII. 29 Then shall her fetters be a strong defence for. O no evil, so shall no thee, and her chains a robe


unto of glory:

thee. 30 For there is a gol- 2 Depart from the unjust, den

ornament upon her, and iniquity shall turn away and her bands are purple from thee. lace.

3 My son, sow not upon 31 Thou shalt put her on the furrows of unrighteousas a robe of honour: and shalt nefs, and thou shalt not reap put her about thee as a crown them seven fold. of joy.

4 Seek not of the Lord 32 My son, if thou wilt, pre-eminence, neither of thou shalt be taught: and if the king the seat of hothou wilt apply thy mind, nour. thou shalt be prudent.

5 Justify not thyself before 33 If thou love to hear, the Lord, and boaft not



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of thy wisdom before the work, neither husbandry, king.

which the most High hath 6 Seek not to be judge, ordained. being not able to take away

16 Number not thyself ainiquity, left at any time mong the multitude of finthou fear the person of the ners, but remember that mighty, and lay a stumbling wrath will not tarry long. block in the way of thy up- 17. Humble thy soul rightness.

greatly : for the vengeance 7 Offend not against the of the ungodly is fire and multitude of a city, and then worms. thou shalt not cast thyself 18 Change not a friend down among the people.


any good by no means : 89 Bind not one fin up- neither a faithful brother for on another, for in one thou the gold of Ophir. fhalt not be unpunished. 19 Forego not a wise and

9 Say not, God will look good woman, for her grace upon the multitude of my ob- is above geld. lations, and when I offer to 20 Whereas thy servant the most high God, he will worketh truly, entreat him

not evil, nor the hireling that 10 q Be not faint-hearted bestoweth himself wholly for when thou. makelt thy pray

thee. er, and neglect not to give 21 Let thy foul love a alms.

good servant, and defraud. 11 Laugh no man to scorn him not of liberty. in the bitterness of his soul: 22 Hast thou cattle ? have for there is one which hum- an eye to them: and if they bleth and exalteth.

be for thy profit, keep them 12 Devise not a lye a- with thee. gainst thy brother: neither 23 Hast thou children? do the like to thy friend. instruct them, and bow

13 Use not to make any down their neck from their manner of lye: for the cuí- youth. tom thereof is not good. 24 Hast thou daughters?

14 Use not many words have a care of their body, in a multitude of elders, and and shew not thy face cheer make not much babbling ful toward them. when thou prayeft.

25 Marry thy daughter, and 15 Hate not laborious fofhalt thou have performed a

LI 2


accept it.



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