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understand first, and then are from him.

16 Error and darknefs
8 9 Answer not before had their beginning together
thou haft heard the cause; with finners : and evil shall
neither interrupt men in the wax old with them that glo-
midst of their talk.

Strive not in a matter 17. The gift of the Lord that concerneth thee not ; remaineth with the godly, and fit not in judgment with and his favour bringeth prosinners.

sperity for ever. 10 q My son, meddle not 18 There is that waxeth with many matters : for if rich by his wariness and thou meddle much, thou pinching, and this is the fhalt not be innocent; and portion of his reward : if thou follow after, thou 19 Whereas he faith, I shalt not obtain, neither shalt have found rest, and now thou escape by flying. will eat continually of my

11 There is one that la- goods, and yet he knoweth boureth and taketh pains, not what time shall come and maketh hafte, and is loupon him, and that he must much the more behind. leave those things to others,

12 Again, there is ano- and die. ther that is flow, and hath 20 Be stedfast in thy coneed of help, wanting abi- venant, and be conversant lity, and full of poverty; therein, and wax old in thy yet the eye of the Lord look work. ed upon him for good, and 21 Marvel not at the fet him up from his low ef- works of finners, but trust tate,

in the Lord, and abide in the 13. And lifted up his head labour : for it is an easy from misery, so that many thing in the fight of the that saw it marvelled at Lord, on the sudden to make him.

a poor man rich. 114 Prosperity and adver- 22 The blessing of the fity, life and death, poverty Lord is in the reward of the and riches, come of the Lord. godly, and suddenly he mak

15 Wisdom, knowledge, eth his blessing to flouand understanding of the rih. law, are of the Lord : love, 23 Say not, What profit and the way of good works, is there of my service and


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what good things shall I 33 Take heed of a mifhave hereafter ?

chievous man (for he work24 Again, say not, I have eth wickedness,) left he enough, and possess many bring upon thee a perthings, and what evil can petual blot. come to me hereafter ?

34 Receive a stranger in25 In the day of prospe- to thine house, and he will rity there is a forgetfulness disturb thee, and turn thee of affliction : and in the day out of thine own. of affliction there is no remembrance of prosperity.

CHAP. XII. 26 For it is an easy thing unto the Lord in the day of

HEN thou wilt do death, to reward a man ac

good, know to whom cording to his ways.

thou doeft it: so shalt thou 27 The afliaion of an be thanked for thy benefits. hour maketh a man forget 24 Do good to the godly pleasure: and in his end his man, and thou shalt find a deeds shall be discovered. recompence; and if not from

28 Judge none blessed be- him, yet from the most fore his death : for a man High. Thall be known in his chil- 3 There can no good dren.

come to him that is always 29 Bring not every man occupied in evil : nor to him into thine house : for the that giveth no alms. deceitful man hath


4 Give to the godly man, trains.

and help not a finner. 30 Like as a partridge 5 Do well unto him that taken (and kept] in a cage, is lowly, but give not to the so is the heart of the proud; ungodly : hold back thy and like as a fry, watcheth bread, and give it not unto he for thy fall.

him, left he overmafter thee 31 For he lieth in wait, thereby. For [else] thou and turneth good into evil, thalt receive twice as much and in things worthy praise, evil for all the good thou will lay blame upon

thee. shalt have done unto him. 32 Of a spark of fire a 6 For the most High heap of coals is kindled: and hateth finners, and will repay a sinful man layeth wait for vengeance unto the ungodly, blood.

and keepeth them against the

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mighty day of their punish- 15 For a while he will ament.

bide with thee, but if thou 7

Give unto the good, begin to fall, he will not and help not the finner.

tarry 8 A friend cannot be 16 An enemy speaketh known in prosperity, and an sweetly with his lips, but in enemy cannot be hidden in his heart he imagineth how adversity

to throw thee into a pit: he 9 In the prosperity of a will weep with his eyes, but man, enemies will be griev- if he find opportunity, he will ed: but in his adversity, not be satisfied with blood. even a friend will depart.

17 If adversity come up10 q Never trust thine on thee, thou shalt find him enemy: for like as iron ruft- there first; and though he eth, so is his wickedness.

pretend to help thee, yet
1. Though he humble ihall he undermine thee.
himself, and go crouching, 18 He will shake his head
yet take good heed, and be- and clap his hands, and whil-
ware of him, and thou shalt per much, and change his
be unto him, as if thou hadft countenance.
wiped a looking-glass, and

thou shalt know that his rust
hath not been altogether

E that toucheth pitch, wiped away.

shall be defiled there. 12 Set him not by thee, with, and he that hath felleft, when he hath over- lowship with a proud man, thrown thee, he stand up in ihall be like unto him. thy place ; neither let him

2 Burden not thyself afit at thy right hand, left he bove thy power, while thou seek to take thy feat, and livest, and have no fellowthou at the last remember ship with one that is mightmy words, and be pricked ier and richer than thyself. therewith.

For how agree the kettle and 13 Who will pity a charm- the earthen pot together? for er that is bitten with a ser- if the one be smitten against pent, or any such as come the other, it shall be broken. nigh wild beasts?


The rich man hath done 14 So one that goeth to a wrong, and yet he threateneth finner, and is defiled with withal : the poor is wronged, him in his fins, who will and he must intreat also.


pity ?

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If thou be for his profit, 12 But cruelly he will lay he will use thee : but if thou up thy words, and will not have nothing, he will forsake spare to do thee hurt, and to thee.

put thee in prison. 5 If thou have any thing, 13 Observe, and take good he will live with thee : yea, heed, for thou walkest in he will make thee bare, and peril of thy overthrowing: will not be sorry for it. when thou hearest these

6 If he have need of thee, things, awake in thy fleep. he will deceive thee, and 14 Love the Lord all thy smile upon thee, and put life, and call upon him for thee in hope ; he will speak thy falvation. thee fair, and say, What 15 9 Every beast loveth wanteft thou ?

his like, and every man lov7 And he will shame thee eth his neighbour. by his meats, until he have 16 All flesh consorteth acdrawn thee dry twice or cording to kind, and a man thrice, and at the last he will will cleave to his like. laugh thee to scorn: after- 17 What fellowship hath ward, when he seeth thee, the wolf with the lamb ? so he will forsake thee, and the finner with the godly. thake his head at thee.

18 What agreement is 8 Beware that thou be there between the hyena and not deceived, and brought a dog? and what peace bedown in thy jollity. tween the rich and the poor?

. If thou be invited of a 19 As the wild ass is the mighty man, withdraw thy- lion's prey in the wilderness : felf, and so much the more so the rich eat up the

poor. will he invite thee.

20 As the proud hate hu10 Press thou not upon mility: so doth the rich abhim, left thou be put back; hor the poor. stand not far off, left thou be 21 A rich man beginning forgotten.

to fall, is held up of his II Affect not to be made friends; but poor

man be equal unto him in talk, and ing down, is thrust also away believe not his many words: by his friends. for with much communica- 22. When a rich man is tion will he tempt thee, and fallen, he hath many helpers : smiling upon thee, will get he speaketh things not to be out thy secrets ;

fpoken, and yet men justify


a rich


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him: the poor man flipt,

3 Riches are not comely and yet they rebuked him for a niggard : and what too; he spake wisely, and should an envious man do could have no place.

with money?

4 He that gathereth by despeaketh, every man holdeth frauding his own soul, gahis tongue, and look, what thereth for others that shall he faith, they extol it to the spend his goods riotoully. clouds : but if the poor man

5 He that is evil to him. speak, they say, What fellow self, to whom will he be is this ? and if he stumble, good ? he shall not take pleathey will help to overthrow lure in his goods. him.

6 There is none worse 24. Riches are good unto than he that envieth himself, him that hath no fin, and

and this is a recompence of

verty is evil in the mouth of his wickedness.
the ungodly:

7 And if he doeth good,
25 The heart of a man he doeth it unwillingly, and
changeth his countenance, at the last he will declare his
whether it be for good or wickedness.
evil: and a merry heart mak-

8 The envious man hath eth a cheerful countenance. a wicked eye, he turneth

26 A cheerful counte- away his face, and despiseth nance is a token of a heart men. that is in prosperity ; and 9 A covetous man's eye the finding out of parables is is not satisfied with his pora wearisome labour of the tion, and the iniquity of the mind.

wicked drieth up his soul.

10 A wicked CHAP. XIV.

[his] bread, and he is a nigLESSED is the man gard at his table.

that hath not slipt with i My son, according to his mouth, and is not prick-thy ability, do good to thyed with the multitude of felf, and give the Lord his sins.

due offering. 2 Blessed is he whole 12 Remember that death conscience hath not con- will not be long in coming, demned him, and who is not and that the covenant of the fallen from his hope in the grave is not shewed unto Lord,


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eye envieth

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