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with thine own feed, trust-standing that are not set by: ing in the goodness of thy and one that returneth from stock.

righteousness to fin the 21 So thy race which thou Lord prepareth such an one leavest shall be magnified, for the sword. having the confidence of their 29 A merchant shall hardgood defcent.

ly keep himself from doing 22 An harlot shall be ac- wrong ; and an huckfter shall counted as spittle; but a not be freed from fin. married woman is a tower against death to her hus CHAP. XXVII. band.

ANY have finned 23 A wicked woman is

for a small matter: given as a portion to a wick- and he that seeketh for abuned man; but a godly wo- dance will turn his eyes aman is given to him that way feareth the Lord.

2 As a nail sticketh fast 24 A dishonest woman between the joinings of the contemneth fhame; but an stones; so doth sin stick close honest woman will reverence between buying and sellher husband.

ing. 25 A shameless woman 3 Unless a man hold himshall be counted as a dog: self diligently in the fear of but she that is shame-faced the Lord, his house shall will fear the Lord.

foon be overthrown. 26 A woman that ho 4. As when one fifteth noureth her husband, shall with a sieve, the refuse rea be judged wise of all; but maineth; so the filth of she that dishonoureth him in man in his talk. her pride, shall be counted 5 The furnace proveth ungodly of all.

the potter's vefsels; fo the 27 A loud-crying wo- trial of man is in his reasonman and a scold fhall be ing. fought out to drive away the 6 The fruit declareth if the enemies.

tree have been dressed; fo is 28 There be two things the utterance of a conceit in that grieve my heart; and the heart of man. the third maketh me angry: 7 Praise no man before a man of war that suffereth thou hearest him speak; for poverty, and men of under- this is the trial of men.


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8 If thou followest righ-stroyed his enemy; fo haft teousness, thou shalt obtain thou lost the love of thy neighher, and put her on, as a glo- bour. rious long robe.

19 As one that letteth a 9 The birds will resort bird go out of his hand, so unto their like; so will truth halt thou let thy neighbour return unto them that prac- go, and shall not get

him tise in her.

gain. IO As the lion lieth in 20 Follow after him no wait for the prey; so fin for more, for he is too far off, them that work iniquity. he is as a roe escaped out of

11 The discourse of a godly the snare. man is always with wisdom; 21 As for a wound, it may but a fool changeth as the be bound up; and after re

viling there may be recon12 If thou be among the cilement: but he that bewrayindiscreet, obferve the time; eth secrets, is without hope. but be continually among 22 He that winketh with men of understanding, the eyes, worketh evil, and

13 The discourse of fools is he that knoweth him, will irksome, and their sport is in depart from him... the wantonness of sin.

23 When thou art present, 14 The talk of him that he will speak sweetly, and will sweareth much, maketh the admire thy words: but at hair stand upright; and their the last he will writhe his brawls make one stop his mouth and Alander thy fay

ings. 15 The strife of the proud 24 I have hated many is blood-fhedding, and their things, but nothing like him, revilings are grievous to the for the Lord will hate him.

25 Whoso casteth a 16 Whoso discovereth se- stone on high, cafteth it on crets, lofeth his credit; and his own head; and a deceitfhall never find a friend to his ful stroke shall make wounds. mind.

26 Whoso diggeth a pit, 17 Love thy friend, and shall fall therein; and he that be faithful unto him: but if setteth a trap, shall be taken thou bewrayeft his fecrets, therein. follow no more after him. 27 He that worketh mil18 For as a man hath de chief, it shall fall upon him,

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and he shall not know whence member] corruption and it cometh.

death, and abide in the com28 Mockery and reproach mandments. are from the proud: but 7. Remember the comvengeance as a lion shall lie mandments, and bear no main wait for them.

lice to thy neighbour: [re29 They that rejoice at member] the covenant of the fall of the righteous, shall the Highest, and wink at igbe taken in the snare, and an. norance. guilh shall consume them be

8 9 Abstain from strife, fore they die.

and thou shalt diminish thy 30 Malice and wrath, fins : for a furious man will even these are abomina- kindle strife. tions, and the finful man 9 A finful man disquietshall have them both. eth friends, and maketh de


them that be at Chap. XXVIII.

peace. E that revengeth, shall 10 g As the matter of the

engeance from fire is, so it burneth: and as the Lord, and he will surely a man's strength is, fo is his keep his fins [in remem- wrath; and according to his brance. ]

riches his anger riseth; and 2 Forgive thy neighbour the ftronger they are which the hurt that he hath done un contend, the more they will to thee, so shall thy sins also be inflamed. be forgiven when thou pray 11 An hasty contention eft.

kindleth a fire : and an hafty 3 One

man beareth hatred fighting sheddeth blood. against another, and doth he

12 If thou blow the spark, seek pardon from the Lord it shall burn ; if thou spit

4 He sheweth no mer- upon it, it shall be quenchcy to a man which is like ed: and both these come out himself; and doth he ask of thy mouth. forgiveness of his own fins ? 13 Curse the whisperer

5 If he that is but Aesh and double-tongued : for nourish hatred, who will such have destroyed many entreat for pardon of his that were at peace. fins ?

14 A backbiting tongue 6 Remember thy end, hath disquieted many, and let enmity ccafe ; [re-driven them from nation to



nation : strong cities hath it svour them as a leopard. pulled down, and overthrown 24 Look that thou hedge the houses of the great men. thy possession about with

154 A backbiting tongue thorns, and bind up thy silver hath cast out virtuous wo- and gold: men, and deprived them of 25 And weigh thy words their labours.

in a balance, and make a 16 Whoso hearkeneth un- door and bar for thy mouth. to it, shall never find rest, 26 Beware thou slide not and never dwell quietly. by it, left thou fall before him

17 'The stroke of the that lieth in wait. whip maketh marks in the flesh: but the stroke of the

CHAP. XXIX. tongue breaketh the bones. E that is merciful, will

18 Many have fallen by lend unto his neighthe edge of the sword; but bour, and he that strengthnot so many as have fallen by eneth his hand, keepeth the the tongue,

commandments. 19 Well is he that is de 2 Lend to thy neighbour fended from it, and hath not in time of his need, and passed through the venom pay thou thy neighbour again thereof; who hath not drawn in due season. the yoke thereof, nor hath 3 Keep thy word, and been bound in her bands. deal faithfully with him, and

20 For the yoke thereof thou thalt always find the is a yoke of iron, and the thing that is necessary for thee. bands thereof are bands of 4 9 Many, when a thing brass.

was lent them, reckoned it 21 The death thereof is to be found, and put them to an evil death, the grave were trouble that helped them. better than it.

5 Till he hath received, 22 It shall not have rule he will kiss a man's hand; over them that fear God, and for his neighbour's moneither shall they be burnt ney he will speak fubmisly: with the flame thereof. but when he should repay,

23 Such as forsake the he will prolong the time, Lord shall fall into it, and it and return words of grief, Thall burn in them, and not and complain of the time. be quenched; it shall be sent 6 If he prevail, he thall upon them as a lion, and de- hardly receive the half, and


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he will count as if he had him. found it: if not, he hath de 15 Forget not the friendprived him of his money, and ship of thy furety, for he hath he hath gotten him an ene- given his life for thee. my without cause: he pay


A finner will overeth him with cursings and throw the good estate of his railings; and for honour he furety: will pay him disgrace.

17 And he that is of an 7 Many therefore have re- unthankful mind, will leave fused to lend for other men's him in [danger) that deliill dealing, fearing to be de- vered him. frauded.

18 Suretiship hath undone 8 Yet have thou patience many of good estate, and with a man in poor estate, and shaken them as a wave of delay not to thew him mer- the sea : mighty men hath it cy.

driven from their houses, fo 99 Help the poor for the that they wandered among commandments fake, and strange nations. turn him not away because 19 A wicked man transa

gressing the commandments 10 Lose thy money for thy of the Lord, shall fall into brother and thy friend, and suretiship: and he that unlet it not ruft under a stone dertaketh and followeth other to be lost.

men's business for gain, shall 11 Lay up thy treasure fall into fuits. according to the command 20 Help thy neighbour ments of the Most High, and according to thy power, and it shall bring thee more pro- beware that thou thyself fall fit than gold.

not into the fame. 12 Shut up alms in thy 21 The chief thing for store-houses: and it shall life is water and bread, and deliver thee from all affic- clothing, and an house to cotion.

ver shame, 13 It shall fight for thee 22 Better is the life of a against thine enemies, better poor man in a mean cottage, than a mighty ihield and than delicate fare in another ftrong spear.

man's house. 14 An honest man is sure 23 Be it little or much, ty for his neighbour: but he hold the contented, that thou that is impudent will forfake hear not the reproach of thy


of his poverty.

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