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behind him that is like him24 For it is a miserable felf. life to go from house to 5 While he lived, he saw house: for where thou art a and rejoiced in him: and stranger thou darest not open when he died, he was not thy mouth.

sorrowful. 25 Thou shalt entertain, 6 He left behind him an and feast, and have nothanks: avenger against his enemies, moreover, thou shalt hear and one that shall requite. bitter words:

kindness to his friends. 26 Come, thou stranger, 79 He that maketh too and furnish a table, and feed much of his son, shall bind me of that thou haft ready: up his wounds, and his bow

27 Give place, thou stran-els will be troubled at every ger, to an honourable man, cry. my brother cometh to be 8 An horse not broken lodged, and I have need of becometh head-strong: and mine house,

a child left to himself will be 28 These things are griev- wilful. ous to a man of understand- 9 Cocker thy child, and ing: the upbraiding of house he shall make thee afraid : room, and reproaching of play with him, and he will the lender.

bring thee to heaviness.

10 Laugh not with him, CHAP. XXX.

left thou have sorrow with that loveth his son, him, and left thou gnash thy

causeth him oft to feel teeth in the end. the rod, that he may have joy

11 Give him no liberty of him in the end.

in his youth, and wink not at 2 He that chastiseth his his follies. fon, shall have joy in him, 12 Bow down his neck and shall rejoice of him a- while he is young, and beat mong his acquaintance. him on the sides while he is

3. He that teacheth his son a child, left he wax stubborn, grieveth the enemy: and be- and be disobedient unto thee, fore his friends he shall re- and so bring forrow to thine joice of him.

-heart. 4. Though his father die, 13 Chastise thy fon, and yet he is as though he were hold him to labour, lest his not dead: for he hath left one lewd behaviour be an offence


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unto thee.

24 Envy and wrath short14 9 Better is the poor, en the life, and carefulness being sound and strong of bringeth age before the constitution, than a rich time. man that is afflicted in his 25 A cheerful and good body.

heart will have a care of his 15 Health and good ef- meat and diet. tate of body are above all gold, and a strong body a

CHAP. XXXI. bove infinite wealth.

ATCHING for 16 There is no riches a

riches consumethi bove a sound body, and no the flesh, and the care therejoy above the joy of the of driveth away heart.

2 Watching care will not 17 Death is better than a let a man slumber, as a sore bitter life, or continual fick disease breaketh sleep. ness.

3. The rich hath great 18 Delicates poured up-labour in gathering riches on a mouth shut up, are as together, and when he reftmesses of meat set upon a eth he is filled with his deligrave.

cates. 19 What good doeth the 4 The poor laboureth in offering unto an idol? for his poor estate, and when neither can it eat, nor smell: he leaveth off' he is still so is he that is persecuted of needy: the Lord.

5 He that loveth gold 21 Give not over thy shall not be justified: and he mind to heaviness, and afflict that followeth corruption, not thyself in thine own coun- shall have enough thereof. fel.

6 Gold hath been the ruin 22 The gladness of the of many, and their destruction heart is the life of man, and was present. the joyfulness of a man pro- 7 It is a stumbling-block longeth his days.

unto them that sacrifice unto 23 Love thine own foul, it, and every fool shall be and comfort thy heart, re- taken therewith. move forrow far from thee: 8 Blessed is the rich that for forrow hath killed many, is found without blemish, and there is no profit there and hath not gone

after gold.

9 Who is he? and we 19


very little is suffici, will call him blessed: for ent for a man well-nurtured, wonderful things hath he and he fetcheth not his wind done among his people. short upon

his bed. 10 Who hath been tried 20 Sound fleep cometh of thereby, and found perfect? moderate eating; he riseth then let him glory. Who early, and his wits are with might offend, and hath not bim : but the pain of watchoffended; or done evil, and ing, and choler, and pangs hath not done it?

of the belly, are with an un11 His goods shall be fatiable man. established, and the congre

21 And if thoù haft been gation shall declare his alms. forced to eat, arise, go forth,

12 g If thou sit at a boun- vomit, and thou shalt have tiful table, be not greedy up- rest. on it, and say not, There is 22 My son, hear me, and much meat on it.

despise me not, and at the 13 Remember that a last thou shalt find as I told wicked eye is an evil thing : thee: in all thy works be and what is created more quick, so shall there no fickwicked than an eye? there-ness come unto thee. fore it weepeth upon every 23 Whoso is liberal of occasion.

his meat, men shall speak 14 Stretch not thine hand well of him, and the report whithersoever it looketh, and of his good house-keeping thrust it not with him into will be believed. the dish.

24 But against him that 15 Judge of thy neigh-is a niggard of his meat, the bour by thyself; and be dif- whole city shall murmur, creet in every point. and the testimonies of his

16 Eat, as it becometh a niggardness shall not be man, those things which are doubted of. set before thee; and devour 25 Shew not thy valiantnot left thou be hated.

ness in wine, for wine hath 17 Leave off first for man- destroyed many. ners sake; and be not unsa- 26 The furnace proveth tiable, left thou offend. the edge by dipping : fo doth

18 When thou fittest a- wine the hearts of the proud mong many, reach not thine by drukenness. hand out first of all,

27 Wine is as good as

life to a man, if it be drunk and hinder not musick. moderately: what is life then 4 Pour not out words to a man that is without where there is a musician, wine? for it was made to and shew not forth wisdom make men glad.

out of time. 28 Wine measurably 5 A consort of musick drunk, and in season, bring in a banquet of wine, is eth gladness of the heart, and as a fignet of carbuncle set cheerfulness of the mind.

in gold. 29 But wine drunken 6 As a signet of an emewith excels, maketh bitter-rald set in a work of gold, so ness of the mind, with brawl- is the melody of musick with ing and quarrelling. pleasant wine.

30 Drunkenness increal- 7 Speak, young man, if eth the rage of a fool, till there be need of thee: and he offend: it diminisheth yet scarcely, when thou art strength, and maketh wounds. twice asked.

31 Rebuke not thy neigh- 8 Let thy speech be short, bour at the wine, and del-comprehending much in few pise him not in his mirth : words ; be as one that knowgive him no despiteful words, eth, and yet holdeth his and press not upon him with tongue. urging him [to drink.] 9 If thou be among great

men, make not thyself equal Chap. XXXII.

with them: and when ancia F thou be made the maf- ent men are in place, use not

ter [of a feast, ] lift not many words. thyself up, but be among Io Before the thunder

gothem as one of the rest, take eth lightening, and before dilligent care for them, and a shame-faced man shall go fo fit down.

favour. 2 And when thou haft 11 Rise up betimes, and done all thy office, take thy be not the last, but get thee place that thou mayelt be home without delay. merry with them, and re- 12 There take thy pafceive a crown for thy well- time, and do what thou wilt: ordering of the feast. but fin not by proud

3 Speak thou that art the speech. elder, for it becometh thee, 13 And for these things but with sound judgment, bless him that made thee,


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and hath replenished thee the Lord taketh heed to the with his good things. commandment, and he that

14 Whoso feareth the trusteth in him, shall fare neLord will receive his disci- ver the worse. pline, and they that seek him

CHAP. XXXIII. early shall find favour. 15 He that seeketh the

HERE shall no evil law, shall be filled therewith: happen unto him that but the hypocrite will be of- feareth - the Lord, but in fended thereat.

temptation even again he 16 They that fear the will deliver him. Lord shall' find judgment,

2 A wise man hateth not and shall kindle justice as a the law; but he that is an light.

hypocrite therein, is as a ship 17 A finful man will not in a storm. be reproved, but findeth 3 A man of understand, an excuse according to his ing trusteth in the law, and will.

the law is faithful unto him 18 ! A man of counsel as an oracle. will be confiderate, but a 4. Prepare what to say, strange and proud man is not and so thou fhalt be heard: daunted with fear, even when and bind up instruction, and of himself he hath done with then make answer. out counsel.

5 The heart of the foolish 19 Do nothing without is like a cart-wheel: and his advice, and when thou hast thoughts are like a rolling once done, repent not.

axle-tree. 20 Go not in a way

6 A stallion horse is as a wherein thou mayest fall, and mocking friend, he neigheth stumble not among the under every one that litteth stones.

21 Be not confident in a 7 [ Why doth one day plain way.

excel another, when as all 22 And beware of thine the light of every day in the own children,

year is of the fun? 23 9 In every good work 8 By the knowledge of trust thy own soul, for this is the Lord they were distinthe keeping of the command-guished, and he altered seaments.

sons and feasts. 24. He that believeth in

9 Some of them hath he


upon him.

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