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made high days, and hallow-ing. ed them, and some of them

118 Hear me, Oye great hath he made ordinary days. men of the people, and heark.

10 And all men are from en with your ears, ye rulers the ground, and Adam was of the congregation. created of earth.

19 Give not thy fon and 11 In much knowledge wife, thy brother and friend, the Lord hath divided them, power over thee while thou and made their ways diverse. livest, and give not thy goods

12 Some of them hath he to another: left it repent blessed and exalted, and some thee, and thou intreat for of them hath he sanctified the same again. and set near himself: but 20 As long as thou livest fome of them hath he cursed and hast breath in thee, give and brought low, and turned not thyself over to any. out of their places.

21 For better it is that 13 As the clay is in the thy children should seek to potter's hand, to falhion it at thee, than that thou shouldest his pleasure: fo man is in the stand to their courtesy. hand of him that made him, 22 In all thy works keep to render to them as liketh to thyself the pre-eminence, him best.

leave not a stain in thine ho14

Good is set against nour. evil, and life against death: 23 At the time when thou fo is the godly against the shalt end thy days, and finish finner, and the finner against thy life, distribute thine.inhethe godly:

ritance. 15 So look upon all the 24 Fodder, a wand, and works of the Moit High, and burdens, are for the ass; and there are two and two, one bread, correction, and work, against another.

for a servant. 16 I awaked up last of all, 25 If thou set thy servant as one that gathereth after to labour, thou shalt find the grape-gatherers; by the rest: but if thou let him go blessing of the Lord I profit- idle, he shall seek liberty. ed, and filled my wine-press 26 A yoke and a collar like a gatherer of grapes.

do bow the neck: fo are 17 Consider that I labour- tortures and torments for an ed not for myself only, but evil servant. for all them that seek learn- 27 Send him to labour, +


06 If they be not fent from

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that he be not idle ; for idle-| saying, and dreams are vain, ness teacheth much evil. and the heart fancieth as a

28 Set him to work as is woman's heart in travail. fit for him : if he be not on bedient, put on more heavy the Most High in thy visitafetters.

tion, fet not thy heart upon 29 But be not excessive them. toward any, and without dis- 7 For dreams have de. cretion do nothing. ceived many, and they have

30 If thou have a servant, failed that put their trust in let him be unto thee as thy- them. felf, because thou hast bought

8 The law shall be found him with a price.

perfect without lies : and 31 If thou have a servant, wisdom is perfection to a intreat him as a brother; for faithful mouth. thou hast need of him as of 9 A man that hath trathine own foul : if thou in- velled knoweth many things: treat him evil, and he run and he that hath much expefrom thee, which way wiltrience will declare wisdom. thou go to seek him ?

10 He that hath no expe

rience knoweth little ; but CHAP. XXXIV. .

he that hath travelled is full

of prudence. HE hopes of a man il When I travelled, I

void of understanding law many things, and I unare vain and false : and derstand more than I can dreams lift fools.

express. 2 Whoso regardeth dreams, 12 I was oft-times in is like him that catcheth at a danger of death : yet shadow, and followeth after delivered because of these the wind.

things. 3 The vision of dreams 13 The spirit of those is the resemblance of one that fear the Lord shall live, thing to another, even as the for their hope is in him that likeness of a face to a face. saveth them.

4. Of an unclean thing, 14 Whofo feareth the what can be cleanfed? and Lord shall not fear, nor be from that thing which is afraid, for he is his hope. false, what truth can come ? 15 Blessed is the foul of 5 Divinations and footh- him that feareth the Lord:



I was

to whom doth he look? and, and another pulleth down, who is his strength ? what profit have they then

16 For the eyes of the but labour ? Lord are upon them that 24 When one prayeth, love him, he is their mighty and another curseth, whose protection and strong itay, voice will the Lord hear? a defence from heat, and 25 He that washeth hima cover from the sun at felf after the touching of a noun, a preservation from dead body, if he touch it aftuinbling, and a help from gain, what availeth his waihMalling

ing. '17 He raiseth up the soul, 26 So is it with a man and lighteneth the eyes : he that fasteth for his sins, and giveth health, life, and blei goeth again and doeth the ling.

fame : who will hear his 18 He that •facrificeth prayer ? or what doth his of a thing wrongfully got- humbling profit him ? ten, his offering is ridiculous;

CHAP. XXXV. and the gifts of unjust men are not accepted.

E that keepeth the 19 The Most High is not law, bringeth offerings pleased with the offerings of enough: he that taketh heed the wicked; neither is he to the commandinent, offerpacified for fin by the multi-eth a peace-offering. tude of facrifices.

2 He that requiteth a 20 Whofo bringethan good turn, offereth fine flour: offering of the goods of the and he that giveth alms, fapoor, doeth as one that kil-crificeth praise. leth the fon before his father's 3 To depart from wickedCyes.

neis is a thing pleasing to the 21 The bread of the nee. Lord; and to forsake undy is their life : he that de- righteousness, is a propitiafraudeth him thereof is a tion. man of blood.

4 Thou shalt not appear 22 He that taketh away empty before the Lord. his neighbour's living, flay- 5 For all these things [are eth him ; and he that de- to be done] because of the fraudeth the labourer of his commandment, tire, is a blood-fhedder. 6 The offering of the 23 When one buildeth, righteous maketh the altar



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fat, and the sweet favour down the widow's cheeks? thereof is before the Most and is not her cry against High.

him that causeth them to 7 The facrifice of a juft fall? man is acceptable, and the 16. He that serveth the memorial thereof shall never Lord, shall be accepted with be forgotten.

favour, and his prayer shall 8 Give the Lord his ho- reach unto the clouds. nour with a good eye, and 17. The prayer of the diminish not the firit-fruits humble pierceth the clouds : of thine hands.

and till it come nigh, he will 9 In all thy gifts shew a not be comforted, and will cheerful countenance, and not depart till the Most High dedicate thy tythes with thall behold to judge rightgladness.

eously, and execute judg10 Give unto the Most ment. High according as he hath 18 For the Lord will not enriched thee; and as thou be sack, neither will the haft gotten, give with a Mighty be patient towards

them, till he have smitten 11 For the Lord recom- in sunder the loins of the unpenseth, and will give thee merciful, and repayed venseven times as much.

geance to the heathen; till 12 Do not think to cor- he have taken away the mulrupt with gifts, for such he titude of the proud, and browill not receive : and trust ken the sceptre of the unnot to unrighteous facri- righteous ; fices, for the Lord is judge, 19 Till he have rendered and with him is no respect of to every man according to persons.

his deeds, and to the works 13 He will not accept of men according to their any person against a poor devices; till he have judged man, but will hear the prayer the cause of his people, and of the oppressed.

made them to rejoice in his 14 4 He will not despise mercy, the supplication of the fa- 20 Mercy is seasonable in therless: nor the widow when the time of affliction, aş she poureth out her com- clouds of rain in the tiine of plaint.

drought. 15 Do not the tears run


cheerful eye.



hide thy counsel from such

as envy thee. VERY friend faith, I II Neither consult with

am his friend also: but a woman, touching her of there is a friend which is whom she is jealous; neither only a friend in name. with a coward, in matters of

2 Is it not a grief unto war ; nor with a merchant, death, when a companion concerning exchange ; nor and friend is turned to an e- with a buyer, of selling; nor

with an envious man, of 3'O wicked imagination, thankfulness; nor with an whence camest thou in to unmerciful man, touching cover the earth with deceit? kindness; nor with the floth

4. There is a companion ful, for any work; nor with which rejoiceth in the pro- an hireling for a year, of fisperity of a friend: but in nishing work ; nor with an the time of trouble will be idle servant, of much busiagainst him.

ness: hearken not unto these 5 There is a companion in any matter of counsel : which helpeth his friend for i2 But be continually the belly, and taketh up the with a godly man, whom buckler against the enemy.

thou knoweit to keep, the 6 Forget not thy friend commandments of the Lord, in thy mind, and be not un- whose mind is according to mindful of him in thy riches. thy mind, and will forrow

7 Every counsellor extol- with thee, if thou shalt misleth counsel ; but there is carry, fome that counselleth for 13 And let the counsel of himself.

thine own heart stand : for 8 Beware of a counsellor, there is no man more faithand know before what need ful unto thee than it. he hath, (for he will counsel 14 For a man's mind is for himself) left he cast the sometime wont to tell him lot upon thee :

more than seven watchmen, 9 And say unto thee, Thy that fit above in an high way is good : and afterward tower. he stand on the other fide, to 15 And above all this see what shall befal thee. pray to the Most High, that

10 Consult not with one he will direct thy way in that suspecteth thee : and truth.

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