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ye the Lord with the whole awaketh and marvelleth that heart and mouth, and bless the fear was nothing. the name of the Lord.

8 [Such things happen]

unto all flesh, both man and CHAP. XL.

beast, and that is fevenfold REAT travail is cre

more upon finners, ated for every man,

9 Death, and blood-shed, and an heavy yoke is upon strife, and sword, calamities, the sons of Adam, from the famine, tribulation, and the day that they go out of their scourge ; mother's womb, till the day 10 These things are crethat they return to the mo- ated for the wicked, and for ther of all things.

their fakes came the flood. 2 Their imagination of 11 All things that are of things to come, and the the earth shall turn to the day of death (trouble] their earth again: and that which thoughts, and cause] fear is of the waters doth return of heart;

into the sea. 3 From him that fitteth 12 All bribery and injufon a throne of glory, unto tice shall be blotted out: hut him that is humbled in earth true dealing shall endure for and ashes;

4 From him that weareth 13. The goods of the unpurple and a crown, unto just shall be dried up like a him that is clothed with a li- river, and shall vanish with nen frock.

à noise, like a great thunder 5 Wrath and envy, trou- in rain. ble and unquietness, fear of 14 While he openeth his death, and anger and strife, hand, he shall rejoice ; so and in the time of reft upon shall transgressors come to his bed his night feep do nought. change his knowledge. 15 The children of the

6 A little or nothing is ungodly shall not bring forth his rest, and afterward he is many branches : but are as in a sleep, as in a day of unclean roots upon a hard keeping watch, troubled in rock. the vision of his heart, as if 16 The weed growing he were escaped out of a upon every water and bank battle :

of a river, shall be pulled up 7 When all is safe, he before all grass.


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17 & Boun

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17 & Bountifulness is as of the Lord is above them a most fruitful garden, and both : there is no want in mercifulness endureth for the fear of the Lord, and it ever.

needeth not to seek help. 18 To labour, and to be 27 The fear of the Lord content with that a man hath, is a fruitful garden, and cois a sweet life : but he that vereth him above all glory. findeth a treasure is above 28 My son, lead not a them both.

beggar's life, for better it is 19 Children, and the to die than to beg. building of a city, continue 29 'The life of him that a man's name : but a blame- dependeth on another man's less wife is counted above table, is not to be counted them both.

for a life : for he polluteth 23 Wine and musick re. himself with other men's joice the heart : but the love meat, but a wise man wellof wisdom is above them nurtured will beware there. both.

of. 21 The pipe and the 30 Begging is sweet in pfaltery make sweet melody: the mouth of the shameless : but a pleasant tongue is a- but in his belly there shall bove them both,

burn a fire. 22 Thine eye

desireth fa-
vour and beauty : but more

than both, corn while it is

Death, how bitter is 23 A friend and compa

the remembrance of nion never meet amiss : but thee to a man that liveth above both is a wife with her at rest in his possessions, husband.

unto the man that hath no24 Brethren and help are thing to vex him, and that against time of trouble : but hath prosperity in all things ; alms shall deliver more than yea, unto him that is yet them both.

able to receive meat! 25 Gold and silver make 2 O death, acceptable is the foot stand sure : but thy sentence unto the needy, counsel is esteemed above and unto him whose strength them both.

faileth, that is now in the 26 Riches and strength last age, and is vexed with the heart : but the fear all things, and to him that


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despaireth, and hath loft pa. again : so the ungodly shall tience!

go from a curse to destruc3 Fear not the sentence tion. of death, remember them

11 The mourning of men that have been before thee, is about their bodies: but and that come after; for this an ill name of sinners fhall is the sentence of the Lord be blotted out. over all flesh.

12 Have regard to thy 4 And why art thou a- name : for that shall contigainst the pleasure of the most nue with thee above a thouHigh? there is no inquifi- fand great treasures of gold. tion in the grave, whether 13 A good life hath but thou have lived ten, or an few days : but a good name hundred, a thousand endureth for ever. years.

14. 9 My children, keep 5 The children of finners discipline in peace: for wilare abominable children, and dom that is hid, and a treathey that are conversant in sure that is not seen, what the dwelling of the ungod-profit is in them both? ly.

15 A man that hideth his 6 The inheritance of fin- foolishness, is better than a ners children shall perish, man that hideth his wisdom, and their pofterity shall have 16 q Therefore be shamea perpetual reproach. faced according to my word:

7 The children will com- for it is not good to retain plain of an ungodly father, all shamefacedness; neither because they shall be re- is it altogether approved in proached for his fake,

every thing. 8 Wo be unto you, un- 17 Be ashamed of whoregodly men, which have for- dom before father and moTaken the law of the most ther, and of a lie before a high God! for if ye in- prince and a mighty man: crease, it shall be to your de- 18. Of an offence before Itruction.

a judge and ruler, of iniquity 9 And if ye be born, ye before a congregation and shall be born to a curse : and people, of unjust dealing beif ye die, a curse shall be fore thy partner and friend; your portion.

19 And of theft in regard 10 All that are of the of the place where thou 10earth shall turn to earth journest, and in regard of



the truth of God and his co- and weights, or of getting venant; and to lean with much or little: thine elbow upon the meat, 5 And of merchants inand of scorning to give and different selling, of much take:

correction of children, and 20 And of silence before to make the side of an evil them that falute thee, and to servant to bleed. look upon an harlot :

6 Sure keeping is good 21 And to turn away thy where an evil wife is, and face from thy kinsman, or thut up where many hands to take away a portion or a gift, or to gaze upon another 7 Deliver all things in man's wife.

number and weight, and put 22 Or to be over-busy all in writing that thou givwith his maid, and come est out, or receivest in. not near her bed; or of 8 Be not ashamed to inupbraiding speeches before form the unwise and foolish, friends : and after thou hast and the extreme aged that given, upbraid not : contendeth with those that

23 Or of iterating and are young : thus shalt thou speaking again that which be truly learned, and approvthou hast heard, and of reed of all men living. vealing of secrets.


The father waketh for 24. So shalt thou be truly the daughter when no man shamefaced, and find favour knoweth, and the care for before all men,

her taketh away sleep: when

she is young, left the pass CHAP. XLII.

away the flower of her age; F these things be not and being married, left the

thou alhamed, and ac- should be hated. cept no person to sin thereby: 11 Keep a sure watch

2 Of the law of the most over a shameless daughter, High, and his covenant, and left she make thee a laughof judgment to justify the ing-stock to thine enemies, ungodly:

and a by-word in the city, 3 Of reckoning with thy and a reproach among the partners and travellers, or of people, and make thee athe gift of the heritage of Ihamed before the multifriends :

tude. 4 Of exactness of balance 12 Behold not every

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dy's beauty, and fit not in 21 He hata garnished the the midst of women :

excellent works of his wif13 For from garments dom, and he is from evercometh a moth, and from lasting to everlasting: unto women wickedness. him may nothing be added,

14 Better is the churlih-neither can he be diminished, ness of a man than a cour-, and he hath no need of any teous woman, a woman, I counsellor, fay, which bringeth fhame 22 Oh, how desirable are and reproach.

all his works! and that a 15 f I will now remem

man may

fee even to a spark. ber the works of the Lord, 23 All these things live and declare the things that and remain for ever, for all I have seen ; In the words uses; and they are all obeof the Lord are his works. dient.

16. The sun that giveth 24 All things are double light, looketh upon all things, one against another; and he and the work thereof is full hath made nothing imperfect. of the glory of the Lord. 25 One thing establisheth

17 The Lord hath not the good of another; and given power to the saints to who Thall be filled with bedeclare all his marvellous holding his glory? works, which the Almighty Lord firmly settled, that

CHAP, XLIII. whatsoever is, might be e

H ftablished for his glory.

the clear firmament, 18 He seeketh out the the beauty of heaven, with deep, and the heart, and con- his glorious fhew; fidereth their crafty devices: 2 The fun when it appearfor the Lord knoweth all eth, declaring at his rising a that may be known, and he marvellous inftrument, the beholdeth the signs of the work of the most High. world.

3 At noon it parcheth the 19 He declareth the things country, and who can abide that are past, and for to the burning heat thereof? come, and revealeth the steps 4 A man blowing a fure of hidden things.

nace is in works of heat, but 20 No thought escapeth the fun burneth the mounhim, neither any word is tains three times more; hidden from him.

breathing out fiery vapours,


THE pride of the height,

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