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and fo ye believed.

all be made, alive. 12 Now if Christ be 23 But every man in his preached that he rose from own order : Christ the firstthe dead, how fay fome fruits ; afterward they that among you that there is no are Christ's at his coming, i resurrection of the dead? 24 Then cometh the end,

13. But if there be no re- when he shall have delivered surrection of the dead, then up the kingdom to God even is Christ not risen:

the Father;, when he shall 14. And if Christ be not have put down all rule and risen, then is our preaching all authority and power: vain, and your faith is also 25 For he must reign till vain.

he hath put all enemies under *15 Yea, and we are found his feet. false witnesses of God; be- 26 The last enemy that cause we have testified of shall be destroyed is death. God that he raised up Chrift: 27 For he hath put all whom he raised not up, if so things under his feet. But be that the dead rise not. when he faith all things are

16 For if the dead rise not, put under him, it is manifest then is not Christ raised : that he is excepted which

17 And if Christ be not did put all things under him, raised, your faith is vain; ye 28 And when all things are yet in your fins.

shall be subdued unto him, 18 Then they also which then shall the Son also himare fallen alleep in Christ are self be subject unto him that perished.

put all things under him, 19 If in this life only we that God may be all in all. have hope in Christ, we are 29 Else what shall they do of all men most miserable. which are baptized for the

20 But now is Christ risen dead, if the dead rise not at from the dead, and become all? why are they then bapthe first-fruits of them that tized for the dead? flept.

30 And why stand we in 21 For fince by man jeopardy every hour? came death, by man 31 I protest by your realso the resurrection of the joicing which I have in dead.

Christ Jesus our Lord, I die 22 For as in Adam all daily. die, even so in Christ Thall 32 If after the manner of



men I have fought with terrestrial is another. beasts at Ephesus, what ad- 41 There is one glory of vantageth it me, if the dead the fun, and another glory of rise not? Let us eat and the moon, and another glory drink, for to-morrow we of the stars : for one star difdie.

fereth from another star in 33 Be not deceived : glory. evil communications cor- 42 So also is the resurrupt good manners. rection of the dead. It is

34 Awake to righteous- sown in corruption; it is ness, and sin not; for some raised in incorruption : have not the knowledge of 43 It is sown in disho. God. I speak this to your nour; it is raised in glory: Ihame.

it is sown in weakness; it is 35 g But some man will raised in power : say, How are the dead raised 44 It is fown a natural up? and with what body do body; it is raised a spiritual they come?

body. There is a natural 36 Thou fool, that which body, and there is a spiritual thou sowest is not quickened, body. except it die :

45 And so it is written, 37 And that which thou The first man Adam was sowest, thou sowest not that made a living soul; the last body that shall be, but bare Adam was made a quickengrain, it may chance of ing spirit. wheat, or of some other

46 Howbeit that was not grain :

first which is spiritual, but 38 But God giveth it a that which is natural: and body as it hath pleased him, afterward that which is spiand to every seed his own ritual. body.

47 The first man is of the 39 All felh is not the earth, earthy: the second same Aesh : but there is one man is the Lord from heaven. kind of Aesh of men, another 48 As is the earthy, fuch flesh of beasts, another of are they also that are earthy: fishes, and another of birds. and as is the heavenly, such

40 There are also celestial are they also that are heabodies, and bodies terrestrial: venly. but the glory of the celestial 49 And as we have borne is one, and the glory of the the image of the earthy, we


fhall also bear the image of ruption, and this mortal shall the heavenly,

have put on immortality, 50 Now' this I say, bre- then thall be brought to pass thren, that Aesh and blood the saying that is written, cannot inherit the kingdom Death' is swallowed up in of God; neither doth cor- victory. ruption inherit incorruption. 55 O death, where is thy

51 Behold I shew you sting? O grave, where is thy a mystery; We shall not all victory? sleep, but we shall all be 56 The sting of death is changed,

sin, and the strength of fin is 52 In a moment, in the the law. twinkling of an eye, at the 57 But thanks be to God, last trump: for the trumpet which giveth us the victory, shall found, and the dead through our

Lord Jesus shall be raised incorruptible, Christ. and we shall be changed. 58 Therefore, my beloved

53 For this corruptible brethren, be ye stedfast, unmust put on incorruption, moveable, always abounding and this mortal must put on in the work of the Lord'; immortality

forasmuch as ye know that 54 So when this corrupti- your labour is not in vain in ble shall have put on incor- the Lord.

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From the Second Epistle of Paul to the


conscience in the sight of

Herefore seeing we


But if our gospel be hid, we have received mercy, we loft:

4 In whom the god of this 2 But have renounced the world hath blinded the minds hidden things of dishonesty, of them which believe not, not walking in craftiness, nor left the light of the glorious handling the word of God gospel of Christ, who is the deceitfully, but by manifesta- image of God, should shine tion of the truth coinmend unto thein. ing ourselves to every man's 5 For we preach not our


faint not;


felves, but Christ Jesus the 14 Knowing that he which Lord, and ourselves your raised up the Lord Jefus, shall servants for Jesus' fake. raise us up also by Jesus, and

6 For God who com- Thall prefent us with you. manded the light to shine 15 For all things are for out of darkness, hath shined your fakes, that the abundane in our hearts, to give the grace might through the light of the knowledge of thanksgiving of many rethe glory of God in the face dound to the glory of God. of Jesus Chrift.

16 For which cause we Ź 9 But we have this trea- faint not; but though our fure in earthen vessels, that outward man perish, yet the the excellency of the power inward man is renewed day may be of God, and not of by day.

17 For our light affliction, 8 We are troubled on every which is but for a moment, fide, yet not distressed; we worketh for us a far more are perplexed, but not in exceeding and eternal weight despair;

of glory; 9 Persecuted, but not for- 18 While we look not at faken; cast down, but not the things which are seen, destroyed;

but at the things which are 10 Always bearing about not feen: for the things in the body the dying of the which are feen are temporal, Lord Jesus, that the life also but the things which are not of Jesus might be made ma- seen are eternal. nifest in our body. ni For we which live are

CHAP. VI. alway delivered unto death E then as workers for Jefus' sake, that the life together with him also of Jesus might be made beseech you also that ye remanifest in out mortal Aeth. ceive not the grace of God

12 So then death worketh in vain, in us, but life in you.

2 For he faith, I have heard 13 We having the same thee in a time accepted, and spirit of faith, according as in the day of salvation have I it is written, I believed, and succoured thee: behold, now therefore have I fpoken; we is the accepted time; behold, also believe, and therefore now is the day of salvation. speak;

3 Giving no offence in any +



thing, that the ministry be my children,) be ye also ennot blamed:

larged. 14. But in all things ap- 14 9 Be ye not unequally, proving ourselves, as the mi- yoked together with unbenifters of God, in much pa- lievers. For what fellowship tience, in afflictiops, in ne- hath righteousness with unceilities, in distresses, righteousness? and what

5 In stripes, in imprifon- communion hath light with ments, in tumults, in labours, darkness? in watchings, in fastings; 15 And what coucord hath

6 By pureness, hy know-Christ with Belial? or what ledge, by long-suffering, by part hath he that believeth kindness, by the Holy Ghost, with an infidel? by love unfeigned,

16 And what agreement 7 By the word of truth, by hath the temple of God with the power of God, by the idols ? for ye are the temple armour of righteousness on of the living God: as God the right hand and on the hath said, † will dwell in left,

them, and walk in them; 8 By honour and disho- and I will be their God, and nour, by evil report and they shall be my people. good report: as deceivers, 17 Wherefore come out and yet true;

from among them, and be 9: As unknown, and yet ye separate, faith the Lord, well known; as dying, and, and touch not the unclean behold, we live; as chastened, thing; and I will receive and not killed ;

you, 10 As forrowful, yet alway 18 And will be a Father rejoicing; as poor, yet mak. unto you, and ye shall be ing many rich; as having my sons and daughters, faith nothing, and yet possessing all the Lord Almighty. things.

CHAP. XI. 11 Oye Corinthians, our mouth is open unto you, our

ye heart is enlarged.

could bcar with me 12 Ye are not straitened a little in my folly; and inin us, but ye are straitened deed bear with me. in your own bowels.

2 For I am jealous over 13 Now for a recompence you with godly jealousy: for in the fame, (I speak as unto I have espoused you to one



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