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country are practically closed to us and it is but recently that we have been able to make any real headway in the line of serving upon pension boards or examining for life insurance companies. As to matters of difference let us agree to disagree, but in the adjustment of things about which there can be no question let us act with a long pull and a strong pull and a pull all together.

"Homeopathy is a delusion of the educated classes," wrote that intensely partisan and caustic dreamer, Oliver Wendell Holmes, M. D., LL. D., and this sentiment seems to find a ready local echo in these words attributed to a former Professor of Theory and Practice at old “Erie Street,” “Be it said to our shame that right here in the city of Cleveland these cussed little pill-peddlers are ringing more silver door knobs than we are."

To my mind, however, there is no discredit in the fact that the stronghold of Homeopathy is now and ever has been among the people of education, refinement and wealth. Moreover, it is a fact as demonstrated by the illiteracy tables which are compiled by unprejudiced parties. Since ignorance and vice seem to be closely related and are frequently found to reside next door to poverty and crime we can scarcely be blamed for somewhat rejoicing in a superior clientage.

Ohio stands seventh among the states in her percentage of Homeopathic practitioners and within her borders reside nearly one-tenth of the total number in this whole country. Nearly one-fourth of the total number in the state practice in the city of Cleveland or its immediate vicinity. There are but few counties in which we have no representation and these are the ones furthest removed from the cities and most sparsely populated. Of these one per cent more have diplo

mas than have the allopaths and fifteen per cent more than the eclectics and physio-medicals, according to the records of the registration board.

We think, therefore, we are safe in saying that the physicians in our ranks will compare very favorably in character and professional ability with those of any other school of practice, and while they are apparently as busy and prosperous they certainly proportionately sign less death certificates.

Reasoning, then, from these facts, together with a personal knowledge concerning many of the practitioners of our school in this state and their professional standing in the communities in which they reside, we are inevitably led to the conclusion that “The Status of Homeopathy in the State of Ohio" is second to that of no state in the Union and will profit by a comparison with any country on the face of this earth. In the words of the poet, “We are sorry it's not better and we are glad it is no worse.” In closing may I not venture the hope that each one of us shall so perform the duties of life that at its close we may say with Hahnemann, "The high objects which I have pursued have not made my life joyless."


By ROLAND T. WHITE, M. D., Allegheny, Pa.

In the study of Materia Medica perhaps the first question finding expression in our retrospective analysis is the same which arises in the pursuit of all scientific research, i. e., the actual correctness and truth of its integral parts.

Are these multiplied symptoms contained in repertory, hand book, concordance and key notes under all conditions, the actual or chimerical curative picture of the drug dynamics?

It behooves us to avail ourselves of The mental symptoms showing deevery opportunity in clinical verifica- pression with a nervous restlessness, tions by physiological studies, to note anxiety, forgetfulness, with difficulty in for the common good the facts accrued mental concentration. Uterus enlarged to further the effective knowledge in the and patulous, with a watery unirritating relation of drug and disease.

leucorrhoea, readily displaced uterus, Proving of drug dynamically and ligaments seemingly incapable of exerphysiologically under the proper expert

cising the proper support. observation must be acknowledged the

We find usually tenderness in the left ideal of accuracy, but even here many

inguinal region, with weight and preserrors creep in, errors of temperament,

sure through the epigastrium, bearing of judgment and idiocyncrasy may make

down with a feeling that viscera will be the drug picture imperfect; as human

expelled, pain often extending down the reason must always remain finite, truth

thighs, and the many distressing sympin science and arts must ever seem nega

toms which accompany sub-involution, tive.

comparing with Lillium Tig., Sepia,

Cimicif. The lower potencies appear to Although our Materia Medica will

be most effective. never hold within its pages the entire

In Chaparro Amargoso we have a drug truth, it will always fulfil conditions

valuable remedy in chronic diarrhoeaacceptably and retain the lasting grati

those baffling stubborn cases which tude of the searcher for the similimum.

have resisted other treatment, under the Clinical experience will remain an

proper indications. Chaparro will freever fruitful accumulating source of

quently produce reaction, cases of long richest pabulum, giving us the ne plus

standing seem to be met and their cure ultra, the final verdict to all inquiry.

accomplished with refreshing ease, the In these clinical excerpts of special

restoration being permanent and comsymptoms two of the drugs studied have not been through the hands of the prov

lands of the prov- The drug has been used in the south er, consequently we have only experi- and south-west in a routine, perfunctory ence for our guide, and I shall simply manner and considered a specific for dwell upon special characteristics as they bowel affections. appeal to my observation in their clini- The character of cases which are m cal application.

promptly relieved comprise that broad Fraxinus Americana (the White Ash, field of conditions usually termed bilmedicinal qualities in bark), recom- ious, having frequent prodromal sympmended in dysmenorrhoea, but given a toms, uneasy, restless feeling through more important sphere of application by the abdomen, “in some, tenderness over the late Dr. Burnett, for uterine prolap- the liver." The aggravations have insus and displacements, has proven a rem- tervals from a few hours to one or two edy of value in a much broader field of days at a time, the return of the trouble usefulness in its action upon the female being all the more depressing after a pelvic organs than heretofore allotted to period of seeming relief. it. Its curative effects seem to be due The stools are frequent, comparativeto its qualities as a vaso-motor stimu- ' ly little pain, but accompanied often with lant, centering primarily in the sexual considerable mucus. In another vasphere.

riety of cases one or two loose dejections


each morning without apparently being from a loving, even tempered cherub, we followed by any weakening effect. Com have a quarrelsome, irritable, erratic, pare Phos. Acid.

uncontrollable, unhappy mania, without Among most of these cases there is de- the normal sense of right and wrong, pression and nervous erethism, anxiety, querulous and shunning his best friends, sometimes with the fear that he cannot selfish, eating voraciously all the food of be relieved. In a few the mental state any kind he can get his hands upon, the has produced insomnia and invalidism memory of the home life and the loved with all the accompanied weakness, al- ones gone, supplanted by an antagothough the appetite remained good. nism to all with whom he may come in Kali Carb and Cupr. Ars. show a com- contact. parative relationship in their chronic Such a picture is not overdrawn, and mucous stools.

I have seen Anacardium clear up cases In the study of Anacardium and in when well grounded doubt had arisen as remembrance of its many kind returns to the probability of a restoration of the for the recognition of its value in pecu- mental balance. The functionally disliarly troublesome cases, I am grateful, turbed emotional center restored and the believing that it is not infrequently over- angel will again appear when the demon looked and hardly given the prominence has departed. Associate Anacardium which its happy effects should earn. with the gastric symptoms of the neuras

Many times Nux Vomica is pre- thenic and nervous dyspepsia it frequentscribed in stomach disorders, dyspepsia, ly proves specific. etc., when Anacardium would do better; Our polychrest Hepar Sulfuris is not although first impressions give them lit- as frequently remembered in the bladder tle in common, they both have nausea difficulties of old men as its usefulness in morning, with a fasting sensation, would seemingly indicate, in those cases pain, fermentation and pressure after of chronic suppuration of the prostatic eating, but the distinctive symptom in urethra not infrequently caused by many of these cases may be found in the enlarged prostate, the patient having to great appetite which the Anacardium rise frequently at night, micturition patient manifests, although fermented or painful and impeded, waiting sometime undigested food still remains in the before the urine begins to flow, when it stomach.

passes very slowly, never finishing, some With the mental symptoms following urine always remaining in the bladder. long and exhausting fevers, when great Urine showing pus and debris in sediprostration and weakness remains after ment, form a picture of clinical accuracy the delirium we find Anacardium dis- and verification compared with the more tinctive. In this type we have mental active diuretics, Eupat. Purp., Chimaph., irritability, the manifestations of the Fabiana and Puls. emotions and disposition of the patient Depression, loss of memory with abentirely changed after the delirium has sence of mind form the usual mental passed.

picture of agnus castus, paradoxically A child convalescent from fever will called, the chaste tree. With its long improve physically, rapidly returning to list of complaints growing out of the a normal state of strength, but the tem sexual sphere from melancholy to impoperament will be all changed, proving a tency. We find a train of neurotic congrief and disappointment to its parents; ditions, however, where the remedy will give excellent service, although the sex- A. Hanna, J. H. Wade, D. Z. Norton, ual weakness is not a pronounced factor. Calvary Morris, R. R. Rhodes, Colonel It has marked restorative effect in cases Myron T. Herrick, M. A. Bradley, and a of nervous depression, anxiety, mental list of honor containing over seventy forebodings of future, with loss of appe- names of firms and individuals who tite, lumbo-sacral backache, easily tired came forward with the cash to help the and disinclined to mental or physical la- institution out of debt. Although the bor. These cases respond with surpris- hospital is now out of debt and in a most ing promptness to the remedy, as also a highly satisfactory financial condition, type of tachycardia caused by tobacco in W. H. Webber, the superintendent, said the neurotic young man.

that it had been decided for a certainty An observation on Baptisia and I will that no effort would be made to find a close. Baptisia Tinctora has pain in the new location for some time to come. region of the right hypochondria, with The annual meeting was presided pressure, distension, rumbling, etc. It over by Captain Luther Allen, the first meets the same general train of symp- vice president, as it was impossible for toms when located in the left side over Senator Hanna, the president, to attend. the stomach and epigastrium, when as- The officers of last year were all chosen sociated with those low devitalized sys- for another term. Those honored are: temic conditions, e. g., indigestion, with Hon. M. A. Hanna, president; Luther dull pain, malaise and muscular aching, Allen, first vice president; Colonel Myetc.

ron T. Herrick, second vice president;

Dr. H. Pomeroy, secretary; W. H. WebTHE HURON STREET HOSPITAL.

ber, treasurer and superintendent by ap

pointment. The Cleveland Homeopathic Hospital, The report of the board of lady manwhich is generally referred to as the agers was most encouraging. It showed Huron Street Hospital, will not be re- 700 charity cases treated during the moved from its present location, and for year. at least another year all talk and plans The hospital has performed notable for another site will have no place in the service in caring for the wounded after deliberations of the trustees.

all of the severe accidents in the city durThis was the final decision of the ing the past year. board of managers and trustees present The Queen Luise fete at the Opera at the annual meeting of the hospital House netted $3,000 to the hospital fund board held February 10, 1902.

and the estimated value of the hospital's The debt has been raised and the hos- realty holdings is about $130,000. pital is free, thanks to the efforts of the William H. Webber, who is entering lady managers and the board of trustees. upon his eleventh year as superintend

Mrs. Mary H. Castle has donated to ent of the institution, was presented with the hospital fund $10,000, which will be a handsome cut glass loving cup by Mr. added to the present endowment fund of R. R. Rhodes in appreciation of his ex$5,000, so that in time the endowment cellent services in the hospital work. fund will admit of more charity work. Mrs. L. Alice Chambers submitted a

Other large contributors who aided report of the training school which most materially in lifting the burden of shows that eleven nurses completed the debt were John D. Rockefeller, Hon. M. course last year.

The financial statement shows that $26,868.59 was the amount donated to lift the debt. Additional contributions and other sources of revenue increased the total receipts to $56,130.75, which was added to $4,821.37, the balance from last year. The disbursements for the year amounted to $44,624.04, leaving $16,327.48 in the treasury.

The following staff was appointed, viz.:

Consulting Physicians.---J. C. Sanders, M. D., D. H. Beckwith, M. D., G. J. Jones, M. D.

Surgery.---H. L. Frost, M. D., K. B. Waite. M. D., C. D. Ellis. M. D., W. T. Miller, M. D., W. E. Wells, M. D., H. D. Bishop, M. D.

Gynecology.---J. C. Wood, M. D., P. B. Roper, M. D.

Ophthalmology.-W. A. Phillips. M. D., B. B. Viets, M. D.

Laryngology.---G. H. Quay, M. D.

Genito-Urinary Surgery.---N. T. B. Nobles, M. D.

Medicine.---H. H. Baxter, M. D., A. L. Waltz. M. D.. A. B. Schneider. M. D., C. C. True, M. D.

Obstetrics.---H. Pomeroy, M. D., H.
W. Richmond, M. D., A. F. Baldinger,
M. D., E. H. Jewitt, M. D.

Dermatology.---G. W. Spencer, M. D.
Neurology.---J. Richey Horner, M. D.
Pathology.---C. M. Thurston, M. D.

Materia Medica Notes

LATRODECTUS MACTANS Stool.—Copious evacuations similar (SPIDER.)

to the black vomit. (Symptoms reported by Dr. G. Will- Respiration.—Apnoea extreme. Resiam Semple, Hampton, Va., noted in piration only occasional-gasping. five patients who were bitten by black Heart and Pulse.—Violent praecorspiders. Arranged from the article of dial pains extending to the shoulder Dr. Samuel A. Jones in Homeopathic Re- and axilla on the left, and down the arm corder.)

and forearm to the ends of the fingers, Mental.-Anxiety. Screaming fearful

with numbness and partial paralysis of ly with the pain and exclaiming she

this extremity. Violent pain extending would lose her breath and die. Mori

from the left hand (location of bite), up bund.

arm to shoulder and praecordial region. Head.—Violent pain extending from

Pulse 130 and very feeble; so frequent it

could not be counted and so feeble it the bite on right wrist up forearm and

could not be felt. arm to shoulder, and then up the neck

Extremities.—Pain in the left arm, to the back of the head on the right side.

which was almost paralyzed. Violent Face.-Countenance expressive of

praecordial pains extending to the pain and deep anxiety.

shoulder and axilla on the left, and Stomach.Nausea. Vomiting of

down the arm and forearm to the ends black vomit, a quart or more. Sinking of the fingers, with numbness and parsensation at the epigastrium.

tial paralysis of this extremity. Violent Abdomen.—Severe abdominal pains. pains commenced on back of left hand

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