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me his face looked red and swollen, espe- Our materia Medica contains numerous cially end of nose, eyes blood-shot, looked drugs which will cure this condition when as if suffering from hay fever or grippe; indicated. felt “sore” and “lame” all over his body, Aconite.Sleeplessness with or without being worse in the lumbar and sacral re-' fever, with restlessness and mental anxgions. This lameness and soreness was iety. Those who are nervous, and make worse on motion, felt as if he had been up their minds before retiring that they stiffened by a bad cold; felt sleepy all the will be unable to go to sleep. time; slept unusually sound the night be

Coffea-Sleeplessness with nervous excitfore, and at intervals during the day. Was

ability, extreme sensitiveness and flow of so “sore” and “lame” he did not want to

ideas, increased mental activity, feel wide move. It "hurt” him.

awake with constant flow of pleasurable After making a note of the symptoms I

thoughts. prescribed sac. lac. with directions to re

Bryonia. - Sleeplessness from worry port later. On the fifth day after taking

about business of the day. Ambra Grisea the first dose of Salix Nigra, these symp

also. toms remained: Fulness in frontal region

Chamomilla. – Lie awake from severe and in stomach-the “pressure outward”

pain. in the forehead had now subsided--a sense

Gelsemium.-Insomnia of brain workers, of fulness and inability to move knees as

business men, and those who are exquickly as formerly. All the other symp

hausted by work or worry. Recent or toms had disappeared.

incipient drunkenness. The following conditions which existed

Ignatia.-Due to grief or bad news. before taking the Salix Nigra were re

Kali Carb.-Worse 2 A. M. lieved. Is an habitually late sleeper, and

Opium.-Light sleepers; the least noise feels dull and heavy on waking. Now

awakens them, and they can't get to sleep wakes at 6 A. M. and gets up refreshed

again. bright and active. If he lay in bed later

Cimicifuga, or, better, its alkaloid Macor until his usual hour for rising, 8 A. M.,

rotin, for the sleeplessness of delirium got a stiff neck, which remains through

tremens, or for those addicted to the the greater part of the day. This stiffness

opium habit. of the neck did not come if he got up when

Ipecac has also been used for the sleephe woke at 6 A. M. As the result of years

lessness of opium eaters.

lessnes of sexual excess his sexual organs had for

Avena Sativa, and Passiflora Incarnata some time felt "cold” and lifeless'' which

have been used with considerable success kept his thoughts constantly on these

among the insane. parts. While taking the Salix Nigra and

For the sleeplessness of children who after, the sexual organs felt 'passive” and comfortable. A sensation of stricture of

are very uneasy and restless, with difficult

breathing or swallowing, and they twitch, the urethra at junction of penis and scrot

cry out, and wake in fright we have: um which he had felt for some time, was

Belladonna.-With bright, staring eyes, also relieved.-S. Geo. Hermance, J. D., The Chironiun.

red face and delirium.

Borar.-With associated aphthous stom

atitis, offensive green diarrhea of nursing DRUGS FOR SLEEPLESSNESS.

infants, and fear of downward motion. Sleeplessness is an all too common afflic- ('ina.-Reflex from worms with dark tion, and causes its victims no end of rings about the eyes, and a diarrhea of mental discomfort.

white mucus in little balls like pieces of It is an indication of a condition which pop-corn, and white, turbid urine. demands speedy relief, and is often a pre Chamomilla.-During teething with one cursor of insanity.

red cheek, the other pale.

Hyscyamus. -With pale and sunken face, hot; pulse hard and quick; thirst, anguish and great weakness. At times violent and fear of death. Great restlessness. striking and biting at those about.

Belladonna. — Fever; free, bounding Podophyllum.-During dentition, in hot pulse; throbbing carotids; drowsy, or may weather, with biting of the gums together. be wakeful: throbbing headache; aching - The Chironian, March, 1902.

all over the body; head hot, feet cold; the STAPHISAGRIA.

tonsils, glands and muscles of the neck are

involved; cough dry and hacking, with The leading symptoms that may sug- tickling in larynx, worse at night. gest the employment of staphisagria

Gelsemium. Chilly, can't get warm; homeopathically are:

sneezing, watery discharge from nose; no Very peevish; throws or pushes things

thirst; extreme langour and lassitude; away indignantly.

limbs of lower extremities as if paralyzed; Itching of the margins of the eyelids.

double vision; headache, beginning in Styes, nodosities, chalazæ on the eye

nape of neck, extending over head to lids, one after the other, sometimes ulcer

above the eyes; face dark red. Patient is ating.

dizzy and drowsy. Pulse full and comBurning in the urethra during and after

pressible. micturition.

Rhus tor.–From exposure to cold and Seminal emissions, followed by great

damp. Fibrous tissues involved. Sore, prostration.

lame feeling, as if pounded. General reSoft, moist excrescences on and behind

lief from continued motion. Restlessness. the glans penis.

Cough is dry and worse at night, and by Limbs sore as if bruised, and as if there

uncovering any part of the body. was no strength in them.

Camphor.--Chilly, surface of the whole Herpes; itching in the morning; burn

body cold, nose cold, sneezing. Temperaafter scratching.

ture sub-normal. Canine hunger, even when the stomach

Eupatorium. — Soreness and aching of is full of food.-Y. E. Douglass, American

the body. Bones ache. Thirst, with vomPhysician. March, 1902.


Following the acute stage some of the LARNYGEAL SYMPTOMS OF LACHESIS.

following may be needed: The larynx seems sore, raw, and scrap

Pulsatilla.-Cough loose by day and dry ing. Sensation was though a plug were

by night, with soreness in sternal region. fixed there, which moved up and down

Cough worse by lying down. Urine emitwith a short cough." Larynx painful to

ted on coughing. Expectoration is yellow touch. Voice is hoarse, increasing with

or greenish yellow, thick and bland. use. A dry, tickling cough comes on

Hepar sulphur.-Cough loose, with ratlate in the evening and continues often

tling of mucus. Croupy cough, worse during sleep. In its aggravation it recalls

toward morning. rumex in the following: Every contact

Hydrastis. — Cough, with discharge of with cold air causes a violent tickling

thick, yellow, stringy mucus. Expectoracough, but the differentiation lies in the

tion. aggravation under rumex coming from

Phosphorus.—Tightness across the chest. inspiration of cold air. - Medical Visitor,

Cough aggravated by cold air. Frothy March, 1902.

expectoration. Expectoration tastes salty. SOME REMEDIES FOR COLDS,

Drosera.- Arrested secretions in larynx. Dr. Frank W. Somers, professor of Ma- Cough paroxysmal, deep, hoarse and holteria Medica, Cleveland Homeopathic Me- low. Tickling in throat. Cough worse by dical College, prescribes Aconite for a cold lying down and after midnight. resulting from exposure to dry, cold winds. Rumer Crispus.- Tracheo-laryngeal seChill followed by high fever; skin dry and cretions scanty. Incessant cough and

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tickling in larynx, worse at night and in China, 15th, administered a dose a day horizontal position. — Medical Counselor, for one month, an old Homeopath says, March.

will prevent the formation of gall stones

and the recurring attacks of gall stone THE HEART OF ÆTHUSA.

colic. - Hahnemannian Advocate, February, When you meet a case that cannot toler- 1902. ate milk for hyperacidity, do not overlook

MATERIA MEDICA POINTS. the heart. We may expect these cardiac symptoms: “violent palpitation of the

Nux Vomica is an important remedy heart, palpitations which resound in the during convalescence from various disheart palpitation with vertigo headache eases with no appetite, and with a lack of and restlessness” (vide mitral insuffi- recuperative nervous energy. ciency and hypertrophy). The pulse will In dysmenorrhea after nostrums and correspond, being “rapid, hard, small," at various pain-killers have been tried withtimes “irregular” and possibly in severe out result, Nux Vomica will cure when cases “imperceptible," especially if there there are twisting, stitching pains in the is great prostration. The key to the abdomen and pelvis, cramps in the bladæthusa case is the intolerance of milk. If der, ineffectual urging to urinate and dea child, watch for valvular lesions; if an fecate. adult, examine the heart and prevent Nux Vomica is to a fatigued and overvalve injury.--7. ('. Duncan, in Medical worked mind what Arnica is to a bruised Arena. * * #

and over strained muscular system. Arsenicum 6 x., cured chronic headache Hering says no remedy is so useful in of twenty-five years' standing. Headache breaking up of a quinsy in its incipiency followed typhoid fever. Usually started or in bringing about resolution in adduring the night, lasted two days and two vanced stages as Lachesis. nights. Pain began in occiput, slowly

The value of remedies often depends on extending to forehead during day. At

the location in which they are used. This tacks preceded by feeling of coldness in means that they are oftener indicated in back of neck. Considerable nausea, but certain localities. Thus Cinchona is more seldom vomited; no relief when he did.

often indicated on the banks of the Wabash Motion and suddenly assuming a standing

than in New York, and Gelsemium is far position made him dizzy. Scalp sore for more frequently indicated in the relaxing several days after attacks subsided. As the

climate of the South than it is in New years passed, patient became more sensi- England. The reverse is true of Aconite. tive to cold, drinking cold water made him

There is a great difference between worse. -- Dr. Eduard J. Burch, in the Min

treating a case of intermittent fever and ique. * * *

curing one, and this is a remark that will Dr. J. R. Green, of Chicago, in the Pa

apply to most diseases. cific Coast “Journal of Homeopathy, says

A keynote for Cimicifuga is melancholy of (actus grandiflora: Useful in the cure

with sleeplessness. of certain heart affections; that the fluid extract is substantially useless. Two pre

Irisin is a good remedy in gonorrheal parations only are efficient, the expressed

rheumatism.--Clinical. juice of the plant (which is difficult to get Mercurius may be given by boiling the and soon ferments and becomes inert) quicksilver and dispensing the water. and an alcoholic tincture. This remedy, Ebullition seems to act the same as sucto be effective, must not be mixed with cussion. anything else. Dose, not to exceed one Hydrastis muriate is an excellent redrop of the alcoholic tincture; preferably, medy in dilatation of the stomach, and a one-fifth drop. Ilahnomanian idrocate, number of cases have been cured by the February, 1902.

2x trituration.

PHYSICIANS SHOULD BECOME ACTIVE that axiom is best subserved. The Medical MEMBERS OF THEIR STATE MED- Association of Georgia meets at Savannah ICAL ASSOCIATION.

in April. There is an opportunity for “Some men are born great, some achieve every Georgia physician to reap its benegreatness, and some have greatness thrust fits, whatever they might be. "A single upon them.” Few physicians are born light answers as well for a hundred men great, more achieve greatness, and very as for one. The rivalry of scholars adfew have greatness forcibly fall upon vances science.”—Editorial, Georgia Jourthem. The field of medicine and science is mal of Medicine and Surgery. so broad and the toiling practitioners' time so interrupted that by personal en

HOW TO READ THE TONGUE. deavor alone, it is difficult to achieve. By The perfect tongue is clean, moist, lies becoming a member of one's local and loosely in the mouth, is round at the edge, State society and national societies, views and has no prominent papillæ. The tongue are broadened and knowledge and stimu- may be furred from local cause or from lus for further work is gained. One really sympathy with the stomach, intestines or appreciates more the depths of one's own liver. The dry tongue occurs most freignorance. “A dwarf can see further on quently in fever, and indicates a nervous the shoulders of a giant than even the prostration or depression. White tongue giant himself." Nowadays it is harder is diagnostic simply of the feverish confor a physician who does not come in con- dition. When it is moist and yellowish tact with the discussions and knowledge brown, it shows disordered digestion. Dry of his fellow practitioners, to achieve and brown indicate a low state of the greatness than it is for a camel to go to system, possibly typhoid. When the tongue heaven. Truly, at best, the way of the is dry and red and smooth, look out for physician is hard; those who have inflammation, gastric or intestinal. Sharpachieved even mediocre and local success pointed red tongue will hint of brain irriknow how hard it is; not to speak of the tation or inflammation, and a yellow coatbitter calumny and enmity against those ing indicates liver derangement. When who have attained, whether born or thrust so much can be gained from an examinaupon them, international greatness. tion of the tongue, how important it is

There comes through the long vista of that the youngest child should be taught years that old and gentle reproach from to put it out so that it can be visible to the the Hebraic Talmud, Avoth d Rab. Na- uttermost point in the throat. - Journal than, Chap. 37: Seven have no portion in Medicine and Surgery. the world to come ?—“A notary, a schoolmaster, the best of physicians, a judge

TO INVESTIGATE “EDDYISM.” who dispenses justice in his own native Berlin, Feb. 13.-Emperor William's retown, a wizard, a congregational reader cent conversations concerning Christian (or law officer), and a butcher.” This Science and Spiritualism seem about to good law places some physicians and the bear fruit. The police authorities here, on butcher on equality, even in the hereafter. the emperor's orders, will undertake an We have no record, however, of medical investigation of “Eddyism" to secure masocieties in those days. By becoming a terial for a public warning in the matter. member of seven or eight, or even thirteen Emperor William has also directed that medical societies, may the spell not be inquiry be made among prominent scholbroken? Self-protection is one of the first ars regarding their views of Spiritualism. laws of nature; by joining with equals and The authorities contemplate measures with peers, from a physician's standpoint, against the Spiritualists such as the prohi

bition of public seances where spirits are rheumatica white electric light produces alleged to appear, and the prevention of certain changes in the eruption. The marmediums falling into trances for the pur gins of the spots grow paler, and the cenpose of communicating with spirits.

ter, which rises in the form of a minute

cone, becomes yellow. This yellow color The EYE AND THE GENERAL PRAC.

seems to depend upon the presence of pus; TITIONER.

if so, this would be another fact in favor Never forget the following cautions: Do

of the infectious theory of purpuric disnot instil atropin if there be increased eases. Blue light causes the spots to tension. Do not neglect to dilate the wrinkle and grow smaller; to turn red pupil promptly in iritis. Do not permit a for a short time, and finally to pale and lead (or zinc) wash for an inflamed eye if disappear. The general condition, the there be any abrasion of the cornea, lest appetite, sleep, etc., are also markedly the metal be deposited, causing an ir

improved by this treatment in purpuric removable opacity. Should you ever

patients. The best combination for cases order such a wash, be sure the prescrip- of purpura and peliosis is, first, a fiftytion is marked, “Not to be refilled,” and candle white lamp, to be followed in a fer with the patient's name. Finally, do not minutes by a twenty-five candle blue one. attempt to treat without even the help of This treatment does not prevent recuran oculist infectious conjunctivitis, puru- rences of the eruption, but it shortens all lent ophthalmia, granulated lids, iritis,

the stages of the disease. Medical News. glaucoma, photophobia, or dim vision.John L. Moffat, North Am. Jour. of Homeo., AN ALLOPATHIC VIEW OF PRESENT February, 1902.


To my mind the subjects most neglected THE THERAPEUTIC EFFECTS OF BLUE in all schools are Materia Medica and TherELECTRIC LIGHT.

apeutics. The application of remedies to According to Dr. A. V. Minine, the the treatment of diseased conditions is a chief advantage of blue electric light lies matter of prime importance-it has a dual in its action on the vasomotor nerves. The interest-one to the patient, the other to action of blue electric light is diametrically physician. Teachers give with the most opposite to that of white light from ordin- minute detail the etiology and pathology ary incandescent bulbs. Blue light pro- of a disease, and dismiss with a few glitduces an anemia of the parts exposed, tering generalities, the treatment. As a while white light causes the tissues to be result, there is growing up among us a filled with blood. Blue light has a very class of medical nihilists who think drugs. marked anesthetic effect, and the author well nigh useless. It has been said by even employed it instead of cocaine in some one that "it does not matter so. suturing wounds, incising abscesses, etc. much what you give as who gives it.” Not only does blue light produce complete From a commercial point of view this may painlessness of the parts, but it also favors be correct; but from the scientific standthe healing of wounds by first intention point it is lacking in every element of The removal of stitches can be accom- truth. From the latter view point it does plished without any pain under blue elec- matter who prescribes; it is easy to tell tric light. If a contusion is exposed to this then what will be prescribed-it will be light, the occurrence of ecchymosis, or of the remedy indicated at the particular time a hematoma, is prevented. Burns and and in the concrete case. It will not be scalds are very advantageously treated the physician who will turn to his shelves. with blue light, for under its influence the where are arrayed an assortment of bottles lesions heal rapidly and painlessly with variously labelled: “Rheumatic cure,” the formation of dry scabs, without the “Cough mixture," "Heart tonic," "Mixed use of any local applications. In peliosis treatment," and the like. One may well

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