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for the supposition for the reason that knowledge of Homeopathic Therapeunot a few announce themselves on their tics' which we and the institute publicly signs, printing, etc., as homeopaths and declare we have added to our knowledge make use of a special knowledge of a of medicine will render the use of any certain kind of therapeutics known as other unnecessary, therefore, we are enhomeopathic.

titled to be called homeopathic physi

cians. Now, Homeopathy means the treatment of disease according to the law of There is one obscure thing in the defiSimilia Similibus Curantur, or Curentur nition. What is meant by medicine as if you will. The source from which this separate and apart from Homeopathic system emanated declares that it is the Therapeutics? I judge it, medicine is only way to treat diseases and is capable something different from homeopathic of curing all curable complaints. The therapeutics, for the reason that it is one definition explicitly says that we add a thing that is to be added to another. special knowledge of such therapeutics to Does medicine include allopathy, eclecour knowledge of medicine. I take it ticism, hydropathy, isopathy, serum that the reason we add this special therapy inoculations, and what not? Is knowledge is because there is none bet- it a knowledge of these things to which ter. We confess several other systems a special knowledge of homeopathic of therapeutics exist, but we take es- therapeutics is added in order to be a pecial pains to add this special knowl- homeopathic physician? It cannot mean edge, and by this addition are known as surgery or obstetrics. They are mehomeopathic physicians. We rather like chanical proceedings and are distinctivethe definition. We are pleased that the ly classified. Medicine does not mean American Institute of Homeopathy has cutting or mechanical force, it means adopted the formula so unanimously. the internal use of drugs for physiologiWe have from it a declaration that its cal or dynamic purposes. We must conmembers possess the special knowledge, clude, therefore, that medicine means use the special knowledge, and are the administration of drugs according to therefore to be known as homeopathic any forceful notion, to a knowledge of physicians. We are pleased because it which a special knowledge of homeohas removed from our minds a suspicion pathic therapeutics is to be added in orthat the homeopathic remedy was large- der to be a homeopathic physician. If ly discredited. Traveling salesmen for I interpret this meaning right, and I various manufacturing pharmaceutists stand ready to be corrected and forgiven have assured us that they place large for error, then I fear Dr. Porter has unquantities of their wares with homeo wittingly read many of us out of church, paths, who make constant use of them. snatched our keel from under us and Our own Simon-pure pharmacies have torn our sails to tatters. For the rest of on sale much that can hardly be classed you I will not make bold to speak, but as homeopathic therapeutics, in fact, it is for myself I am compelled to say (my innot claimed that they are homeopathic terpretation being correct) that I am not remedies, yet they are in stock and are a homeopathic physician within the sold to homeopathic physicians. The meaning of the definition. I did not demand is for them and it is supplied. All take a course in an allopathic college this will be changed now. The special and cannot therefore claim a knowledge of that medicine, nor was it taught in the march of progress, know how to juggle college from which I graduated. I never the lightning changes of such a continattended an electic college, nor have I uous performance may be within the acquired a familiarity with hydropathy, capabilities of the men defined, but I'm serum therapy, Kochism, isopathy, and not in it. what not, sufficient to affirm that I have

But that's only half the knowledge a knowledge of either. None of these

necessary to be a homeopathic physician. isms were taught in the college from

Then comes that stupendous mass of which I graduated, but homeopathic

which we talk so much, know so little, therapeutics were taught from every

and credit less. Twelve large volumes chair, and I was graduated as a homeo

record the positive effects of drugs upon pathic physician and hold a diploma

the human organism. Thousands upon bearing the legend, “Collegii Medici

thousands of symptoms, no two exactly Hahnemanianii,” a skin I hug because

alike in every particular, stand there easy acquired by the hide of my teeth. I

of access, comprehensive and compretherefore have no knowledge, at least not

hensible; a working knowledge of that sufficient knowledge-of medicine to

mass, from general to particular, from which I may add the special knowledge

similarity to differentiation, is what con("heaven save the mark”) of homeopath

stitutes a special knowledge of Homeo ic therapeutics, to declare myself a

pathic Therapeutics. Who can boast of homeopathic physician. Then where

that knowledge in its entirety? Did the and what in the thunder am I? Has

man who originated that definition realDoctor Porter or any oher graduate

ize the depth and breadth of accomplishfrom a so-called Homeopathic College,

ment implied, and if he did, does he posa knowledge of medicine to which he has

sess it? I'm willing to admit that he added an especial knowledge of homeo

knows everything in the Homeopathic pathic therapeutics, sufficient to enable

Materia Medica, at the same time I must him to intelligently decide when medi- marvel that-knowing it—he should still cine is to be used instead of homeopath- find it necessary to hook it in with a ic therapeutics, if so, then we will grant blind, deaf. spavined, maugy beast that they are homeopathic physicians within kicks over the traces every time he is the meaning and scope of the definition. hitched.

Now, what does that claim mean? A Much stress is laid upon the right by knowledge of medicine, or therapeutic tradition and inheritance to all that perappliances outside the homeopathic, tains to medicine. Well, no one will dismeans acquaintance with the use of pute that, but must a man, to practice every new-fangled, old-fangled, damn- the precepts of the golden rule, have a fanangled thing that is cast upon us by knowledge of total depravity and infant the representatives, and by us cast, most- damnation in order to succeed? ly, into the waste basket. By the rule of A few weeks ago I saw a child whose evidence upon which their recommenda- physician—(a man who had a knowledge tion is based, we are bound to use them of medicine to which he did not add a because they have cured, at least volum- special knowledge of homeopathic thera. inous literature written by men who peutics)—had declared was suffering practice medicine, without a specialty to from scarlet fever; a red sign upon the the side, says so. To keep pace with that house also proclaimed as much. A culture was, however, made of the throat, tical bent of any of its followers. A man whereupon the Board of Health declared who wants to combine medicine and it was a case of diphtheria and not scar- homeopathic therapeutics will do it, if let fever. The treatment was simplified. he wants to play medicine today Antitoxine to the amount of eighteen and his specialty tomorrow, he will bottles was injected into that six year continue the game, and still old child's back. Abscesses and ulcera- pose as a homeopath, although he tions resulted. Strychnia 1-60 of a grain be Jekyl now and Hyde then. per dose was poured down the strug- Much in approval of the definition has gling child's throat every few hours. appeared in the North American Journal Every breath the child took was heavily of Homeopathy, yet any one taking the laden with the fumes of carbolic acid time to wade through that correspondthat had been sprinkled about the room ence will see there is much objection as a flank movement on the demnition too. Cowperthwaite defines a homeobacilli that were working havoc within. pathic physician as one who has a The direct attack of toxine and strych- knowledge of and a belief in, the prinnia was reinforced by quinine and diges- ciples of Homeopathy, and who practive tablets, besides stimulants, pepto tices his profession in accordance with noids, etc. When I saw her, although that knowledge and belief. He also says but semi-conscious, she immediately be- no one should question the right of came restless, fearful, refused to take every physician to employ palliative anything from a spoon, spitting my physiological, mechanical or surgical tasteless medicines out of her mouth and means where the exigencies of the case shrinking from me, because she was demand, but when a physician allows afraid that I too was going to give her these measures to become the rule of his medicine. The child died.

practice rather than the exception and

who rarely employs homeopathic measDoes any sane man want to associate a knowledge of such total depravity and

ures, he has no right to the title of infant damnation with the golden rule

Homeopathic physician, even though he

may be a graduate of a homeopathic colof homeopathic therapeutics? Does any

lege. man want to bedraggle the skirts of

Now, that's pretty stiff language, and homeopathic therapeutic purity in the

were it inevitable law—the combination slums of such prostitution in order to be

tablet, the mild laxative, the soothing a homeopathic physician? Who wants

salve makers would drop dead. Desto claim a natural right to it, much less

chere says: “One who practices strictly inherit such rot, and who would not

in accord with homeopathic therapeutics scorn a tradition that had for its basis a

is a homeopathic physician.” The only conglomeration so gloriously unscien

physician in Pittsburg called upon to tific or unnatural?

express an opinion-Dr. J. H. McClelI have nowhere seen given a good land—has this to say: "While it is true reason for perpetrating this definition, that Homeopathic practitioners have The school was not degenerating nu- every right to make use of every means merically, the educational standing of its successfully employed against disease, confessed adherents was not deteriorat- they, nevertheless, should not lightly ing, nor is it presumed that the promul- value the incomparable system of theragation will change in the least the prac- peutics based on the famous generalizations of Saml. Hahnemann. There is many times I have had failures; yet this such a thing as selling one's birthright does not disprove the fact that, when a for a mess of pottage.”

remedy is given in strict accordance The inference to be drawn from with the homeopathic law, a cure must either of these statements is, that there necessarily follow. A failure to cure is are homeopathic physicians who do not usually the fault of the prescriber. always make use of what Dr. McClel

Calcarea Carb.—The first case to land calls an "incomparable system of

which I wish to call your attention is a therapeutics.” A second inference is

typical Calcarea Carb. case, and is given that the definition is intended to legiti

for two purposes. Ist, the marked and matize practice that is at variance with

satisfactory results attained; 2d, the opthe principles of homeopathy and is cal

portunity of comparing the remedy culated to do it irreparable harm. Such

with Calcarea Phos. expressions inculcate feelings of mis

Case.—Child about two years old; fair, trust in the men who are preparing to succeed us. They

blue eyes, light hair, open and pulsatdo not inspire a confidence

ing fontanelles, large head, small neck, and kindle a determination to

large abdomen, small and poorly develadd the might of effort to extending the

oped legs. The child was put in a nurscope and application of the only

sery, with the idea that it would never method and means founded upon law.

get well, the supposition being that it Their influence is retrograde, they stim

would never walk. Calcarea Carb. was ulate a conduct that invites the ridicule

prescribed, a powder night and morn of the regular and makes the positive

ing. In six months the child's nutrition untenable save as it is shielded by the

was very much improved; it grew name Homeopathy, coupled with an

stronger in every way, so that it began ability to deceive. A single truth may

to creep about; within one year it buoy and float a raft of fraud, and just

walked and today shows very few of its as sure as the old man's head is sinking

earliest symptoms. Sɔme might queslower on his bosom and his arms have

tion, why not have prescribed Calcarea fallen helpless to his side, just so sure

Phos? Calcarea Phos. has the want of will Homeopathy as a system be insti

. bone development the same as Calcarea tuted, be a thing of the past, unless a

Carb., but the general make-up of the

child is different. Instead of being fat it halt is called upon those who forever

is thin and scrawny; the face is thin and pull down and never build up.

yellowish; the head is large, with open

fontanelles; the abdomen is sunken inClinical Verifications of stead of being "pot-bellied;" the limbs

Calcarea Carb., Lachesis are small and shrive and Opium

The second Calcarea Carb. case is

entirely different. This man came to BY A. L. WALTZ, M. D., Professor of Materia Medica, Cleveland

me from out of town. Homeopathic Medical College.

July 15th, 1901.-Aged 44; had tyIn giving you the verifications of phoid fever nine years ago, recovering these remedies, I do not wish to have nicely. Father died at 55 of Bright's you understand that the prescribing of Disease. Two brothers dead, one dying them has always brought me success; in infancy, the other of consumption at

24. Patient has been feeling poorly since March, at that time having had “winter cholera.” Soon after recovery he noticed that his stomach would not retain cold water. Wakes up at night and has to vomit. This seems to be caused by the collection of bitter fluid. Is usually very much nauseated before he vomits, but can eat heartily soon after; extreme waterbrash, nearly a pint running out of the mouth at a time; no pain, except when the waterbrash begins; no headache; no thirst; bowels and kidneys all right; hands and feet go to sleep easily, especially the left hand; stomach is sore and tender; throat burns; waterbrash burns; can eat light food, but nothing like meat; a feeling as of a limp in the throat.

It is not my purpose to diagnose this case, nor to give reasons, physiological or otherwise, as to the cause of pathological conditions. It is only a question of remedy. Nux., Pulsatilla., Calcarea Carb., and Ignatia came to me. The

other remedies. Douglass gives the symptom's in a very concise manner as follows: “Nausea, with flow of sour water from mouth. Vomiting of sour water, at night.”

The other symptoms of this case found under Calcarea Carb. are: Limbs go to sleep easily;; has also a feeling of constriction of the throat, which is probably the same as expressed by the patient, as a "feeling of a lump in the throat." There is no doubt in my mind but that this man received Calcarea Carb. or various forms of lime, and other anti-acids, as well as numerous digestants. In fact, he remarked that lie had taken bushels of pepsin.

He came prepared to go to the hospital, willing to submit to anything which would offer relief. I prescribed Calcarea 30x, with instructions to return in two days, remarking that the prescription was preparatory for further treatment and should not be taken any longer than the time mentioned. To my surprise he returned in two days with the following report: "Feel better; have not vomited since; have had no waterbrash since; have had very little headache. Have severe pain, at times in the region of the liver. Mouth tastes badly mornings.” Continued Cal. Carb. 30x. Called again July 20th, reporting continued improvement. The same remedy was continued. Since then I have made one prescription. Chelidoniuni, and one, Bryonia, for the pain in the liver. I have not seen him for a month or more; up to that time he had not had a return of the stomach trouble; he was able to work and could eat almost anything.

Lachesis.-I present the Lachesis case for two reasons. 1st.—Because the case occurred in a man, was well marked and responded nicely and quickly to the remedy. 2d.-Because the cures made

to my mind, was the extreme acidity and waterbrash, hence, that was the first to consider. Pulsatilla has the waterbrash, nausea and vomiting, but in this case it was usually the result of eating pastry and rich food, and did not usually occur at any other time. Nux Vom. also has the sour eructations, occurring several hours after a meal, produced by eating rich and highly seasoned food, smoking, etc. Ignatia has sour eructations, but it is not so profuse as in the other remedies and is dependent upon the peculiar conditions which occur under that remedy.

Calcarea Carb. has a profuse waterbrash, running in streams from the mouth. The waterbrash, nausea and vomiting occur whether food has been taken or not. This is not true of the

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