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great anxiety for their soul's salvation. They may also be peevish, fretful, ill. great thirst; not so with mercury—the humored. Aurum has similar symptoms. mouth is moist and slimy with great thirst.

It is also well in this connection to study After a good sound sleep the pa Natrum Carb., which is a good type of the usually feels much better-not so with despondent mood. Patients are depressed Lachesis. There is usually aggravation and extremely despondent, melancholy after sleeping. Sleep into difficulties. If and very apprehensive. The apprehensive he can keep awake will feel all right. mood is also one frequently met with and “Pains in the bladder are better when is found under such remedies as Aconite riding horseback," a rather contradictory and Calc. Carb. Aconite leads all of them. symptom found under Lycopodium. Patients are afraid of crowds, afraid to Rest is a great reliever of pain, not so cross streets. They fear ghosts, are appre- under Rhus tox., Magn. Carb. and Kali hensive of the future; afraid of approach Carb. As a rule the pains of the stomach ing death-a perfect picture of apprehen are worse during the process of digestion sion.

and are better when the stomach is empty Calcarea Carb. is apprehensive of some and at rest. Anacardium has the opposite misfortune about to happen; fears she will condition. Stomach feels better when eatlose her reason and that people notice it. ing and during digestion.

Contradictions of the Materia Medica. -It must not be understood that the Materia

CLINICAL CASES. Medica contradicts itself, but that certain

By Newman T. B. Nobles, M. D., Professor of Sur

gery, Cleveland Homeopathic Medical College; Sursymptoms are contradictory in their action.

geon to the Cleveland City Hospital, the HomeopaIgnatia is bere again the leading remedy thic Hospital and the Children's Hospital. as the following symptoms well show: The printed reports of major operations Frontal headache, relieved by stooping; are so very numerous and interesting that during fever no thirst and wants to be cov- we have thought it advisable to report ered; during the chill thirst and wants to what may be properly termed, intermedbe uncovered; sore throat is worse when iate cases; though they are undoubtedly of not swallowing; heels burn yet they are major importance. cold.

Case I. –Thyrotomy. Patient aged 65, There are very few remedies with these residence Pleasant Home, Ohio, came to contradictory symptoms. Mezereum has Cleveland to consult a laryngologist in rethe headache relieved by stooping. Nux gard to a throat affection. The examinaVomica has great heat yet wants to be tion revealed a growth of some considercovered. Pulsatilla has great burning heat able size involving the larger portion of at night with no thirst and wants to be the larynx and vocal cords. Diagnosis covered. Causticum has a peculiar contra- epithelioma and operation advised. As dictory symptom: Stools pass better when the case demanded early operation and standing. No other remedy has this symp- the specialist was about to leave the city, tom. An aloes stool will frequently pass the case came under our observation and when standing, but in aloes the stool is was treated in conjunction with Dr. J. N. soft, containing lumps of mucus, while Lenker. that of Causticum is constipated.

The operation was performed at the Pulsatilla has a peculiar contradictory Cleveland General Hospital. A preliminary symptom: Can hear better when there is low tracheotomy, performed almost paina great deal of noise. Naturally quiet is lessly with the aid of a %2 percent of coconducive to good hearing. Another symp- caine was the first step. When the breathtom of pulsatilla, which is exceptional ing became steady chloroform was given, rather than contradictory, is that the the patient inhaling the fumes from an menstrual discharges are excoriating while ether cone which was attached by a all the other discharges are bland.

tube to the tracheotomy tube. Had we not adopted this procedure I feel sure the pa- The discharge continued' for several tient would have died on the table. An months and was treated by an aurist. An incision was made directly into the trachea unusual run of hard cases overtaxed her and extended upwards. A tumor was strength and an increase in the quantity found which nearly filled the entire space. of discharge was noticed. Deep pressure With the aid of a sharp spoon and scissors made over the mastoid process caused the growth was removed as completely as some pain. There was at no time an elepossible. Silver-wire stitches were intro- vation of temperature ; nor was there duced into the sides of the wound in the swelling. The function of the affected ear cartilage, while catgut was used super- was lost. In order to avoid further daily ficially. The patient rallied well. The local treatment the patient was anxious to tube in the trachea was removed the sec- undergo an operation for permanent relief. ond day and the wound closed.

The patient was prepared in the usual No untoward symptoms occurred during manner and the hair removed over the his convalescence. For six months the area from the line of the parietal eminence patient was apparently a perfectly well to the occiput. The ear was cleansed as man. About this time he noticed a slight well as possible by irrigation and the audidifficulty in breathing. This continued, tory meatus plugged with cotton. A and finally the respiratory efforts were slightly curved incision, its convexity decidedly labored and it became necessary backwards, was made from about an inch to again introduce a tracheotomy tube. below the tip of the mastoid process to a The larynx was again filled with an epithel- point as high as the top of the auricle. The iomatous mass and the condition of the posterior auricular artery was cut and patient such as to render further operation ligated. The supra - meatal spine was under a general anæsthetic inadvisable. located and the bone chiseled away down. The tube was worn with comparative com- ward toward the apex of the mastoid, fort for over four months, though the thus avoiding the lateral sinus. A vessel breathing was gradually more and more of larger size coming out of the bone caused interfered with until the patient died from troublesome hemorrhage. This was conexhaustion.

trolled by inserting a sharp pointed knife The operation of laryngectomy was into the foramen and after twisting it early advised in the hope of obtaining a about the vessel was peeled from its bony cure, but was refused. It is probable that casing, which caused the walls to retract his condition would have prevented this and curl inwards. As the mastoid cells operation from being perforined success were opened pus in small quantity was fully. We believe that this is the first time liberatel. The cells were in very una successful thyrotomy has been performed healthy condition. The chiselling proin northern Ohio.

ceeded until all the diseased bone was Case No. 2.- Mastoid Disease Radical thoroughly removed. As a result the soft Operation. The patient, a nurse at the tissues beneath the mastoid--the dura and City Hospital, suffered a fairly severe the wall of the lateral sinus-were exattack of diphtheria and recovered nicely, posed. Nearly an inch of the bony coverwith the exception of an otitis media, ing of the sinus was removed. With the which occurred early in the convalescent aid of a sharp spoon every bit of diseased period. There was a gradual subsidence tissue was taken away. The antrum was of the discharge until only a slight serum- opened and the small bones removed. like fluid was noticed. The patient resumed There was no elevation of temperature her duties and was seemingly in the best following the operation. of health. There was no swelling at any We feel that this case is of interest when time over the region of the mastoid cells we recall the absence of local and constituand no real painful sensation when pres- tional symptoms which would be expected sure was made upon the same tissues. when there was such a quantity of suppuration present. In a short time it is · With reference to our treatment, I give very probable that the lateral sinus would the method. of Dr. Powell, of the Posthave been infected and a much more ser- Graduate Hospital. In a recent case of ious condition resulted.

epithelioma the size of a quarter of a dolCase No. 3. — Mastoid Disease. — The lar the method was successfully used. writer was called by Dr. G. A. Jend to Powell's method is as follows: Cleanse operate upon a patient whose objective the surface thoroughly and then put on a symptoms were seemingly out of propor- pad of dry, sterile gauze. This is held tion to the pathological condition present firmly in position for a minute, then raised especially when compared with Case No. 2. and a few drops of butter of antimony The patient, an infant was brought applied. This is allowed to remain a minthrough an attack, of broncho-pneumonia ute and then compression is made again, by Dr.Jend. Shortly afterwards a discharge followed by a few drops of the chemical. from the ear was noticed. This was This procedure is continued until all ooztreated for a time, when symptoms of ing has stopped, so that when pressure is mastoid involvment appeared. This con- made with the gauze a dry surface is left. dition was properly treated by Dr. Jend, No dressing is applied and the patient is but in spite of his efforts the infection in- instructed to return in three days. If at creased. The whole affected side of the this time there appears to be some secreface and head became greatly swollen; tion beneath the crust the above process is there was considerable pain upon pressure repeated. If the crust becomes hard and over the mastoid and a decided elevation dry it is left undisturbed for a week and is of temperature. A purulent discharge then removed. Ordinarily a healthy lookfrom the external auditory meatus was ing ulcer is the result. To this is applied a present. The little patient was somewhat strip of diachylon plaster and a protective hastily prepared for an operation and dressing. The course of treatment runs chloroformed. An incision was made over a period ordinarily of from three to through the soft tissues, the periosteum five weeks. This method can be used sucdivided and pushed away. This procedure cessfully in cases of epithelioma of the lip. allowed a quantity of serum to escape. One need have no fear in using the butter The hard tissues were searched for ne- of antimony as it only affects unhealthy crosed spots but none were found. As the tissue. Powell has treated hundreds of mastoid cells are very imperfectly devel- epitheliomas in this manner. oped in infants and young children and as Case 5. — Traumatic Aneurism of the the patient was not able to stand a pro- Facial Artery. — Patient male, aged 25. longed operation, we packed the wound Referred by Dr. Hinman. A few months with gauze. The incision was made at before consulting the writer, the patient nine o'clock in the evening and was fol- had fallen and sustained a slight punctured lowed by a subsidence of the unpleasant wound in the left cheek. Shortly aftersymptoms. The dressing was changed in wards a small tumor appeared. This gradless than twenty-four hours and pus dis- ually increased until it became the size of covered. An uneventful recovery fol- a lemon. The tumor, which presented the lowed.

characteristic symptoms of aneurism, While Wilde's incision is not considered dipped well down into the buccal cavity. an altogether first class procedure by the The operation was performed at the East aurists it seems to have been fully indi- End Hospital. With the aid of a 2 per cated in this case.

cent solution of cocaine, of which a few Case 4.-Epithelioma. -We wish to state drops were injected just beneath the skin, emphatically that all epitheliomas can be the operation was practically painless. successfully treated without operation if The facial artery was picked up and tied only the soft tissues are involved. This and the sac dissected out. The wound was applies especially to those of the face. wiped out with salt solution and closed

Two may be ill with the same disease Whose symptoms differ by many degrees. When we find this condition, what should

we do? I'd not treat them alike, neither should

you. But look upon each as a separate entity, Selecting the remedy by its identity With the symptoms; then one may be sure Of making a quick and a permanent cure.

with subcuticular sutures. The wound healed without a symptom. The points of interest in the case include the rarity with which aneurism affects this artery, the small amount of the anæsthetic mixture and the use of subcuticular stitches. In regard to the strength of cocaine solutions for subcutaneous injections, we find that a freshly prepared %2 per cent solution is as effective in preventing pain as the stronger solutions. In regard to the stitches used we find the so-called subcuticular stitches especially valuable for use in the tissues of the head, face and neck. When properly introduced. obtrusive scarring is prevented, which is often decidedly important from a cosmetic point of view; and further, stitch abscesses may be prevented as the needle does not penetrate the skin and thus allow infection by the skin coccus. In this instance, only a fine white line deriotes the union of the lips of a wound that was not exactly a trivial affair.

The Osborn


By J. W, Rockwell, M. D., Akron, o. The indicated remedy, did I hear you say? What shall I write about it, pray ? Must I the whole subject here expound, Tell you just how it may be found; How it best can be selected For relief of those with disease affected; How one can always be certain, sure Of giving relief and a speedy cure ? If this is the case, it doth remind me To attempt the task you have assigned me.

Now to prove this theory true,
Some of the remedies I'll review,
So that one may know at a single glance
Just what to give and take no chance
Of having to resort to empirical measures,
For lack of knowing these valued treasures.
Belladonna. we first will take;
And a thorough investigation make.
Find how we can use it as a reliever
And cure for the dreaded scarlet fever,
With its strawberry tongue, pa pilla red,
Dilated pupils and throbbing head.
Eruption smooth, with burning skin,
From the raging fever that burns within.
There's great delirium, with fear and

The patient is inclined to bark and bite.
He has great dread of jolt or jar
When the trouble has progressed thus far.
Bell, as a remedy has well been tested
For relief of tissues with blood congested.
If the skin is red and very bright,
With glistening eyes that shun the light,
Then it is, it should be stated
That Bell is the remedy indicated.
Arsenicum patients are restless, 'tis said;
Desiring to change from bed to bed.
With great prostration and sudden sinking
While of death they are always thinking.
Great anguish, they fear to be left alone,
To get up and hide they are often prone.
It is indicated we are often told
After ice-cream or water cold,
From their bad effects the system freeing
When e'er they persist in disagreeing.
Rhus To.r, has restlessness, or rather a con-

dition Characterized by inability to find the right

position. When they think they've found it, they

get a little rest; Then they shift and turn about, to make

another test. The symptom that stands out boldly in the

proving Is, that the patient gets relief by continu

ous moving. Trouble caused by getting wet, or being in

the rain Also bad conditions resulting from a strain.

[blocks in formation]

The pains are worse at night, or in the

morning hour, And aggravations are apt to come, just

before a shower. Great pain in the bones, as if scraped with

a knife. Causing such distress they oft despair of

Veratrum album, we come to now;--
It has much perspiration upon the brow.
But I hardly think you need be told
Indications are best when the sweat is

And you will find as a general rule
It occurs while the patient is at stool.
Oh! the pains that do absorb us
When in the cramps of cholera-morbus!


Complete loss of appetite, for any kind

of food, Nothing seems to tempt them, however

fine or good. When you find these conditions and want

something to depend on, Implicit faith you can put in Rhus Torico


One feels that death is o'er him stealing
There's such a sinking, empty feeling.
What can we do in a case so dire,--
Where these conditions do so conspire,
Do so distress and sorely fret us.
We get no rest; they will not let us ?
Give veratrum; I am sure 'twill please
By removing the trouble and giving ease.

Let us take a look at Apis, investigate and

see Some of the indications for this product of

the bee. There is a cutaneous trouble, that troubles

many lives, A sort of urticaria--we sometimes call it

hives. It comes in elevated blotches, with itching

most intense, The more you scratch, the more you itch,

if you once commence. It drives the patient frantic, 'tis an aggra

vating thing, With its pricking, burning, itching, like

unto the sting:

Sulphur is our greatest polychrest;
Of the antipsorics, one of the best.
In considering this remedy, I find
It forcibly calls up to my mind,
How in younger days I oft heard tell
That sulphur was a fuel, used in hell.
Now they tell us that was all a myth,
A trumped up story to scare us with;
To scare us into being good,
To live the life down here we should
In order to reach that heavenly goal,
Eternal rest for the human soul.
Pardon, I pray you, this digression,
I simply wished to give expression
To one of the changes time has wrought
In the onward trend of human thought.

In Ovarian troubles, where dropsy is im

pending, It is often indicated for pathologic mend

ing. There is soreness in the abdomen with

swelling over much; With stinging pain in ovary, which is ten

der to the touch. Erysipelas of the face, -where generally

it starts With burning stinging pain in the affected


Sulphur has morning diarrhæa, 5 a. m.
One has to get out and hustle then,
And the reason is, I will relate,
That nature will no longer wait.
Sulphur has pimply eruptions filled with

And when you find a patient thus,
Give him sulphur and I am sure
That you will make a speedy cure.
But should it fail, when it you've tried,
Then you should give the Todide.
I could mention others, but must not

weary; I think I've proved both fact and theory, That the indication, is the “sine qua non” And when found, can be depended on. Seek it then and rest assured The patient will be quickly cured. If we take this rule as our basis And individualize our cases, Success will all our efforts crown And Homeopathy gain renown.

It is best indicated in those cases, where, I

think In the starting of the trouble the skin is

rosy pink, Becoming livid purple; the patient filled

with fears When the characteristic ædema of the rem

edy appears. When diphtheritic membranes assume a

dirty gray With inflamed and swollen tonsils, give

apis without delay. It is the remedy indicated, for this condi

tion grave, And from the undertaker, many patients

it will save.

These verses were read at the meeting in Akron of the Northwestern Ohio Homeopathic Society.

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