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[Translated for the REPORT KR.)

Experiences Collected During Practice. lieved by Hamamelis internally and exter-Homeopathy and Surgery. By Dr. F. nally. W. Kallenbach. Trans. from Homeopath

Revista Homeopathica de Barcelone. isch Maandblad.-June. There does not

May.-At a meeting of the Academie Meexist a strict line between Homeopathy

dico-homeopathique de Barcelone took place and Surgery. The sphere of action is quite

an interesting discussion upon the quesextended and promises to reach still far

tion of dose. Dr. Giro combatted vigorther, although experimentation upon the

ously the use of low attenuations in homehuman organism must be confined within

opathy. He is a partisan of dynamized certain limits. Many objective symptoms

medicine. At the June meeting the diswithout being results of direct experimen

cussion was continued, Dr. Derch y Martation are classed in the pathogenesis with

sal making a plea in favor of the same. the series of confirmatory experiences at the bedside of the sick. To the category Leipziger popul. Zeitschrift fuer Homeoof symptoms belong-e. g.-some internal pathie.--August. and external tumors following as a result Treatment of Acute Articular Rheumaof acute and chronic affections; after con- tism. -The author advises the following stitutional troubles, etc. Even after the remedies to be selected: Aconit., Veratr. extirpation of a glandular tumor, as after Viride, Colchi., Ars. the elimination of a worm or after the de. The first two are of constant utility durstruction of parasites it is proper to stilling the first week. The high fever, the institute homeopathic treatment. Here flow of blood to the head and the cerebral surgery and homeopathy go hand in hand. symptoms may render necessary the use But very often in affections of the domain of Bellad. of surgery the intervention of Homeopathy If the muscles of the chest and abdomen would be salutary at the beginning. This are attacked as in some severe cases, notably in superficial tumors, sequence of Byron. is indicated, while Nux vom. is useinflammations, glandular induration, hy ful for the muscles of the back. pertrophies of organs, cutaneous neo- Quite rarely the author has had occasion plasms, cysts, etc. The author quotes in to advise Chamom., Sanguinaria, Ferrum support of the intervention of homeopathy, carb., Pulsat., Rhus. toxic.; and he does the following facts taken from his prac- not hesitate to give alternately three or tice:

even four medicines at halfhour intervals a. —Tumor in the foot size of a pigeon in medium potencies—3rd or 4th. egg, sensitive to pressure, cured by Arnica Veratrum viride is frequently indicated; externally followed by Calc. internally. its properties resemble those of Aconite

b.--Ovarian cyst resulting from a fall and of Gelsemium which, nevertheless, cured by Apis.

cannot take its place. C. -Tumor located between the matrix Veratrum ciride reduces fevers whose and the rectum as large as a medium rapid progress becomes menacing and acts sized pear disappearing slowly in less than moreover, instantly, thus distinguishing it a year through the influence of Arsenicum from Aconite and Bellad. But the most Muriaticum.

astonishing action of Veratr. viride is upon d.-Suppurative periostitis of the foot- the pericardium and threatened paralysis with fistulous openings in a girl of twelve of the heart. years, cured at the end of fifteen months. In certain cases we see its power develop Amputation had been deemed necessary. gradually, and the action of the heart re

e.-Large varicose veins noticeably re- inforced little by little.

We notice, moreover, its beneficent in- In fractures: Calcar. ostr. and Symphfluence upon the stomach, which in seri- ytum. ous cases of acute articular rheumatism In dislocations: Arnica and Rhus tox. is impeded in its functions.

In cut wounds: Staphys. and Calendula. While using these medicines we must at In stab wounds: Ledum, Hypericum, the same time avoid the uee of bouillon, Ruta, Calcar. phos., and Symphytum. white bread and of too highly seasoned Mygale avicularis.-By Pharmacist Marfood. Meat should be given only once a tins. day, veal, either roasted or boiled, must After some data upon the anatomical be entirely forbidden, fowls and game are structure and the habits of this variety of preferable. Fruits, especially apples, are spider, the author indicates the manner of recommended. The treatment is to be preparing this medicine. completed by Sulphur 30th. If thirst is excessive let Curare 1st. be added.

Annaes de Medicina Homeopathica of BraSteam baths are to be avoided. How- zil.April. ever, we must not expect to cure every Strangulated Hernia.-By Dr. March. case. There are some which will resist Interesting history of a case of stranthis treatment. There are gaps in our gulated hernia cured by Belladon. 3 and knowledge. - Dr. M. Picard.

Nu.r. vom. 3, alternately every hour.

A Case of Natrum Muriaticum. -By Dr. Annaes de Medicina Homeopathica of Bra Dias da Cruz. zil.--March.

A lady suffered from intermittent fever, Case of Opium. By Dr. March.

the attacks occurring every three days. The author gives the history of various Besides these attacks she suffered from cases of ileus, of broncho-pneumonia and prostration, from cephalalgia, from vomof intermittent fever that he has cured iting and colic. The skin was pale, earthy, with Opium 5, a medicine which corre- the epigastric region very sensitive to pressponds to the totality of the symptoms. sure. Quinine had aggravated the symp

Traumatism.-By Dr. Dias de Crux. toms. Natrum muriat. 5, followed by Vux

The medicines indicated in contusions rom. brought about a speedy cure. are: Arnica, Ledum, Sulphuric acid, Ham- Nerium Oleander.-By Pharmacist Maramelis and Conium macul.

tins.—The doctor dealt with botanical inIn sprains: Rhus tox., Arnica, Bellis per- formation upon this plant and the mode ennis, Hypericum, Calcarea ost, and Nur rom. of preparing it.

News of the Month

Dr. J. D. Zwetsch, '82, is a lecturer on ulty will be assisted by one of our best Surgical Nursing in the Training School clinicians and lecturers, Dr. William T. for Nurses of the Gowanda State Homeo- Miller, of Cleveland, who will give two pathic Hospital for the Insane.

lectures and hold a halfday general surgi

cal clinic. An extended schedule of lecThe sixth annual post-graduate and clin- tures and clinics will be sent upon applicial courses of the Homeopathic Depart- cation. ment of the University of Michigan will begin 1 P. M., Nov. 3, 1902, and continue, We note the death on September 23rd of as usual, three weeks. The first week will Dr. C. Carleton Smith, of Philadelphia be devoted to clinical work mostly, only Pa. Dr. Smith was one of the oldest two lectures being given daily. The pros- homeopathic physicians in Philadelphia. pect for material is excellent. The Fac- He was a member of the second class graduated from the New York Homeopathic tal as one would expect to find anywhere. Medical College, the first class having Now throughout, it has three large wards been graduated in 1861 and Dr. Smith in with thirty beds for free patients and 1862. He went to Philadelphia from a seven private rooms excellently arranged. location in Ohio in 1872, to take the chair In addition to this there is a large, bright of Diagnosis in the Hahnemann College, and airy operating amphitheater with but after two years' work in the College every appliance for the most intricate surresigned and went into general practice. gical operations. Near by is a dispensary His death occurred at his home on N. 20th for medicines and several rooms for clinStreet, Philadelphia, of Bright's disease, ics. Dr. R. G. Reed made the address of from which he had been a sufferer for sev- the occasion, after which refreshments eral months. He was the strictest of were served by the women friends of the strict Hahnemannians.

college. Profs. J. D. Buck and C. E. Wal* * *

ton also made addresses. We have received an announcement of

* * * the marriage of Dr. Chas. L. Moore, '99, Dr. Wm. 0. Forbes announces that he to Miss Jennie Pruden, at Burgh Hill, has opened an office at Hot Springs, Ark., Ohio. There is nothing too good for Moore 242 Central Ave., and that after October and the best wishes go with him from the 15th he will be pleaced to look after any editorial office.

patients who may be referred to him. His * * *

Chicago address is 3901 Cottage Grove The Homeopathic Medical Society of Avenue.

* * * Western Massachusetts is joining with the Western Massachusetts district medical so Dr. F. A. Morrison, of Uhrichsville, cieties in the endeavor to have established Ohio, reports that there is a good opening near Pittsfield a new home for consump- for a good homeopathic physician at Rock tives. A committee was appointed to con- Creek, Ohio. He will be glad to correfer with the State Board of Charities and spond with any one in reference to it. to arouse public interest in the matter.

* * * * * *

The Cleveland Medical Library is to be Our friends of the old school who re- enriched to the extent of several hundred signed from the staff of the Jamaica, volumes of modern and valuable medical Long Island. Hospital because homeo- works, which were the property of the pathic physicians were appointed as

late Drs. Read and Ford, of Baltimore, members of the staff, are to have a new


* * * hospital under their management. The building is to cost $20,000, this not includ Out in Indiana, at Lafayette, one of the ing any estimate for the equipment. The doctors had an experience which he will president of the old hospital staff, who is not soon forget. On his way home he was now president of the Jamaica Medical So- accosted by a crowd of freshmen in attendciety, will probably be chosen as medical ance at the University there, who thought head of the staff.

he looked young enough to be a sopho* * *

more. In fact, they were so positive Pulte College had its opening on the about it th

about it that they immediately made first of October, at which time also took

preparations to haze him, and it was only place the opening exercises of its new hos- by strenuous exertions, explanations and pital. After the fire of last winter, which pleadings that the doctor escaped. destroyed the roof of the building, an additional story was added, and this, with The homeopathic hospitals all over the the whole east side of the structure, has country seem to be very active in the been converted into as neat a little hospi- planning of what may be termed a fall

campaign. The Ladies' Association of the preciation and affection. Dr. James A. Essex Country (Mass.) Homeopathic Los- Campbell, of that city, made the presentapital gave a supper and held a fair for the tion address, and Dr. David N. Gibson benefit of the Hospital October 14th. The distinguished himself by reciting an origiLadies' Association of the Wilmington nal poem appropriate to the occasion. (Del. ) Homeopathic Hospital had a benefit Doctor Comstock, in responding, referred sale on the 4th of October, and Buffalo to the motto: "Qui non proficit deficit," Homeopathic Hospital held its annual gift which means, "who does not progress goes reception on Tuesday, October 14th. backward," and touched on the progress Their invitation showed a great number of homeopathy. of the most prominent ladies of the city to The physicians present were: Doctors be interested. The Junior Board of this James A. Campbell, Willis Young, W. W. same hospital is to give a ball on the 18th Gilbert, L. W. Schermann, F. W. Grundof November at the Twentieth Century mann, W. John Harris, Louis E. Bunete, Club for the special benefit of the chil. Carl J. Luyties, David R. Overman, John dren's ward fund. These are only a few W. Higson, W. J. Gundelach, Baylis Chamof the many we have noticed and seeing berlin, J. L. Dryden, R. Y. Henry, Scott them has led us to wonder what is the Parsons, C. H. Eyermann, T. W. Conzelmatter with Cleveland.

man, Paul R. Fletcher, David N. Gibson, * * *

W. L. Reed, H. A. Uhlemeyer, W. L. GalWe note the death on September 24th,

loway, Adolphe L. Boyce, Chas. J. Carat his home in Portland, Me., of Dr. riere, John H. McCaughan, A. Schnell, OrRufus Shackford, who was one of the lando G. Gibson, C. H. Goodman, oldest practitioners of our school in the Buchanan, Edw. Francis Brady, Edward United States Dr. Shackford graduated L. Perry, S. A. Benson, W. E. Jones. B. in 1845 from the Harvard University Med

Brickbauer, L. C. McElwee, F. W. Lester, ical School and for years had been one of

F. T. Knox. T. F. Blanke, Chas. H. Gundethe best known and esteemed physicians

lach, George H. Gibson, W. B. Morgan, of Portland.

August H. Schott, Charles Mellies, G. S. * * *


* * * The Southwestern Homeopathic Medical

The Syracuse Homeopathic Hospital, College at Louisville, Ky., opened its doors

S though only seven years old, has made a for the term on the evening of September

firm place for itself in the affections of the 30th. A number of the members of the

citizens of that stirring town. A recent faculty made five minute speeches, the

report shows the work accomplished there Dean of the faculty, Dr. A. Leight Monroe,

to be equal to that of any in the country. presiding.

Dr. J. W. Sheldon is president of the med.

ical and surgical staff of the hospital, Dr. One of the appropriately graceful hap- E. Olin Kinne, vice-presidentand Dr. penings which sometimes befalls a man Gordon W. Hoyt, secretary. The consultoccurred last month in St. Louis. Within ing physicians are Drs. J. W. Sheldon, A. a few months of half a century ago Dr. T. B. Kinne and J. W. Candee. Dr. W. L. Griswold Comstock graduated from the Hartman is the surgeon and the attending Hahnemann College of Philadelphia, and physicians are Drs. E. 0. Kinne, G. W. since then he has been working with all Hoyt, C. M. Lukens and J. M. Keese. Dr. his might and energy for homeopathy. H. A. Church is the oculist and aurist at Nearly all of that time he has been in St. the hospital and Dr. J. M. Keese the paLouis, and the St. Louis physicians showed thologist and pharmacist. their appreciation of the power he has

* * * been in their midst by presenting him with Toledo is the latest city in which trouble a silver loving cup as a token of their ap- has arisen in a hospital in which both schools are represented. As is the usual 5th. There was an attendance of about result in these cases the homeopathic phy- twenty physicians from Columbus and sicians stood their ground and are now in surrounding cities. full control of the situation. Space for

* * * bids our entering into the minutia of the Hahnemann, of Philadelphia, was the contest, but we are sure that with the field of battle in a contest between the homeopaths who are on the staff there can freshmen and sophomores, in which the be no unfair advantage taken. These are: sophomores were victorious. · Fortunately Drs. Louis K. Maxwell, Arthur T. Barnum, no real damage resulted, though several Oren C. Rees, Emma W. Butman, F. C. of the men found it convenient to report Crawford, F. A. Stafford, C. E. Stafford, at the accident ward of the hospital for W. S. Walker, W. A. Humphrey, N. R. repairs. Simmons, J. H. Harvey, J. H. McVay, Howland M. Flower.

It is with regret that we note that Dean John P. Sutherland, of the Boston Univer

sity School of Medicine is unable on acDr. C. E. Sawyer, of the Sawyer Sani.

count of illness to take up his duties there. tarium, Marion, recently delivered a very

His work is to be done by a woman physiable and instructive address on “The Care

cian, Dr. Eliza Taylor Ransom, of Dorchand Treatment of Crippled and Deformed

ester, who is a B. U. graduate of 1899. Children” before the Ohio State Confer

For some time she has been the Dean's ence of Charities and Corrections, which

assistant and last year was an instructor held its annual session at Springfield. Dr.

in histology. We hope that Dr. SutherSawyer really has made somewhat of a

land's illness may not be a serious one. hobby of this subject and for a number of

* * * years has beon giving a great deal of time

The Homeopathic Hospital of Wilmingand study to it. He advocates the found

ton, Del., has a training school for nurses ing of a home where those who are crip

which is second to none in the country. pled can be carefully treated and those

The schedule calls for a course of sixty lecwhose physical condition cannot be made

tures to be delivered during October, Nonormal can at least have the benefit of

vember, December, January and Febsuch a training that they may be finally

ruary. The following is the faculty: A. enabled to become independent of charity.

Negendank, M. D., Dean, homeopathy, There is scarcely a cripple who cannot in

general and special nursing, hygiene and some way be benefited and perhaps made

ethics; Lewis W. Flinn, M. D., registrar, self-supporting. This is the only class of

surgical dressings and bandaging; J. Harunfortunates in Ohio for which the State

mer Rile, M. D., surgical emergencies; A. has made no provision, and it is to be

E. Frantz, M. D., medical emergencies; hoped that an institution may be estab

Irvine M. Flinn, M. D., anatomy and physlished which shall receive these patients.

iology; E. T. Negendank, M. D., fevers The members of the convention expressed

and fever nursing; J. Paul Lukens, M. D., themselves as being heartily in accord with

obstetrics; George R. Carmichael, M. D., Dr. Sawyer's ideas and will make an effort

gynæcology; Harrison W. Howell, M. D., to assist him in carrying them out.

electricity and toxicology; Miss Alida H.

Turner, supervising nurse. Dr. Mitchell, of Newark, read a paper on "The Treatment of Chronic Nephritis," Apropos of hospital squabble between and Dr. W. B. Carpenter, of Columbus, the homeopaths and allopaths, Dooley, the one on "The Neurasthenia of Picric Acid," philosopher, would doubtless be moved to at the regular monthly meeting of the remark: “It don't make anny dif'runce Homeopathic Physicians of Central Ohio, which wan ye' hav', if ye' hav' a good held at the Neil House, Columbus, October nurse."

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