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that of the bromides; it is certainly a more if you would furnish the FERROLEUM I would desirable one, physiologically, for the rea-' give it a fair trial and let you know the reson that Gray's Tonic never induces un sult. I never dreamed at that time .how pleasant after effects, because it contains no striking this would be. The ten patients narcotics or depressants,

selected for trial were and are all chronics, This remedy seems to rest the entire ner- their weight and physique generally had vous system; even in the temporary ex- been stationary for months or years. No haustion and nervousness of the healthy change was made in their diet or in their man, frequently resulting from a period of life in any way, I simply added FERROLEUM hard work, a tablespoonful of Gray's Tonic to whatever was being done for them. The will, in a surprisingly short time, bring idea was to test the lifting power of FERROabout a condition of restful ease and, in LEUM (if it had any) entirely alone and unmany cases, peaceful, normal sleep. Add to aided. this palliative, sedative effect the well "In this experiment twenty-five bottles known tonic-reconstructive influence of were given to ten patients, and the aggreGray's Tonic upon the processes of nutrition, gate weight of the patients was increased and what more ideal method exists for the ninety-five and a half pounds. up-building of the debilitated, the exhausted, "If these patients had been convalescing the convalescent?

from an acute disease, we should not be surBesides, what other remedy known rests prised at the effect produced; but considerthe nervous system without depressing it? ing all the circumstances, I think that, withGray's Tonic is the strange paradox of a out any exaggeration, it may be called exsedative tonic; its therapeutic action is to traordinary." Abstract. H. D. B. allay nervous irritability while it is carry

THE HOTEL RIDER. ing out its more important function of restoring tone to the system.

For many reasons the Hotel Rider, CamGray's Glycerine Tonic Comp. owes its

bridge Springs, Pa., commands more than distinctive value to the proportion of the

ordinary attention. It is an extraordinary contained ingredients and their manner of

hotel, in an extraordinary location. There combination. All imitations lack these

is nothing exactly like it in this country; characteristics of the original and are con

nothing with which it can well be compared. sequently of inferior value.-Abstract. H.

Seen from a distance it looks like some D. B.

grand fortress, with imposing towers and

battlements commanding and protecting the CZARNECKI SAYS (BERLINER KL. little city which lies at its feet. Worchenschr) that a young girl inserted a No adequate idea can be given either by metal box 10x4 Cc. in size, into her vagina pen or camera of its superbly beautiful during her first menstruation to check the situation overlooking for many miles the flow. She could not remove the box and ac- valley of the historic Venango, the pleasant quainted no one of its presence, not even her city of Cambridge and innumerable homehusband. She subsequently aborted and the steads, farms, meadows, orchards and woodbox slipped into the uterus. She again be- lands-in all, a most lovely landscape seen came pregnant and before the delivery of through as pure and vitalizing an atmosthe child could be accomplished the box had phere as is to be found in North America. to be removed with forceps. The box had. It is a hotel of stone and brick, with terra remained in the vagina for thirteen years, cotta roofing, built to accommodate at least and eighteen months in the uterus without 600 guests, not merely with a place to eat giving rise to any disturbance or inconven and drink and sleep, but to live-in the true ience.

sense of the word-live and enjoy life to

the fullest extent. While, of course, there FERROLEUM AS A LIFTING POWER. are larger hotels in the world and a few

A very interesting test was made a short more richly and expensively furnished, it is time ago at the London Asylum for the In- safe to say that there is none anywhere betsane by the Medical Superintendent, Dr. R. ter adapted and equipped, summer and winM. Bucke, the result of which is best ter, for the health, comfort, safety and gendescribed in his own words:

uine enjoyment of its guests than the Hote! "When I saw you last fall I told you that Rider.-H. D. B.

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"During the last two or three years many dread the enervation inevitable upon going writers have testified to the value of picric South, why not try the bracing atmosphere acid as an antiseptic, sedative and keratop- and invigorating waters of Cambridge lastic agent in various inflammatory af- Springs, Pa.? Never heard of the place? fections of the skin. It has proved espe- Very likely, but it's time you did. Booklet cially valuable in superficial burns, acute ec- of R. H. Wallace, G. A. P. D., Erie Railroad, zema and herpes zoster. The strength of Cleveland, Ohio, or any local agent of the the solution employed is usually one per Erie. cent. Compresses are wrung out of this, applied to the part, covered with a thick

READ THIS. layer of cotton, and retained by a gauze If our readers have any doubt about what bandage. Redressing is not necessary for

we have said about our premium offers, we two or three days. For a few minutes there

ask them to read the following letters which is some smarting , but this soon gives way are samples of many we have received: to a sense of relief. The advantages

Olmsted Falls, Ohio, Feb. 4th, 1902. claimed for this treatment in burns are

Dear Doctor:simplicity, painlessness, rapidity of healing,

Your premium "Twin-Bulb" thermometer minimum of suppuration, and a smoother

was duly received last month and I have cicatrix than is obtained with other meth

tested it upon many patients. I am thor

oughly delighted with it and think it the ods. It should not be employed in old, deep

best I have ever used. or suppurating burns."

Yours respectfully, C. W. Allen, in "Pediatrics” refers par

M. H. WESTBROOK, M, D. ticularly to the employment of picric acid for burns in infancy and childhood, as follows:

Erie, Pa., Feb. 1st, 1902. He states that he knows of no better Dear Doctor:local remedy for burns of the first and sec- I hereby acknowledge the receipt of your ond degree than picric acid. Applied in a premium, the “Non-Leakable Fountain Pen." watery solution of one per cent it has the

Without hesitancy I say that it is the best effect of giving almost immediate relief from fountain pen I have ever used. pain, and healing takes place rapidly under

Yours fraternally, its use. After the burned area has been

P. T. JOHNSON, M. D. coated once or twice with the solution. a

Rochester, Pa., Jan. 30th, 1902. thin layer of absorbent cotton may be ap- My Dear Doctor:plied dry, over this a layer of impervious Received the pen and thermometer yestissue, then as much cotton as is required, terday. They are all right and I wish to and over this a loose bandage. At subse- thank you for the same. They are exceptionquent dressings all may be removed except ally fine premiums, ing the dressing next to the skin which may

Very truly yours, be made wet with the picric acid solution

J. E. MCCAULEY, M. D. and the dressings be applied as before."


Directory, (seventh revised edition) will

appear in due time. Send for descriptive Cleveland, Ohio, Jan. 5th, 1902. circulars. Physicians who have moved since I have used IMPERIAL GRANUM since I 1898 shouid notify the publishers, promptly. commenced practice in 1863, and esteem it Polk's Medical Directory has been estabhighly. The first striking case I recall was lished fifteen years. Do not be deceived by a typho-malarial fever, as it was then untried and unknown imitations. called,-a student at Harvard in 1877. A

R. L. Polk & Co., Publishers, critical case; so much so that I was obliged

Detroit, Mich. to go on from Cleveland and remain two weeks. We gave him nothing but IMPER IF YOU ARE TIRED OF THE OLD IAL GRANUM as long as I was with him health resorts, why not try a new oneand he made a fine recovery, with short con Cambridge Springs, Pa., on the Erie Railvalescence. I frequently prescribe your

road? Most complete hotel accommodations product nowadays.

you ever saw. Booklet of R. H. Wallace, G. Yours truly,

A. P. D., Cleveland, Ohio, or any local
A. W. WHEELER, M. D. agent.
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famous Nordrach Colony in the Black Forest of Germany. Devoted exclusively to the open-air treatment of lung and throat diseases in the early stages only. Not a hospital. Living almost entirely in the open, pure antiseptic air of

Colorado, in the country, one and one-half miles from city limits. Patients are made to live a life that will greatly aid the wonderful climate of Colorado. Controlled and owned by homeopathic physicians. DR. JOHN E. WHITE, DR. A. J. CRANE, MRS. M. E. HARPER, Medical Director.

Resident Physician. Business Manager. Write for full particulars to THE NORDRACH RANCH,


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THE FORWARD REDUCTION CO. is the only Company in the lield that has a re.
fining process applicable to the heavy Texas Oils. The Company has a demon-
strating refinery at Cleveland, Ohio, where the Beaumont Crude oil has been
refined in car-load lots on a commercial scale. The following table is based on
actual results of such refining and not on laboratory experiments:

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The company is erecting a refinery of a daily capacity of 2,500 barrels crude oil and the above figures are upon that basis. Instead of paying 20c per barrel as mentioned in above table the company has now an immense production of its own at very much less cost.

The company has no promoter's stock and the proceeds of every share sold are used for development purposes. Nearly half the stock is still in the treasury and a limited amount is now for sale at $11.00 per share. This stock ought reasonably to be worth $18.00 to $20.00 per share within a year and is therefore an investment which speaks for itself. Make checks payable to The Forward Reduction Co. and send to the Cleveland office. CAPITAL STOCK, $5,000,000.

500,000 SHARES, PAR VALUE, $10 PER SHARE. President, Chauncey B. Forward, Cleveland, O. Vice-President, Edward L. Buchwalter, Springfield, o

Secretary and Treasurer, L. V. Denis, Cleveland, O.

-DIRECTORSDr. Chauncey B. Forward, President, Cleveland, Newton C. Dougherty, President Peoria National Ohio.

Bank, Peoria, ill. Walter S. Logan, Lawyer, New York.

W. H. Warner, Coal Operator and Coke ManuEdward L. Buchwalter. President Citizens' Na

facturer, Cleveland, Ohio. tional Bank and President Superior Drill James S. Waters, General Manager Texas Loan Company, Springfield, O.

and Investment Company, Galveston, Texas. Hon, Dwight Loomis, Ex-Judge of the Supreme Louis V. Denis, Secretary and Treasurer Forward Court of Connecticut, Hartford, Conn.

Reduction Company, Cleveland, Ohio. Charles 0. Newton, Capitalist and Investor, Professor George A. Treadwell, Mineralogist and Homer, New York.

Geologist, Waldorf-Astoria, New York. Hon. Ira H. Evans, President New York and Tex

Miss Myra B. Martin, Former Secretary Greene as Land Co., Ltd., Austin, Texas, and Care

Consolidated Copper Company and present Estate William Walter Phelps, 100 Broad

Secretary San Luis Mining Company, 27 way, New York.

Williams St., New York.


613 WILLIAMSON BLDG., CLEVELAND, OHIO. 27 Williams St., New York. Lake Charles, Louisiana. Blanchette Bldg., Beaumont, Texas. payp

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pompa When addressing our advertisers mention the Reporter.

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