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A. A wooden machine for the bier, and they that bare carrying the bodies of the him stood still. And he dead to be buried.

said, Young man, I say unto What happened upon Je- thee, Arise. And he that sus desiring the young man was dead, sat up, and began to arise ?

to speak. And he delivered To whom did Jesus deli- him to his mother. And ver him ?

there came a fear on all : What do you mean by and they glorified God, say“ fear” coming on all ? ing, That a great prophet is

A. A religious dread, risen up among us; and, Whom did they glorify? That God hath visited his What did they say? people. And this rumour

What can he who raised of him went forth throughone man from the dead, do out all Judea, and throughwith respect to others ? out all the region round

Do we not know Jesus in about.
a higher character than that
of a Prophet ?

A. Yes, as a Saviour.
What do you mean by
rumour ?"
A. Report.

Throughout what places did the report of him spread ?

Where was it that Jesus So Jesus came again into made the water wine ? Cana of Galilee, where he

What did a certain noble- made the water wine. And man do, whose son was sick there was a certain nobleat Capernaum ?

man, whose son was sick at What did he beseech Jesus Capernaum. When he heard to do?

that Jesus was come out of What did Jesus reply?

Judea into Galilee, he went What signs and wonders unto him, and besought him did Jesus mean?

that he would come down A. Miracles.

and heal his son: for he was In what words did the at the point of death. Then nobleman still urge him to

said Jesus unto him, Except

ye see signs and wonders ye What did Jesus then say

will not believe. The noto him ?

bleman saith unto him, Sir, What did the man think come down ere my child die.

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go ?

of the word which Jesus had Jesus saith unto him, Go spoken?

thy way; thy son liveth. What happened as he was And the man believed the going down?

word that Jesus had spoken What inquiry did he unto him, and he went his make of the servants ? way. And as he was now

At what hour had the going down, his servants fever left him?

met him, and told him, sayWhat o'clock was the se. ing, Thy son liveth. Then venth hour?

inquired he of them the A. One o'clock.

hour when he began to From what time did the amend. And they said unto Jews begin to reckon their him, Yesterday at the seday?

venth hour the fever left A. Six o'clock in the him. So the father knew morning.

that it was at the same hour, What did the nobleman in the which Jesus said unto then remember?

him, Thy son liveth ; and What was remarkably himself believed, and his shown by Christ healing by whole house. his word a sick person, whom he did not see?

A. His divine power.

What effect did this mi. racle produce on the nobleman and his whole house?

ST. MATT. viii. 23.

ST. MATT. viii, 23. What is the next miracle Christ calms the tempest, mentioned?

And when he was entered What does Christ in this into a ship, his disciples folmiracle particularly show? lowed him. And, behold,

A. His power over the there arose a great tempest winds and sea, as he had in the sea, insomuch that the shown over man.

ship was covered with the Who followed Jesus into waves : but he was asleep. the ship?

And his disciples came to With what was the ship him, and awoke him, saying, covered, by reason of the Lord, save us: we perish, violent tempest?

And he said unto them, Why In what situation was are ye fearful, O ye of little Jesus?

faith? then he arose, and reWhat did the disciples do? buked the winds and the

What should his disciples sea ; and there was a great have had ?

calm. But the men marWhat did he then do ? velled, saying, What manner

What did his disciples do of man is this, that even the when they saw the storm in- winds and the sea obey stantly cease, and the sea him? become smooth ? What did they say ?

ST. LUKE viii. 41.
ST. LUKE viii. 41.

Christ healeth the bloody What are the next mira- issue, and raiseth Jairus's cles mentioned ?

daughter. Where are they written? And behold, there came a What situation had Jairus? man named Jairus, and he What was his request to

was a ruler of the synaJesus ?

gogue, and he fell down at What happened to him as Jesus' feet, and besought he went ?

him that he would come inWhat do you mean by to his house ; for he had " thronged ?"

one only daughter, about A. Crowded.

twelve years of age, and she Who came behind Jesus, lay a dying. But as he went and touched the border of the people thronged him. his garment ?

And a woman, having an Upon whom had she spent

issue of blood twelve years, all her living ?

which had spent all her livWhat could none of the ing upon physicians, neither physicians do ?

could be healed of any, came What happened immedi- behind him, and touched the ately on her touching the border of his garment: and garment of Jesus ?

immediately her issue of What do you mean by blood staunched. And Je“staunched ?"

sus said, Who touched me? A. Stopped.

When all denied, Peter, and What did Jesus then


? they that were with him, What observation did said, Master, the multitude Peter make?

throng thee and press thee, What did Jesus still con- and sayest thou, Who touchtinue to say ?

ed me? And Jesus said, How did Jesus know that Somebody hath touched me: some one had touched him for I perceive that virtue is for a particular purpose ?

gone out of me. And whe

A. Because virtue had the woman saw that she was gone out of him,

not hid, she came trembling, What do you mean by and falling down before him, that?

she declared unto him beA. That some healing fore all the people, for what virtue had gone out of him ; cause she had touched him, that some

one had been and how she was healed im. healed by the touch. mediately. And he said unto

What did the woman do her, Daughter, be of good when she saw that she was comfort : thy faith hath discovered ?

made thee whole; go in What did Jesus


had peace. While he yet spake, occasioned her being heal- there cometh one from the ed?

ruler of the synagogue's How did she prove this house, saying to him, Thy faith?

daughter is dead ; trouble A. By being firmly con- not the master. But when vinced, that by merely touch- Jesus hea it, he answered ing the garment of Jesus, him, saying, Fear not; beshe would be healed.

lieve only, and she shall be What happened while Je- made whole. And when he sus was even yet speaking ? came into the house, he sufWhat did Jesus tell Jai- fered no man to go in, save

Peter, and James, and John, When they came to the

and the father and the mohouse, what did Jesus do ? ther of the maiden. And all

What did they all do ? wept, and bewailed her ; But what did Jesus say? but he said, Weep not; she

Why did they laugh him is not dead, but sleepeth. to scorn ?

And they laughed him to What did Jesus do to scorn, knowing that she was them?

dead. And he put them all What did he say when out, and took her by the he took the damsel by the hand, and called, saying, hand ?

Maid, arise. And her spirit What do you mean by came again, and she arose “her spirit came again ?" straightway: and he com

A She was restored to manded to give her meat. life.

And her parents were astoWhy did he command to nished : but he charged give her meat ?

them that they should tell A. Not merely to refresh no man what was done.


his eyes,

her, but to show that she was really alive.

What did he desire them to do? ST. JOHN vi. 5.

ST. JOHN vi. 5. What is the next miracle The Miracle of the loaves mentioned ?

and fishes. Where is it written?

When Jesus then lifted When Jesus saw a great up

and saw a great company come unto him,

company come unto him, he what did he say to Philip? saith unto Philip, Whence

What feeling did Jesus shall we buy bread, that show, by thus thinking of these

may eat ? (And this he the wants of the multitude ? said to prove him : for he A. Compassion.

himself knew what he would Why did Jesus ask Philip do.) Philip answered him, that question ?

Two hundred pennyworth of A. To prove whether he bread is not sufficient for had faith.

them, that every one of them What did Philip reply?

may take a little.

One of What did Andrew then his disciples, Andrew, Simoni say to our Lord ?

Peter's brother, saith unto What did Jesus desire him, There is a lad here might be done?

which hath five barley loaves How many were there in

and two small fishes ; but number that sat down ? what are they among so

What did Jesus do before many? And Jesus said, he distributed the loaves ? Make the men sit down.

What lesson do we learn Now there was much grass from this?

in the place. So the men A. Always to give thanks sat down, in number about or say grace before meals. five thousand, And Jesus

What was then done with took the loaves; and when the food ?

he had given thanks, he disWere they all filled ? tributed to the disciples, and

What did he then say to the disciples to them that his disciples ?

were set down ; and likewise What may we learn from of the fishes as much as they that command ?

would. When they were A. Not to be wasteful. filled, he said unto his dis

How many baskets full ciples, Gather .up did they gather up?

ments that remain that no

the frag

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