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What was the miracle thing be lost. Therefore here?

they gathered them together, A. Feeding so many with and filled twelve baskets so small a quantity of food. with the fragments of the What else?

five barley loaves which reA. There being more left mained over and above unto after they had eaten, than them that had eaten. Then there was at first,

those men, when they had Whom did those who saw

seen the miracle that Jesus the miracle, take Jesus to be? did, said, This is of a truth

Whom did they mean? that Prophet that should A. The long expected

come into the world. Messiah. ST, MATT, xiv. 22.

ST. MATT. xiv. 22. What is the next miracle Christ walketh on the sea. mentioned ?

And straightway Jesus Where is it written ? constrained his disciples to

What did Jesus constrain get into a ship, and to go his disciples to do?

before him unto the other What do you mean by side, while he sent the mul$ constrain ?


And when he A. Compel or oblige. had sent the multitudes Whither did he go?

away, he went up into a For what purpose

? mountain apart to pray: and Whither did his disciples when the evening was come, ?

he was there alone. But the What prevented them? ship was now in the midst of

What happened in the the sea, tossed with waves ; fourth watch of the night? for the wind was contrary.

Amongst the Jews when And in the fourth watch of did night begin ?

the night Jesus went unto A. At six in the even- them walking on the sea. ing.

And when the disciples saw Into how many watches him walking on the sea, they was the night divided ? were troubled, saying, It is A. Four.

a spirit; and they cried out How long was a watch ? for fear. But straightway A. Three hours :

Jesus spake unto them, say1st watch from 6 to 9. ing, Be of good cheer : it 2d do. 9 to 12. is I: be not afraid. And

do. 12 to 3. Peter answered him and said, 4th do. 3 to 6. Lord, if it be thou, bid me

intend to go



ous ?

What were they when come unto thee on the water, they saw Jesus?

And he said, Come. And What did they say it when Peter was come down

out of the ship, he walked What did Jesus say to on the water to go to Jesus. them?

But when he saw the wind What did Peter desire of boisterous, he was afraid; Jesus ?

and beginning to sink, he What answer did Jesus cried, saying, Lord, save make ?

me. And immediately Jesus What did Peter then do? stretched forth his hand,

What happened when he and caught him, and said saw the wind was boister- unto him, Othou of little

faith, wherefore didst thou What is meant by the doubt? And when they were “ wind being boisterous ?" come into the ship, the wind 4. Blowing hard.

ceased. Then they that What happened then ? were in the ship came and

To whom did he cry out worshipped him, saying, Of to save him ?

a truth thou art the Son of What did Jesus do ? God.

What did our Lord charge him with the want of?

What happened when they came into the ship?

What did the people in the ship do, when they saw all this?

Whom did they acknowledge Jesus to be? ST. MARK X. 46.

ST. MARK X. 46. What is the next miracle Christ giveth sight to a blind about? Where is it written ?

And they came to Jericho ; What was the name of and as he went out of Jericbo the person who sat by the with his disciples, and a way-side begging ?

great number of people, What did he do when he blind Bartimeus, the son of heard that Jesus was passing Timeus, sat by the highway

side begging. And when What did many charge he heard that it was Jesus him to do?

of Nazareth, he began to


by ?

Did he follow their direc- cry out, and say, Jesus, thou tions ?

son of David, have mercy What did he do then ? on me. And many charged

What did Jesus com- him that he should hold his mand ?

peace; but he cried the more What said the people then a great deal, Thou Son of to the blind man?

David, have mercy on me. What did the blind man And Jesus stood still, and do ?

commanded him to be called. What did Jesus ask him ? And they called the blind

What did the blind man man, saying unto him, Be of reply?

good comfort, arise; he callWhat did Jesus


had eth thee. And he, casting made him whole ?

away his garment, rose, and What does Faith here

came to Jesus. And Jesus mean ?

answered and said unto him, A. A firm belief. in his What wilt thou that I should power to heal him.

do unto thee? The blind What happened to the man said unto him, Lord, man?

that I might receive my sight. What did he then do? And Jesus said unto him,

Go thy way; thy faith hath made thee whole ; and immediately he received his sight, and followed Jesus in the

way. ST. LUKE xvii. 11.

ST. LUKE xvii. 11. What is the next miracle Christ healeth ten lepers. mentioned ?

And it came to pass, as he Where is it written? went to Jerusalem, that he

Who met Jesus as he passed through the midst of entered into a certain vil- Samaria and Galilee. And lage ?

as he entered into a certain What disorder was the village, there met him ten leprosy?

men that were lepers, which Why did they stand afar stood afar off : And they off, or at a distance ?



their voices, and A. Because the law re- said, Jesus, Master, have quired it, lest they should

mercy on us.

And when infect others.

he saw them, he said unto What did they say to them, Go show yourselves Jesus?

unto the priests. And it

What did Jesus tell them to do?

Why were they to show themselves to the priests?

A. Because they were commanded so to do by the law of Moses, after they were cured of leprosy.

Why was that necessary ?

A. That the priests might, give them permission to return to the other people, all infection being over.

came to pass, that as they What happened to them

went, they were cleansed. as they went ?

And one of them when he How many of them turn

saw that he was healed, ed back to glorify or praise turned back, and with a God?

loud voice glorified God, Which of them was it ?

and fell down on his face What did Jesus say then ? at his feet; giving him

What were the feelings of thanks : and he was a Sathe Jews towards the Sama

maritan. ritans?

And Jesus answering,said, A. They held them in ab

Were there not ten cleanshorrence.

ed ? but where are the nine ? What may we learn from There are not found that rethis miracle?

turned to give glory to God, A. To be kind to stran

save this stranger. And he gers, as well as to relations

said unto him, Arise, go thy and friends.

way ; thy faith hath made What else are we taught thee whole.

by it?

A. To give glory to God for the mercies we receive.

ST. JOHN xi. l. What is the next miracle mentioned ?

Where is it written?

Who is here said to have been sick at Bethany ?

What Mary was it that was sister to Lazarus ?

ST. JOHN xi. 1.
Christ raiseth Lazarus from

the dead.
Now a certain man was
sick, named Lazarus, of Be-
thany, the town of Mary,
and her sister Martha. (It
was that Mary which aroint-
ed the Lord with ointi


What did her sister do ? and wiped his feet with her

What did Jesus say on hair, whose brother Lazarus hearing that Lazarus was was sick.) Therefore his sick ?

sisters sent unto him, sayWhat were the feelings of ing, Lord, behold, he whom Jesus towards this family ? thou lovést is sick. When

Why did Jesus abide two Jesus heard that, he said, days still in the

This sickness is not unto place?

death, but for the glory of A. Because he intended God, that the Son of God to work a still greater mira- might be glorified thereby. cle than they expected. Now Jesus loved Martha,

What did he say after and her sister, and Lazarus. that?

When he had heard thereWhat reason did the dis- fore that he was sick, he ciples give for trying to pre- abode two days still in the vent his going into Judea ? same place, where he was.

What reply did Jesus Then after that saith he to make ?

his disciples, Let us go into What did he mean by Judea again. His disciples that?

say unto him, Master, the A. That as a traveller is Jews of late sought to stone safe, while he has the light, thee: and goest thou thither so he was secure as long as again ? Jesus answe

wered, Are he was employed on his di. there not twelve hours in vine mission.

the day? If any man walk What did Jesus then say in the day, he stumbleth concerning Lazarus ?

not, because he seeth the What sleep did his disci- light of this world. But if a ples think he spoke of? man walk in the night, he

What did he really mean? stumbleth, because there is What did Jesus then say

no light in him. These unto them plainly ?

things said he; and after Why did Jesus say

that he saith unto them, glad he was not there when Our friend Lazarus sleep-he died ?

eth; but I go that I may What did Thomas pro

awake him out of sleep.

Then said his disciples, Why?

Lord, if he sleep he shall do Why did Thomas suppose

well. Howbeit, Jesus spake that it was likely Jesus would of his death ; but they die there?

thought he had spoken of A. Because the Jews had taking rest in sleep. Then

he was

pose ?

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