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threatened to put him to said Jesus unto them plaindeath.

ly, Lazarus is dead. And How long had Lazarus I am glad for your sakes been in the grave when Je- that I was not there, to the sus arrived ?

intent ye may believe ; neHow far was Bethany vertheless, let us go unto from Jerusalem ?

him. Then said Thomas, How far was that? which is called Didymus, A. Nearly two miles. unto his fellow disciples, Let

What did many of the us also go, that we may die Jews do ?

with him. Then when Jesus What did Martha do, came, he found that he had when she heard that Jesus

lain in the grave

four days was coming ?

already. (Now Bethany was What became of Mary? nigh unto Jerusalem, about What did Martha say

fifteen furlongs off.) And when she came to Jesus ? many of the Jews came to What reply did he make?

Martha and Mary to comWhat was Martha's an

fort them concerning their swer?

brother. Then Martha, as What did Jesus tell her soon as she heard that Jesus he was?

was coming, went and met How did he continue his him; but Mary sat still in speech?

the house. Then said MarWhom did Martha say

tha unto Jesus, Lord, if thou she believed him to be ?

hadst been here, brother What did Martha then

had not died. But I know do ?

that even now, whatsoever What was Mary's con

thou wilt ask of God, God duct upon this?

will give it thee. Jesus saith Where was Jesus all this unto her, Thy brother shall while ?

Martha saith Where did the Jews unto him, I know that he think Mary was gone upon

shall rise again in the resurher leaving the house, 'at rection at the last day. Jethe news Martha brought

sus said unto her, I am the her ?

resurrection and the life ; What did Mary say


he that believeth in me, she came to Jesus?

though he were dead, yet shall he live: And whosoever liveth and believeth


rise again.

in me, shall never die. Believest thou this? She saith unto him, Yea, Lord, I believe that thou art the Christ, the Son of God, which should come into the world. And when she had so said she went her way, and called Mary, her sister, secretly, saying, The master is come, and calleth for thee. As soon as she heard that, she arose quickly, and came unto him. Now Jesus was not yet come into the town, but was in that place where Martha met him. The Jews then which were with her in the house, and comforted her, when they saw Mary that she arose up hastily, and went out, followed her, saying, She goeth unto the grave

there. Then when Mary was come where Jesus was, and saw him, she fell down at his feet, saying un

to him, Lord, if thou hadst What did Jesus do on been here, my brother had seeing Mary weep?

not died. When Jesus thereWhat question did he fore saw her weeping, and ask ?

the Jews also weeping which What was the reply? came with her, he groaned

What did Jesus himself in the spirit, and was trouthen do?

bled, and said, Where have What did the Jews say, ye

laid him? They say unto when they saw him weep? him, Lord, come and see.

What did some of them Jesus wept. Then said the also say ?

Jews, Behold, how he loved Whither did Jesus then him! And some of them

said, Could not this man,

to weep


What kind of grave was

which opened the eyes of it ?

the blind, have caused that What did Jesus command even this man should not to be done?

have died ? Jesus therefore What did Martha say, again groaning

again groaning in himself when Jesus ordered the stone cometh to the grave. It to be rolled away, not daring was a cave, and a stone lay to hope?

upon it. Jesus said, Take What did Jesus say to

ye away the stone.

Marher ?

tha, the sister of him that What did they then do? was dead, saith unto him,

What did Jesus do when Lord, by this time he stinkthe stone was rolled away? eth: for he hath been dead

When he had thus ad- four days. Jesus said unto dressed his Father, what her, Said I not unto thee, words did he


with a loud that, if thou wouldest bevoice ?

lieve, thou shouldest see the What did the man do? glory of God? Then they How was he bound ? took away the stone from the

What did Jesus then com- place where the dead waslaid. mand them to do?

And Jesus lifted


eyes, What does this whole mi- and said, Father, I thank racle show?

thee that thou hast heard A. Great loving-kindness And I know that thou and compassion in Jesus. hearest me always, but be

What else does it show ? cause of the people which

A. His power of working stand by I said it, that they miracles.

may believe that thou hast And of what is it a re- sent me.

And when he had markable proof?

thus spoken, he cried with a A. Of the truth of his re- loud voice, Lazarus, come ligion.

forth. And he that was If Christ, by his divine dead came forth, bound power, raised one person

hand and foot with gravefrom the dead, whom else clothes : and his face was can he raise ?

bound about with a napkin. A. All other dead per- Jesus saith unto them, Loose

him, and let him go.






CHAPTER I. What do you mean by Which takes in the time « abridgment ?"

that passed from the creA. A short account of ation of the world to the what the book contains. flood.

What time does the first The world was (a) crechapter take in?

ated about four thousand What do you mean by years before the birth of “ creating?"

Jesus Christ. In six days A. Making things from God made all the creatures nothing

that are therein: and on the How long was the world sixth day he created Adam, created before the birth of who was the first man. He Jesus Christ?

made him after his own In how many days did image, and gave him domiGod make all the creatures nion over the rest of the in the world ?

creatures. Adam after his On which day was the creation (6) was put into first man created?

the terrestrial paradise, Who was the first man? otherwise called the garden

After whose image was of Eden, with Eve his wife, Adam created ?

who was formed out of one What do you mean by of his ribs : And they Adam's being created in the would have lived happy in image of God?

that place, if they had conA. Approaching beyond tinued in their innocence, all other creatures to the divine nature in understand

(a) Gen. i. (b) Ch. ii. ing, reason, and immortality; also in righteousn and true holiness.

What did God give Adam over the rest of the creatures?

What do you mean by “ dominion ?"

A. Power, authority.


Where was Adam placed and kept the law that God after his creation ?

had given them. What do you mean by But Adam and Eve (a) " terrestrial ?''

having fallen into rebellion A. Earthly.

through the temptation of What is paradise ?

the devil, and having broA. A garden.

ken the commandment that What was the name of God had given them, not to paradise ?

eat of the fruit of a tree Who was placed there which was in the garden of with Adam ?

Eden, which the Scripture How was Eve formed ? calls the tree of knowledge

How did they at first live of good and evil; they lost in that place?

their innocence and their On what condition would happiness together, were that happiness have been made subject to death, and continued ?

driven by God out of the But into what did they terrestrial paradise. fall ? Through whose tempta

(a) Gen. ii. tion ?

Who is the devil ?

A. The chief of the wicked fallen angels.

What commandment did they break?

What does the Scripture call that tree?

What did they lose in consequence of this disobedience ?

To what were they made subject or liable?

What became of them ?

What entered into the world by the fall of Adam ?

What would men have been if God had not taken pity on them?

What did he immediately promise ?

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