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What was meant by the deed reign over us? or shalt dream?

thou indeed have

power over A. That Joseph's brethren us ? and they hated him for should bow down before him. his dreams and for his words.

What did Joseph's bre- And he dreamed yet another thren say to him, so as to dream, and told it to his make it appear that they brethren, and said, I have understood the dream ? dreamed a dream


and What was Joseph's se

behold the sun and the moon cond dream?

and the stars bowed to me; Who were meant by the and he told it to his father, sun, moon, and stars ?

and to his brethren ; and his A. Joseph's father, mo- father chid him, and said, ther, and brethren.

shall I and thy mother, and What did his father do thy brethren, indeed come and say to him ?

to bow down before thee to Did his brethren envy

the earth ? and his brethren him ?

did envy him; but his father Why?

kept his saying in his heart. A. Because they thereby

And his brethren went to thought he would become feed their father's flock in greater than themselves. Shechem. And his father But what did his father said unto Joseph,

Go, I do?

pray thee, see whether it Why did he do so ? be well with thy brethren,

A. Because he thought and well with the flocks, there was something re- and bring me word again." markable in it.

So he sent him out of the After this where did Jo. Vale of Hebron, and he seph's brethren go?

came to Shechem. What did their father say certain

found him to Joseph ?

walking in the field : and the Out of what place did he man asked him, saying, what send him?

seekest thou ? and he said, I Whither did he come ? seek my brethren: tell me,

Who found him walking I pray thee, where they feed in the fields ?

their flocks ? and the man What did the man ask said, they are gone hence, him ?

for I heard them

say, What was his reply? us go to Dothan. And Jo

What answer did the man seph went after his brethren, made?

and found them in Dothan.

And a


" let go?

What do you mean by And when they saw him afar " hence ?"

off, they did conspire against A. From this place. him, to slay him. And they Whither did Joseph then said to each other, “ behold

this dreamer cometh : come Where did he find them?

now therefore, and let us What did they do when kill him, and cast him into they saw him afar off? some pit, and we will say

What do you mean by some evil beast has killed conspiring ?

him, and we shall see what 1. Agreeing together for will become of his dreams." some bad purpose.

And Reuben heard it, and What do we see in Jo- said unto them, “shed no seph's brethren thus agree- blood, but cast him into this ing together to slay him? pit, and lay no hand upon

A. The sad effects of an- him," that he might rid him ger and hatred.

out of their hands, to restore To what did they lead in him to his father again. the present instance ? And it came to pass when

Ā. They led Joseph's Joseph was come unto his brethren to think even of brethren, that they stript murdering him.

him of his coat of many What did Joseph's bre- colours that was on him ; thren say to each other? and they took and cast hira

What did Reuben say? into a pit, and the pit was Why did he make this

empty, there was no water proposal?

in it. And behold in the What did this conduct in meantime, a number of merReuben show?

chants were going down A. That he had more into Egypt with their cabrotherly regard for Joseph mels laden with spices. than the rest had.

And Judah said unto his What did they do in con- brethren, “what profit is it sequence of this advice?

if we slay our brother, and Into what place did they conceal his blood ? come, cast him ?

and let us sell him unto In the mean time who these men.” And his brecame by?


content: and To what place were they they drew up Jeseph out of going ?

the pit, and sold him to the What had they with him ? merchants for twenty pieces

What did Judah then say of silver: and they took him to his brethren?

into Egypt. And Joseph's


How did they receive this brethren took his coat and proposal ?

killed a kid of the goats, What did they do with and dipped the coat in the Joseph ?

blood. And they brought To whom did they sell the coat to their father, and him ?

he knew it and said, “ It is For how much ?

my son's coat: an evil beast Where did the merchants has slain him; Joseph is take him?

without doubt rent in What artful trick were pieces.” And Jacob rent they guilty of, to conceal his clothes and mourned for what they had done from his son many days. their father ?

What did they then do with the coat?

And what did their father do ? What did he


? What do you think of this conduct of Joseph's brethren ?

A. It was very wicked, and greatly increased their guilt.


A. Because it was adding one sin to another.

What do you mean by rending his clothes ?

A. Tearing them. This was in old times a way used of showing great grief. Joseph and his Brethren. Joseph and his Brethren.



What happened to Joseph Some time after Joseph's some time after his arrival arrival in Egypt, he was in Egypt?

falsely accused and cast into Into what place was he prison by Potiphar, captain cast?

of Pharaoh's guard; but the By whom?

Lord was with him. And it Who was Potiphar ? came to pass at the end of But who was with Joseph? two full years, that Pharaoh What happened at the dreamed two dreams to the end of two full years ?

same effect : and he sent Who was Pharaoh ? and called all the wise men A. The king of Egypt. of Egypt, and told them his

Whom did Pharaoh call, in dreams, but no one could inconsequence of his dreams?

terpret them. Pharaoh havCould any one interpreting heard of Joseph in prison them?

sent and called him ; and What do you mean by said, I have heard say of “ interpret ?"

thee, that thou canst underA. Explain.

stand a dream, to interpret Why did he suppose that it. And Joseph answered, Joseph could interpret it is not in me, but God dreams?

shall give Pharaoh an anA. Because he had inter

swer of peace. And Pharaoh preted the dreams of the related unto Joseph his chief butler, and chief baker. dreams: and Joseph said,

Whom did Pharaoh then the dream is one : God hath send for?

shown Pharaoh what he is What reason did he give about to do. Behold, there why he sent for him in par- shall come seven years of ticular ?

great plenty throughout all What answer did Joseph the land of Egypt ; and make ?

there shall arise after them Did Joseph do right or seven years of famine; and wrong in thus giving God the plenty shall not be the glory?

known in the land by reason What did Joseph then of the famine, for it shall be proceed to do?

very grievous. And for that What do you mean by the dream was repeated un66 the dream is one ?”. to Pharaoh twice, it is be

A. Both dreams mean cause the thing is establishone and the same thing. ed by God: and God will

What was the explanation shortly bring it to pass. of it?

Now, therefore, let Pharaoh What reason did he give look out a man discreet and why the dream was repeated wise, and set him over the unto Pharaoh twice?

land of Egypt, and let him What advice did Joseph appoint officers, and take then give Pharaoh ?

up the fifth part of the proHow was this advice re- duce of the land in the seven ceived by Pharaoh ? plenteous years. The thing What did he say unto pleased Pharaoh, and he Joseph ?

said unto Joseph, forasmuch What do you mean by as God hath showed thee all " discreet ?"

this, there is none so discreet A. Prudent.

and wise as thou art; thou Why did Pharaoh appoint shalt be over my house, and Joseph over his house? according unto thy word

A. Because he found the shall all my people be ruled ; Lord was with him.

only in the throne will I be What did Pharaoh then

greater than thou.

And do ?

Pharaoh took off his ring Why did Pharaoh put a from his hand, and put it on ring on Joseph's hand?

Joseph's hand, and arrayed A. As a token or mark of him in vestures of fine linen, the high rank to which he and put a gold chain about was raised.

his neck. He also made Was there any other rea- him to ride in the second son ?

chariot which he had, and A. Yes: that he might to be ruler over all the land seal letters in the king's of Egypt. name.

How did Pharaoh array Joseph ?

What do you mean by “ arrayed ?"

A. Clothed.

What do you mean by « vestures ?

A. Garments.

What did he put about his neck ?

Why did he array him in this manner ?

A. Because kings and great men only were thus arrayed.

In what did he make him to ride ?

Over what place was he to be ruler ?

What may we learn from this rising up of Joseph ?

A. That God watcheth

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