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A. Trials and judgments And the rain descended, from God.

and the floods came, and the What will a man who

winds blew, and beat upon hears Christ's sayings and that house; and it fell : and does them, be able to do?

great was the fall of it. A. To stand against trials.

What will happen to a man who hears Christ's sayings and does them not?

A. He will not be able to stand when he is tried. VER. 28, 29.

VER. 28, 29. What is the head of the Christ endeth his Sermon ; last section ?

the People are astonished What effect did Christ's at his Doctrine. sayings produce among the And it came to pass, when people ?

Jesus had ended these sayWhat do you mean by ings, the people were asto6 doctrine ?

nished at his doctrine: For A. What he taught. he taught them as one hav

Why were the people ing authority, and not as the astonished ?



Christ healeth the Centu-

rion's Servant.
Now when he had ended
all his ayings in the audi-
ence of the people, he en-


What is a miracle ?

A. A wonderful work, beyond the


of man to perform.

What did Christ prove by working miracles ?

A. He proved that he acted by authority from God, who alone could alter the course of nature.

What is the first miracle mentioned ?

Where is it written ?
Into what place did Christ

enter when he had ended tered into Capernaum. And his sayings?

a certain centurion's servant, In whose audience had he who was dear unto him, was spoken them?

sick and ready to die. And What do you mean by when he heard of Jesus, he “ audience ?"

sent unto him the elders of A. Hearing:

the Jews, beseeching him What was Capernaum ? that he would come and heal. A. A town of Galilee. his servant. And when they

Whose servant was sick came to Jesus, they bethere?

sought him instantly, saying, What was a centurion ? That he was worthy for

A. A Roman officer who whom he should do this : for had the command of a hun- he loveth our nation, and he dred soldiers.

hath built us a synagogue. How severe was the ser- Then Jesus went with them. vant's sickness ?

What did the centurion do, when he heard of Jesus ?

Who were the elders ?
A. Principal or chief men.
What did the elders do ?

What is here meant by “ instantly?"

A. Earnestly

What reason did they give why the centurion was worthy to receive this favour? What was a synagogue ?

A. A place of worship among

the Jews. What made it a particular act of kindness in the centurion to build a synagogue ?

A. Because he was a Roman, and therefore not of their own country, Judea.

Did Jesus go with the elders ?

What happened when he And when he was now was now not far from the not far from the house, the house?

centurion sent friends to

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What was the message him, saying unto him, Lord, the centurion sent by his trouble not thyself; for I friends?

am not worthy that thou What virtues did the cen- shouldest enter under my turion show by this speech? roof; wherefore neither

1st. Faith, in believing thought I myself worthy Christ could heal by his word to come unto thee, but say at a distance.

in a word, and my servant 2d. Humility, in not think- shall be healed. For I also ing himself worthy that am a man set under auChrist should enter under thority, having under me his roof.

soldiers; and I say unto What did he argue from one, Go, and he goeth ; and his own authority ?

to another, Come, and he A. That the authority of cometh ; and to my servant, Christ must be much greater.

Do this, and he doeth it. What did Jesus do when When Jesus heard these he heard this speech ? things, he marvelled at him,

What do you mean by and turned him about, and 66 marvelled ?"

said unto the people that A. Wondered.

followed him, I say

unto What did he say to the you, I have not found so people?

great faith, no not in Israel. Whom does he mean by And they that were sent, 66 Israel ?”

returning to the house, A. The Israelites.

found the servant whole that What did those who were had been sick. sent find, when they returned to the house?

What do you mean by “ his being whole ?"

A. That he was restored to health.

What is the miraculous part of this account?

4. Christ healing immediately by a word at a distance. ST. MARK I. 21.

ST. MARK i. 21. What are the next mira- Christ healeth a man of an cles mentioned ?

unclean Spirit, and Peter's Where are they written ? Wife's Mother of a Fever. Whom do you mean when And they went into Cayou say they entered into

pernaum : and straightway Capernaum ?

on the Sabbath-day he enA. Jesus and his disciples. tered into the synagogue,

Where did they enter on and taught. And they were the Sabbath-day?

astonished at his doctine

; What do we learn from for he taught them as one this?

that had authority, and not A. To attend the Church as the Scribes. And there more especially on that day. was in their synagogue, a

Which was the Sabbath- man with an unclean spirit ; day among the Jews ?

and he cried out, saying, A. The last day of the Let us alone ; what have we week, Saturday.

to do with thee, thou Jesus Which is the Sabbath-day of Nazareth ; art thou come among Christians ?

to destroy us? I know thee A. The first day of the who thou art, the Holy One week, Sunday

of God. Why was it changed ?

A. Because our Lord rose from the dead the first day of the week.

What did Christ do in the synagogue ?

In what manner did he teach?

Who were the Scribes ?

Who was in the synagogue ?

What do you mean by

a man with an unclean spirit ?”

A. Being possessed with a devil.

What did he cry out?

What did the unclean spirit acknowledge Jesus to be?

A. The Holy One of God.

What did Jesus then say And Jesus rebuked him, to the unclean spirit ? saying, Hold thy peace, and

What was the effect of come out of him. And these words?

when the unclean spirit had


region ?”


What were they all ? torn him, and cried with a What did they say among

loud voice, he came out of themselves ?

him. And they were all Where did the fame of amazed, insomuch that they Jesus spread ?

questioned among themWhat do you mean by selves, saying, What thing

is this? What new doctrine À. Country

is this ? for with authority When they were come out commandeth he even the of the synagogue where did unclean spirits, and they do they go ?

obey him. And immediately Who was sick at Simon's his fame spread abroad house?

throughout all the region What was her disorder ? round about Galilee. And

What do you mean by the forthwith, when they were word “ ?

come out of the synagogue, A. In a short time. they entered into the house What did Jesus then do? of Simon and Andrew, with

What followed with re- James and John. But Sispect to the fever?

mon's wife's mother lay What did she do ?

sick of a fever; and anon What do you mean by they tell him of her. And “ ministered ?

he came and took her by the A. Attended, waited on. hand, and lifted her up; and

What did her ministering immediately the fever left unto them show?

her, and she ministered unto A. That she was quite them. well.

What was the miraculous part of Christ's healing Simon's wife's mother?

A. His doing it immediately, in an instant, and without the use of natural means.

ST. LUKE v. 1. What is the next miracle The miraculous draught of related ?

Where is it written?

And it came to pass, that Where was Christ stand- as the people pressed upon ing, when the people pressed him to hear the word of



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