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VIRGINIA (2) Miss M. A. NEWTON, Supt., (1904)

Sara Leigh Hospital, Norfolk, Va. Miss Rose Z. VAN VORT, (1907)

Memorial Hospital, Richmond, Va.


MRS. MAYME E BARRY, Pres., (1908)

Walla Walla Hospital, Walla Walla, Wash.
Miss Evelyn H. HALL, Supt., (1907)

Seattle General Hospital, Seattle, Wash.
John M. SEMPLE, M. D., Supt., (1907)
Eastern Washington Hospital for the Insane,

Medical Lake, Wash.


A. S. Boggs, M. D., Supt., (1907)

Boggs Hospital and Sanatorium, Gassaway, W. Va. John R. Cook, M. D., Supt., (1907)

Cook Hospital, Fairmount, W. Va. A. K. KESSLER, M. D., Supt., (1903)

Kessler Hospital, Clarksburg, W. Va. ALPHA MILLETTE, Supt., (1907)

Reynolds Memorial Hospital, Glendale, W. Va. EDWARD P. SPARKS, M. D., Supt., (1907)

Miners' Hospital No. 2, McKendree, W. Va.


OSCAR CHRYSLER, M. D., Surgeon, (1907)

National Soldiers' Home, National Home, Wis. Miss MINNIE FARRELL, Supt., (1907)

Lakeside General Hospital, Milwaukee, Wis. Miss ELLA C. INGWERSON, Supt., (1907)

LaCrosse Hospital, La Crosse, Wis. F. M. Schulz, M. D., Supt., (1908)

Milwaukee County Hospital, Wauwatosa, Wis.



.Detroit, Mich. 157 Alexandrine W. ROBERT W. HILL...

..Albany, N. Y.

Capitol Bldg. BYRON W. CHILD....

Albany, N. Y.

Capitol Bldg. FRANK MILES DAY.....

..Philadelphia, Pa. 801 Penn. Mutual Bldg. FRANKLIN B. KIRKBRIDE.

. New York, N. Y.

37 Madison Ave. HERBERT G. STOCKWELL.....

Philadelphia, Pa. 833 Land Title Bldg. PROF. S. HOMER WOODBRIDGE.

..Boston, Mass. Institute of Technology CHAs. G. DARRACH...

Philadelphia, Pa. 1430 South 58th St. J. M. MOSHER, M. D......

Albany, N. Y. 170 Washington Avenue. SIR HENRY BURDETT, K. C. B., K. C. V.0... London, Eng.

Rochester Square FRANK J. FIRTH.....

.Philadelphia, Pa.

716 Arcade Bldg. R. W. BRUCE SMITH, M. D....

Toronto, Ont. Parliament Bldg. C. W. PARDEE.

Buffalo, N. Y. Delaware Ave.. DONALD J. MACKINTOSH, M. B., M. V. O... Glasgow, Scot.

Western Infirmary.



The name of this Association shall be “The American Hospital Association."


The object of this Association shall be the promotion of economy and efficiency in hospital management.


Membership Section 1. The membership of this Association shall be active, associate and honorary.

Sec. 2. Active members shall be those who at the time of their election are trustees or executive heads of hospitals, without reference to sex, title, or denomination. Any person, once an active member, may continue such membership subject to all rules pertaining to membership.

Sec. 3. Associate members shall be executive officers of hospitals next in authority below the superintendent. Associate members shall not have the right to vote.

Sec. 4. All applications for membership shall be in writing, and addressed to the Secretary, and shall be endorsed by one or more members of the Association. They shall be referred by the Secretary to the Committee on Membership for examination and report. The candidate shall be notified of the result. If elected, he shall become a member of the Association on payment of an initiation fee of $5.00, which shall also cover his first dues.

Sec. 5. Honorary membership may be suggested at any meeting of the Association by any member for any person whose services, public or private, may entitle him to such recognition, or for any other person who, in the judgment of the Association, is entitled to such membership.

Sec. 6. Honorary members shall have all the privileges of active members, except voting. They shall be exempt from the payment of dues.


The executive officers of the Association shall consist of a President, three (3) Vice-Presidents, a Secretary and a Treasurer.


The executive officers shall be elected at each Convention, and shall serve until the close of the Convention next succeeding, or until their successors are regularly elected and installed.


All vacancies occurring in executive offices between Conventions shall be filled by the Executive Committee.


Amendments to the Constitution shall be submitted in writing Amendments cannot be acted upon at the session at which they are proposed, but may be at any subsequent session. They shall be passed by not less than two-thirds vote of the members present and voting.



Meetings. Section 1. The regular meetings of the Association shall be held at the places and on the dates fixed by the Convention or the Executive Committee of the Association. This committee, in conjunction with the President and Secretary, shall also arrange the programs for the Conventions.

Sec. 2. Special meetings may be called by the President, or, in his absence, by a Vice-President, upon the written petition of not fewer than five (5) members. This petition shall recite the object of the call. The President, through the Secretary, shall give notice of not less than sixty (60) days before the proposed time of such special meeting to each member of the Association, which notice shall also recite the object of the meeting.

Sec. 3. A quorum of the Association shall consist of not fewer than ten (10) members.



Section 1. All officers shall be elected by ballot, excepting where it is otherwise ordered.

Sec. 2. A majority of the votes cast shall constitute an election.

Sec. 3. Only active members shall be entitled to vote.


Duties of Officers. Section 1. The President shall preside at all meetings of the Association. He shall appoint all committees unless, by vote of the Association, other provision shall be made. He shall be, er-officio, a member of all standing and special committees.

Sec. 2. The Vice-Presidents shall, in the order of their rank, in the absence, of the President, perform his duties.

Sec. 3. The Secretary shall keep the Minutes of the meetings and the records of the Association in a book provided for these purposes. The Secretary shall furnish to the Committee on Publication, within ten (10) days after the adjournment of the regular Convention, a correct copy of the Minutes thereof for publication in the “Proceedings." The Secretary shall be allowed not to exceed the sum of $360 per annum to defray cost of clerical assistance.

Sec. 4. The Secretary shall conduct the correspondence of the Association, and shall keep on file all letters and all correspondence, together with all the replies thereto.

Sec. 5. The Treasurer shall receive all dues and other moneys of the Association, and shall pay all bills approved by the President and Secretary, and shall submit these ac

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