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himself to the activities of the army. Indeed, the a comfortable home when a lad, he underwent hardmost interesting chapters are those that portray the ships that might well have daunted an older person. political tricks which resulted in the retirement of Hard work, poor food, and cruel treatment seem to be Fabius Maximus, whose policy had become distasteful to the common lot of sailors, and his case was no excepthe people. The battle of Cannæ and the occupation tion. Though he often suffered much at the hands of of Capua give opportunity for excellent descriptions of overbearing officers and cruel shipmates, he occasionhistorical persons and events. Interwoven with the ally received kind treatment; and these glimpses of the clamor of war and the intrigue of politics is a love story better side of sea-faring life lighten hat would other Both hero and heroine are young Roman patricians, wise be a gloomy picture. A boyish optimism and the friends and lovers; they have a misunderstanding, and memory of home carry him through the hardest trials. in bringing them together the author displays deep During his voyages the author visited many parts of knowledge of the customs of Roman society two thou- the world, and he writes entertainingly of the things he sand years ago.

The book is interesting both for the saw. The book is written in a simple, straightforward story it tells and for the glimpses it gives of life“ in style which gives it an interest that is wholly lacking the brave days of old." C. C. T. in many tales of life on the sea.

C. C. T. [The Lion's Brood. By Duffield Osborne. $1.50. [Dog-Watches at Sea. By Stanton H. King. $1.50. New York: Doubleday, Page & Co.]

New York: Houghton, Mifflin & Co.] Elizabeth Stuart Phelps has made an amusing story Pierre Loti's story of his childhood is fascinating. In about the troubles which came to a family because of his own words, the title might be: “A journal of my a change in servants. The abject helplessness of the extreme and inexplicable sorrows, and some of the boy mistress in her own house is quite as humorous as it is ish pranks by which I diverted my mind from them. pathetic. This story places the responsibility for Such a title would suggest the undertone of sadness maintaining the peace of the home and for saving the which characterizes these memories of sensations family life from the slough of despond upon the experienced by an awakening mind in the struggle to servant. This is a large responsibility to be borne for place itself. The student of psychology finds here a a meagre weekly stipend, a room in the attic, and meals remarkable record of childhood emotions. The ordinary in the kitchen. The domestic service problem will prob- reader can scarcely fail to be charmed by a narrative ably call for another solution.

S. C. 80 deftly told. He who fails to have a sympathetic [The Successors of Mary the First. By Elizabeth thrill

, as he lights upon traces of familiar feelings in Stuart Phelps. $1.50. Boston: Houghton, Mifflin these pages, must be an exceptional being. The book & Co.)

will appeal in vain only to him for whom the memory of

childhood's exquisite suffering from indefinable fears, The negro question is one that is constantly coming and of its joyous imaginings which “run in the overup for discussion, and in order to give it intelligent grown paths that lead to the unattainable," has died consideration it is necessary to fully comprehend the forever. It is fortunate that the translator has caught true relation existing between the genuine southerner the spirit of the author, and has been able to reproduce and the negro. A social barrier, fostered by sentiment, in considerable measure his beauty of expression. has interposed itself between the races. The author

S. C. of “ When the Gates Lift up Their Heads sets forth

[The Story of a Child. Translated from the French the existing conditions so clearly that one has no diffi- of Pierre Loti by Caroline F. Smith. $1.25. Boston: culty in forming an opinion as to the merits of the C. C. Birchard & Co.]

The time of the story is in the early seventies; the scene is laid in the mountains of North Carolina. Queen Victoria, 1819-1901," is a reprint of the The heroine, Portia Van Ostrade, has inherited a south- biography published in 1897 by the librarian at Windern plantation, and endeavors to support her invalidsor Castle. The present volume contains a supplemother and her grandfather by keeping boarders. Sov- mentary chapter in which the leading events of the last eral northerners are numbered among her guests, and few years in the life of the queen are narrated. The the description of their life of pleasure and recreation superiority claimed for this book is based upon the fact among the forests and mountains cannot fail to hold that the earlier chapters received the approval of the undivided attention of the reader. Various phases Victoria herself. The statements can therefore be of southern life are set before us, the negro sketches relied upon as correct. Although the book is readable, in particular being cleverly written. Interwoven with it does seem that, with the material at hand, the author these incidents is a romance which is almost idyllic in might have made it more interesting.

S. C. its charming simplicity. The characters are skilfully [Queen Victoria, 1819 - 1901. By Richard R, Holmes. drawn, the dialogues are bright and witty, the descriptions $1.50. New York: Longmans, Green & Co.] are full of artistic feeling. The original discussions of the negro problem, the humor and pathos which occa Much curious information concerning the customs of sionally crop out, render the book more than passable. primitive peoples has been gathered into a volume by The story moves along quietly — no revolutionary Lewis Dayton Burdick. While the author has engaged theories are advanced, and few startling scenes are in no original research, he has evidently consulted a depicted, yet the reader is well content to bask in the wide range of published sources. The greater part of sunny southern atmosphere and to drift with the current. the volume is devoted to the rites which, in different

L. E. T. ages, have accompanied the laying of foundations. [When the Gates Lift up Their Heads. A Story of Attention is called to many present-day ceremonies, the the Seventies. By Payne Erskine. $1.50. Boston: original significance of which has long since been forLittle, Brown & Co.]

gotten. That human sacrifice was once a prominent

feature of foundation ceremonial, the author is quite * Dog-Watches at Sea,” by Stanton H. King, is an certain ; and he points out, on what he believes to be autobiographical narrative of experiences before the good evidence, that the offering of animals, of vegemast.

The author spent six years in the merchant tables, or of inanimate objects is a substitution, for the service, and an equal length of time aboard a man-of- earlier and more grewsome custom, which increasing

The story of his life during those years is told in respect for human life made necessary. The great a manner that carries conviction of its truth. Leaving number of incidents cited breaks up the continuity of



il || STATEMENT | || I

of The 9 | Travelers 19

Insurance Company O



Chartered 1863.

(Stock.) Life, Accident and Employers

Liability Insurance,







JANUARY 1, 1901. Total Assets, (Accident TT INCLUDED of) $30,861,030.06 Total Liabilities (Including Reserves)

26,317,903.25 Excess Security to Policy-holders,

4,543,126.81 Surplus,

3,543,126.81 Paid to Policy-holder's since 1864, 42,643,384.92 Paid to Policy-holders in 1900,

2,908,464.03 Loaned to Policy-holders on Policies (Life) 1,586,652.20 Life Insurance in Force,

109,019,851.00 GAINS FOR THE YEAR 1900. In Assets,

$3,167,819.96 In Insurance in Force (Life Department Only), 8,685,297.06 Increase in Reserves (Both Departments), (31% basis) 2,484,392.52 Premiums Collected,


Sylvester C. Dunham, Vice-President John E. Morris, Secretary

J. B. Lewis, M. D., Medical Director and Adjuster Edward V. Preston, Superintendent of Agencies

Hiram J. Messenger, Actuary

the text and detracts considerably from the pleasure of keepers. The twelve chapters into which the book is the reader.

S. C. divided are devoted to various phases of cookery and [Foundation Rites, with Some Kindred Ceremonies. household economy. No particular method of teaching By Lewis Dayton Burdick. $1.50. New York: The is suggested, and the book can be used by individuals Abbey Press.)

as well as by classes. The work is not especially

adapted to the young pupils in the public schools, but "Elements of the Theory and Practise of Cookery” is better suited to mature students. It aims to supis a text-book on household science; the authors, Mary plement the instruction of the teacher, and to aid in E. Williams and Katherine Rolston Fisher, are well- 'unifying the work of classes and schools. L. E. T. known teachers of cookery in New York City. The [Elements of the Theory and Practise of Cookery. book is designed for public school use, but will also be By Mary E. Williams and Katherine Rolston Fisher. found valuable in girls' clubs and to young house $1.00. New York: The Macmillan Co.]



WINN & JUDSON, CLEVELAND. Special Report of the United States Board on Geo- Western Reserve. University Bulletin. Reports of the graphic Names, relating to the Geographic Names in

President and Faculties. Vol. IV., No. 4, July, the Philippine Islands. Pamphlet.

1901. Annual Subscription 50 cents. Issued biA Forest Working Plan for Township 40, Totten and Crossfield Purchase, Hamilton County, New York

monthly by Western Reserve University. State Forest Preserve. By Ralph S. Hosmer and

THE FORMAN-BASSETT-HATCH CO., CLEVELAND. Eugene S. Bruce. Pamphlet. Fifteenth Annual Report of the Commissioner of Labor. Thirty-second Report of the Cleveland Public Library

1900. A compilation of wages in commercial coun Board. For the period from Sept. 1, 1899, to Dec. tries from official sources. Vols. I. and II. 63 x 91. 31, 1900. With accompanying documents. Pam

phlet. PHILIPPINE INFORMATION SOCIETY, BOSTON. Facts about the Filipinos. As Found in United States

THE MACMILLAN CO., NEW YORK. Documents and Other Authentic Publications. Vol. Notes on Child Study. By Edward Lee Thorndike, I., No. 8. Issued every other week. 10 cents each, Ph. D. (Columbia University Contributions to $2.00 per annum.

Philosophy, Psychology, and Education.) Vol. 8, Facts About the Filipinos. First Series. III. Issued

Nos. 3-4. every other week. Pamphlet. 10 cents each, $2.00 per annum.

D. APPLETON & Co., NEW YORK. A Period of Guerilla Warfare. (Facts About the

Filipinos.) According to Original Outline First Insect Life. By John Henry Comstock. Illustrated. Series, XI. Issued every other week. 10 cents 51 x 81. $1.75. each; $2.00 per annum.

Some Ill-Used Words. By Alfred Ayres. 45 x 61.


PETTINGILL & co., BOSTON. Religion and Morality. By Daniel Carey. 5x7. .50. Sanctification. Right Views and Other Views. By S. Pettingill & Co. Copper Alloy Type Book. Comprising M. Merrill. 45 x 6. .25 net.

Newspaper, Book, and Display Types, Borders and Plain Uses of the Blackboard and Slate, and Other

Ornaments; also Brass Rules, Dashes, etc. 64 83. Visible and Verbal Illustrations in the Sunday-school and Home. By Dr. and Mrs. Wilbur F. Crafts.

THE SCHOOL OF INTERPRETATION, CHICAGO. Revised and enlarged edition. 5x71. $1.00.

The Book of Ruth; An Idyl of Friendship between the R. F. FENNO & co., NEW YORK.

Heavens and the Earth. By Rev. George Chainey. The Crystal Scepter. A Story of Adventure.

(Bibliot No. 1.) 31 x 54. Paper, .25. Philip Verrill Mighels. 5x78. $1.50. When a Witch is Young. A Historical Novel. By

EATON & MAINS, NEW YORK. 4-19 -69. 5x7*. $1.50.

An Introduction to Political Economy. By Richard “ £19,000.” By Burford Delannoy. 5x 71. $1.25. T. Ely, Ph. D., LL. D. New and Revised Edition.

54x8. $1.20 net. HENRY T. COATES & Co., PHILADELPHIA. Crankisms. By Lisle de Vaux Matthewman. Pictured

D. C. HEATH & Co., BOSTON. by Clare Victor Dwiggins. 54 x 61. $1.00. A Summer Hymnal. A Romance of Tennessee. By A History of the United States. By Allen C. Thomas, John Trotwood Moore. 41x71. $1.25.

A. M. New edition, rewritten and newly illustrated.

53 x 73. $1.00. LONGMANS, GREEN & Co., NEW YORK.

C. C. BIRCHARD, BOSTON. Fiander's Widow. A Novel. By M. E. Francis. 54 x 7*. $1.50.

The Story of a Child. Translated from the French of

Pierre Loti by Caroline F. Smith. 59 x 8. $1.25. THE AMERICAN RAILWAY GUIDE CO., CHICAGO. The Rand-McNally Official Railway Guide and Hand

THE CHRONICLE CO., MARION, INDIANA. Book. August, 1901. 25.

The Mind Life. A Lecture by W. H. Sanders. 5x7.


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