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Cardinals, College of, 225.

Carnegie – Andrew Carnegie's Gifts, 124; Opposition

to Carnegie's Gifts, 226.

CARTER, FRANKLIN. Chautauqua Chapel Talks, 357.
Celtic, The, 561.

CHAUTAUQUAN Contributors, 227.

Chautauqua — Chautauqua Chapel Talks, 357; Chau-

tauqua Flowers and How to Know Them, 366;

Officers of the International Chautauqua Alliance

(Portraits), 392; Chautauqua Program for 1901,

393; Chautauqua Summer Schools, 412; Other Chau-

tauqua Assemblies (Illustrated), 417; The Geological
Development of Chautauqua Lake, 536; Chautauqua
Notes, 562.
Chicago as a Seaport, 220.
China — Phases of the Chinese Problem, 113; Primitive
Industrial Civilization in China (Illustrated), 126;
Settlement of Affairs in China, 326; Payment of Mis-
sionary Claims in China, 328; Mission Schools in
China, 635; American Cotton Goods in China, 556.

CHOLMONDELEY, MARY. A Day in Teneriffe (Illus-

trated), 591.

Chu SEoul Bok. A Living Soul Visits Hell, 387.
Cities, Control of Corporations by, 121.
Climber, The, Verse, 508.
C. L. S. C. Round Table, 81, 189, 297 (Seo subjects
separately indexed under Round Table).

Congress and the Philippines, 7.

Conventions of Young People, 331, 460.

Convicted, Verse, 240.

CookE, EDMUND WANCE. Snares, Verse, 132.

Cook, Joseph (Portrait), 459.

Courting and Nesting Days (Illustrated), 134.

Courts Versus Over-capitalization, 222.

Crete and the Cretan Question, 24.

Cuba – Congressional Action Concerning Cuba, 8;

Cuban Constitutional Convention, 331; Cuban

Problems, 448.

CUMMINGS, EMMA G. Dismal Swamp and How to Go
There (Illustrated), 515.

Dandelion, The, Verse, 132.
Danish West Indies, The, 117.
Dismal Swamp and How to Go There (Illustrated), 515.
Divorce, Court Decisions on, 224.

Dods, Marcus, 459.

Earth, The Death of, Verse, 20.

The Night Hawk, Verse,

[blocks in formation]

Letters from “Lilliput.” (Portrait), 492.

Library News, 558.

Literature, Critical Studies in French, 71, 180, 286.

Living Soul Wisits Hell, A, 387.

LLoyd, Charles Edward. The Pan-American Exposi-
tion as an Educational Force (Illustrated), 333.

LovEJoy, GEORGE NEWELL. Half-Forgotten Maga-
zines, 28.

Magazines, Half-Forgotten, 28.

Mammy's Love-Story, 597.

MANATT, J. IRVING. A Cruise in the AEgean (Illus-

trated), 54; A Caravan Tour in the Peloponnesus

(Illustrated), 268.

Manila, Wages in, 118.
McILVAINE, CHARLEs. Bumblebee Taverns, 369.
MEAD, LEON. Word-Coinage by Living American Au-
thors, 525.

Meditation, The Gospel of, Verse, 240.

Memorial Day Observances, 227, 332.

Mexico, Presbyterian Unity in, 459.

Missionary Conference, 460.

Missionary Societies, 225.

Mission Schools in China, 635.

MooRE, N. Hudson. April-Tide (Illustrated), 21;
Courting and Nesting Days (Illustrated), 134; Bees
(Illustrated), 241; The Songs of Midsummer (Illus-
trated), 359; Weaving Spiders (Illustrated), 533;
“The Hearing Ear and the Seeing Eye’’ (Illus-
trated), 601.
Morgan, G. Campbell, at Northfield (Portrait), 459.
MULFoRD, HENRY Jones. Spring, Verse, 30.

Nations, The Rivalry of: World Politics of Today,
Chapters XXV. –XXXVI. (Illustrated), 31, 142,244.
The United States as a World Power, 31; The New
Map of the World, 37; Problems of Asia, 42; The
New Oriental World Power, 47; The Storm Center,
142; China Since Shimonoseki, 148; The World
Situation as it Appears from the East, 153; Elements
of Strength of the World Powers, 157; Resources in
Peace and War, 244; Industrial Changes, .251;
Democracy, 257; The Federation of the wo
260. - -

Negroes, Education for, 117.

Night Hawk, The, Verse, 641.

Nobel Fund, The, 123.

“No-Popery’’ Oath, The, 9.

Orient, A Reading Journey in the (Illustrated), VII. A
Cruise in the AEgean, 54; VIII. Attica, Boeotia, and
Corinth, 164; IX. A Caravan Tour of the Peloponne-
sus, 268.

Over-Capitalization, Courts Versus, 222.

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