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March—MAY 1908

Volume 50.



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American Painting, The Story of (See Painting).
As Others See Us (See United States, A Century of Foreign Criti-

cism on).
Ballou William Hosea. Edward Drinker Cope, 100.
Barton, Clara, 138.
Brooks, JOHN GRAHAM. A Philosopher as Mediator, 27; A So-

cialist Critic, 42; Signs of Progress, 176; (concluded), 342.
C. L. S. C. Readers, Greetings to, from College Presidents: Presi-

dent Welch of Ohio Wesleyan, 141; President Craighead of

Tulane University, 299.
C. L. S. C. Round Table: A Dutch Chautauqua in Africa, 143;

Dr. H. R. Palmer, 147; Death of Chautauqua's Treasurer, 148;
Tennyson's Ulysses, 149; Programs, 150; News from Readers
and Circles, 154; Outline of American Literature, 158; In-
ternational Peace Day, 301 ; Indications of Progress, 302; Nobel
Peace Prize for 1907, 302; Other Recipients of the Nobel Peace
Prize, 303; The Coming Modern European Year in the C. L.
S. C., 303; Class of 1908, 303; C. L. S. C. in the Far East, 305;
Greeting from the President of 1911, 306; Programs, 309; News
from Readers and Circles, 313; Tennyson Class, 440; Notice to
Class of 1908, 441 ; Chautauqua in Korea, 441; Review of
American Painting, 442; To the Class of 1898, 442; Programs,
445; Questions, 446; News from Readers and Circles, 447;

Reference Outline of American Painting, 456.
Burbank, Luther, 407.
Child Labor and Vagrancy, 516.
Cope, Edward Drinker, 100.
Davis, Philip. Child Labor and Vagrancy, 516.
DURLAND, KELLOGG. Immigrants on the Land: I. Italian Colonists,

89; II. Jewish Farmers, 248.
FISKE, CHARLES Henry. Modern Portrait Painting, 55.
Fiske, John, 266.
GRABO, Carl H. The Poetry of William Vaughn Moody, 274.
Highways and Byways: The Presidential Candidates, 3; Labor

Safety and Interstate Commerce, 5; Postal Savings Banks
and Guaranteed Deposits, 6; Busines and Finance after the
Panic, 8; Hull House and Modern Charity, 10; Cuban Self-
Government in 1909, 19; The March of Manhood Suffrage, 21 ;
Counter Revolution in Russia, 22; Note and Comment, 24;
Recent Supreme Court Labor Decisions, 163; Congress and
the Reform Movement, 165; Our Treaties of Arbitration, 167;
Municipal Government by Commission, 168; Tyranny and As-
sassination in Portugal, 170; Party Politics and Social Reform
in England, 171; The Taft and Hughes Candidacies, 173; Note
and Comment, 175; The Independence Party, 323; Foreshadow-
ing Party Issues, 325; Labor, the Law, and the Courts, 327;
Esperanto Congress at Chautauqua, 329; The New Michigan


Constitution, 333; State Rights and Federal Power, 335; Pro-
hibition and Interstate Commerce, 336; Woman's Labor and

the State, 338; Note and Comment, 340.
How Connecticut Got Her Woman Factory Inspector, 425.
Howe, Julia Ward, 120.
Immigrants on the Land: I. Italian Colonists, 89; II. Jewish I.

ers, 248.
INGRAHAM, HENRY. A Recent Development in American Music, 126.
Italian Colonists (See Immigrants).
James, William, 403.
Jewish Farmers, 248.
Library Shelf: Edmund Clarence Stedman, 132; Cooper as

Critic of His Countrymen, 134; William Vaughn Moody's “Gloucester Moors,” 287; Whistler vs. Ruskin, 289; Some Na

ture Poetry, 433; Peace Literature, 436. MacDowell, Edward Alexander, 296. Moody, The Poetry of William Vaughn, 274. Music, A Recent Development in American, 126. Painting, The Story of American: VI. Modern Portrait Painting,

56; VII. Contemporary Figure Painting, 201; VIII. Contemporary Mural Painting, 229; IX. Contemporary Landscape

Painting, 369. PERRY, THOMAS F. John Fiske, 266. Philosopher As Mediator, A (Hugo Münsterberg), 27. PORTER, DELIA LYMAN. How Connecticut Got Her Woman Factory

Inspector, 425. Scientists, Some Great American: VII. Edward Drinker Cope, 100;

VIII. John Fiske, 266; IX. Luther Burbank, 407. SERVISS, GARRETT P. Luther Burbank, 407. Signs of Progress, 176. Socialist Critic, A (H. G. Wells), 42. St. Gaudens, Augustus, 430. Talk About Books, 317, 462. United States, A Century of Foreign Criticism on: XIV. A Philoso

pher as Mediator, 27; XV. A Social Critic, 42; XVI. Signs

of Progress, 176; (concluded), 342. Vesper Hour, The, 118, 284. VINCENT, CHANCELLOR John H. The Vesper Hour, 118, 284. ZUG, GEORGE BREED. Contemporary Figure Painting, 201 ; Contem

porary Mural Painting, 229; Contemporary Landscape Painting, 369.



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Painting, American : “Autumn Gold,” H. H. Breckenridge,

59; "Low Tide,” C. T. Chapman, 60; "A Squally Day,” C. T. Chapman, 61; “An Evening in May,” D. Tryon, 62; “Bringing Home the Cattle,” T. Moran, 63; Portrait of Edward Robinson, J! S. Sargent, 64; Dorothy and Her Sister, W. M. Chase, 65; “Lady in Gray,” J. A. M. Whistler, 66; Portrait of Professor Leslie Miller, Thomas Eakins, 67; Portrait of Lady, F. W. Benson, 68; Portrait of Artist's Wife, A. Q. Collins, 69; Carmencita, J. S. Sargent, 70; Walt Whitman, J. W. Alexander, 71; Portrait of Mrs. and Miss Wiles, I. R. Wiles, 72; “The Gilt Shawl,” Louis Loeb, 73; “Young Woman in Black," R. Henri, 74; "Portrait of Lady in Black,” W. M. Chase, 75; Mrs. Carl Meyer and Children, J. S. Sargent, 76; Portrait of Cyrus W. Field, D. Huntington, 77 ; "Lady in Black," J. S.

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