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Medical Thesaurus

A Thesaurus of Medical Words and Phrases. By WILFRED M. BARTON, M.D., Assistant to Professor of Materia Medica and Therapeutics, and Lecturer on Pharmacy, Georgetown University, Washington, D.C.; and WALTER A. WELLS, M.D., Demonstrator of Laryngology and Rhinology, Georgetown University, Washington, D.C. Handsome octavo volume of 550 pages. Cloth, $0.00 net; Sheep or Half Morocco, $0.00 net.


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The Only Medical Thesaurus Ever Published This work is the only Medical Thesaurus ever published. It aims to perform for medical literature the same services which Roget's work has done for literature in general ; that is, instead of, as an ordinary dictionary does, supplying the meaning to given words, it reverses the process, and when the meaning or idea is in the mind, it endeavors to supply the fitting term or phrase to express that idea. In the matter of synonyms of technical words the authors have performed for medical science a service never before attempted. Writers and speakers desiring to avoid the unpleasant repetition of words will find this feature of the work of inestimable value. Indeed, the Thesaurus will be found of service to all persons who are called upon to state or explain any subject in the technical language of medicine.

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For sale by all Booksellers, or sent post-paid on receipt of price. W. B. SAUNDERS & CO., Publishers,

Practice of Medicine

Edited by

ALFRED STENGEL, M.D. Professor of Clinical Medicine, University of Pennsylvania;

Visiting Physician to the Pennsylvania Hospital

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T is universally acknowledged that the Germans

German works on this subject, Nothnagel's “Specielle Pathologie und Therapie" is conceded by scholars to be without question the best Practice of Medicine in existence. In view of these facts, Messrs. W. B. Saunders & Company have arranged with the publishers to issue at once an authorized edition of this great practice of medicine in English.

The work will be translated by men possessing thorough knowledge of both English and German, and each volume will be edited by a prominent specialist on the subject to which it is devoted. It will thus be brought thoroughly up to date, and the American edition will be more than a mere translation; for, in addition to the matter contained in the original, it will represent the very latest views of the leading American and English specialists in the various departments of Internal Medicine.

For the present a set of ten volumes, representing the most practical part of this excellent work, and selected with especial thought of the needs of the practising physician, will be published. These volumes contain the real essence of the entire work, and the purchaser will therefore obtain at less than half the cost the cream of the original. Later the special and more strictly scientific volumes will be offered from time to time.

This American edition of Nothnagel's Practice will, without question, form the greatest practice of medicine ever produced, and the publishers feel confident that it will meet with general favor in the medical profession.

Sent post-paid on receipt of price.
W. B. SAUNDERS & CO., Publishers,

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