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Leptothrix epidermidis. Biz.
I. Gelatin stab culture, two days at 22o.
II. Agar streak culture, two days at 22o.
III. Agar stab culture, two days at 22°. Stab canal.

IV. Agar stab culture, two days at 22°. Surface growth.

V. Agar plate, two days at 22o. Natural size.

VI. Agar plate, two days at 22° X 90. Part of a superficial colony.

VII. Agar plate, two days at 22o. X 90. Deep colony. VIII. Gelatin plate, two days at 22°. Natural size.

IX. Gelatin plate, one day at 22°: (e) Superficial, (i) deep colony.

X. Potato culture, three days at 22o. Natural size.

XI. Microscopic preparation. Pure culture on agar, two days at 22°. X 1000. Stained with fuchsin.

XII. Microscopic preparation. Bouillon culture in hanging drop, two days at 22°. X about 1000.





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S it is impossible to realize the beauty and cheap

ness of these atlases without an opportunity to examine them, we make the following offer: Any one of these books will be sent to physicians, carriage prepaid, upon request. If you want the book, you have merely to remit the price; if not, return the book by mail.

A Descriptive Catalogue of all our Publications Sent on Request

W. B. SAUNDERS & COMPANY 925 Walnut Street

Philadelphia NEW YORK

LONDON Fuller Building, 5th Ave. and 23d St. 9, Henrietta St., Covent Garden

SAUNDERS' MEDICAL HAND-ATLASES IN planning this series of books arrangements were made with

representative publishers in the chief medical centers of the world for the publication of translations of the atlases in thirteen different languages, the lithographic plates for all being made in Germany, where work of this kind has been brought to

the greatest perfection. The enormous exModerate pense of making the plates being shared by Price the various publishers, the cost to each one

was reduced approximately to one-tenth. Thus, by reason of their universal translation and reproduction, affording international distribution, the publishers have been enabled to secure for these atlases the best artistic and profes= sional talent, to produce them in the most elegant style, and yet to offer them at a price heretofore unapproached in cheapness.

One of the most valuable features of these Substitute

atlases is that they offer a ready and satisfor Clinical factory substitute for clinical observation. Observation

Such observation, of course, is available only

to the residents in large medical centers; and even then the requisite variety is seen only after long years of routine hospital work. To those unable to attend important clinics these books will be absolutely indispensable, as presenting in a complete and convenient form the most accurate reproductions of clinical work, interpreted by the most competent of

clinical teachers. Adopted by As an indication of the great practical value U. S. Army

of the atlases and of the immense favor with

which they have been received, it should be noted that the Medical Department of the U. S. Army has adopted the "Atlas of Operative Surgery" as its standard, and has ordered the book in large quantities for distribution to the various regiments and army posts.

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