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Bacterium kiliense (Breunig and Fischer). L. and Ņ.

(Kiel Water Bacillus.)
I. Agar streak culture, four days at 22°.

II. Gelatin stab culture, four days at 22o. No formation of pigment.

III. Gelatin plate, five days at 22o. Natural size. Colonies with and without production of pigment.

IV. Gelatin plate, five days at 22o. X 60. Superficial colony.

V. Gelatin plate, five days at 22o. X 60. Deep colony.

VI. Agar plate, five days at 22o. Natural size. Colored and uncolored, superficial and deep colonies.

VII. Agar plate, five days at 22° X 60. Colorless colonies. To the right, superficial; to the left, deep.

VIII. Agar plate, five days at 22°. X 60. Colored colonies. To the right, sujéfi, al; to the left, deep. IX. Microscopic

ation. Pure culture from agar plate. X 1000. Stai..d with fuchsin.

X. Potato culture, five days at 22o.
XI. Bacteria with several flagella. X 1000.

X 1000. Stained according to Löffler.

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