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vide for the regional conservation and development of the national resources, and for other purposes.

The provisions of the bill, if enacted, would be administered and enforced by agencies other than this Department. However, as it is believed that the Bureaus of Fisheries and Lighthouses, this Department, would be affected in the event of the enactment of the measure, the following suggestions are submitted:

[blocks in formation]

Specific reference to the conservation of the fishery resources is not made, nor does the bill specifically provide for taking into account the promotion and protection of fishery resources in regional planning, although the intent of the measure is for the conservation of all natural resources of the country. Section 1, title 1, states, in part, that the prupose of the measure is “to conserve the water, soil, mineral, and forest resources of the Nation." It is recommended, in order to assure conservation of the fishery resources, that line 3, page 2, be amended by striking out the word "and” and inserting a comma after the word “forest,” and immediately thereafter inserting the words "wildlife and fish.” The clause will then read, "to conserve the water, soil, mineral, forest, wildlife, and fish resources of the Nation.

While it may be argued that the conservation of the water resources of the Nation logically includes their contained wildlife, experience has shown that planning bodies concerned primarily with the conservation of agricultural, forest, and water resources (the latter primarily from a power or industrial aspect) too frequently overlook the important resources of aquatic animals, including their recreational and food values and the extensive and complicated economic interests concerned with the great commercial fisheries prosecuted in our rivers and estuaries. For this reason the specific inclusion of fishery resources among those values to be conserved by the agencies established under the bill is not a minor consideration.

For the same reason section 6 (b), relating to the preparation of plans, should include specific mention of fish, along with wild game. Line 6 on page 14; the words "and fish” should be inserted following the word

wild game.

BUREAU OF LIGHTHOUSES The Lighthouse Service of this Department would be affected in that the measure covers such matters as the promotion of navigation, the safeguarding of navigable rivers and aiding and protecting commerce. The coordination of planning of related activities in any area is manifestly to be desired, provided there is adequate procedure for extending such coordination and correlation into the domain of budgetary and appropriating authorities. However, the exact manner and extent that the Lighthouse Service might be affected cannot readily be determined or foreseen.

The regional boards proposed in the bill should not be empowered to obligate directly or indirectly the Lighthouse Service for the expenditure of funds within such regional areas without at the same time assuming the responsibility for the provision of funds necessary for the execution and maintenance of Lighthouse Service facilities in such regional areas beyond an amount reasonably proportional to the needs of the country at large. Conversely, the Lighthouse Service should not be debarred by the authority conferred upon such regional boards from continuing to increase or diminish the extent of its functions in such regional aeas in proportion to the funds made available by the Congress for the Service at large, and in relation to the needs of water-borne traffic.

In other words, it is considered that there should be careful preservation of the necessary relationship between obligations for the expenditure of appropriated funds and the responsibility for estimating and recommendation to the Congress for the provision of these funds.

The Bureau of the Budget has advised that while there is no objection to the general purposes of H. R. 7365, or to the presentation of the Department's report to your committee, the view expressed by that Bureau should not be construed as involving a committment with respect to the relationship to the President's program of each and every one of the various provisions of the bill. Cordially yours,

ERNEST G. DRAPER, Assistant Secretary of Commerce.


Existing War Department projects, by regional areas


[blocks in formation]


(2) Great Lakes-Ohio Valley

Atlantic seaboard

Corea Harbor, Maine.
Penobscot River, Maine.
Criehaven Harbor, Maine.
New Harbor, Maine.
Portland Harbor, Maine.
Saco River, Maine.
Kennebunk River, Maine.
York Harbor, Maine.
Newburyport Harbor,

Gloucester Harbor and

Annisquam River,

Lynn Harbor, Mass.
Mystic River, Mass.
Boston Harbor, Mass.
Weymouth Fore River,

Plymouth Harbor, Mass.
Cape Cod Canal, Mass.
Pollock Rip Shoals, Nan-

tucket Sound, Mass.
Harbor of refuge at Nan-

tucket, Mass.
Vineyard Haven Harbor,

Cross Rip Shoals, Nan-

tucket Sound, Mass.
New Bedford and Fair-

haven Harbor, Mass.
Fall River Harbor, Mass.
Taunton River, Mass.
Providence River

Harbor, R.I.
Pawtucket (Seekonk)

River, R.I.
Harbor of refuge at Point

Judith, R. I.
Harbor of refuge at Block

Island, R.I.
Great Salt Pond, Block

Island, R. I.

Waukegan Harbor, III. Cumberland River, Missouri River, Sabine-Neches Water-
Chicago Harbor, Ill.

Tenn. and Ky.
Kansas City to

way, Tex.
Chicago River, Ill.
Improvement of Ten mouth.

Louisiana-Texas Intra.
Calumet Harbor and nessee River

Missouri River, coastal Waterway.
River, Ill, and Ind. Mississippi River be Kansas City, Mo., Galveston Harbor, Tex.
Lake Calumet, Ill.
tween Baton Rouge to Rulo, Nebr.

Galveston Channel,
Indiana Harbor, Ind. and New Orleans, Osage River, Mo.

Michigan City Harbor, La.

Channel from Galves

Missouri River, Rulo,


ton Harbor to Texas
Grand Marais Harbor, way, Mobile Bay,

Nebr., to Sioux
City, Iowa.

City, Tex.
Ala., to New Or-

Channel to Port Boli-
Duluth-Superior Harbor, leans, La

Missouri River, Sioux

var, Tex.
Minn. and Wis.
Bayou Bonfouca, La.

City, Iowa, to Fort

Houston Ship Channel,
Ashland Harbor, Wis. Bayou Lacombe, La.

Benton, Mont.

Тех. .
Ontonagon Harbor, Mich. Chefuncte River and Missouri River at Double Bayou, Tex.
Keweenaw Waterway, Bogue Falia, La. Fort Peck, Mont. Anahuac Channel, Tex.

Pass Manchac, La. Mississippi River be Cedar Bayou, Tex.
Presque Isle Harbor, Carrabelle Bar and tween the mouth of Clear Creek, Tex.

Harbor, Fla.

Wisconsin River Freeport Harbor, Tex.
Marquette Harbor, Mich. A palachicola Bay, and Minneapolis, Channel from Aransas
Grand Marais harbor of Fla.


Pass to Corpus
refuge, Mich.

A palachicola River, Reservoirs at head Christi, Tex.
Warroad Harbor and Fla., the cut-off, waters of Mississip Channel from Pass Ca-
River, Minn.

Lee slough, and
pi River.

vallo to Port Lavaca,
Manistique Harbor, Lower Chipola Riv- Minnesota River,




Port Aransas, Tex.
Menominee Harbor and Upper Chipola River,
Fla., from Mari Mississippi River be-

Brazos Island Harbor,
River, Mich. and Wis.

tween Wisconsin

anna to its mouth.
Oconto Harbor, Wis.

Southwest Pass and

River and Clarks-
Green Bay Harbor, Wis. Chattahoochee River,

South Pass, Missis

ville, Mo. Fox River, Wis. Ga. and Ala.

sippi River, La.
Channel from Apala- Operating snag boats
Sturgeon Bay and Lake

Barataria Bay, La.
Michigan Ship Canal, chicola River to St.

on upper Missis

Bayou Lafourche, La.

Andrews Bay, Fla.
sippi River and

Bayou Terrebonne, La.
Algoma Harbor, Wis. Waterway from Choc-


Little Caillou Bayou,
Kewaunee Harbor, Wis. tawhatchee Bay to Mississippi River be La.
Two Rivers Harbor, Wis. West Bay, Fla.

tween the Ohio and Grand Caillou and Le-
Manitowoc Harbor, Wis. Intracoastal

Missouri Rivers.

Carpe Bayous, La.
Sheboygan Harbor, Wis. way from Chocta- Mississippi River be Big Pigeon and Little
Port Washington Harbor, whatchee Bay to tween the Missouri Pigeon Bayous, La.

Pensacola Bay, Fla. River and Clarks- | Bayou Grossetete, La.
Milwaukee Harbor, Wis. (Santa Rosa Sound). ville, Mo.

Bayou Teche, La

San Diego Harbor, Coquille River, Oreg.

Coos Bay, Oreg.
Newport Bay Harbor, Coos River, Oreg.

Umpqua River, Oreg.
Los Angeles and Long Yaquina River, Oreg.

Beach Harbors, Yaquina Bay and Har-

bor, Oreg.
Santa Barbara Har Tillamook Bay and
bor, Calif.

Bar, Oreg.
San Luis Obispo Har Columbia River at the
bor, Calif.

mouth, Oregon and
San Francisco Har Washington.
bor, Calif.

Skipanon Channel,
Redwood Creek, Calif. Oreg.
Oakland Harbor, Youngs Bay and River,

Richmond Harbor, Columbia and Lower

Willamette Rivers
San Pablo Bay and below Vancouver,
Mare Island Strait, Wash.,

and Port-

land, Oreg.
Napa River, Calif. Clatskanie River, Oreg.
Petaluma Creek, Multnomah Channel,

Noy River, Calif. Willamette River
Humboldt Harbor above Portland and

and Bay, Calif. Yamhill River, Oreg.
Crescent City Har Willamette River at
bor, Calif.

Willamette Falls,
San Joaquin River,


Oregon slough (North
Stockton and Mor Portland Harbor),

mon Channels (di Oregon
verting canal), Calif. Lake River, Wash.
Mokelumne River, Lewis River, Wash.

Cowlitz River, Wash.
Sacramento River, Skamokawa Creek,

Feather River, Calif. Grays River, Wash.
Middle River and Deep River, Wash.

connecting chan Columbia River at nels, California. Bakers Bay, Wash.


Racine Harbor, Wis. Intracoastal Water Removing snags and Operating and care of Suisun Bay Channel, Columbia River at
Kenosha Harbor, Wis. way from Pensacola wrecks from the Plaquemine lock, Calil.

Bonneville, Oreg.
St. Joseph Harbor, Mich. Bay, Fla., to Mo Mississippi. old, Louisiana.

Suisun Channel, Calif. The Cascades Canal,
Haven Harbor, bile Bay, Ala.
and Atchafalaya Operating and care of

Columbia River,
St. Andrews Bay, Fla. Rivers.
Keystone lock, Louis-

Saugatuck Harbor and LaGrange Bayou, Fla.


The Dalles-Celilo
Kalamazoo River, Pensacola Harbor,

The Inland Waterway

Canal, Oreg. and
from Franklin to the

Holland Harbor, Mich. Blackwater River,

Mermentau River,

Columbia River and
Grand Haven Harbor and

tributaries above Ce-
Grand River, Mich. Mobile Harbor, Ala.

Operating and care of

lilo Falls to the
Muskegon Harbor, Mich Removing water hy-

Harvey canals and

mouth of Snake
White Lake Harbor, acinths (Mobile

lock, Louisiana.

River. Oreg. and
River, Ala.).
Operating and care o!

Pentwater Harbor, Mich. Chickasaw Creek,

Hanson Canal, Louis

Snake River, Oreg.,
Ludington Harbor, Mich. Ala.


Wash., and Idaho.
Manistee Harbor, Mich. Alabama River, Ala.

Operating and care of

Willapa River and
Portage Lake Harbor, Coosa River, Ga. and

Schooner Bayou lock,

Harbor, Wash.


Grays Harbor and
Frankfort Harbor, Mich. Black Warrior, War-

Operating and care of

Chehalis River,
Leland Harbor, Mich. rior, and Tombig-

Vormillion lock, Lou.

Charlevoix Harbor, Mich. bee Rivers, Ala.


Quillayute River
Grays Reef Passage, Tombigbee River from

Petit Anse, Tigre, and

Demopolis, Ala., to
Carlin Ba yous, La.

Puget Sound and its
St. Marys River, Mich. Walkers Bridge,

Bayou Vermillion, La.

tributary waters,
Operation and care of St. Miss.

Mermentau River, Ba

Falls Canal, Bayou Labatre, Ala.

you Nezpique, and

Waterway connecting
Pascagoula Harbor,
Bayou des Cannes,

Port Townsend Bay
Channel between Macki Miss.

and Oak Bay, Wash.
nac Island and Round Pascagoula River,

Calcasieu River and

Port Gamble Harbor,
Island, Mich.
Pass, La

Poe Reef Shoal, Straits of Biloxi Harbor, Miss.

Lake Charles Deep

Hammersley Inlet,
Mackinac, Mich.
Gulfport Harbor and
Water Channel, La.

St. Clair River, Mich. Ship Island Pass,

Removing water hya

Tacoma Harbor, Wash.
Channels in Lake St.

cinths, Louisiana.

Seattle Harbor, Wash.
Clair, Mich.
Wolf River (Memphis
Red River below Ful.

Lake Washington Ship
Detroit River, Mich.
Harbor), Tenn.
ton, Ark.

Canal, Wash.
Cheboygan Harbor, Mich. Yazoo River, Miss.

Cypress Bayou and

Everett Harbor and
Alpena Harbor, Mich. Tallahatchie

Waterway between

Snohomish River,
Saginaw River, Mich. Coldwater Rivers,

Jefferson, Tex., and

Harbor of refuge at Har Miss

Shreveport, La.

Swinomish slough,
bor Beach, Lake Huron, Big Sunflower River,

Ouachita and Black

Rivers, Ark, and La.

Anacortes Harbor,
Black River, Mich.
Mouth of the Yazoo
Tensas River and Ba-

Clinton River, Mich.
River, Miss.
you Macon, La.

Bellingham Harbor,
Rouge River, Mich.

Boeuf River, La.

Monroe Harbor, Mich.

Bayous D'Arbonne and
Toledo Harbor, Ohio.

Corney, La.
Port Clinton Harbor,

Arkansas River, Ark.

and Okla.
Sandusky Harbor, Ohio.

White River, Ark.
Huron Harbor, Ohio.

Black River, Ark, and
Vermilion Harbor, Ohio.



Thames River, Conn.
Connecticut River below

Hartford, Conn.
Duck Island Harbor,

Branford Harbor, Conn.
New Haven Harbor,

Breakwaters at New

Haven, Conn.
Housatonic River, Conn.
Bridgeport Harbor, Conn.
Southport Harbor, Conn.
Norwalk Harbor, Conn.
Fivemile River Harbor,

Stamford Harbor, Conn.
Port Chester Harbor,

N. Y
Mamaroneck Harbor,

Echo Bay Harbor, N. Y.
New Rochelle Harbor,

N. Y.
East Chester Creek, N. Y.
Westchester Creek, N. Y.
Bronx River, N. Y.
Harbor at Flushing Bay,

N. Y
Hempstead Harbor, N. Y.
Glencove Creek, N. Y.
Huntington Harbor, N.Y.
Mattituck Harbor, N. Y.
Peconic River, N. Y.
Sag Harbor, N. Y.
Great South Bay, N. Y.
Browns Creek, N. Y.
East Rockaway (Debs)

Inlet, N. Y.
New York Harbor, N. Y.
Bay Ridge and Red Hook

Channels, N. Y.
Coney Island Creek, N. Y.
New York Harbor, collec-

tion of drift.
Buttermilk Channel,

N. Y
East River, N. Y.
Newtown Creek, N. Y.
Harlem River, N. Y.
Hudson River Channel,

N. Y.
Tarrytown Harbor, N. Y,



Existing War Department projects, by regional areas—Continued


[blocks in formation]

Current River, Ark.

and Mo.
St. Francis and L'An-

guille Rivers and

Blackfish Bayou, Ark.
Upper White River,


Peekskill Harbor, N. Y.
Rondout Harbor, N. Y.
Saugerties Harbor, N. Y.
Hudson River, N. Y.
Great Lakes to Hudson

River Waterway.
Narrows of Lake Cham-

plain, N. Y. and Vt.
Burlington Harbor, Vt.
Newark Bay, Hacken-

sack and Passaic Rivers,

New York and New Jer-

sey Channels.
Elizabeth River, N. J.
Rahway River, N.J.
Woodbridge Creek, N. J.
Great Kills, Staten Is-

land, N. Y.
Raritan River, N. J.
Washington Canal and

South River, N. J.
Shoal Harbor and Comp-

ton Creek, N. J.
Shrewsbury River, N.J.
Manasquan River, N.J.
Delaware River between
Philadelphia, Pa., and

Trenton, N.J.
Delaware River, Phila-

delphia, Pa., to the sea.
Delaware River at Cam.

den, N.J.
Schuylkill River, Pa.
Wilmington Harbor, Del.
Inland waterway from

Delaware River to
Chesapeake Bay, Del.

and Md.
Smyrna River, Del.
St. Jones River, Del.
Murderkill River, Del.

Lorain Harbor, Ohio.
Rocky River, Ohio.
Cleveland Harbor, Ohio.
Fairport Harbor, Ohio.
Ashtabula Harbor, Ohio.
Conneaut Harbor, Ohio.
Erie Harbor, Pa.
Dunkirk Harbor, N. Y.
Buffalo Harbor, N. Y.
Black Rock Channel and

Tonawanda Harbor,

N. Y.
Niagara River, N. Y.
Rochester (Charlotte)

Harbor, N. Y.
Great Sodus Bay Harbor,

N. Y.
Little Sodus Bay Harbor,

N. Y.
Oswego Harbor, N. Y.
Cape Vincent Harbor,

N. Y.
Morristown Harbor,

N. Y.
Ogdensburg Harbor,

N. Y.
Monongahela River, Pa.

and W. Va.
Beaver and Mahoning

Rivers, Pa. and Ohio.
Allegheny River, Pa.
Ohio River, lock and dam

Ohio River, open channel

Youghiogheny River, Pa.
Tygart River Dam, W.

Little Kanawba River,

W. Va.
Kanawha River, W. Va.


Mispillion River, Del.
Harbor of refuge, Dela-

ware Bay, Del. Inland waterway between

Rehoboth Bay and Del-
aware Bay, Del.
Inland waterway from

Chincoteague Bay, Va.,

to Delaware Bay, Del.
Cooper River, N. J.
Big Timber Creek, N. J.
Woodbury Creek, N. J.
Mantua Creek, N.J.
Racoon Creek, N.J.
Salem River, N.J.
Cohansey River, N. J.
Cold Spring Inlet, N. J.
Absecon Inlet, N.J.
Absecon Creek, N. J.
Tuckerton Creek, N. J.
Baltimore Harbor and

channels, Maryland.
Susquehanna River above

and below Havre de

Grace, Md.
Knapps Narrows, Md.
Honga River and Tar

Bay, Md.
Wicomico River, Md.
Pocomoke River, Md.
Twitch Cove and Big

Thorough fare River Md.
Onancock River, Va.
Starlings Creek, Va.
Ocean City Inlet and

Sinepuxent Bay, Md.
Parish Creek, Md.
Annapolis Harbor, Md.
Washington Harbor,

D. C.
Potomac River, north side
of Washington Channel,

D. C.
Potomac River, Alexan-

dria, Va.
Potomac River below

Washington, D. C.
Occoquan Creek, Va.
Monroe Bay and Creek,

Breton Bay, Md.
Smith Creek, Md.

Big Sandy River, W. Va. and Ky.,

including Le.
visa and Tug Forks.
Operating snag boats on

the Ohio River.
Kentucky River, Ky.
Green, Barren, and Nolin

Rivers and Bear Creek,

Rough River, Ky.
Muskingum River, Ohio.
Illinois Waterway, Ill.
Mississippi River be-

tween the Ohio and

Missouri Rivers.
Mississippi River be-

tween the Missouri
River and Clarksville,

Removing snags and

wrecks from the Mis-
sissippi, Old, and At-
chasalaya Rivers.
Mississippi River be-

tween the Wisconsin
River and Clarks-

ville, Mo. Operating snag boats on

upper Mississippi River
and tributaries.
Illinois and Mississippi

Canal, Ill.
Mill Creek and South

slough at Milan, Ill.
Mississippi River be-

tween mouth of Wis-
consin River and Min-
neapolis, Minn.
St. Croix River, Wis. and


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