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became accustomed to it, however, and sorrows, and hot tears came to eyes unused finally it seemed manly to him, and before to weep. “What a fool, what a simpleton they reached the distant Asiatic port to I am, to bear such indignities when it which they were bound, he had made a might have been so different." decided progress in these vices. We will Then he wondered if his parents were not follow him minutely, during the suc- living. Not one word had he heard from ceeding five years. It is too painful; them during all his wanderings. Then suffice it to say that his course was down, sprang up longings for their forgiveness down, down. He travelled all over the and blessing. But how it would pain world; gazed upon the gold mines of Cal- them, for him to go to them with his ifornia and Australia, climbed the loftiest present habits and inclinations Was it heights of the Himalayas, and saw the possible for him to reform ? to become Egyptian pyramids in their silent grand- such an one as they would wish to call eur and mystery He walked, but not their son ? Then he thought of his mothwith reverent steps, where he, the holy er's Bible—that birthday gift. But it one did, eighteen hundred years ago, was gone, he had given it to a saloon beside the sea of Galilee, and upon the keeper at San Francisco for another glass Mount of Olivet. He could speak from of wine. Just then the little Hindoo personal observation of the wilds of Pata- came to bring him some refreshment. gonia, and the snows of Siberia. But 0, "I wish I had a Bible," said Eugene, how changed had he become from the speaking more to himself, than to his handsome Eugene Blair, once the pride of attendant. his native village.

“I have got one, I'll get it for you,” Five years had passed, and the wan- said the boy. derer was homeward bound, in a sail-ship “How came you by a Bible, you young from India. He was still a common heathen ?" sailor; for though his talents fitted him “ The missionaries gave it to me;

I for promotion, his dissipated habits pre- belonged to their school at home,” was vented it. There was a Hindoo boy on the reply. board, a poor orphan without home or Eugene took the well-worn volume, and friends, whom the captain had taken just commenced the study of its sacred pages. as the vessel left port. The child was The dark-eyed heathen boy would somesea-sick and sad, and the hard-hearted times point out to him his own favorite captain treated him unkindly. For some chapters and passages. It was a strange slight offence, the captain ordered Eugene scene; the only son of wealthy parents, to take the boy below and flog him. brought up in a Christian land. conseEugene hesitated; no rod had ever been crated to God in his infancy, nurtured in applied to himself, and it was a command the church and Sabbath school, and yet he could not, no, he would not obey. He learning his first lessons in experimental told his commander plainly that the boy religion, from the Bible of a poor Hindoo did not deserve it, and he should not do child, taught in his earliest years to worit.

ship idols. Verily many shall come “ Take that, then !” and with one blow from the east and the west, from the north the hard-fisted, angry man felled Eugene and from the south, and shall sit down in to the floor of the deck. Enraged he the kingdom of God.” attempted to rise, but one

Simultaneously with the study of the broken, and he fell fainting backwards. Bible, he began to pray; and who ever He was carried to his berth, and did not sought the Lord in vain ? First came a leave it again till the voyage was nearly deep consciousness of his own guilt and completed. This was his first illness utter unworthiness; then almost a despair since he left the parental roof. Now he of forgiveness for such a sinner. Then had time to come to himself. He thought he turned over the leaves of the New of his parents who had cared so tenderly Testament, and found that Jesus came for him in all his childish sicknesses and not to call the righteous, but sinners to




repentance. Those precious promises of wealthy parish receiving all his good the gospel, which have afforded comfort things in this life, but with a zeal and for so many millions of human hearts, earnestness like the Master, the poor seemed spoken to him alone. “I am the have the gospel preached unto them.way, the truth, and the life ; for God so And when this fitful dream is over, he loved the world, that he gave his only will be found among those who turn many begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in unto righteousness, and shall shine as the him should not perish, but have everlast- brightness of the firmament, and as the ing life.” Then there was an entire sur- stars forever and ever. render of himself to God. Peace like a river flowed into his soul, faith in Christ and joy in the Holy Ghost. He was un

A MAY MEMORY speakably happy, and told all who came near him of the wondrous change. When the vessel arrived in New York, his arm Close to my casement glass, was still in a sling, but taking the little

The apple trees used to blow, Hindoo with him, he started immediately

In the merry month of May,

Sea-shell pink and snow;. for his native village. They arrived late That was when I was a child, in the evening, and Eugene's heart beat

Years and years ago. quick as he came in sight of his father's bouse, and saw a brilliant light streaming A golden robin came from the sitting room window. They

And sang on the blossoming bough,

His breast was like shining flame, approached the door softly and listened.

I can seem to see it now; It was the hour of the usual evening

As when a little child, worship. He heard the soft, clear voice

I watched I can fancy how. of his mother road that beautiful Psalm commencing with · The Lord is my

Years and years have passed,

Summers and springs have fled, shepherd; I shall not want. He maketh

I sit by the casement glass, me to lie down in green pastures; he But the apple tree is dead, leadeth me beside the still waters.” Then Where the golden robin came, his father prayed. How the heart of the

With his breast of flaming red. listener melted as he heard that petition, that God would bless their wandering

Gone is the sea-shell bloom,

That clung to the emerald bough, child, and bring him once more to his And the robin does not come, home, and especially that he would bring To sing in the old spot now; him into the fold of Christ. The amen

And I am no more a child was pronounced, the door bell rang gently,

For the years have marked my brow. and the prodigal son was clasped to the hearts of his parents. Was there not joy

Afar in the morning shine

I can see the apple trees, in that household that evening? Is there

Sea-shell pink and white, not joy in heaven over one sinner that Bowed by the soft south breeze; repenteth?

But to those I saw of old,

What is the bloom of these? After a few weeks had passed, and the first tumultuous joy was over, Mr. Blair

And I hear the robin sing, made arrangements to place the Hindoo

An exultant melody; boy at a good school. When he became

I watch him spread his wing, a man he followed the promptings of his

And soar in the blue away;

As if he would bear to heaven, enlightened conscience, and returned to

The yearnings I feel to-day ! his native land to tell his benighted countrymen, the wondrous story of the cross.


0, delicate May-time bloom! He went to college, he studied divinity, What were ye both in the light and now proclaims the gospel on our

Of the other Eden home,

Where sinless angels await western prairies. He is no pet of a

For the loved of the earth to come ?



BY E. E. P.


misgivings, and on a certain anniversary day, there comes out from a certain hiding place, a certain lock of hair, and, I believe,” is for the time forgotten in the

overflow of feeling. In her organism are Yes, brother and sister, yet so unlike, the seeds of a green ideality, but so I always fancy them as representatives of shaded by the total depravity parasite, two several worlds and the contrast puz- that not yet has the first young leaflet zles me! But why, if conditions qualify! unrolled itself, though now and then some For they twain have had diverse teachings, stray sentence give a gentle push to the and poor auntie, for so she ever seems to backward vegetation, and a twig of the me with her sombre credences, shared the parasite begins to wither. She thanks fate of the frosty. 'Twas not the tuition the Father for the clouds which are to of her genial father, happy Mark, as the wean her from this world, but seldom for villagers called him, but of a childless the sunlight, which would return in a aunt who requested her for a daughter, succession of blessings, if it but spent and so thoroughly did she enroot her itself upon a fountain of gratitude. She lessons that they'll detach themselves drowns her hopes in her fears, and keeps with the detachment of the great root of her brain constantly alive with the afflicher pupil's mortality and not till then. tion of somebody, that thereby she may be Puritanical prejudices have been poor reminded of the unsatisfying nature of auntie's preceptors, making her reject a this world's portion, and ruminate hourly more cheerful discipline, and she sees upon that better inheritance of which she heaven through a long train of midnights, is sure, if the things of this life are but forgetting that the mid-days have an equal considered with a proper disdain. But disposal and an equivalent blessing in the auntie is not to be blamed for her credenpronouncing of goods. She makes thorns ces. When she was a little girl, there of her blessings lest they prove stumbling was established at the throne of her conblocks in the way of her salvation, remem- science a roaring lion, and so exalted did bering, " for ly the sadness of the coun- he uprear himself, that poor auntie has tenance the heart is made better,” and had to glean all her sunlight through the forgetting, “ in the day of prosperity be shaking of his mane, and no wonder for joyful,” which admonition succeeds the the scarcity. At morning she must be a other at a trifling interval. Stormy days good girl or she would go to the wicked are discomforts, and pleasant ones are place, and at night she must petition for a weather burdens, and over Sunday she new heart or the lion's paw was upon her. throws such a pall of sobriety, that the She gathered buttercups, but they smelt only light that escapes from it is the light of brimstone, and daisies, but the ground of its evening, as the pall is rising. was cursed, and every shower was a sug

She has an idea that life is an inflic- gester of the flood which drowned all the tion, and death the last stroke of the wicked people. She had her treasures bastinado, and that each day is but a her sportive pussy-cat, her timid canary, multiplier of the black marks for whose but she musn't think too much of them or evasion a divine caoutchouc will hardly they'd certainly be taken from her, so suffice. She greatly laments the irresisti- they proved harassing consolations. The bleness of Eve's apple-appetite, and never glad round sun was a ball of fire which handles a porter, a baldwin or a pumpkin- would one day burn the world up, and sweet, but the disaster recalls itself, and the twinkling stars, tale-bearers, who the fruit is an uncomfortable possession. would give certain information 'gainst any Six years ago, for the sake of a religious naughty tresspass. The beautiful blue principle, she ignored the magnet of her sky—she didn't dare to think of that, for soul's attraction, and expects for the that was heaven, and no place for her, denial, a corresponding saintship, though she was so worldly and had so many her heart is with her Harry despite the wicked thoughts; and when it drew night

purposes of

time, and there came floating through the continually, and the wind aeturneth again darkness the murmuring of the rivulet, according to his circuits," and rememberand the song of the whip-poor-will was on ing it, he thanks the Father for the harmothe breeze, and the pretty flowers were all nious disposal by which Nature maintains asleep in the mighty shadow, her fright- her activities. He is sick, but there's a ened ideality fancied goblins, and ogres, law of recuperation which never deviates, and jack-o'-lanterns, and staring owls, and and disease is but the outgrowth of misapnight hawks who pounce upon straying plied conditions and the body's return to chickens, and ravens who bode evil, and regulation. There's a failure of the

crops, howling dogs, and flying bats, and poor but 'twill nurture a spirit of providence, auntie could find slender peace in any- and teach the consumers that though Paul thing. She's had a frosty experience, and plant and Apollos water, 'tis God who cold thoughts have been the developers must give the increase. A Wall street of it, for auntie's birth-star was in a telegram reports a money-panic, but 'twill favorable position, as the world calls it. check speculation, and the people may yet She began life under the auspices of a learn that disproportioned usury is a milplum-pudding regimen, and the substan- dew to any scheme. By some oversight, tial batter has presented itself at short his yesterday's manuscripts were made the intervals ever since. If she's wanted a substitute for kindlings, but “ for the funew calico, she's bought it, and no ifs or ture I must use more caution, and the all buts as to the propriety of the disburse of it is, 1 shall have to think the faster toment. The puzzling question of how to day.” But the good uncle is not to be make five cents go as far as ten, never praised for his credences. When he was forces itself upon her consideration, a little boy there was established at the though for

economy she some throne of his conscience a magnifying mirtimes riddles it. So the frost of auntie's ror, so luminous was the polished surface experience has been a frost of feeling, that all the reflections take a tinge of the which makes it all the worse, inasmuch as lucidity, and he sees everything through a common sunshine cannot thaw it, but it a glass brightly. He gathered buttercups must be vaporized by an especial chemis- and they reminded him of the golden try.

streets of Paradise, and daisies, and their But uncle and the sketch brightens. simple dresses suggested angels, and harps, A representative of that philosophy which and white-robed children, and shining would convert the baser metals into gold, crowns, and with the pattering of every he extorts beauty from the commonest tri- shower came a troop of fancies—the dancfle and makes of life a smiling adjustment ing of the cascade, the gurgling of the His brain is a development of sea-breezes streamlet, the drinking of the pitcherand liberal tenets, and its expansion is of plant, the bubbling of fountains, the foamnecessity. He finds heaven in his sur ing of surges, the roaring of breakers, the roundings, and hence avoids the necessity thundering of the undertow, the quiet joy of a telescope through which to magnify it. of the greensward, the glad egress of tiny When there's a three week's water distri- petals, the quivering of the foliage, the bution, he admires the arrangements of washing of pebbles, the splashing of gosthat system which continually anticipates lings, the spouting of gutters, the pelting itself and discovers in every drop, the of the house-top, vivid mosses, bending working of a Providence which ordereth rushes, shining cowslips, and a thousand all things to a beautiful perfection. The bright eyes, washed to transparency by the seething rays of an August noon-day will falling moisture. Night came, and to his ripen the corn, and the cold frigidity of fostered imagination it brought Jacob's December will make the rice-crop abun- ladders, descending

descending angels, winged dant. It blows a hurricane, but in Ec- Psyches, Lethean spray-drops, glowclesiastes, there's this sentence, "The worms, fire-flies, shining bubbles, brooded wind goeth toward the South, and turneth chickens, couchant cossets, and the sky about unto the North ; it whirleth about was a jewel-case, where the gems were for



coronals for good little boys to wear, and

NEPENTHES the good uncle's boy-dreams had a rosy

In Eastern lands, where fervid air, hue, and were altogether pleasant. So Drinks up the crystal, singing rills, poor auntie and her brother reap a har- A sweet wild flowret, saintly fair, vest, the seeds of which were of another's

With dew its chalice nightly fills;

Then closes to the morn's bright ray, planting, and how shall we reconcile it? And ardent breath of blazing day. It may be auntie's shadows will make the coming sunlight all the brighter, and if

The thirsty travellers on the waste, so, will that equalize the balances ?

Lean o'er its cup in glad surprise,
Its soothing drops so grateful taste. -

The nectarous gift of gracious skies!

Then bless with low-breathed, fervent prayer,

The Hand Divine that placed it there! The morning of life is just now breaking o'er

thee, No shadow as yet has beclouded thy road,

O Thou, who fill'st the flower with dew, And long may it stretch in its sunehine before

And givest in burning lands its place, thee,

Do thou each day our souls renew, To leave thee at last in the glory of God.

With every hallowed spirit grace;

That we some tender balm may keep, But the fairest and pleasantest pathway of

For feet that stray, and eyes that weep. earth, That ever yet led through the journey of

years, Tho' oft it may wiad o'er the hill-sides of

mirth, Must often, too, traverse the vallies of tears.

SELF-RIGHTEOUSNESS. And if thine be but long enough, often thy feet “I wouldn't be seen speaking to her." Will be tangled with troubles, and weary Ah ! indeed, self-righteous fair one! Is

with care, And the pulses that now so abundantly beat,

thy soul so spotless, that thou darest deWith the full blood of hope, may creep low spise one who is bearing the burden of with despair!

sin ? Despise the sin, but give tender Even friendship can feign, even love can de- words to the victim. There are many ceive,

shades of guilt between scarlet and white. Aye, doubt it young girl, I once doubted it It would be well for each one to study the

too; God help thee, at last, when compelled to be- bue of his own soul ; the palest tint is lieve,

plainly perceptible on snow! Purity Thyself to continue fust-hearted and true.

need not fear that its ermine will be soilAs lengthens the road, darker shadows will ed in anointing a sin-bruised soul. The tall

Immaculate One shunned not the apFrom the tombstones of love, as they rise on the way,

proach of a woman who was a sinYet why do I thus the dim future forestall?

ner. Every ill as it comes, is enough for its day. The strong are commanded to bear the And brighter the good from the shadow of ill, infirmities of the weak, and there is a As the gleam of the sun when the clouds wonderful power in a sympathetic look have gone by,

and tone, to strengthen a faltering heart, And dearest the pleasures, and tenderest still, When the heart is so full that it only can to quicken purer impulses, and incite to sigh.

loftier aspiration. Then rejoice and be glad in this dawn of thy

Sympathy is the fountain in which day,

poor leprous souls may wash and be For youth should be free from the cumber of clean. O, thou who art stronger in vir

sorrow, Thy midniay be happy,-thine erening, I pray,

tue, because less tempted, do not suffer Sink quietly into a heavenly morrow.

frigid conventionalities to check the gushBut whate'er the fortunes or fates that betide The lily loses none of its whiteness in im

ing warmth of thy soul's healing waters. thee, Or humble, or lofty, or thorny thy road, parting its fragrance, nor does the spirit May the Christ of His peace walk along it be lose aught of its purity in diffusing its side thee,

holiness And lay thee at last at the feet of thy God. Charlestowa.



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