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XIV. If 5 yards cost £1 10s., what will 15 cost ?
What is the rent of 96 acres at £3 4s. for 16 ?
What is the cost of 72 horses if 9 cost £3 15s. ?
How much bread will 49 men eat if 7 eat 6078 loaves ?
What is the cost of 37 cows if 111 cost £3 15s. ?
What is the cost of 73 horses at £219 for 3 ?


CLASS SUBJECTS (STANDARD v.). ENGLISH.—“ To recite 100 lines from some standard poet, and to explain the words and allusions." (New Code, 1883.)

To parse and analyze simple sentences, and to know the method of forming English nouns, adjectives, and verbs from each other.(New Code, 1883.)

The children should be taught to form sentences illustrating the use of the various parts of speech, and the application of grammatical principles learned.

GEOGRAPHY.—“Geography of Europe, physical and political ; Latitude and longitude ; Day and night ; The seasons.” (New Code, 1883.)

[Maps and diagrams may be required.]

ELEMENTARY SCIENCE.—“ (a) Animal or Plant life; (b) The chemical and physical principles involved in one of the chief industries of England, among which agriculture may be reckoned ; (c) The physical and mechanical principles involved in the construction of the commoner instruments, and of the simpler forms of industrial machinery." (New Code, 1883.)

HISTORY.-If this be taken, a graduated scheme of teaching it must be submitted to the Inspector, and approved by him at the previous inspection.


(See Standards I. and II.)

(1) To turn down a hem i inch wide, to fix two tucks

5 inches long, and to run at least half of one. (2) To put in a calico patch 2 inches square. (3) To cast on 25 loops, and with two needles knit the

heel of a stocking, turn it, and cast off. (4) To cut out and tack together the pattern of a pinafore

for a child, and to cut out and work a button-hole. (5) To plain darn a hole in stocking material, and mark

on coarse calico or linen a letter chosen by the

Inspector. (6) To sew and fell together 1 inch of two pieces of

calico, and to put in a gusset as for the body of a shirt and stitch it across.

Materials required. (1) A piece of calico 5 inches square. (2) A piece of calico 5 inches square, and a piece 2

inches square.

(3) A pair of knitting-pins and cotton or wool.
(4) A piece of tissue or lined paper about one square

yard, and a piece of calico 3 inches square.
(5) A piece of stocking material 3 inches square, and a

piece of calico or linen 3 inches square. (6) Two pieces of calico 5 inches by 2, and one piece

for gusset, square or triangular.


Formation of Nouns, Adjectives, and Verbs. [For Parsing and Analysis, see preceding Standard.]

This is a new requirement, and will therefore want special attention on the part of the teacher.

The following nouns are related to verbs, and will suggest others formed in like manner. Only one of each type is given; the teacher should himself make out a list of others.

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