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Title X-Miscellaneous Provisions..

Section 1004. Termination of Assistance Programs for Syria.
Section 1005. Prohibition on Certain Assistance to the Khmer

Rouge in Kampuchea
Section 1006. Raoul Wallenberg and Jan Kaplan.
Section 1007. Policy Toward the Export of Nuclear-Related

Equipment, Materials, or Technology, to India, Argentina, and

South Africa... Section 1008. Acid Rain. Section 1009. International Agreements on Natural Gas... Section 1010. Prepublication Review of Writings of Former Fed

eral Employees ...... Section 1012. Extended Voluntary Departure Status for Certain

El Salvadorans.... Section 1013. Expedited Procedures for Certain Joint Resolu

tions and Bills...... partment of State Authorization Act, Fiscal Years 1982 and 1983 'ublic Law 97-241) (partial text). tle 1-Department of State

Section 101. Short Title..
Section 102. Authorizations of Appropriations.
Section 103. Reopening Certain United States Consulates..
Section 104. Restrictions Relating to Palestinian Rights Units

and Projects Providing Political Benefits to the Palestine Liberation Organization

Section 105. Payment of Assessed Contributions for Certain

International Organizations.....
Section 106. International Committee on the Red Cross
Section 107. Assistance for Refugees Settling in Israel... 412
Section 108. United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural

Section 109. Restriction on Contributions to the United Nations
Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization.

Section 110. Bilateral Science and Technology Agreements.
Section 111. Asia Foundation...

Section 113. Pan American Institute of Geography and History... 404
Section 114. International Institute for the Unification of Pri-

vate Law and the Hague Conference on Private International

Section 115. Pan American Railway Congress...

405 lection 120. Private Sector Representatives on United States Delegations to International Telecommunications Meetings

and Conferences.....

V-Miscellaneous Provisions..
ection 502. Report on Costs for Refugees and Cuban and Hai-
tian Entrants..
bent of State Authorization Act, Fiscal Years 1980 and 1981

Law 96-60) (partial text)..

407 407 407 409

Foreign Pelations Authorizatie As, Fiscal Year 1979 Pos La 5-66 partial tz

Septice I Short Title
Tie Desertesest of State

Sertise 101. Athorizatie o Arceucistises ice Fiscal Yea
Sectie 108 Coitza latives Ceeserede de Science and Tecesi

og for Dereloneet
Secoz 104 Media State of General Wartal
Sector 106 Foreign Missies Solar Energ Demonstrace
Section 10 Assistance for Reagees Settings Israel
Section 107. Asistence ice Retages Airica.
Sectice 114 Under Secretary of State for Waageeeet.
Sectice 12 Publicatie Historical Documents by the Depar:
Sectice 121 Asistance to Berested Cated States Fas
Sertice 12 Systeesta Informace-Serag
Section 1R Assistes Minority Exspris
Section 124 Licitatie oe Geograpeical Travel Restrictes

Cated States Passports.
Sectice 13 Deplecatie ad Omical Passports

Sective i Iravel Restrictes e Foresc Carinees
Tide IV-Foreign Service and Other Personnel
Sextase 411 Copeostory Tise 0o = Cara Post = Frei

Title V-Science, Tecresias, ad Azerica Depiceasy

Section SOL Frog
Section 5i2 Declaration Pory
Section 58 Respuestalities of the Presideet

Sectice 504 Responsibility of the Secretary of State
Title VI-Policy Precisions

Sectáce bi International Coenonicatie Poocy
Sectice 012 Active Concerning Resources
Sective of Internatiocal Jocrealistic Freedoe
Section 604 Interretiocal Food Reserve
Section 606 Spanise Deman-
Section 60. Discriminatory Trade Practice Afecting to

States Foreig Reiations
Section 617. Crosses of Diploearic Relations
Section 608 Nocleee-Powered Sereits
Section 60 Wald Alternate Energy Cocierea
Section 610. Atrocities in Cambodia and Lada
Section 611 Equitable Treatures of Crised States Cases

Living Abroad
Sectica 612 United States asian Negotiateces se dir
Section 612 Caben Presence in Africa

Section 614 Palestinian Pages Cats
Title VII-Miscellaneous Provisioes.

Sective 704 Contribotice to the International Tin Coud
Sertice 705 Probibitice on Aiz Reservices to Vierea

Section 706 Use of Foreign Air Carries Foreign Relations Authorizatice Act, Feel Year 198 Pable Lars 105) (partial to

Section Short Title
Title K-State Department

Section 101. Authoritation of Appropriatioes.
Section 102 Transfer Authority
Section 16. Contribution to the World Healtà Organisation
Section 104 Assistance for Retegas Setting in Israel
Section 107. Strengthening Beactical Exchange Programs
Section 109. Assistant Secretaries of State
Section 110. Saint Laresce Seeway Tod Negotiations

Sective Ill. Liability of Coosola Oicers
Title IV-Foreign Service and Other Personnel
Sective 41. Special Annuity for Certain Oficers Selected-Out

from the Foreign Service


--Department of State
ction 101. Short Title.
ction 102. Authorization of Appropriations.
ction 103. Assistance for Refugees Settling in Israel.
tion 104. United States-Yugoslavia Bilateral Science and
Technology Agreement.
tion 106. Effective Date for Certain Promotions of Foreign
ervice Officers.....

409 cion 107. Improvement in Foreign National Pay Plans. 409 ion 108. United States Consulates......

410 ion 110. United Nations Technical Assistance Programs...

410 -Miscellaneous Provisions .... ton 402. Change in Statutory Reference, on 403. Egyptian-Israeli Cultural, Scientific, and Economic lations .... on 405. Moratorium on the Commercial Killing of Whales.... 411 on 406. Private Sector Representatives on the United States

412 egation to the World Administrative Radio Conference ......

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Section 412. Compensation for Junior Foreign Service Officers ....

Section 414. Language Training for Foreign Service Spouses
Title V-Miscellaneous Provisions..

Section 502. Belgrade Conference.
Section 503. United Nations Reform.
Section 504. Information Offices in the United States,
Section 505. Reparations for Vietnam.
Section 506. Panama Canal
Section 507. United Nations Conference on Science and Technol-

ogy for Development......
Section 509. Foreign Employment...
Section 510. International Food Reserve...
Section 511. Negotiations with Cuba
Section 512. United States Policy Toward Korea
Section 514. International Boundary and Water Commission.

Section 515. Foreign Gifts and Decorations..
0. Foreign Relations Authorization Act, Fiscal Year 1977 (Public Law 94-

350) (partial text).
Title 1-State Department.

Section 101. Authorization of Appropriations....
Section 102. Transfer Authority
Section 103. Contribution to the United Nations Educational,

Scientific, and Cultural Organization
Section 105. Russian Refugee Assistance.
Section 106. United States Passport Office...
Section 108. Payment to Lady Catherine Helen Shaw.
Section 110. Pan American Games
Section 113. Membership Authority for International Organiza-

Section 114. Panama Canal .
Section 115. International Joint Commission

Section 121. Discrimination .....
p. Foreign Relations Authorization Act, Fiscal Year 1976 (Public Law 94-

141) (partial text).
Title 1-Administration of Foreign Affairs.

Section 102. Travel Document and Issuance System.
Section 105. Reopening of United States Consulate at Gothen-

burg, Sweden....

Section 106. Agricultural Attaché in China.
Title II-International Organizations, Conferences, and Commissions.
Section 205. United States Contribution to the United Nations

University Endowment Fund.
Title IV-Foreign Service ....

Section 406. Authority of Certain of cers and Employees to

Carry Firearms.. Title V-General

Section 503. United Nations Cooperation Regarding Members of

United States Armed Forces Missing in Action in Southeast

q. State Department/USIA Authorization Act, Fiscal Year 1975 (Public
Law 93-475) (partial text)...

Section 3. Repeal of the Formosa Resolution
Section 8. Limitation on Payments.

Section 14. International Materials
r. Department of State Appropriations Authorization Act of 1973 (Public
Law 93–126) (partial text)..

Section 9. Bureau of Oceans and International Environmental

and Scientific Affairs........
Section 11. Reimbursement for Detailed State Department Per-

Section 13. Requirement for Congressional Authorization for the

Involvement of American Forces in Further Hostilities in Indo

china, and for Extending Assistance to North Vietnam
Section 14. Limitation on Publicity and Propaganda Purposes......

Section 16. Mutual Restraint on Military Expenditures ..
s. Foreign Relations Authorization Act of 1972 (Public Law 92-352) (par-

tial text)....

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Title V-General and Miscellaneous Provisions ....

Section 502. Expression of Individual Views to Congress.
Title VI—Study Commission Relating to Foreign Policy

Section 601. Findings and Purpose........
Section 602. Commission on the Organization of the Government

for the Conduct of Foreign Policy.....
Section 603. Duties of the Commission
Section 604. Powers of the Commission
Section 605. Staff of the Commission.........

Section 606. Expenses of the Commission.. t. Department of State Appropriations ......

(1) Department of State Appropriations Act, 1994 (Public Law

103-121) (partial text)...
(2) Emergency Supplemental Appropriations Act of 1994—Rescis-

sion (Public Law 103-211) (partial text)...
(3) Department of State Appropriations Act, 1988 (Public Law

100–202) (partial text)..... 2. Organization and Administration....

a. Foreign Service Act of 1980 (Public Law 96-465)...
b. Postal Services at Diplomatic Posts (39 U.S.C. 413)
c. Foreign Service Retirement Amendments of 1976 (Public Law 94-350)

(partial text)....
d. Coordination Procedures—U.S. Diplomatic Missions (Executive Order

10338). e. Functions of Chiefs of U.S. Diplomatic Missions (Executive Order

10893). f. The Foreign Service of the United States (Executive Order 12293). g. Designation of Certain Officers to Act as Secretary of State (Executive

Order 12343).......
h. Interdepartmental Operations of the U.S. Government Overseas

(1) Foreign Intelligence Surveillance (50 U.S.C. 1801-1811).
(2) U.S. Intelligence Activities (Executive Order 12333).
(3) President's Foreign Intelligence Advisory Board (Executive

Order 12863).
(4) Restriction in Intelligence Agency Cooperation With South

Africa (Public Law 99-569) (partial text). i. International Agreements.

(1) Compilation and Transmittal of International Agreements

(1 U.S.C. 112a and 112b).....
(2) Coordination and Reporting of International Agreements (22

CFR 181)............
(3) Delegating to the Secretary of State Certain Functions With

Respect to the Negotiation of International Agreements Relat-
ing to the Enhancement of the Environment (Executive Order

į. Textile Trade Agreements (Executive Order 11651)...
k. United States Institute for Peace Act (Public Law 98-525) (partial text)
1 National Academy of Peace and Conflict Resolution (Title XV, Part B

of Public Law 95-561).
3. Diplomatic Security and Anti-Terrorism..

a. International Terrorism and Torture (18 U.S.C. 2331 et seq.)).
b. Torture Victim Protection Act of 1992 (Public Law 102-256)..
c. Biological Weapons Anti-Terrorism Act of 1989 (Public Law 101-298)

(partial text)...
d. Anti-Terrorism and Arms Export Amendments Act of 1989 (Public

Law 101-222) (partial text).....
e. Anti-Terrorism Act of 1987 (Public Law 100-204) (partial text).
f. Omnibus Diplomatic Security and Antiterrorism Act of 1986 (Public
Law 99-399) (partial text)..

Title I-Diplomatic Security.
Title Il-Personnel....
Title III—Performance and Accountability
Title IV-Diplomatic Security Program.
Title V-State Department Ăuthorities to Combat International

Terrorism .......
Title VI–International Nuclear Terrorism..


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Title VII—Multilateral Cooperation to Combat International

Terrorism ....
Title VIII–Victims of Terrorism Compensation Act.
Title IX-Maritime Security..
Title X-Fascell Fellowship Program (see page 1063]
Title XI--Security at Military Bases Abroad.
Title XII—Criminal Punishment of International Terrorism.

Title XIII–Miscellaneous Provisions...
g. Achille Lauro Hijackers and Other Terrorists: Demand for Apprehen-

sion, Prosecution and Punishment (Public Law 99-177) (partial text)... h. 1984 Act to Combat International Terrorism (Public Law 98-533).... i. Hostage Relief Act of 1980 (Public Law 96-449)

j. Hostage Relief Act-Delegation of Authority (Executive Order 12268). 4. Passport Laws and Regulations....

a. Protection of Citizens Abroad (Act of July 27, 1868). b. Passport Authority......

(1) Secretary of State's Passport Authority (Act of July 3, 1926)

(partial text).
(2) Delegation of Authority (Executive Order 11295) (partial text)
(3) Regulations of the Secretary of State (Dept. Reg. 108.541; 22

CFR 50 Through 53).. c. Passport Limitations...

(1) Allegiance to the United States (Act of July 14, 1902).
(2) Application for Passport (Act of June 15, 1917) (partial text)..
(3) Fees (Act of June 4, 1920) (partial text)....
(4) Ten Year Validity of Passport (Act of July 3, 1926) (partial

d. Travel Documentation of Aliens and Citizens (Immigration and Na-

tionality Act of 1952) (partial text)... e. Criminal Provisions.

(1) Punishable Violations (Public Law 80-772) (partial text)..

(2) Statute of Limitations (Act of June 30, 1951) (partial text)........ 5. Foreign Service Buildings..

a. Foreign Service Buildings Act, 1926, as amended (Public Law 69–186).... b. The Act of May 25, 1938 (Public Law 75-543)

c. The Act of July 25, 1946 (Public Law 79-547).. 6. International Center Act (Public Law 90-553, as amended). 7. Foreign Gifts and Decorations.... a. Foreign Gifts and Decorations Act of 1966, as amended (Public Law

89-673).. b. Senate Resolution 314, 90th Congress, July 19, 1968. c. Receipt and Disposition of Foreign Gifts and Decorations (Public Law

95-105) (partial text) d. Regulations of the Secretary of State (Dept. Reg. 108.556; 22 CFR 3.1

3.12) ...... 8. Immigration, Migration, and Refugee Assistance a. Administration...

(1) Migration and Refugee Assistance Act of 1962, as amended

(Public Law 87-510).
(2) Administration of the Migration and Refugee Assistance Act

of 1962 (Executive Order 11077)
(3) Immigration and Nationality Act (Public Law 82-414) (partial

(4) Immigration Reform and Control Act of 1986 (Public Law 99-

603) (partial text)...
(5) Refugee Act of 1980 (Public Law 96-212) (partial text).
(6) Interdiction of Illegal Aliens (Executive Order_12807).
(7) Consultations on the Admission of Refugees (Executive Order

12208). b. Caribbean

(1) Cuban Political Prisoners and Immigrants (Public Law 100

202) (partial text)..
(2) Refugee Education Assistance Act of 1980 (Public Law 96-

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422) (partial text).. (3) Cuban Refugee Adjustment Act of 1966 (Public Law 89-732)

(partial text). (4) Cuban and Haitian Entrants (Executive Order 12341).........

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c. China and Indochina

(1) Chinese Student Protection Act of 1992 (Public Law 102-404)..
(2) Indochinese Refugee Resettlement and Protection Act of 1987

(Public Law 100–202) (partial text)..
(3) Eligibility Criteria for Admission of Refugees from Cambodia

(Public Law 95–624) (partial text).....
(4) Indochina Refugees-Status Adjustment (Public Law 95–145)

(partial text).
(5) Policy Implementation With Respect to Nationals of the Peo-

ple's Republic of China (Executive Order 12711) .........
d. Former Soviet Union..

(1) Soviet Scientists Immigration Act of 1992 (Public Law 102

(2) Adjustment of Status for Soviet and Indochinese Parolees

(Public Law 101-167) (partial text)..
9. Recognition by the United States of Foreign Governments (Senate Resolu-

tion 205, 91st Congress)..
10. The Asia Foundation Act (Public Law 98–164) (partial text)

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