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All public laws included in this volume (except Public La 211 and 103-236-enacted in the second session of the 10: gress), are codified and in force through the end of the first of the 103d Congress. In most cases, the texts of the public this volume are printed as they appear in the United Stat utes at Large rather than the United States Code. Amen are incorporated into the text and distinguished by a footnot

All Executive orders and State Department delegations thority are codified and in force as of May 1, 1994.



Treaties and Other Internation

ments of the United States of 1776–1949, compiled under the di

Charles I. Bevans. CFR...........

Code of Federal Regulations. EAS

Executive Agreement Series. F.R...

Federal Register. LNTS

League of Nations Treaty Series.
I Malloy, II Malloy..... Treaties, Conventions, Internation

Protocols, and Agreements Bet
United States of America an
Powers, 1776-1909, compiled u
direction of the United States s

William M. Malloy.

United States Statutes at Large. TIAS

Treaties and Other International Ac TS...........

Treaty Series. UNTS

United Nations Treaty Series. U.S.C

United States Code. UST

United States Treaties and Other

tional Agreements.


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