The Children's Bureau: Its History, Activities and Organization

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Johns Hopkins Press, 1925 - 83 pages

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Page 62 - That no dealer shall be prosecuted under the provisions of this act when he can establish a guaranty signed by the wholesaler, jobber, manufacturer, or other party residing in the United States, from whom he purchases such articles, to the effect that the same is not adulterated or misbranded within the meaning of this act, designating it.
Page v - THE INSTITUTE FOR GOVERNMENT RESEARCH STUDIES IN ADMINISTRATION. The System of Financial Administration of Great Britain. By WF Willoughby, WW Willoughby, and SM Lindsay. 378 pp.
Page 63 - In discussing the subject of compulsory education, it may be well to quote the following congressional act to prevent interstate commerce in the products of child labor, and for other purposes: Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled.
Page ix - To lay the basis for such a comprehensive study of the organization and operations of the national government as President Taft outlined, the Institute for Government Research has undertaken the preparation of a series of monographs, of which the present study is one, giving a detailed description of each of the fifty or more distinct services of the government. These studies are being vigorously prosecuted, and it is hoped that all services of the government will be covered in a comparatively brief...
Page 43 - ... under way and the services in which they were being prosecuted. It is hardly necessary to point out the value of such information in planning for future work and in considering the problem of the better distribution and coordination of the work of the government. The Institute contemplates attempting such a general listing and classification of the activities of the government upon the completion of the present series. ^ CLASSIFICATION OF ACTIVITIES 1 . General Administration 2.
Page 68 - Congress has adopted no uniform plan of appropriations for the several services and that the latter employ no uniform plan in respect to the recording and reporting of their receipts and expenditures, it is impossible to present data of this character according to any standard scheme of presentation. In the case of some services the administrative reports contain tables showing financial conditions and operations of the service in considerable detail; in others financial data are almost wholly lacking....
Page 62 - ... years have been employed or permitted to work more than eight hours in any day, or more than six days in any week, or after the hour of 7 o'clock PM or before the hour of 6 o'clock AM?
Page 61 - No producer, manufacturer, or dealer shall ship or deliver for shipment in commerce any goods produced in an establishment situated in the United States in or about which within thirty days prior to the removal of such goods therefrom any oppressive child labor has been employed...
Page 61 - Columbia shall present satisfactory evidence of any such violation, to cause appropriate proceedings to be commenced and prosecuted in the proper courts of the United States, without delay, for the enforcement of the penalties as in such case herein provided. SEC. 6. That the term "drug...
Page 38 - If kept revised to date by the services, they constitute exceedingly important tools of administration. They permit the directing personnel to see at a glance the organization and personnel at their disposition. They establish definitely the line of administrative authority and enable each employee to know his place in the system. They furnish the essential basis for making plans for determining costs by organization division and subdivision. They afford the data for a consideration of the problem...