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AuthorHouse, 2003 - 400 pages

On the evening of November 11, 1999, along a remote highway turnout overlooking the lights of Los Angeles, Dr. Kevin Paul Anderson, a pediatrician, used his Snoopy necktie to strangle his pregnant colleague and mistress, Dr. Deepti Gupta.

He then returned Deepti's body to her new Mercedes SUV, poured gasoline on her and the car and pushed the vehicle off a 450-foot cliff.

In A Private Practice which includes nearly two-dozen pictures, including exclusive crime-scene photos the veteran crime reporter who closely covered this unusual and shocking crime gives readers a front-row seat as attorneys, investigators, family members and friends struggle to untangle countless paradoxes. Did the unflappable Anderson who kept his cool even when his wife slept with his brother really "snap" in response to threats? Or did he plan the slaying to eliminate an inconvenient lover?

And why did Deepti tell both her husband and Anderson she was carrying their baby?

To the defense, it was a tragic lesson about two doctors who destroyed each other in their reckless pursuit of the American dream.

To prosecutors, it was simply a tale of greed, deceit, lust and power a story as old as time itself.

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