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Octavo, sewed, price 2s. ON the LAW of LIBEL; with a detai ed Exposure of the SPECIAL JURY PACKING SYSTEM; and Strictures on the Self-styled Constitutional Association. * “ This Pamphlet contains the most complete exposure, in the smallest compass, which we have yet seen, of the Packing System. *** We recommend it strongly to the attentive perusal of every one who desires to know the extent of that boasted Liberty of the Press, which, we are taught to believe, is the birthright of Englishmen.”-Morning Chronicle, Jan. 1.

In one vol. royal quarto, TWENTY ENGRAVINGS of Lions, Tigers, Panthers, and Leopards, by Thomas Landseer, from Drawings by EDWIN LANDSEER and EDGAR SPILSBURY.

These Drawings are some of them taken immediately from Nature, and the remainder from Rubens, Reydinger, Rembrandt, and iStubbs, corrected by a reference to the living animals. A Pictorial and Physiological ESSAY on the CARNIVORA accompanies the Engravings. Prints £1 5 0

Tinted ditto £1 11 6
2 2 0
Tinted ditto

2 86 This is a very delightful work for all who take an interest in yperusing the great volume of Nature, and admire the beauty of her works. The engravings are executed with great spirit and neatness, from the paintings of foreign masters, and also from those of the English school, which takes so high a rank in this walk of art. Many are the most perfect delineations possible of the animals they are intended to represent."--New Monthly Magazine, March 1.

“We know of no work of this kind that has been hitherto published, and are much surprised that it should have been left so long undone. Its execution, however, could not well have fallen into better bands; and we look upon this little work as a very valuable addition to the library of the naturalist and the lover of art.”—Times, Sept. 11.

" This is one of the most interesting publications that has recently appeared, connected with the Fine Arts, not only from its intrinsic merit, but from its novelty. It is as useful to the student as generally pleasing to the amateur.”Globe and Traveller.

* The grand characteristic of these prints is, their justness and accuracy of form, character, and expression. Nature is stamped upou all-Nature in her delightful variety and most interesting aspects.”—Morning Chronicle.

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