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suggested in the letter above alluded to. These were immediately answered in a series of letters by Dr. Fuller. When at the request of several of our friends it was determined to publish the correspondence in a more permanent form, we preferred to print the whole in the same volume, in order that both of the views taken of this subject might be presented together both at the North and the South. At the suggestion of Dr. Fuller, I have added the closing letter. The design of this letter is not to prolong the correspondence by the addition of new matter, but rather to offer some explanations which seemed to be necessary, and also to present more clearly the bearing of the one argument upon the other, so that the points of agreement and difference might be rendered more manifest. I should have sent this letter to Dr. F. for his revisal, but the ink on the last page was not dry when the printer demanded the "copy."

Our different views are now laid before the public. I think that the letters of Dr. Fuller must in many cases modify the views, and in still more the feelings, of Christians at the North. Whether mine will have the same effect at the South, I am unable to determine. If, in any manner,

the cause of truth shall be advanced; and, especially, if the disciples of Christ, by more clearly perceiving the sentiments of each other, shall find that the ground

for the exercise of Christian charity is both wider and firmer than they had apprehended, some good at least will have arisen from this discussion.

In behalf of my brother and myself, I commend this correspondence to the disciples of Christ, both at the North and the South, in the humble hope that it may be the means of directing a calm yet earnest attention to this important subject.

F. W. PROVIDENCE, March 18, 1845.


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