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From and to whom.




1903. Mr. Jackson to Mr. Hay (tel. Sept. 19 Presentation of credentials. The Prince of Bulegram).

garia expressed pleasure at the establishment

of direct diplomatic relations. Prince Ferdinand to Presi- .... Same subject and tenor.... dent Roosevelt (telegram). President Roosevelt to Sept. 21 Same subject. Appreciates the friendly message Prince Ferdinand (tele

of the Prince. gram). 11 Mr. Jackson to Mr. Hay ....Sept. 24 Samesubject. Gives detailed account of the cere

monies and attentions paid him by the Prince


sproval of hitransit duties of the Frenc

1902. 441 Mr. Bryan to Mr. Hay. Aug. 14 Free navigation of the Amazon River. Incloses

decree ordering collection of duties on goods

on ships entering or leaving the river. 444 Same to same ............. Aug. 19 Same subject. Decree in No. 411 has been cor

rected so as to make it applicable to Bolivia

only. 464 Same to same ............ Oct. 31 Same subject. French and German Govern

ments have protested against transit duties on

the Amazon. 466 Same to same ............. Nov. 7 Same subject. The protest of the French minis

ter against transit duties has received the ap

proval of his Government. 302 | Mr. Hay to Mr. Seeger...... Dec. 9 Same subject. Directs proper remonstrance

against the imposition of transit duties on

goods from Bolivia.

1903. Mr. Seeger to Mr. Hay...... Jan. 20 Same subject. Incloses copy of note to the min-1

ister for foreign affairs, remonstrating against
the suspension of free navigation of the Ama-
zon. The measures are inspired by jealousy
of alleged American expansion, and began
with the granting of the Acre concession to
the American syndicate. Incloses opinion of
French jurist, L. Renault, and memorandum
of the Bolivian minister to the British Govern-

ment on the subject.
316 Mr. Hay to Mr. Seeger...... Feb. 17 | Same subject. Free navigation of the Amazon

River seems, as stated in L. Renault's opinion,
to have been established by the constitution of

Mr. Seeger to Mr. Hay...... Feb. 22 Same subject. Transit duties formally abolished.

Cash settlement has been made by Brazil with
syndicate. Incloseg circular of minister for
finance reestablishing free transit as an act of

grace to Bolivia. Same to same .....

Mar. 3 Same subject. Incloses reply of minister for for

eign affairs to protest in his dispatch of January
20. It contends that the right to free naviga-
tion does not belong to States through which
tributaries of the Amazon run unless sanc-

tioned by treaty.
11 Mr. Thompson to Mr. Hay.. Apr. 16 Monroe doctrine. Note of the Argentine minis-

ter for foreign affairs criticised in Brazil. In-
closes newspaper article reflecting general

opinion in Brazil.
Treaty between the United Apr. 30 | For the extradition of criminals. Text ..........

States and Brazil.
20 Mr. Thompson to Mr. Hay.. May 8 First annual message of President Rodriguez

Alves, with translation of part relating to for-
eign relations.



779 Mr. Conger to Mr. Hay..... Oct. 16 Foreign traders in Peking. Incloses correspond

ence with the foreign office relating to the
removal of, and the payment of octroi tax on
all goods but those certified to be for the use
of the legations. Prospects of Peking being

made a treaty port discussed. 416 | Mr. Hay to Mr. Conger..... Nov. 23 Same subject. Approves course taken by him...


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1169 | Mr.-Conger to Mr. Hay.....! Dec. 11 | Citizenship of Mongolian women married to

United States citizens. Incloses for Depart-
ment's approval his opinion that the women
can not acquire United States citizenship, but

that the children are citizens.
Same to same (telegram)... Dec. 16 Russian customs and postal service in leased

territory and Manchuria. Reports that the
Russians are arranging with the Chinese Gov-
ernment customs service for Talienwan and
interior Manchurian ports similar to the mari-
time customs under Russian commissioner;

post-offices under the same control.
1175 Same to same............... Dec. 17 Same subject. Transmits details relating to the


606 Mr. Hay to Mr. Conger..... Jan. 3 | Same subject. So far as disclosed, no ground is

afforded for representations. If any danger to
American interests should develop, legation

may take appropriate action.
1191 Mr. Conger to Mr. Hay..... Jan. 19 Expiatory monument to the memory of Baron

von Ketteler, the German minister murdered
in Peking. Inauguration of, on January 18 re-
ported. Text of inscription, speeches made by

officials. 1193 Same to same....

Jan. 22 Rebellious movements in the north and south

and brigandage in Manchuria. Reports con-
dition of affairs. The Imperial Government
is confining itself to putting off outbreak by

avoiding conflict with the leaders.
622 Mr. Hay to Mr. Conger..... Feb. 5 Citizenship of Mongolian women married to

United States citizens, Approves opinion in
his 1169 and cites cases on the construction of
the phrase "and who might lawfully be natu-

1219 Mr. Conger to Mr. Hay..... Feb. 21 Consuls engaged in business. Question as to the

right to attend consular meetings, put by the
consul at Chefoo, answered in the affirmative.

Incloses letters from and to Consul Fowler. 1228 Same to same...

Mar. 61 Russian customs service in leased territory and

Manchuria. Reports that Chinese are resisting
Russian scheme, and that, as a consequence,

goods are entering without payment of duty. Same to same...

Mar. 10 Russian enterprise in Manchuria. Incloses let

ter from consul at Niuchwang, reporting steps
taken by Russia to gain commercial and poli-

tical control.
1236 Same to same.............. Mar. 12 Boxer movement in Chihli promptly suppressed

by viceroy. Incloses proclamation. 1212 Same to samne...

Mar. 20 Consular jurisdiction in territory leased to Rus

sia. Incloses Russian circular setting forth

restrictions on. 1246 Same to same.........

Mar. 25 Manchuria. Russian courts established in vari

ous parts of to take the place of the consular
court at Niuchwang, whose jurisdiction is lim-
ited to that port. Incloses letter from Consul
Miller, representing hardship on American
plaintiffs and reply thereto acknowledging

Russia's right.
1252 Same to same............... Mar. 31 | Treaty ports in Manchuria. Recommends Ta-

tung-kou in preference to Taku-chan and
Mukden and Harbin, gives reasons and asks

656 Mr. Loomis to Mr. Conger.. Apr. 13 Consuls engaged in business. Right of, to take

part in the deliberations of the consular corps
can not be denied, discusses the question in
all its bearings, and approves his letter to the

consul at Chefoo in his 1219.
Mr, Conger to Mr. Hay | Apr. 18 Manchuria. Reports that Niuchwang is not yet

evacuated, that the Russian minister alleges
as reason for dela y unfinished negotiations for
permanent sanitary commission under Russian

1270 Same to same..... Same subject. Confirms above telegram...
Same to same (telegram)... Apr. 23 Same subject. Reports new demands made by

Russia before evacuating, and that Chinese

Government refused to comply with them.
Mr. Hay to Mr. Conger | Apr. 25 Same subject. Directs to insist on our request

for treaty ports and consulates and to make
known our objections to second clause, ex-
cluding all foreigners except Russians from
Chinese service.


From and to whom.




Mr. Hay to Mr. Conger(tele Apr. 29 | Manchuria. Conditions for evacuations. Gives

substance of reply of Russian Government to
the inquiry of the United States Government

relating to
1283 | Mr. Conger to Mr. ... Same subject. Incloses his note to the Chinese

Government in compliance with Department's
telegram of April 25, and reports filing of notes
of warning and protest by the British and

Japanese ministers.
Mr. Goodnow to Mr. Hay... May 2 Same subject. Reports that the Chinese com-

missioners decline to discuss the opening of

Manchurian ports.
Mr. Conger to Mr. Hay May 3 Same subject." Has sent by mail the Russian

note to the Chinese Government containing
demands which must be agreed to before evac-

uation will take effect. 1284 | Same to same..............

May 4 Same subject. Incloses note referred to in above

Same to same (telegram)... May 7 Same subject. Opening of treaty ports. Reports

that Russian chargé still insists that no Man

churian ports shall be opened. 1288 Same to Same subject. Incloses Consul Miller's report of

occupation by the Russians of territory oppo-
site Niuchwang, which they evacuaied six

months ago
674 | Mr. Hay to Mr. Conger..... May 16 Same subject. Opening of treaty ports. Instructs

to consult freely with his colleagues and the
Japanese treaty commissioners, and to report

their views and his own.
Same to same (telegram)... May 18 | Same subject. Treaty ports. Instructs to obtain

a written statement from the Chinese Govern-
ment of its objections to complying with our

request, and of what it proposes instead. Same to same (telegram)... May 23 Same subject. Treaty ports and consulates. In

structs to tell the Russian minister, on his arrival at Peking, that the Russian Government has assured us that it is not opposed to our proposition of open ports and consulates,

and to ask his cooperation. Mr. Conger to Mr. Hay (tele- May 28 Same subject. Treaty ports and consulates. Gives gram).

substance of note from the Chinese Government

stating its position in relation to Mr. Hay to Mr.Conger(tele May 29 Samesubject. Treaty portsand consulates. Gives gram).

substance of reply to be made to Chinese note

reported in above telegram 1308 | Mr. Conger to Mr. ... Same subject. Treaty ports. Incloses corre

spondence with the foreign office, and reports
interview with the principal secretary of the
foreign office, who states that the Chinese Gov.
ernment will herself open the Manchurian

Same to same (telegram)... May 30 Same subject. Treaty ports, The Russian min-

ister states that Russia is not opposed to open
ports and consulates, but that he can not cooper-

ate with Mr. Conger without instructions. Same to same (telegram)... June 6 Same subject. The Russian minister thinks that

reply as to cooperation has been sent from St.

Petersburg to the Department of State.
Mr. Hay to Mr.Conger(tele- Same subject. Instructs him to take no action

until further instructed. The matter is being

discussed at Washington, 1318 Mr. Conger to Mr. Hay..... June 9 | Same subject. Reports conversation with the

Russian minister, and incloses note to the Chi

nese foreign office.
Mr. Hay to Mr. Conger(tele- June 16 Same subject. Treaty ports. Gives substance of

a telegram from the United States embassy in
Russia on the subject, and instructs him to
confer fully with the Russian minister and to

report result to the Department.
Mr. Conger to Mr. Hay (tele- June 18 Same subject. Treaty ports. Has communi-

cated to the Russian minister the demands of the United States. The minister says he has no instructions and can make no statement

concerning Russia's attitude. 1327 Same to same...

Same subject. Confirms above and reports con

versation with the Russian minister. 1333 Same to same.....

June 23 Same subject. Treaty ports. Reports that the

Japanese and British representatives agree with him in regard to ports mentioned. Reports action of these powers, which are the only ones interested in the matter.

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Mr.Conger to Mr. Hay(tele- July 1 Manchuria. Treaty ports. Reports that Prince

Ch'ing again promised that China would open
ports after evacuation, but could not give

written promise.
!344 Same to ... Same subject. Treaty ports. Reports details

of interview with Prince Ch'ing.
Mr. Hay to Mr.Conger(tele- July 13 Same subject. Treaty ports. Fails to appreciate

the failure of Prince Ch'ing to give written
promise. Directs to continue urging compli-

ance with our request for.
Same to same (telegram)... July 14 Same subject. Treaty ports. Quotes memoran-

dum of Russian embassy setting forth Russian
position, and instructs to hand copy to Prince
Ch'ing and to urge in the strongest manner

immediate agreement.
Mr. Conger to Mr. Hay(tele- | July 22 | Same subject. Treaty ports. Prince Ch'ing has

given written promise that China will open

ports after evacuation by Russia.
Mr. Loomis to Mr. Conger ... Sa me subject. Treaty ports. Promise of Chi-

nese Government to open ports after evacua-
tion is unsatisfactory. Should be included in

the treaty.
1353 Mr. Conger to Mr. Hay...... July 23 Same subject. Treaty ports. Reports interview

with Prince Ch'ing. Gives reasons why it is
preferable to sign treaty now without reference

to ports. Incloses correspondence.
Mr. Hay to Mr. Conger (tel. July 26 Samesubject. Treaty ports. Written agreement

to sign treaty providing for opening of Mouk-
den and Ta-tung-kou will be accepted. Willin-
sist on inclusion of article in treaty providing
for new ports in Manchuria and will not sign

the treaty without it.
Mr. Conger to Mr. Hay (tel. Aug. 3 Samesubject. Treaty ports. Reports conference

with the Prince on the subject of above tele

gram. The Prince promises to reply very soon. Same to same (telegram)... Aug. 11 Same subject. Treaty ports. Promise of the

Chinese Government to sign treaty October 8

containing provisions for. 119 Same to same..

Same subject. Treaty ports. Incloses note con

taining promise as reported in above telegram. Mr. Hay to Mr. Conger (tel. Aug. 15 Same subject. Treaty ports. Prince Ching's egram).

note satisfactory. Mr. Conger to Mr. Hay... Aug. 17 Same subject. Confirms above telegram...... 22Same to same.....,

Aug. 21 Rights of foreigners in Peking. Incloses Chinese

note stating that the practice of allowing for-
eign merchants to buy property and to engage

in business will be discontinued.
1371 Same to same............... Ang. 25 | Manchuria. Treaty ports. An-tung is reported

to be much more desirable than Ta-tung-kou.

Admiral Evans has been asked to investigate.
Same to same (telegram)... Sept. 9 Same subject. Treaty ports. An-tung, found to

be preferable. Prince Ch'ing has no objection

to substituting same in treaty.
1345 Same to same.... Same subject. Treaty ports. Gives full details

as to the desirability of substituting An tung for
Ta-tung-kou. Incloses papers in support of his

Sept. 12 Same subject. Treaty ports. Reports that the

Chinese Government consent to the substitu

tion of All-tung for Ta-tung-kou.
Mr. Adee to Mr. Conger Same subject. Treaty ports. Substitution of

An-tung for Ta-tung-kou is approved.
Same to same (telegram)... Sept. 23 Same subject. Evacuation Directs to inform

the Chinese Government again that the treaty
must be signed on October 8, and that the date

is not contingent on the action of Russia.
Mr. Conger to Mr. Hay (tele- Sept. 244 Treaty. Prince Ch'ıng has again promised that

the treaty shall be signed on October 8.
716 Mr. Hay to Mr. Conger..... Oct. 7 Right of war vessels to visit Chinese inland

waters. Incloses correspondence with the
Navy Department in regard to the visit of

United States gunboats to the upper Yangtse.
Mests. Conger, Goodnow, Oct. 8 Treaty. Report that the treaty with China has
and Seaman to Mr. Hay

been signed.
Treaty between the United ... For the extension of the commercial relations
States and China.

between them. Text.
718 Mr. Lay to Mr. Conger..... Oct. 9 Rights of foreigners in Peking. Approves his

course in not making reply to note in his 1372,
but leaving the matter open for future discus-


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No. /

From and to whom.



1903. 732 Mr. Hart to Mr. Hay........ Mar. 2 Missionary schools in Colombia. Difficulty met 1023

in obtaining permission to resume their work
notwithstanding the promises made by the
Colombian Government. Reports his actions

and incloses correspondence.
Mr. Loomis to Mr. Beaupré Mar, 18 Canal treaty. Inform Colombian Government

Senate yesterday approved canal convention

without amendment.
741 Mr. Beaupré to Mr. Hay.... Mar. 30 Same subject. Chances of ratification, in present

condition of public opinion, seem to depend
chiefly on the earnestness of the Government

and the French Company.
Mr. Hay to Mr. Beaupré | Apr. 7 | Same subject. If the subject of the request of

Colombia to the canal and railroad companies
for appointment of agents to negotiate cancel-
lation of the present concessions, etc., arises,
inform the Colombian Government that the
treaty covers entire matter, and any change
would be in violation of the Spooner law, and

not permissible. 6 Mr. Beaupré to Mr. Hay....Apr. 15 Same subject. Revulsion of public feeling in 134

regard to the canal treaty has been brought
about by the press, possibly with the con niy-
ance of the Government and the intent of ob-

taining more money. 10 Same to same.....

Apr. 24 | Same subject. Notice has been given to the Gov 135

ernment that all matters relating to the con-
cessions of the canal and railroad companies

are covered by the treaty. Incloses note. 13 Same to same. .............. Apr. 27 Same subject. Delay in convening Congress is 136

ascribed to irregular elections in Tolima De

partment. 6 Mr. Hay to Mr. Beaupré.... Apr, 28 | Same subject. Incloses notices of Colombian 136

Government to both companies that they must
seek formal permission of the Colombian Goy-
ernment to effect transfer of their concessions
and enter into agreements to that effect. Re-
views seriatim the various points in which this
pretension of Colombia violates the treaty and
formal assurances given by Colombian repre-
sentatives, and instructs to declare that such a
course can not be acquiesced in by the United

8 Same to same............... May 4 Missionary schools in Colombia. Acknowledges

No. 732, and directs continued actions on the

same lines. 17 | Mr. Beaupré to Mr. Hay.... Canal treaty. Reports growing opposition to the 142

treaty, and nature of arguments used against it. 18 Same to same............... May 5 Same subject. General Marcellano Vargas is to 113

be sent to the United States to secure better

terms. Same to same (telegram)... May 7 Same subject. Special session of Congress has 1113

been called for June 20. 19 | Same to same...... Same subject, Attitude of the Government and 1 13

probable fate of the treaty in the Congress, as
stated in private conversation by a prominent

24 Same to same............... May 12 Same subject. Quotes article of a senator from

the Department of Panama denouncing Chargé

Herran as a criminal.
Same to same (telegram)... May 28 Same subject. A telegram has been received by 115

the President reporting recent arrival of a
large number of United States employees on the
Isthmus. If true, it will intensify opposition
to the ratification of the convention. Asks in-

structions. 37 Same to same...

Same subject. Reports unfavorable impression 145 created by news contained in his telegram of

28th instant. Mr. Hay to Mr. Beaupré May 30 Same subject. Report relating to large number 145 (telegram),

of United States officials or citizens absolutely

false. Deny it promptly and emphatically. 15 Same to same............... June 2 Same subject. Instructs him to keep a vigilant 145

watch over the various phases of the case, to
keep the Department informed, and to exert

his influence in favor of ratification. Same to same (telegram)... June 9 Same subject. Comments on delay in ratifica 146

tion by Colombia, who proposed the treaty.
Rejection or undue delay would compromise
friendly understanding between the two coun:
tries and prompt regrettable action in Con-


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